R.I.P: Marijuana Prohibition

The beginning of the end…has begun.

Yesterday’s elections have forever changed the playing field regarding cannabis prohibition laws in America (and probably in large parts of the world too).

The citizens of Colorado, Washington and Massachusetts delivered game changing victories last night for the nearly fifty year-old cannabis law reform Movement. Massachusetts becomes the eighteenth state to pass legal protections for qualified medical patients who’ve cannabis recommended to them by a physician. Colorado and Washington become the first places in the world, ever, where citizens have cast votes to reject cannabis prohibition, and replace the failed public policy with alternatives like tax-n-regulate models (similar to the control and taxation models widely accepted for alcohol and tobacco product use by adults).

NORML’s board of directors, staff, chapter network and members congratulate the state-based organizers who planned and worked hard to qualify and pass these important voter initiatives, and we thank the voters of these states for helping to propel the nation to the eventual—if not soon coming—end to cannabis prohibition.

Will there continue to be fits and starts, federal government incursion into state sovereignty and obstinate politicians?


However, the die for major cannabis law reforms is now cast.

NORML will continue to be the central hub of information about all things cannabis and yesterday’s victories ensure that 2013 is going to be another landmark year for needed cannabis law reforms.

Thanks to NORML Communications Coordinator Erik Altieri for staffing election coverage and keeping everyone informed up to the minute last evening.

Feeling even better today about the prospects of cannabis legalization? Show your reform pride by making a donation to NORML and your local NORML chapters, receive some NORML apparel, and wear it proudly, letting folks around you know that you’re part of a winning coalition of citizens working to change cannabis laws.

The proverbial light at the end of the tunnel is before us all.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for ending cannabis prohibition laws, which has brought us all to this day.

Kind regards,

Allen St. Pierre
Executive Director
Washington, D.C.

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  1. Congratulations from Canada. The world is watching. I hope CO and WA prove good examples to the rest of North America, allowing us to all follow suit.

    First thing I’d be doing if I were in either state is enjoy a joint on the porch with my coffee, openly and freely, but not an “in your face” kinda’ way. There will likely be a lot of scrutiny. Stay the course, keep it civil and may the force be with you.

  2. way to go wa and co i wish it was my state (kentucky) but i hope this helps the push with other sates as well new times are comeing
    “Libertas inaestimabilis res est” Liberty is a thing beyond all price.

  3. Obama has proven to be a coward on marijuana, and bowed to lobbying efforys. Why would He do anything different now? As his after election book deals may be at stake?

  4. Let’s be real..the growing of any plant in your yard..basil, oregano, chives, rue, lemon-balm, parsley, hops, wine-grapes or cannabis….is a joy..the genome project has shown that plants have the most sophisticated genetic structure of any organisms on the planet..let us respect these organisms and allow our relationship with them to remain what nature intended..you and nature, together, figuring eachother out…we have so much to learn..

  5. I would recommend that NORML create a plan on how to address the pending challenge the Feds will bring to nullify these laws. I’m seriously concerned about this.

  6. This happened on your watch Allen.Nothing like results,Good job that ought to shut the board up,huh.

  7. The federal prohibitionists should realize they can’t stop more states from jumping on board. They’ve tried, but it is not working. Each state that becomes an MMJ state, moves the nation a notch along the cannabis continuum toward the legalization end. Each state that legalizes adult recreational use further nudges the nation along.

    It’s time to stop wasting money, and start making it–jobs, tax revenues, cash flow stream.

  8. There are many of us still behind the battle lines waiting for liberation. May it come soon I hope. I’m going to keep fighting here in southeast Idaho. What a great day!

  9. IF KY, dont at least pass the med, law soon i am moveing out of ky.THESE PILLS the dr give me is fare worse then pot.POT HEALS THE BODEY AND PILLS KILL EVERY DAY.POT has never in historey kill or hurt no one.THANK YOU NORML FOR all you do for the mj.movement.

  10. i think the next step is to organize a push for a Constitutional Amendment to end the federal prohibition of cannabis, just as was done for alcohol with the 21st Amendment.

  11. @utahtoker: In the most conservative state in the nation? Somehow I think not. It’ll be nationally legal before it becomes legal in Utah.

