Mainstream Media Cast Attention To Marijuana Legalization

The past few days affirm that the mainstream media is now starting to cast serious light and attention on both the numerous state cannabis legalization ballots pending in November and what appears to be the precursor to legalization that has largely already happened in the state of Colorado under the pretense of medical access.

Two of America’s most important media outlets, CBS’ 60 Minutes and Newsweek Magazine, focused on cannabis legalization and commerce, with the latter featuring the subject matter on this week’s cover. The former leaves the viewer with the distinct feeling that they’re seeing what legalized cannabis cultivation and sales are going to possibly look like post-prohibition.

Read the Newsweek cover article here and view the 60 Minutes segment here.

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  1. Much of the news regarding these efforts is good-
    we await, with much anticipation, the news of the votes in the 3 states…

    however, I ask you, IF one state legalized it
    AND said state stopped losing money regarding its impact to society and started gaining from it –
    as in,

    what would it REALLY take to get the feds to back of and the high court(s) to change the laws and legislation of this?

    is this a 2/3 of the Senate
    or is that a Supreme Court interpretation of the legal definition ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ or what?

    IF a state legalizes it
    who then would they have to contend with?
    could the president pencil in an ok?

    what would then be the NEXT battleground for our rights?

  2. @Ben

    “IF a state legalizes it
    who then would they have to contend with?
    could the president pencil in an ok?”

    I think if one state legalized it the prohibitionists, knowing that the elimination of alchohol prohibition started wiith one state (Colorado), would begin a concerted, last ditch effort to demonize our favorite plant. After all, we wouldn’t want all those ‘degenerate races’ overthrowing the status quo.

  3. @Ben I am FOR legalization but I have a strong feeling that those 3 States will not pass like what happened to California in 2010 with Prop 19.

    You know why? Because even the Marijuana advocates feared that legalizing Marijuana would hurt their profits, since legalizing it would bring the prices down. So guess what Cannabis Collectives did? They voted against prop 19 and the percentages went from 60% in favor in the Summer of 2010, to 47% in November polls in 2010 and failed.

    As of right now, both Colorado and Washington are at 52ish percent in favor, but during the Summer 2012 they were even as high as the 60% mark. Oregon has dropped to 40 and will fail but my point is, when November comes around in 2 weeks, I believe it won’t pass again because people are afraid of uncertainty.

    It sucks but it’s the truth and what more can I say? People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a decision to swing their way, but there are even more powerful people who want to deny that. I remember for prop 19, some well known advocate named Lee something he is disabled, spent over a million US Dollars of his own money hoping prop 19 would pass but failed.. well I won’t go into that but you get the point. Can anyone please prove me wrong? I’m just stating the facts… and I am all for Marijuana legalization again~

  4. Ben, everything you mention _could_ happen. I don’t understand why something so simple could be dragged out for so long; but virtually everyone now sees the hypocrisy and corruption of the “War on Drugs”. Instead of focusing on important things like morals, they focus on lines in the sand and our whole society has been depleted of good will by this endless harassment. People either hate the police or think they are heroes in near equal numbers and both sides are correct in their assessments. Sometimes the police are doing good work and sometimes they are working against the common good; thereby taking away from the good they have achieved. And it’s all thanks to the corrupting influence of this wretched “war on drugs”.

  5. I’m all for the total legalization of marijuana. 75 years is way to long to keep fighting a war that the goverment is not winning. like a cop said in the cities “it isn’t the doppers it’s the dam drunks”.

  6. So much better to see the new “pot barons” out in the open
    instead of the gangsters hidden behind the murders
    Wake Up prohibs and open yours eyes
    the real green revolution is inevitable

  7. The mainstream press has always been a primary enabler of marijuana prohibition. It began with the notorious yellow journalism of the 1930’s. That propaganda campaign was so successful that it held sway for decades and helped usher in a global war on a non-toxic, versatile and highly beneficial natural resource. It’s only right that the mainstream press lead the way in setting the record straight and undoing the incredible harm done by poor journalism.

  8. I think it’s time for marijuana users to prove it we can be responsible and not just be another drug addict I’m not I on my own business I own 2 cars in my own house and I’ve been using for 7 years it’s time to legalize it

  9. @Anony, California’s Prop 19 never polled at 60%. The highest number it ever reached was 56%. The two polls which showed 56% were outliers, exceptions. Most polls, even in the beginning, showed support between the upper 40’s and lower 50’s. With two weeks to go, polls were around 44%.

    Right now, with two weeks to go, three polls show Washington’s I-502 is hovering around 54-57%, with only one poll at 51%.

