Colorado Has Legalized Marijuana

In a historic vote that will reverberate around the nation, the Denver NBC affiliate has projected that Colorado will pass Amendment 64 and will legalize marijuana. By a vote of 53% to 47% (with 38% of the vote tallied) news networks have begun to confirm that Colorado’s Amendment 64 has been passed by voters.

This marks the first time in history that a state has moved to legalize marijuana outright for adult consumers. This vote shows that, like alcohol prohibition before it, cannabis prohibition is a failed, unpopular policy that largely relies on state and local enforcement. Alcohol prohibition came to an end when a sufficient number of states enacted legislation repealing the state’s alcohol prohibition laws. With states no longer doing the federal government’s bidding to enforce an unpopular law, the Feds eventually had no choice but to abandon the policy altogether. History is now repeating itself.

Until now, no state law has defined cannabis as a legal commodity. Some state laws do provide for a legal exception that allows for certain qualified patients to possess specific amounts of cannabis as needed. But, until this evening, no state in modern history has classified cannabis itself as a legal product that may be lawfully possessed and consumed by adults. Thanks to the support from their voters, Colorado has now taken that brave first step.

Stay tuned for more information on this momentous event, as we’ll be writing much, much more about it in the coming days.

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  1. I see my son Justin is up for a roadtrip to Colorado. I hope he doesn’t forget to include me in his plans.

  2. Ok now lets try to push it in texas as it would hinder the cartels income and make our borders safe once again. Congrats to Colorado and Washington for taking that first step to end stoner slavery. No longer will the federal government make slaves and animals of us who choose to smoke one instead of drink a beer.

  3. This is the biggest event of my life……I left the USA over twenty years ago to live in the relaxed atmosphere of mountainous Mexico.
    Now the friggin’ US based druig war has turned Mexico upside down…….Hurray for Washington and Colorado…..maybe our president elect, Enrique Peña-Nieto will see the tide is changing and do the same here in Mexico……this is a victory for Freedom on Earth. God Bless the Intelligent People of these great forward looking states……I am even considering returning….but want to see how it plays out first.

  4. Congratulations and thank you to the people in Colorado and Washington who made this happen! Two down, forty eight to go!!

  5. The world has changed radically because of Colorado and Washington. November 6, 2012 will be remembered as the beginning of the new Golden Age, and not just for the U.S.A. This is a global change.


  6. Any idea when marijuana will be available for sale in CO? Also, will dispensaries now be open to the public?

  7. I am so proud of Colorado’s and Washington’s voters. Way to stand up to our awful government!!! I see that the Feds have released statements indicating that they aren’t going to let this happen. If they step in and say “No Way!”, I will be ashamed to be an American. The people have spoken! My only regret is that Colorado and Washington are so damn far away from Ohio!!!

  8. Dispensaries will continue to operate as normal and serve their patients. Everyone else can go buy a joint from 7-11 starting in about 30 days 🙂 WE DID IT!!! I can’t begin to tell you how exciting it is to have voted and been apart of this momentous law reform!

  9. I was out to colorado this summer for work. It Is an amazingly beautiful place! I now plan to sell my house and move out there as I have stomach problems that are only alleviated by smoking pot. I use to think pot was a bad bad drug and I’d never use it. But once I opened my mind and eyes to it’s medicinal effects I stopped consuming alcohol all together and started living a healthier and much more comfortable existence. This measure that has passed gives me hope and inspiration for a brighter more positive future! Life should be about QUALITY! Thank you COLORADO!!! I LOVE YOU!

  10. What will happen to “out of staters” who drive into Colorado just to purchase then go back home? Will you have to prove Colorado residency to buy, or will it be sold just like alcohol and sole to anyone of appropriate age?>

  11. I am ecstatic for the adults of colorado, they should have increased tax revenue to spend at thier disposal, a decreased crime rate, and it should provide new jobs. Wake up America!

  12. Perhaps in the future countries will begin to criticise the international war on drugs, backed and initiated by the US,when they see US citizens openly defying the stupidity of the 1960’s era drug law. I certainly hope so. The money spent on the war on drugs could prob provide healthcare for all of us.