  12. If the feds try to betray the voters and the states we must make an outcry so loud that politicians will never dare try it again. We need to have a lot of monetary resources available and end the absolutely insane and wicked war on citizens, errr, drugs, RIGHT NOW!

  13. @pPreBigBanger, I just signed a petition on Jeffrey Dhywood’s World War D web site for President Obama to respect the rights of the people of Colorado, and Washington. We all should keep the pressure on as we celebrate this huge victory! Thanks again to NORML you guys truly rock! And everyone who help this important step for the future of all freedom lovers.

  14. Finally meaningful reform for poisonous prohibition. Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this success. I hope the Federal government will act as wisely as Colorado and Washington.

  15. If the Feds usurp the will of the people plant ONE BILLION seeds on every square inch of public land in Washington DC AND fully implement jury nullification. Lastly mail a joint to each member of Congress each day until the Federal ban on Marijuana is repealed.

  16. I was (still am pretty much) ignorant regarding the 18th amendment (prohibition) and the 21st amendment (repeal of 18th)… It looks like marijuana prohibition, as part of the CSA – Controlled Substances Act – isn’t part of the constitution. So does that make it easier to modify the situation? Changing a law rather than amending the constitution? Just wondering how hopeful to be about avoiding a tortuous state-by-state transition and just dealing with it at the fed level. Might require the momentum of four or five more states, but sure would be less tedious in the long run.

  17. Great work Norml – I live in Canada and we simply follow the US when it comes to MJ rules and regs, so I find this a historical occasion, not only for the US, but eventually Canada.

  18. I’m so happy. I knew this day would eventually come; didn’t think it’d come with such swiftness after the Calif defeat just two years ago, tho. I know there’s still a lot of fighting up ahead, but at least we finally cleared this major hurdle. Here’s hoping a few more states will follow suit in time for the next election. Hip hip hooray!!!!

  19. I understand why President Obama would not make a move on it in his first term: it would be political suicide. But who’s to say in his second term, when he doesn’t have much to lose, and the nation has a lot to gain, such as a deficit reduction, reformed immigration policies, further healthcare overhaul (including pharmaceuticals), among other things, that he may in fact orchestrate some marijuana reform legislation. And with most people worried about the economy right now, and the Bush-era tax cuts set to expire soon, why not tax-and-regulate MJ? Makes sense to me!

  20. I heard through relatives in Colorado that the Governor had this to say about the victory, “Don’t bust out the cheese puffs and Goldfish yet, we need to lead by example” or something to that affect. Thought it was forward thinking and smart.

  21. These 2 states will go down in the history books. Our grand kids will look at this prohibition the same way we look at the alcohol prohibition and wonder what it was like for it to be illegal.. How the powers that be could have something that killed people everyday ( alcohol) could be legal and something that has been proven to have medical advantages and has killed no1 ( mj) could be illegal.. Thank you Colorado and Washington. The ball is in ur court now Feds..

  22. I suspect Obama’s campaign was funded by people against marijuana’s legalization.

    If I was handed millions of dollars by those people and became president (most likely only because of them) I would probably have trouble outwardly accepting marijuana, also.


    Fuck that, if not him, then someone else.

    whoever has the job should do what’s right in their own eyes, which would be a combination of their top morals and what the public wants most of all.

    but still. who can blame obama for siding with the only reason he is where he is?

    who can blame a kid for keeping quiet about their parents fighting.

    who can blame someone for fighting for their country instead of for a foreign country,

  23. Thank you norml and everyone who voted. Indiana awaits the benefits that may befall a new stance on cannabis.

  24. I didnt think it would ever happen, legaliztion, wow. I have been waiting for 40 years, unfortunatly I will wait still as I reside in a southeastern state, but will continue to pray. Keep up the great work.

  25. Absolutely ground breaking! I can’t believe I have whitnessed the day Prohibition on pot is starting to unwind. This is remarkable! Great job to all those who spent countless hours dealing with government to push these bills through and the voters. Congrats WA & CO!

