Virginia’s Tea Party Backed Attorney General Cuccinelli “Evolving” on Marijuana Legalization

kenVirginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Tea Party favorite and presumed Republican candidate for Governor, opened up on his views regarding marijuana legalization while addressing a group of students at the University of Virginia this week.

When asked how he felt about Colorado and Washington legalizing the adult use and commercial production and sale of marijuana in November, the conservative politico caught many off guard with his answer.

“I don’t have a problem with states experimenting with this sort of thing I think that’s the role of states,” Cuccinelli stated, “I’m not sure about Virginia’s future [re: marijuana legalization], but I and a lot of people are watching Colorado and Washington to see how it plays out.”

Twice during the talk Attorney General Cuccinelli referred to his views on the subject as “evolving.”

You can view video footage of this event here.

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  1. The GOP could manage to gain some very much needed new support if they addressed this ‘elephant in the room’. I think think the foundation of conservative politics is necessarily worse than the liberals, they just need to get back on track and stop pandering to their hard line constituency – who will likely vote for them no matter what their views are on state rights re: marijuana.

  2. What happens in Colorado as time goes on could hopefully finally bring big changes. I think a lot of people are watching. They’d be crazy not to with the state of our economy…States are sitting on a goldmine and they just don’t get it…

  3. I live in Virginia and will not vote for anyone who does not embrace ending the War on Drugs and Marijuana Prohibition in particular. My vote for President, most recently, went to Gary Johnson. Mr. Obama has not done nearly enough to earn it yet.

    Cuccinelli’s words are welcome but not nearly enough. It seems more like he was pandering to a crowd that he figured was probably in favor or legalization without making any kind of commitment. It does bring hope.

  4. thats good but now people that are not sure need to understand marijuana is safer than are own food because of the GMO linked to cancer and what not and are water supply because of fouride also linked to lower IQ even alot of other problems as well and its safer than tooth paste and mouth wash that being said lets take marijuana out of the feds hands and put it in to the states hands and the whole hemp thing as well being used for alot of things and put millions of people back to work and make much needed billons for this country weather it be feul, constrution, clothes, tools, houses, rope and i just looked this up we can make cars or car frames from it as well im not sure but mabey dirt bikes i think the list just gose on and on

  5. Of course, so far most conservatives who voice these musings that emphasize states rights and marijuana promptly retract their statements. Remember Romney’s running mate? He did a very quick flip-flop.

    Suddenly, though, everyone is looking for stoner votes. Congratulations to us all.

    I agree with the suggestion that the ‘…foundation of conservative politics is (NOT) necessarily worse than the liberals, they just need to get back on track and stop pandering to their hard line constituency.’

  6. Cuccinelli is not to be trusted. He’s a vocal LGBT rights enemy, as well as Governor Ultrasound’s partner in crime, trying to make abortion prohibitively inaccessible by passing regulations that *only* target womens health clinics in Virginia.

    I refuse to believe a guy like him can “evolve” on cannabis, but has not (and will not) “evolve” on rights for women and the LGBT community.

    This is the equivalent of a convicted endangered species poacher claiming he’s willing to consider a VEGAN diet.

  7. Just had heart surgery came home 10 days ago smoked weed for first time since surgery best ive felt since

  8. Sure, once he finds all the people that want to sponsor it because of the MONEY involved, he’ll be right up there in front of the line collecting money from the cigarette people. The ones he’ll have to worry about will be the cotton, drug, and law enforcement/prison people. All the fucking ones that have a vested interest.

  9. Virginia is for perverts and vagina inspectors..

    All these years they have pushed the propaganda that Virginia is for Lovers, not hardly.

    If you go to the perverted state of Virginia, keep the women hidden until you cross the state line.

  10. As Mr. Cuccinelli says, many are now watching to see the “results” in Washington, Colorado and Uruguay– will freer access to inhale choice herb vapor at affordable price worsen or improve public behavior, personal character and health?

    The first thing is to get rid of “smoking”– that inhaling of heat shock, carbon monoxide and 421 combustion toxins and then blaming the damage on cannabis as its enemy Big 2WackGo pays politicians to do up till now.

