Canadian Lottery Winner Commits $1 Million For Marijuana Legalization

The NORML Women’s Alliance of Canada announced via Marketwired:
TERRACE, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwired – April 18, 2013) – On Saturday April 20(th) , activists and cannabis enthusiasts will gather in cities across Canada, including Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax and Yellowknife. It is hoped the events will be a watershed moment for cannabis law reform as Canadians seek to follow their American counterparts and end the social injustice of cannabis prohibition.

This year, the annual nationwide 420 celebrations are entirely sponsored by lottery winner Bob Erb.

When Bob Erb started buying lottery tickets in the early 1970s, ending the war against cannabis may have seemed more likely than hitting the jackpot.

On November 2, 2012, four decades of playing the lottery paid off: Bob Erb won a $25,000,000 jackpot. Two days later, Canadian laws regarding cannabis changed too as mandatory minimum sentencing for cannabis offences came into effect.

To some, winning the lottery would mean retiring from a life-long career of cannabis activism. But to a man who describes the criminalization of cannabis as the “biggest social injustice” of his lifetime, the money meant a chance to do more.

Bob Erb has championed social justice issues, including cannabis law reform, for decades. He has seen firsthand the harm and waste caused by cannabis prohibition, and has set about making change. Particularly, he has tried to create change from within: in 2001 he ran as a Marijuana Party candidate in the BC provincial election and the following year he ran for mayor. Both times his message was clear: its time for a change on cannabis.

Looking to the future, Bob has pledged one million dollars to fund national campaigns to end the criminal prohibition of cannabis and enact positive regulations regarding use, production and consumer safety. His goal is to see a pro-reform party elected in the next Canadian federal election.

So far, Bob Erb’s contributions to the cannabis reform movement can be felt nationwide. In February he had a conference in his hometown of Terrace, BC. The conference brought together activists and policy experts from across Canada to discuss strategy for the future.

As a result of the conference, Bob committed one million dollars to legalize cannabis in Canada and pledged support to various reform organizations including Sensible BC, the NORML Women’s Alliance of Canada, NORML Canada, Stop the Violence BC and the 420 rallies.

This Saturday, tens of thousands of Canadians will gather from coast to coast advocating cannabis law reform. Hopefully, individuals will feel part of something bigger than themselves or the local rally they attended.

Bob Erb’s generosity has jump-started a national campaign to elect a new government ready to undertake modern approach to cannabis regulation. Advocates are confident cannabis law reform will be an issue in the next federal election. This year’s 420 rallies will be a call to voters and the beginning of a movement in the name of Bob Erb.

NORML Women’s Alliance of Canada

Kelly Coulter

(613) 331-1489

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  1. Nothing will help end marijuana prohibition more than money since that is what is has really been all about all along.

  2. Put 999 billion 999 million with that. It might be enough to buy them off.

    Thank you Bob Erb.

  3. Thanks Bob you are a Hero!

    And these prohibitionists are getting hit by a green, sticky, tsunami. It is wonderful how the citizens are demanding their right to legal cannabis. Holder is going to lose even more credibility in the eyes of the public as he defies CO and WA voters and maintains his war on the American people in the face of so much pent up and emerging marijuana law reform happening around the world.

  4. Bob Erb (if that is his real name) is truly a good man. If I won the lottery, I’d like to think I would do the same thing.

  5. Last night on Inside Edition, a disreputable populist TV news disgrace, reported on one of the Boston bombers. A school mate interviewed said that, (I paraphrase) “he, the bomber “smoked so much weed I can’t believe he’s on the news for terrorism.” So is that the plan? To discredit and derail the legalization movement by rekindling those old “reefer madness” fears? A social engineering plot by the unholy cabal between BIG PHARMA ALCOHOL LAW ENFORCEMENT AND THE ILLEGAL DRUG CARTELS with representatives in DC?

