Medical Marijuana Patients In DC: Enroll Now

After a nearly fifteen year legal and political odyssey–Washington DC voters like me voted at the nearly 69% level for medical access to cannabis in 1998!–the DC city government has finally issued the last of the necessary forms to in effect allow medical cannabis to finally be employed by sick, dying and sense-threatened medical patients.patient_protection

With three medical cannabis dispensaries up and running, the only thing they lack are legally compliant patients.

Residents of D.C. that need medical cannabis, who possess a physician’s recommendation, can download the necessary forms here.

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  1. fifteen year legal and political odyssey

    feds like to stretch things out for as long as possible, 9 years for the DEA to respond to Gettmans’ second petition

    The following from High Times Wed Jul 20, 2011

    The Cannabis Column

    On July 8th the DEA [link||formally rejected] an administrative petition to remove marijuana from Schedule I of the Controlled Substance Act (CSA).

    The rejection of the 2002 petition has received extensive press coverage, and a great deal of criticism. But again, even with the long history of this action, this really is the beginning of the real struggle in which the DEA must defend its action in federal court.–-battle-heats

    When does the national debate on legalization begin? Many states (and territories) are still hurting for the jobs and money. It would have ramifications from the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico to Samoa, Guam and even Saipan. Maybe. Hopefully.

  2. All right, so which MD would like to lose his license to practice medicine, by giving the recommendation of marijuana to his patients?
    How come specific conditons are allowed and not others? Should the MD not make that decision instead of some alcoholic politicians?

  3. It still blows my mind that in the same geographic area where the federal [pro-prohibition] government congregates and have authority over, medical cannabis is allowed.

  4. How long before Congress overturns this decision? You know that Congress overturns many of the decisions made by D.C. residents, who the government thinks can’t make their own decisions.

    The war on marijuana will end, once the government is forced to do so by the will of a rapidly growing amount of people!

  5. We need someone with the ability to get a lot of attention to put a “Legalize Marijuana” petition on Then we need to get as many signatures as humanly possible. Then they have to come out and speak about it. Then we repeat it once a week.

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