56% Support for Legalizing Marijuana in Arizona

Recent nationwide polls have shown that a majority of all Americans support marijuana legalization. Survey data released this week by Behavior Research Center shows even stronger support at the state level in Arizona.

Behavior Research Center asked respondents whether or not they favored or opposed legalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use, 56% responded they favored the idea and only 37% were opposed. Marijuana legalization had support from all age groups, across all counties and with both Democrats and Independents.

Commenting on the results, Behavior Research Center stated: “It is perhaps ironic that as support for same-sex marriage and defelonization of marijuana have long been albatrosses which conservative candidates could hang around the necks of some of their moderate or liberal challengers, it now appears that hard opposition to gay marriage and perhaps even to marijuana liberalization could become issues moderates and liberals can use against their conservative opponents.”

You can view the full results of the poll here.

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  1. The door is opening wider. Those who would deny us access to cannabis and hemp must realise the marijuana war, at least, is lost. Now they (the people with money who run the world) must be trying to work out how to limit the damage to just medical marijuana without allowing all the benefits of hemp which would destroy the oil industry. I don’t think there is any way to stop the liberation of this plant and all the positive benefits for our world.

  2. “…it now appears that hard opposition to gay marriage and perhaps even to marijuana liberalization could become issues moderates and liberals can use against their conservative opponents.”

    As I understand it, after Citizens United, we no longer know where the much of the money funding our elections comes from. The drug cartels themselves could be behind the resistance to reform that grips Congress. Conservatives need to wake up and so do the rest of us.

  3. I predict that’s how our apathetic, clueless government will limp along: “…marijuana liberalization could become issues moderates and liberals can use against their conservative opponents.”

  4. That is good news coming out of AZ. But from what I hear Arizona is like a Republican police state. I do wish all of you luck out there.

  5. I’ve recently been charged in the state of Illinois for possession. its not the first, 1/3. I’m a 25 male who has graduated from the university of Louisville. m overwhelmed with college debt, i’ve lived in poverty all my life and after turning 18, at the first opportunity to take the chance to get out, I’m put back in with college debt and marijuana charges. the college debt I can understand, I was educated and I hope to use my knowledge throughout my lifetime, but I can’t help but to feel overwhelmed and used by the unnecessary fees I’ve had to take on because of marijuana prohibition.

    at this point I just need someone that feels the same burden to know im not alone out there

  6. I’m waiting to see if it Arizona politicians legislate it into reality, or it gets put on a ballot or remains just a poll. I mean, we have 80% approval for medical marijuana in Pennsylvania, but shit ain’t being done about it, and we don’t have the ballot initiative, so it’s just a poll. The state is really hurting for money, too. Corbett wants to privatize the lottery, and wants to spin of the state store liquor system owned and operated by the state–you can only buy wine and spirits from a state-owned store (Volkseigenerbetrieb, a government-owned enterprise in former communist East Germany, you know the German Democratic Republic).

  7. @unclebach

    You are not alone. I can no longer get a security clearance, because I was busted for growing my own. Here in Maryland any production is considered a felony. I’ve been forced into an early retirement.

    I’ve become a professional singer/songwriter to supplement my income. In retaliation for my bust, I’ve written a song about medical marijuana called “My Mother’s Name Was Mary Jane” You can hear it here –https://soundcloud.com/mutantninjagroucho.

    A better version is available on iTunes.

    Never give up!

  8. Giving up is not an option,however,it will not be easy.manipulating the ignorant is our representatives favorite pastime and they are damn good at it.to them a lie is the most efficient way to accomplish their twisted agenda.

  9. Progress is frustrating because it is so slow and always an up hill struggle but
    we’ve made more progress in the the last 4 years
    than any other time Cannabis legalization is important
    because it’s a public health issue 1) cannabis has medicinal
    benefits for thousands of ill patients 2) cannabis is safer
    than alchohol 3) prohibition causes crime and wastes millions
    of dollars a year 4) engenders disrespect towards law enforcement
    5) unfairly incarcerates minority and underpriveledged
    people at a much higher rate than other americans

  10. wait… arizona, the state with the tuffest pot laws in the country is gona legalize pot. this is funny

  11. I live in Arizona and hope to see legalization on a ballot initiative soon, however, I do think it will be hard to do in 2014 being that it is not a presidential election year and that those who turn out to vote will probably be of older/republican stock

  12. i keep hearing that, Arizona had a initiative launched on June, it said that there planing on legalizing on 2014 or 2016?…which one is it?

  13. Cannabis,its an amazing plant ! “No pun Intended” but the weed,help me weed off five prescription drugs.I support legalization of Cannabis.

  14. even if they legalized it wouldn’t change much for anyone, with Arizona police they would be handing out DUIs just for having it in your system

    [Editor’s note: Your comment is non-sensible. How can you say that legalizing cannabis wouldn’t change much in AZ?? Do police in AZ give drivers DUI en mass just because pills and booze are legal? Or, is it closer to the truth that law enforcement generally only ticket ABUSERS of alcohol and pills who decide to drive, not those who use it responsibly?

    Same thing happens under cannabis legalization.]

  15. It took over 2 years to get a dispensary in my city in Az due to the legislature dragging their feet. Total legalizing of Marijuana is the only way to stop the Drug Cartels and Az is a border state that they smuggle a lot through. I would love to see legalize marijuana on our next ballot.

  16. Criminalizing marijuana..?? Too many laws…and regulation would be beneficial to all and slow down illegal drug gangs.

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