Washington Voters Legalize Marijuana

Washington joins Colorado on this historic evening in passing their marijuana legalization initiative, I-502, in a 55% to 45% vote (with 50% of the vote tallied). The Seattle Times has called it a victory for I-502.

The significance of these events cannot be overstated. Tonight, for the first time in history, two states have legalized and regulated the adult use and sale of cannabis. We now must focus on the important work of implementation and begin to encourage other states to adopt these rational reforms. NORML will have much, much more as we progress. For now, we would just like to thank all the dedicated activists and supporters who made this night possible. We SMOKED THE VOTE and will now enter a new chapter in the history of marijuana law reform.

Marijuana prohibition might have not died completely tonight, but it certainly has been put on life support.

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  1. @Editor:
    While Prop 215 does reference “seriously ill Californians” in H&S 11362.5(b)(1)(A), H&S 11362.5(b)(1)(B) has no limiter on the second purpose, and no where is “patient” limited to “seriously ill Californians” within H&S 11362.5. Going further, 11362.5(b)(1)(C) uses the term “all patients” when referencing directives for the state and federal governments.

    Citing a court case would help resolve the differences in opinion over the text of the law. However, I’ve been in search for a CA court case that limits the rights of qualified patients to only residents of California… but have found no results.

    [Editor’s note: What travelers to CA from other states need to know–both recreational and medical consumers–is that only residents of CA qualify to use it legally. Further, qualified patients in CA can only lawfully use their medicine in the few states that allow for reciprocity (NM, MI, ME, etc…)]

  2. This is a good omen mon,the world is watching now,and more and more people are turning to the green side.I celebrate with all the free eagles now,see you up there.

  3. @Chadwick You are only partially correct, there is one Medical Cannabis state that has reciprocity for ALL (now 18) Med Cannabis states, that state, believe it or not, is Arizona! I should know, I was one of the first people to read over the law, I know the writer personally, and was once on Phoenix NORML Chapter BOD, and I helped pass Prop 203 back in Nov 2010. I was also a state patient rep for the campaign. (with AMMPP (now, AMMA) So, there may be a few states that have some form of reciprocity, but, in AZ, if you have a card from any of the other states, AZ’s law recognizes you as a visiting patient for 30 days, after that, you must get an AZ DHS card.

  4. I always seem to be in the position of explaining to people that Prop 215 has no restrictions to qualified patients based on residency, even in with reference to “seriously ill Californians”. H&S 11362.5(d) exempts marijuana possession and cultivation for qualified patients. Period.

    SB420 goes on to state that a “qualified patient” is someone who qualifies under H&S 11362.5. That law thus clearly allows out-of-state patients, and no court has ruled that it only applies to CA residents.

    I have a state issued card as I am a resident, which is required for the voluntary card, and both my girlfriend (non-resident, but qualified patient) and I have been stopped numerous times by the CHP. The CHP has verified our paperwork, notwithstanding residency, and have let us both go without arrest or citation with more than 28.5 grams each in our separate possession. But if she had to go to court, it could easily be successfully argued that she was qualified, given that there is no (known?) appellate court precedence to the contrary.

    Nothing in P215 limits the qualified patient, or the attending physician, from being non-CA residents. It merely offers those Californians added legal protection under CA law.

  5. my brother is a retired cop in washington and he voted for legal pot because he didnt think the police should bust people for pot when alcohol is legal.. the dangers of pot is going away.. the danger of pot is , was getting busted.. i would rather get high then die and now keep america green grow grass………

  6. I await, with bated breath, the response to our application for a business license to run a coffee shop to support Spokane Hemp Expo.

  7. That does it…I’m moving to Washington!

    I’m gonna grow it, roll it, light it, and smoke it!

    And then I’m gonna sprinkle seeds all over town and grow a big, dank, green forest of weed…
    Muah ha ha ha ha ha!

    [Editor’s note: Before heading to WA, you might want to take notice that while cannabis will be legally sold there, only licensed commercial grows will exist under current law–home cultivation is not permitted.

    However, in CO cultivation of up to 6 plants is lawful.]

  8. Does this mean anyone, even someone on probation can smoke as long as of age? Probation due to drug charges and probation that has nothing to do with drugs/alcohol? Some people still aren’t smoking, running scared.

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