    The difference may come down to money. While it’s true that campaigns tend to lose support in the final month, because voters get scared and heavily break for “no”, the exeption is when a campaign heavily outspends its opposition. California’s Prop 19 was evenly matched with its opposition, but Washington’s I-502 campaign has raised over $4 million compared to $6K by its opposition.

    There is a very good chance Washington will win.

  10. I hope all of this joyful exaggeration of the American Renaissance doesn’t scare the controlled freakin, nanny minded, cannabis phobic, frantical maniacs too much.

  11. Maybe one thing people are worried about is how people will act when legalized. Right now you have to act right or you get caught and people might think we’d act insane if legalized. If people just act right and do good this may not be a problem. Maybe it’s already not a problem but just in case, ACT RIGHT, DO RIGHT, STAY POSITIVE. That’s all.

  12. If the media portrays this matter as a foregone conclusion then those unsure about voting for it may have their doubts removed and vote yes. It is not just the vote that needs to be won – people also need to accept it as part of life for things to settle down and the changes to become permanent.

    Dare (unfortunate word) we say it – looks like NORML’s conference entitled the “final days of prohibition” may have been very prophetic !

  13. I like what Gov. Gary Johnson said in last night’s third party debate in Chicago. He said that acknowledgement that the war on drugs is a failure and that marijuana should be legalized is a litmus test of whether you have a brain or not!

  14. i say, if their is any time that those who dont know about cannabis will be searching for good information about its effects…its NOW. they need to read the GOOD about it, from those of us who have used it for so long!!. they need the truth!. since 1937 they have heard the bullshit from our government. now, with the media finally beginning to expose information, i would say that many would make an attempt to gather info to make an informed decision when it comes time to vote. i cant help but think that if we as consumers were to plaster norml and, all the other sites with positive information about our quality of life consuming cannabis, that it would benefit our cause for the freedom to include cannabis in our lives. it is so, not about drug use. it is about our quality of life. for 32 years, i have had the pleasure of including cannabis in my life. yes, i include it AFTER work and most weekends. life has been good and, i am a fortunate man. ive raised a loving family, worked all my life with only two job changes.i own my own home and vehicles. im good to my neighbors and i dont ask for much as, i have whats important in this life. im now not allowed to consume cannabis because my employer feels he needs to be in my personal life. i am extremely offended by this as, it has changed my life of peace and comfort. please folks, give those that dont know the benefit we get from cannabis, the REAL story…..

  15. @ lockedoutoftheshed “give those that dont know the benefit we get from cannabis the REAL story”

    I think the REAL story for us non-medical users is that its just a way to take the edge off that doesnt make you as dead to the world as alcohol does. Something that makes u feel relaxed and upbeat, doesn’t make u physically sick AT ALL if u take a heavy dose, and will never leave u hungover or saying “what did i do last nite?”

  16. Also Brandon, they talk about the fact CBD hangs around in our systems for a couple of weeks like its a bad thing, when really the CBD is completely benign and may even have positive health effects while it lingers.

  17. i want to say thank you to norml for doing all that you can to keep us informed and, all you can to get the awesome herb legalized. i am curious why you did not post my comment. i know it may have been a little long but, i felt it was important and hoping somehow it may help folks understand what we as consumers see and feel while consuming. not complaining,i just have great feeling about cannabis as ,we all do i know. i just thought it would benefit non users looking for real reasons as to why we wish for cannabis to be a part of our life….peace to you all…

  18. It is about the cost, which is extraordinarily high. If we would only stop and think of those who are paying the price – the most recent estimates are 60,000 have died in Mexico.

  19. This legislation has prohibited to help those who have already been charged with FAILED drug policy crimes. Using the criminal justice system to address a social issue was the largest failure of the drug policy. As a convicted felon (only marijuana laws), why cant myself and the millions like me who are spilling our blood and losing our freedoms earn a living from something we created? So Ivy league grads can profit from those of us who have been selling medical marijuana prior to legalization and have broke ground for your millions in profits to be made. Typical

  20. heh, been three and a half years since i have been “allowed” to unwind herbally…sure do miss it. i seem to screw up more now then when i did consume…..peace to you all..

  21. (imo) There should be ads, as well as editorials, in newspapers and magazines (not just Rolling Stone or whatever where it would be just speaking to the choir) but mags read more by the Cannabis misinformed. Ads that show people the language etc. used to support the beginning of prohibition: the racist arguments etc. Also to expose the corruption in government and the invisible hand of greedy, evil corporations, some in the past have mentioned DuPont and others. Also the relative safety and benefits of the herb. The info must be spread to those who just don’t know. At least some people in the public eye are speaking out more these days. A big thank’s to Willie, Woody, Roseanne, Rick Steves and many others!

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