  6. In the Beginning (of ANY Bible)
    is the Book of Genesis, Chapter One.
    Line #11- God blessed all seed bearing herbs.
    Maybe the New, Improved Pope will read to us.

  7. Happy 420! 420 used to be the radio police code jargon meaning “cannabis offense” in progress.

    April 20 is a day to celebrate being alive and living among and within a community. We are social beings and 4/20 is one way to pay tribute to one of our commonalities as people, but also to the plant that co-evolved with us through time, through our agrarian revolution into farming crops in controlled areas, instead of scavenging desirable plants where why grew, all spread out, requiring so-called “gathering.”

    Our ancestors learned to germinate seeds and transfer crops into cordoned areas to control their nutrient availability, and to provide protection from elements and herbivores. They most likely first learned what agrarian, horicultural methods were, by simply observing the nature and life cycles of cannabis, with a natural but distinctive sex cycle that was consisitent, having “sexes” or “genders” in a plant species means they are dioecious in nature, able to occur as different male and female forms of a plant. ‘A plant that exists like man and woman, such as we do.’

    This robust plant, one that is almost clearly responsive in proportion to our treatment and nurturing of it, reminds me of another species that has been a constant companion to us during our human experience.

    The family dog, Canis familiaris. We co-evolved with dogs, in a mutually beneficial relationship, such that they have learned and adapted an ability to sense and understand our emotional states and turn to us for cues for how as to act, and in return we reward them and love them. We have accepted dogs as family members.

    We co-evolved with cannabis similarly because the plant offered us humans nearly complete nutrition just from the seeds including omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and essential amino acids.

    The fibers made for paper and clothing and the oils for lighting and even religious sacraments like anointing oils.

    And being abundant, or perhaps aware of human presence, cannabis grew near humans such that they could learn their life processes from seed to plant on an annual basis, and how to replicate that process in plots convenient to them.

    Cannabis also offered external cannabinoids (THC, CBD, for example) during times of extreme stress, (usually constant for early man) to support deficiencies in internal, endogenous, or endocannabinoids (anandamide, for example) which are powerful molecules that exist naturally within our bodies. These help regulate our moods, digestion, immunity, sleep, and activate the pre-fontal cortex (the singularly human brain function involved in executive decisions, consequences, empathy, how our choices could impact the future, or affect other people’s interests, and also important in reasoning thoughtfully. It is likely the highest developed brain structure in humans and can be activated or supported, through use or activation, even achieving enlargement. The brain and its condition or synaptic complexity is described as best maintained using the principle of use-or-lose=it. Through constant use, perennial meditation, and even cannabis activation, we can maintain our brain health. Remember they found that cannabis use is useful in prevention of Alheizer’s dementia and also as an *anti =cancer* agent, as well as described as a medical *neuroprotective* agent that can help in strokes, seizures, and even mitigate the damage caused from excessive drinking of alcohol. In addition cannabis (and aerobic exercise) have both demonstrated *neurogenic* effects, the stimulation of new brain cells through cell division, which 10 years ago, was thought impossible.

    4/20 is a day to celebrate a plant that was undoubtedly crucial to our survival and development, the plant form of man’s best friend.

    Happy 4/20!

  8. I ran across this article on marijuana use of mothers during pregnancy which showed, surprisingly that there was no deaths on babies born from mothers who smoked pot. read the article and educate yourself. I really enjoyed the articles on

  9. That kind of money buys me a move to a country that is relaxed about weed .. screw Canada .. screw the US .. just sayin

  10. Interesting comment by @me (above) about somkeone saying one of the Boston bombers “smoked weed”– reminds me of Louchner, the Arizona shooter. Promptly the following Monday after the attack Rush Limbaugh said, “The man’s a pothead.” I did some googling and found someone saying Louchner told him, two years ago, he was trying to quit marijuana and cigarettes. I found a Daily Mail (UK) article quoting someone that a day or two before the shooting he saw the suspect outside the latter’s house smoking a cigarette. Yes, we know tobacco cigarettes are harder to quit than weed, lol.

