Register Today for the First NORML Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

NORML is pleased to announce the first ever Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in Philadelphia, PA on March 16th, 2013!

The conference will feature a day of enlightening panel discussions and speakers on topics ranging from new reform strategies, recent legislative efforts, the science of medical cannabis, and much more. Hear from some of the most experienced and insightful marijuana law reformers working in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York area. Speakers include Ken Wolski (CMMNJ), Stacia Cosner (Associate Director, Students for Sensible Drug Policy), Erik Williams (CampaignsWon, Executive Director CT NORML), Gabriel Sayegh (NY State Director, Drug Policy Alliance), Mallory Loflin (Graduate Student, SUNY-Albany), Evan Nison (Executive Director, NJNORML), Patrick Nightingale (Criminal Defense Attorney, Executive Director Pittsburgh NORML), Erik Altieri (Communications Director, National NORML), Allen St. Pierre (Executive Director, National NORML) and more to be announced soon…

KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Pennsylvania State Senator, and sponsor of PA’s legalization bill, Daylin Leach will be giving a keynote address discussing his work on the issue, his recent legislation, and experience working for reform as a sitting politician. Don’t miss it!

Panel sessions will be held during the day in Claudia Cohen Hall at the University of Pennsylvania and the night will end with a fundraiser featuring live entertainment, a silent auction, and more at a local venue to be announced shortly.

Reserve your space today. You can purchase tickets to the panel sessions for $40 and tickets to the fundraiser for $20. A limited quantity of combo-passes are also available for $50, giving you access to both events.

Further information, including agenda, more speakers, entertainment and more will be forthcoming.


Hope to see you in the City of Brotherly Love this March.

7 thoughts

  1. How many of the legislators in Georgia will attend the NoRmL Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference??? Probably none.

    Is that pathetic or what? However its what we’ve come to expect from the leadership in the State of Georgia. We use to refer to it as the GREAT State of Georgia, but that was definitely in the past. Who among you will lead this battle in the state of Georgia? Wheres all that southern grit we hear about? Where are you??

  2. Are you not meant to be trying to change laws here in the UK? So why are you wasting money having a conference in the USA? Surly having a big conference in the UK would be better so the British public actually know who you are and what your about, but you have a nice jolly in the states because that will help the campaign.

  3. We at Pittsburgh NORML are very excited to participate in our region’s first conference of this nature. Thanks, Erik, for putting it together and thanks to our friends in Philly for hosting!

    See yinz next month! (That’s Pittsburghese for “you”)

  4. Wish you all had transportation from T-Burg/Ithaca, New york area to conference and back!
    Accomadations would also be helpful for people like myself! I would love to attend this conference but do not have transportation or a place to stay! Please do a conference at IC. That would be great! Thanks so much!!

  5. we should all meet and smoke up in the torch of the statue of liberty using the torch to light a freedom joint!!!!!!!!!

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