  26. Our own President is proof that the war on drugs is wrong by being the one “who didn’t like to let a single bit of Pot smoke go to waste”. Using it, all the while working to better himself and the people he’d seen needing help. Then I don’t know what more can be done to prove Marijuana’s not the bad drug Big Pharma, the cartel’s and all those company’s that are making big money off “the war on drugs” would lead you to believe. All the lies they have perpetuated for years about it being bad for you, and “leads to a life of crime & harder drugs” are only to make big bucks off the system and the American people. If He wants to become the great president I know He can be, He’ll tell them to, “go to hell” now since he won’t need the campaign contributions anymore and be the one who had balls enough to legalize it the same as alcohol.

  27. One thing I would like to know is how this is going to affect gun buying laws in either state. I currently live in CO and am moving back to WA soon. I am an avid gun enthusiast and in Colorado they ask on the paperwork if you are addicted to illegal drugs such as marijuana. Also in Colorado one can’t be in possession of a gun under the influence of intoxicants. But I’m glad that we have won two battles, 49 to go including federal abolishment of marijuana prohibition!

  28. I’m glad I’m alive to witness it happening! I am thrilled beyond belief. Great day to be alive. Thanks for all of you efforts!

  29. @david THIS is the reason I refuse to tell anyone about my depression. Life would be so much easier without it, but I absolutely refuse to just pop pills every day that are more harmful than any amount of weed I could possibly smoke. I will not take pills when this beautiful plant exists. I’m from MN, so no legal medical use, and I have loose connections to illegal weed, so I can’t toke often. Which is sad. If only society wasn’t a bunch of selfish fuck tards, maybe they’d realize what a pain prohibition is to everybody. God put this plant on Earth for a reason, let’s fight for it!

  30. “If people let the GOVERNMENT decide which foods they eat and medications they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny“. Thomas Jefferson

  31. Have you ever met that funny refer man?
    That funny funny funny refer man.
    He smokes the refer, he gets high, and flies up to the sky.
    That funny funny funny refer man.

    Yeah, him…I think he said something about moving out to Boulder.

    Na-noo, na-noo.

  32. I moved to CO over a year ago for a job – SCORE

    There are grow shops and MMJ dispensaries everywhere. I’m glad to be a part of this ground-breaking legislation (yes I voted for it).

    When Colorado starts to enjoy the added revenue from the increased tourist trade nearby states would be stupid not not follow our lead.

    Its is great to live in America.


  33. slowly regaining faith in humanity. I honestly never thought id see the day. Texas, feel free to follow (:

  34. Allen St Pierre says come to Washington DC for 420 rally 4/20/2013!! I say we listen and SHOW UP!! Get as many folks to DC as we can and make them end this shit for all of us!! FREE OUR PLANT AND OUR PEOPLE !!! THE TIME IS NOW!!! LETS DO IT!! 4/20/2013!!! DC!! GET R DUN!!! Love, The CannaBus!! 🙂

  35. I imagine this means all the people who are incarcerated in those states for marijuana possession, etc., are now eligible to be freed and have their convictions overturned. I’m sure they’re jumping for joy. I can only imagine what MARC EMERY’s thinking right now. I can’t believe he’s in prison.

    You would think that there would be more buzz (pun intended) on Yahoo’s home page about the legalization. I don’t know what the other websites are saying, but it’s like, “chirp, chirp” (crickets) as far as that goes. I guess people are like, Oh, mj was legalized in Washington and Colorado? Oh, hey, there’s this really sweet dress on sale at Nordies!” haha

    I wish they’d legalize ibogaine as well — that other “drug with no known medicinal value.” Yeah, that’s the other plant that frees heroin addicts of their heroin addiction in 36 hours.

  36. My Washington State Property has 7 acre in wheat, leased out, best ever $1275.00 my share one year. Now the possibility of 7 Cannabis Acre, Per year, my own farming. Kick Big Fat Farmer Off My Land,,,Give My Self A Job….About “F”ing Time…Can’t Wait Till Summer ,,2013,,, The Water Melon Sugar Is Going to Be Flowing off Them Hills….Get the Ideaths Flowing

  37. We have lived to see the start of Legalized Marijuana in the US and every single American from NORML on down, can say, We Did It! Thank You to Mason Tvert in Colorado and Vivian McPeak in Washington State both were integral people in helping to change minds and eventually the law, Wow! The voters in both states sent a very convincing message that it’s time has come, its over, I want my THC.

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