  13. I was lucky enough to cast my ballet in Pitkin with a big Yes to 64! A surreal moment indeed. Pack up your skis and boards you just found the only place to visit this Winter.


  15. obahma’s friends are big players in this field and he lives in washington, now how do u think this new freedom has remarkably come to pass ??!!!PLEASE Fla get with the program, wake up america this WILL help alote of our problems were having. sick people, new jobs, productions in texttiles, closes, fuel, food, very lg. amount. Can everyone say sensirly thankyou mr. president

  16. Congratulation Colorado and Washington especially, and also CA and afew other states on their legislation on use of Cannabis either medically or recreationally. If Tennessee would only follow suit we could bring in millions of dollars in tax revenues, create jobs both in the production, distribution, testing, etc. and get us out of this economic depression we are in at the present. Wake up America. !!!! Cannabis prohibition is a failed attempt. It is easier to control legal cannabis than cartel distributed marijuana. Take the money away from the Mexican cartels and use the tax and revenue money to fight real crime in America such as domestic abuse, terrorism, crack, corporate crime,etc. Colorado, Washington, & California show the rest of America that legalized cannabis is a positive thing rather than a crime.

  17. “What will happen to “out of staters” who drive into Colorado just to purchase then go back home?”

    They’ll be intercepted and arrested by the surrounding state troopers to increase their revenues, if they have a say in the matter.

    Be careful.

  18. I am so happy for Colorado! Yay. I see lots of good things ahead for you and Washington. I pray everyone will respect their neighbors and the laws and smoke responsibly. I thank you in advance for making the DEA look like the liars they truly are. You and Washington are now the poster children for partakers all over the world, and this drug war will end if it can be shown that MJ is not the beast it’s been made out to be. Thank you and all the best to all of you (non-partakers included)!!

    Wow!! I am so elated!!

  19. Congratulations to Colorado and Washington. Hopefully it won’t take long for the rest of the country to wake up and smell the Marijuana. Unfortunately the fed’s still feel that they have nothing better to do than stomp on our personal freedoms, “The people have spoken” now leave us alone.

  20. When people fear the government there is tyranny.When the government fears the people there is liberty. Thomas Jefferson

  21. Oh boy, now the bread and butter that feeds the DEA is going to be stripped way. This has to snowball, we need all 50 states to this same thing. MJ needs to be reclassified at the fed level. What can I do to help?

  22. This is how I see it:

    1. Slowly the ending of the failed Marijuana prohibition sweeps the nation then all the “UNITED” STATES OF AMERICA actually become UNITED after all states fully legalize Marijuana.

    2. Marijuana becomes taxable and regulated just like Godforsaken alcohol is. This in turn begins the healing of the nation, literally. There IS a reason why Rastas call Marijuana the “Healing of the Nation”. (BIG UPS TO THE RASTAS! I LOVE REGGAE! ONE LOVE!!)

    3. Once people open their minds and stop being so against Marijuana and ridiculously close-minded to the point of uncivility and judgemental towards others because we choose to smoke a joint than suck down POISON (alcohol), then we can move on to the fact that millions, yes MILLIONS, of GOOD PAYING JOBS can be created because of the legalization! EVERYONE WITH A FUNCTIONING BRAIN KNOWS THIS FACT!

    4. The Healing of the Nation is in full effect and our nation is finally creeping out of its dark hole called the Deficit and finally we have enough money to pay our employees again, pay ourselves again, pay our BILLS AGAIN!

    5. Crime drops SIGNIFICANTLY and thousands of non-violent and well-behaved inmates are released for their wrongful arrest from the failed prohibition. Families are re-united once again and are able to provide for themselves right out of jail since there will be a HUUUUUGE DEMAND in workers for dispensaries.