    Cities like Seattle and Denver now need a One Hit Head Shop industry that provides vaporizers )including cheap handmade 25-mg-serving size choomette, kiseru, midwakh, sebsi etc.) to REPLACE:

    700-mg-per-lightup standardized tobacco “filter cigarette” (ever once seen where they actually printed information about the net weight of tobacco in their serving format?),

    900-mg low grade cannabis joint from NIDA/Mississipi,

    500-mg cannabis joint,

    one-gram (cannabis but nicotine-infested) “blunt”,

    450-mg “beedi” (tobacco hand-rolled in a tendu leaf by some underpaid woman in a sweat shop),

    wide-bowl pipes stuffed with a gram or more at a time.

    Repeat: Start in the newly opened legal territory to promote standardized 40-tokes-per-gram vapor inhalant equipment for both cannabis and tobacco user populations to REPLACE all Hot Burning Overdose Monoxide “smoking” formats profiting off harm (social and medical costs) now getting blamed on cannabis.

  11. 1. If you voted libertarian, you are a long way from ever voting for obama.

    2. Maybe democrats have failed to understand, abortion isn’t about the rights of women to kill off their children, its about protecting the right of their children to live? Abortion is two sided Donttrustit.

    this guy may be more libertarian than republican on most issues, however abortion is a gray area between all parties.

  12. Holy Cow! I’m a Virginian, and this blows my mind. Get busted in Virginia, and they send you to ASAP classes and piss test you for 6 months. Makes no sense at all. I figured we’d be the last state to even consider it. For Cuccinelli to even mention it is a milestone.

  13. Am I right in interpreting “evolving” as meaning “waiting for the moment when we can get the greatest political advantage from our support”?

  14. The fact that Obama has acted more like Nixon than Nixon did, has given others an opening on this issue.

    Prohibition is the result of a federal government gone wild. It’s unconstitutional. It’s immoral. And it’s about time the People take back their God given rights.

  15. Virginia and its neighbor North Carolina are full of assholes. Don’t believe anything these science hating retards say.

  16. ….too all you folks in Oregon an Washington. you know the entire world is watching to see how things go with cannabis.feel privileged to engage the ,

    … right to consume a great herb without the man looking over your shoulder.PLEASE be responsible! prove to the world that cannabis is a good thing. that law abiding citizens who work for a living and pay taxes and raise families in good homes. please dont ruin it for the rest of us that are oppressed by the effin job of 35 years does random hair testing. i have been out of sorts for 4 years. cannabis was a benefit to my daily life…..please take of you new right of freedom!!….the world awaits this outcome!!

  17. The Virginia Attorney General Cuccinelli must be hearing about how he might be able to line his pockets. Republicans would Fu$K their own mother in the @ss at her funeral for a buck fifty.

  18. Yes indeed. I’ve considered moving to North Carolina or Virginia, but the government corruption is just too much. And I’m from Jersey!

  19. This is a big lie to gain publicity for his potential future campaign, and you’re helping him. Keep in mind, Ken Cuccinelli is the Attorney General who ordered all Virginia state colleges and universities to remove gays as a protected class in their equal opportunity statements. His views might be “evolving,” but I highly doubt they are evolving at a norml pace.

  20. Ken Cuccinelli is just trying to pander for the stoner vote. With his record, he has no intention of decriminalizing or legalizing weed in Virginia. Paul Ryan flip-flopped on this issue before the election. If the republicans were serious they would of done something by now.

  21. Remember this is a big face on the right. That said, if he is sincere in doing as advertised, this is huge. This guy is like best friends with Mark Levin, the guy that has his own talk radio show ( and his own law firm ( Ken (according to Mark) went to school with him, and they have been friends for a long time. This is, in my humble opinion, is a powerful endorsement.

  22. @ Joel,

    How quickly you forget Sharron Angle, Tea Party favorite of Nevada. She not only wanted to prohibit MJ, but also alcohol. Just because somebody stamps “Tea Party” across their forehead doesn’t mean they’re necessarily interested in advancing your particular “freedoms.”

  23. @ liberty,

    I usually don’t like to post comments, unless there is some reference to MJ. But since you opened up that pandora’s box, abortion, I will comment.

