Washington State’s Cannabis Legalization Explored In Detail On NPR

On what sounded more like ‘National Pot Radio’ than good ol’ National Public Radio, a two-part series today on the morning and afternoon shows did a good job casting light and answering questions the public has about when and how WA State’s new cannabis legalization laws are going to be implemented.

Listen to first installment on Morning Edition.

Listen to second installment on All Things Considered.

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  1. Why is it that every time the pro-legislation movement brings light to the ignorance of marijuana laws, they throw “Cheech and Chong” in the mix? Do they think think the american public is so short sighted? Or are they really just pandering to our opposition?

  2. The news media had whats his name come to the podium and proport that marijuana is still a class 1 controlled substance…we have a lot of work ahead of us..the old guard is not going without kicking and screaming and many confrontations. A sad state of affairs..when is the elected officials of this country going to abide by the will of the people…what …do we have to fight the revolutionary war all over again? Oust the bums…

  3. Money is the bottom line ! Someones dollars are being affected and that is why they fight so for nothing.

  4. Yes, they do believe many Americans are so short sighted. And they are right. Everyone is ignorant of something; that why we have specialists; because its impossible for anyone to know all. Too bad most politicans are bullshit specialists; instead of working with facts, they play with our heads and set us against each other.

    I’d like to see a new tes party come up. One that is for Americans of All Colors and a party that looks to the future with confidence not fear; that doesn’t think stealing from your neighbors with corrupt policies or poisoning their water are examples of “freedom”. One in which “personal responsibility” doesn’t mean blame our problems on marijuana like a BPD psycho. A party that understands the Dream Act is as “conservative” a law you can get and nearly a perfect law in support of our nation. But look at all the fools fighting it tooth and nail; why are they so short sighted?

  5. “Why is it that every time the pro-legislation movement brings light to the ignorance of marijuana laws, they throw “Cheech and Chong” in the mix?”

    It’s another drug war psyop to keep the public thinking that only a small segment (small demographic) of the American population consumes marijuana. If the general public knew that doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, etc., use marijuana and that it actually improved their health and psychic well being, the public would be less apt to be against it.

  6. There will be allot of obstacles in legalizing marijuana. Of course, people will have to get used to it as marijuana has been demonized more than alcohol. That change may take time for some people. Also calling marijuana a drug or treating marijuana as a drug is a misconception to a point. Alcohol is also a drug. Most substances that are refined or distilled are usually referred to as drugs. Marijuana is processed buy only drying it unless it is made into a concentrate like hash or hemp oil. It is most often just the dried plant’s flower that is smoked. Also calling some people that use marijuana drug users is unfair as compared to people that use alcohol. People that use alcohol are usually called drinkers not drug users. So what’s going to happen in the courts when it comes to distinguishing the difference between usage and impairment? The courts still haven’t distinguished the difference between usage and impairment. Part of this reason is due to the fact of the Federal Government’s refusal to recognize the new marijuana laws in Colorado and Washington. And of course the courts are following suit. This is an important detail. Knowing the difference between usage and impairment will determine how the courts can prosecute employees and/or employers for employment drug policies. There will be allot of misunderstandings in the courts until this point is recognized. There are some savvy lawyers standing on the sidelines just waiting to cash in and take advantage of these very law suits for urine drug tests when they appear. Allot of insurance companies and businesses may be sued due for discrimination and false claims of impairment on the job when an accident occurs. This is the exact same reason that police must take a blood sample when someone is convicted of a D.U.I. as the evidence must show actual impairment which can only be proven with a blood sample. That blood sample must prove the legal alcohol/blood level for legal conviction of a D.U.I. crime. Allot of people are ignorant to this and are falsely charged. There are allot of businesses and insurance companies that adhere to the current drug screenings procedures that only show usage. The current urine, saliva and hair tests only test for metabolites. The human body metabolizes the active ingredient THC into and inactive metabolite. When THC is metabolized it is neutralized and rendered inactive and stored in the fat cells of the human body and then is slowly processed out of the body. It is the active THC in the blood that causes impairment. Employment drug screenings will have to change to testing for the active ingredient THC in the blood instead of the current urine, saliva and hair tests to prove impairment on the job. And if an employer claims that they are an Equal Opportunity Employer then there may be a conflict to their claim. Soon employers and insurance companies may face charges because they will be in violation of invading someone’s privacy and discriminating against someone personal life style. There are current employment laws in place that may cause conflict with an employers claim to be fair now that marijuana has been legalized in Washington and Colorado. So even though legalization has begun, prohibition will still remain as long as the current pre-employment drug screenings procedures continue and the courts haven’t yet recognized the difference between usage and impairment. Even if marijuana wasn’t legalized there still remains a conflict between usage and impairment on the job. There is still allot of work for people to do if they want to protect there rights and don’t want their privacy invaded due to the fact that they may be using marijuana or any other substance on their own time that an employer doesn’t agree with. Remember, with legalization comes responsibility. You have the responsibility to know the law or lose rights. Protect your rights!!! For more detailed information about employment drug screening, visit aclu.org and type into the search window urinalysis. There you will find information about your rights as and employee and the real facts about employment drug screenings that exist today.

  7. Jeedi don’t forget about the Lawyers and Judges and Police who are toking too. Oh and our shithead president who was elected on his promise to end The War on Drugs, but is now its captain saying crap like, “Well, I can’t do nothing about it.”

    Maybe he isn’t really the President??? Are people we don’t elect running things in DC? Was there a coup we didn’t hear about?

  8. “Maybe he isn’t really the President??? Are people we don’t elect running things in DC? Was there a coup we didn’t hear about?”

    Yeah, the world is run by cockroaches like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. And these people don’t own stock in marijuana. Quite the contrary they own the prohibition machine and benefit from black market money laundering. And they are not about to lose their piece of the action. So watch Obama ignore and laugh in our faces again.

    My advice is that everyone in the new free states should sue the Federal government if they stand in the way of the people. Millions and millions of lawsuits should really get the message across. If you throw enough shit at the wall eventually some of it sticks. We need a fed vs people shit storm if legalization does not go reasonable with the feds.

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