    Think a moment– isn’t every cigarette a suicide bomb? (In view of what happens to its “butt” later, etc.) Thousands of deaths every year result from fires caused by “improperly disposed of” cigarettes.

    Before the Dittoheads get any further trying to tie these latest killers to cannabis, someone do research on their Nicotine $igarette history if any.

    Conspiracy Theory #2: anyone notice that, right before the most celebrated 4/20 celebrations ever (after electoral victories), the Boston bombings occur exactly 20 years minus 4 days after the Waco, Texas massacre of April 19, 1993? And an “unexplained” deadly blast then occurs near Waco a couple days later to remind everyone? Seemed “calculated” to put a shadow over the 4/20 events and sure enough, Colorado police were strengthened for “security”, AND shots were fired. If victims had been killed, wouldn’t that help to scare a few million more voters and their legislators against cannabis legalization?

  11. PS: @jimmy reminds of the family dog, Canis, co-evolving with humans. Check Wikiversity:”Ethnobotany” for an account of how the family herb, Cannabis, also co-evolved with humans. (Warning: it involves dungpiles.)

    And thanks to Bob Erb– with a name like that he deserves another $million!

  12. Lets look in the homes of the people that raised these terrorists. You will find alcohol. Lots of alcohol. So by the governments logic , it`s alcohol use that turns kids into terrorists. But the many many drunken idiots of Druncle Sams Army will never attack there drug of choice, ALCOHOL!!! I`m sick and tired of millions of beer cans and glass bottles littered on the roadways by these same hypocrites that are anti-marijuana. Those pedophile teachers and coaches are alcoholics….not potheads. Oh and images of drunks drinking beer out of glass bottles next to babies at sporting events is the ultimate hypocrisy.

    Druncle Sams Message to America.
    “Save the children from illegal drugs”!!!
    While Druncle Sam gets drunk around children and points guns at unarmed marijuana users.

  13. A better use of funding would be billboard signs at strategic locations showing a simple comparison to the over 30,000 deaths per year caused by drunks on the highways, compared to the almost non-existent number of deaths caused by marijuana. And have pictures taken of highways littered with alcoholic beverages after a holiday like thanksgiving. Its time to show the hypocrites what a real war on drugs is like. If I can`t have my plant , then they can`t have theirs. Grapes,corn, potatoes, etc. all plants that can be turned into the worse killing drug on earth. ALCOHOL!!

  14. @dmkt6256

    “I ran across this article on marijuana use of mothers during pregnancy which showed, surprisingly that there was no deaths on babies born from mothers who smoked pot.”

    The mother’s blood chemistry will be the same as within the fetus. The mother’s blood, if high in concentrations of stress hormones like cortisol, will also appear in relatively high concentration in her fetus. The fetus feels stressed and relaxed in proportion to the mother. So why would cannabis help prevent stillbirths and failure to thrive shortly after birth? Stress in the uterine environment triggers the development to direct resources and anticipate stress later, outside the uterus. It is like the signal that says to prepare for more, persistent and extreme resources, to expect a life of pain, and which ties up other resources to allow for development close to the full potential of that fetus/child in healthy uterine environment

    For some, the maternal stress is so bad, so large, and endocannabinoids levels in the mother and fetus both, are so deficient that the baby fails to thrive, either before conception or shortly after.

    Far fetched? If newborns are left alone and never even touched or coddled, such as in wartime orphanages, they die, because they rely on, and need to be loved. Or they die. This is common in higher mammalian species.

    By supplementing external cannabinoids that have the same conformation or shape as internal, natural, endogenous cannabinoids, or endocannabinoids, that might deficient in the mother, and so deficient in the fetus, the fetus will receive the same benefits of cannabinoid receptor activation (and without any smoke) as the mother would.