    6. Legalization sweeps the ENTIRE WORLD! Everyone is at work in the ENTIRE WORLD! NO FAMILY IS SUFFERING ANY LONGER IN ANY PART OF THE WORLD. All people on the planet have the funds to feed their bellies thanks to worldwide legalization! No longer will the world go hungry, no longer will our own country go hungry.

    7. Homeless rates COMPLETELY OBLITERATED! Everyone has their own safe haven in their own 100% fully owned home.

    Man… I can spend my entire day here going on and on about the benefits of full legalization.


  23. I was born and raised in Colorado, and NOW I couldn’t be more proud of my home-state. Let’s now pray the People in other states will see that if more people will keep speaking out. This is just the beginning, Step out of the shadows and join the raising numbers to END PROHIBITION! Thanks Colorado and Thanks Washington!!! Never been more proud to be an American Coloradan.

  24. I have never been so proud to be a Coloradan. Truly a step in the right direction and I can’t wait till the USA follows Colorado and Washington’s footsteps and lead the world out of this ridiculousness.

  25. the last time i was in CO, i was charged with 4 felonies which nearly ruined my life.. the problem was that there was no evidence – their word against mine.. i don’t think that could happen again.. this amendmen puts an end to the facist harassment and arbitrary dictatorship of 1960’s.. long line the power of the people and the vote ! !

  26. Voted for this proposition even though I cannot partake due to my employment, still very happy to be a part of this historic move. WTG Colorado and Washington voters. We don’t need another 48 states to follow our lead, 23 or 24 will do the trick.

  27. Be careful the idea isn’t to see if out of staters don’t go across the border and get caught validating the Feds who say ” we tried and it didn’t work, look what it did!” the only way is to keep it in state and not be stupid. Let’s not be rediculous, it’s awsome but only by being discreet can this be a win, as in ” that’s very nice and we show support” instead of ” take to the streets and cry out in celebration!”
    The more responsible this is handled the more fuel you take away from oppressive laws. And by carrying with dignity can it begin to take shape on a national level. God speed and good luck.

  28. I haven’t seen any posts about this… Can a non-resident drive to Colorado and have instant access the med cannabis? Somebody help me out here…

    [Editor’s note: Anyone over the age of 21 can go to CO soon and legally use cannabis…without claiming any medical need.]

  29. People (tourists and visitors) can come to Colorado to enjoy hiking, camping, fishing skiing, shopping, vacationing, in 300 days of sunshine a year in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. “Amsterdam in the Rockies” as one commenter stated 🙂

    Some have suggested (I heard on Fresh Air, NPR today) that CO border security might be implemented to ensure people are not taking out more buds, medibles, tincures than is allowed, if at all

    Colorado is now working out the details of the regulation. The good news is that there were some very smart people who wrote a 250+ page document specifically outlining regulation procedure in CO (for passage of earlier medical cannabis) with ingeniously added conditions. For example, a dispensary must grow 70% or more of their own cannabis, all growing from seed to flower, and is videotaped and documented to account for the medicine produced.

    The minor details of regulation, of which Colorado will be the model, will be ironed out as all the states join in. And they’ll do this because prohibition is unjust and corrupt policy that would inevitably end, like slavery, child marriage, child labor, and public executions.

    The difference between Colorado and California, Oregon etc. is that Colorado already had nearly explicit rules of regulation, over 250+ pages detailing how to handle cases that might be questionably illegal. The other states didn’t do this, amidst a “Green Rush” and the $$$$$ that came with it. Obama cracked down on California, not Colorado, he claimed, because Cali had little regulatory authority and it turned into what they saw as a pot free-for-all where doctors would get $30 bucks to recommend a patient be allowed access to mmj, without threat of sanction.

    , where as in CO, regulation of medical marijuana was clear-cut, unlike the near-conversion to unrestrained dispensation the campaign was “Regulate pot like alcohol.” Plus California has plenty of “i gots mine” folk who’d rather cannabis remain illegal for the profitability, sadly.

    The next few weeks should be interesting, in anticipation of federal protest and DEA whining to keep their not-good-for anyone/anything jobs.