    First, I find your characterization of the argument interesting: ” . . . abortion isn’t about the rights of women to kill off their children, its about protecting the right of their children to live?”

    How about: “It’s about the right of a woman to decide that she doesn’t want to have that rapist’s baby; or she doesn’t want to have that incestuous father or uncle’s baby.”

    I guess you guys didn’t realize we’re having an overpopulation problem on our planet. (Of course not, then you’d have to recognize global warming and those other inconvenient facts.) You guys want every sperm and egg that’s united to result in a baby; how about feeding the ones who are already born first? There are millions of children around the world starving to death every year. But, of course, that’s not your concern.

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  25. Hey I know let’s inject abortion into the marijuana discussion, it’s sure be productive and isn’t going to alienate anyone on either side. /sarc

  26. @ Stone Mountain,

    I agree with you; I’m the “Anonymous” who responded to “Liberty” on the abortion discussion. (Didn’t realize my moniker was no longer there when I posted.)

    I actually DO prefer to keep the discussions on point–marijuana. But, since so many seem to want to voice their opinions on other subjects, big govt, Obama, taxes, etc etc etc–and since the good people at NORML allow posters to do that, I feel obligated to respond in kind. Do those other off-subject diatribes bother you too, or just the abortion issue?

  27. It is all connected. First, the main problem we the people have is a government filled with people that don’t understand or follow the constitution. They feel it gives them the liberty to shove all their bullshit down everyone else’s throats! Look, conservatives are not supposed to be trying to get everyone to follow “Christian based laws”. It is horrible and un-American! Why the hell should folks that aren’t Christian be forced to subsidize Christian Laws??? We need conservatives to focus on being conservative, not theocratic or fascist! The abortion debate is being mutated by this. Look, your religion may impose certain restrictions on your behavior, but please stop “believing” your beliefs also need the police enforcing them. It is your religion, and it only should affect you and your family directly.

    Stop trying to trick/force everyone to subsidize your bullshit. As soon as you do, you stop being a “conservative”.

  28. I feel you really should only have the right to oppose abortion rights after you’ve abopted a child. I can actually respect someone in that position; you know someone that backs up what they say with their actions. If you oppose all abortions, then go adopt or please shut up. Thanks.

  29. This guy is a states vs federal gov guy. He would have each state make their own decisions on way more than just this issue. Do not confuse this with him supporting a change in cannabis law in Virginia. These comments are pandering after the Right wing States Rights crowd. Smaller Government. I am not against smaller gov but at what cost? Will this guy and his supporter be there for anyone other than the fat cats that want to isolate groups through gerrymandering and redistricting. NO! They would have the Potheads move to one of 10 states where their votes are concentrated into specific senatorial jurisdiction. This give his party more power.

  30. @ anonymous

    Can those who like to hid abortion behind the rape excuse please quit that? W all know that for the vast majority of abortions, that is NOT the reason. That being said, I love the adoption comment, except for one thing. As a relative of several couples that want to adopt, the government makes it a total pain in the ass and prohibitively expensive.

    So here’s my idea: swap out abortion clinics for adoption clinics. Show girls they can give their baby and themselves a good life, without the need to just get rid of the kid. Rant over.

    And to get back on topic, I hope this guy is really considering marijuana legalization. It’s about time that the government started digging out of debt using a proven cash crop. They can even save money not having to pay prison bills for pot-smokers or DEA agents to waste their time chasing a harmless drug. Start taxing it coming into the country, tax it going out of the shop. Put up billboards showing all the big bad associated health risks. Just make it legal.

  31. @Evening Bud

    I do understand, I must restrain myself quite a bit while reading here, I just wish more would do the same.

    “Do those other off-subject diatribes bother you ”

    Absolutely, and nearly of them (even the articulate ones), do more damage then good in my opinion.

  32. i wouldnt trust this guy as far as i can throw my house..he didnt tell me anything about anything..he answered like the jerk politician he is..he said something that means nothing

  33. i wouldnt trust this guy as far as i can throw my house..he didnt tell me anything about anything..he answered like the jerk politician he is..he said something that means nothing..he is a liar

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