    Fetus to Mom: You’re Stressing Me Out!

    Mother’s Stress May Affect Fetus

    Will stress during pregnancy affect my baby?

    p.s. before any knee-jerk reaction that this writing constitutes the endorsement of maternal, pre-natal cannabis use as better than not doing so, would be reckless, i know that. My thoughts/opinions were and are, strictly conjecture.

    I do know that alcohol is definitely harmful to the developing fetus as are certain pharma drugs and smoking tobacco contributes to low birth weight and the amount of oxygen the fetus receives is similar the the mother’s, which in a smoker, is usually less than 95% or more, vs. 99 or 100% in a nonsmoker with normal lung function.

    Some drugs used by the expecting are harmful to the fetus.

    Cannabis, by all appearances (disclaimer), doesn’t seem to have nearly the same level of harm. Possibly it is could be beneficial, but who knows.

    Cannabis was used in the United States, sold at the apothecary, before it was stricken from the official pharmacopeia, to calm overractive, constantly-crying prone babies.

    Sadly, some have resorted to using diphenhydramine allergy medicine also known as Benadryl or the the “PM” medicine in sleep-causing pain relievers, on their babies, or the babies they babysit, to calm or sedate loud or active babies, in recent times.

    I’m pretty sure cannabis is the healthier alternative, of the two, when giving medicine to infants (and fyi it used to be given in a non-alcohol tincture make of glycerin, and not smoked).

    thanks for reading

  15. As often as marijuana stories are updated it doesn’t seem like legalization will happen anytime soon…

  16. I say marijuana will be legal by next year. If not we may end up being in a revolution. If the federal government does not respect states rights to legalize pot, the little broken people will fight back.

  17. This guy has his head on straight, wish our Congress did too. And all the states in the US

  18. For every one that want the legalization of it its times to vote in the next Canadian federal election (2015) for the Liberal party,

    Look what Justin Trudeau is saying at 5:39s of the following video;

    Also read theese both webpages

    117. Legalize and Regulate Marijuana

  19. must be so sweet to think about doing something
    but now u can actually do it thx to ur 25 mill jackpot
    most days I don’t have 50 cents to rub together or fling
    but that’s ok, I am very blessed with most amazing frens that’s
    a perk that cannot be bot
    it’s great u are now able to throw urself into ur passion to
    legalize weed
    but u r also in the position to help in many other honorable life changing
    But I m sure there is a million plus one people that wants ur $ help
    as they to u they non stop plead!
    I am hoping u can find a quiet hideaway to truly appreciate the quality
    of ur life before the lottery totally changed ur daze!
    To not lose the man, the son, the best beer bud that those
    closest to u have come to learn to love!
    Cuz that would b so sad if these winnings turned u into a man u
    didn’t want to become
    Well I guess I better get back to my life in the “have not” world
    which is ok as long as I have help & direction from God above!
    So I bid u good bye Sir Erb, dare to adventure further & do something so
    different & radical to help the helpless that cant help u back just for fun!
    This is where the rubber meets the road where personal growth starts blooming
    understanding there is a life so sweet & peaceful not just only derived from the alleged
    joints that u toke
    The world is now ur oyster & there is little now that u can’t have or buy on
    that I am just assuming!
    I found wen I pay it forward to those that can’t pay back is
    seeing the joy & smile on ur face ur onlookers wants to
    take note
    So please stay safe and alert Bob Erb
    cuz there maybe sum folk that are so disturb
    Cuz u have something now that the dishonest wants to snatch away
    but u have showed all of Terrace u a good dude that’s what everyone does say!
    I hope that those u did help this way or that way somehow
    Will c’ont to thanku if only in their thots just now
    Being just like every other human I wish & pray that I too
    can buy a brand new house, a hummer & a Harley Davidson just on a whim!
    Maybe that could still happen I just don’t kno but for now I must remain thankful always to Him! ( GOD) ( John 3:16)

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