    Also, the IRS gladly takes taxes from medical marijuana sales in 17 (now 18) states that have approved medical mmj so far, even though they are Feds. Hypocrisy? Not really. The US patent office approved long ago, a patent for treatment of glaucoma with cannabis. The left hand is ignorant of the right hand as some feds acknowledge pot is definitely medicine, and the iron-fisted pseudo-crime fighters claim it is not medicine, parroting this ad nauseum. We all glared in disgust and astonishment at this absurd lie. The DEA are not medical experts, pharmacologists, just glorified cops with DARE indoctrination skills and a federal salary.

    There will be more security on the border of CO, but that will not be necessary for very long because…all the other states are inevitably going to follow as the dark ages of prohibition again becomes a cautionary tale of dysfunctional and corrupt public policy. No matter how thick the intellectual dishonesty of unscrupulous elected officials and federal bureaucrats….cannabis is medicine. It’s medicine. It’s medicine. Cannabis cannot be schedule 1 because it’s medicine. medicine. medicine.

    The Supreme Court ruled that cannabis can ameliorate the progressive blindness caused by glaucoma, better than any pharma drugs which led to the compassionate use measure that allowed patients to get mmj cigarettes free from the govt. Prohibition bureaucrats had the pleasure of just ignoring all the evidence and the demands from the people to even discuss the matter.

    The very definition of schedule 1 should only apply to items like bleach, turpentine, arsenic, rat poison, nicotine, alcohol, the latest pharma drug. Time to eat crow and own up to the lies, deceit, violations of human rights, false imprisonments and killings–for a non-crime, over 70 years. If there were to be another House Un-American committee with an honest agenda, they would dissolve the DEA and prosecute them for crimes against Americans. Otherwise, convert that wasteful agency to one that is useful, like cracking down on white-collar crimes which harm far more people, doing much more damage, than any one’s individal choice to smoke a joint in privacy. Let’s see MANDATORY sentences for banking criminals, Ponzi schemers, those who participate in dog fighting; those who lie about WMD and yellow-cake Uranium to launch an unprovoked war for profit.

    Yes, Colorado’s economy will benefit. The portion of Amend. 64 that allows for the growth of hemp without penalty, will also set a precedent to allow for the growing of hemp in the US (the only country that bans it bc of what is transparent corruption). Growing hemp, previously a crime, will surely be an economic boost. Cannabis legalization has always held the promise of economic growth, unchained from pointless/draconian policy written by morons and degenerates.

  30. Congratulations and thank you CO and WA! The world is a little bit better off now and November 6th will be known as The Day the Healing Began. Cannabis is the most wonderful wonderful and amazing plant that we have ever known and the amount of good this will bring is something that many people can’t even imagine right now.

    This is a wonderful time to be alive! I will be visiting CO soon from OH to enjoy the scenery and the herb and pick up some hemp oil (every home should have it in their medicine cabinet).

    Peace and love to the people of CO and WA… see you soon. Stay beautiful.

  31. It still upsets me that I’m 44 and it’s still illegal in Ohio. Thank you NORML for helping make prohibition a thing of the past. Now let’s focus on the other 48.

    Cannabis will change the world and make it beautiful. These latest events are exciting beyond words. And to the ignorant people that refuse to acknowledge science and fact… move to Mars.

  32. Hey all! Way to go both Washington and Colorado. Yes like probably millions of others, I’m already looking into some way to move to Colorado. Not just to smoke a doob, but more importantly to find sustainable work. No doubt there will be all manner of policy change, modification and legal confusion as this progresses. Ergo, I would like to know what who and how to go about seeking sensible (no pun intended) employment options in Colorado, working in the Cannabis Biz (anything from working for co.’s that make lights and irrigation, to clerical work for administrative and legal matters. If you are in the biz and hiring please email me for my resume at: Thanks.

  33. As a colorado resident, is it legal to order marijuana products from Europe or is importing still impossible because of federal customs oversight?

    [Editor’s note: Unfortunately, imports are still dictated by federal laws, which does not allow for any cannabis seeds, sans irradiated hemp seeds.]

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