NORML Match Grant: Extended Two Days To Lament Marijuana Prohibition’s Founding

Dear NORML members and supporters,

Over the last month $26,650 has been raised by NORML members and supporters in a $100,000 donor match put forward by new NORML board members Rick Steves and Justin Hartfield.

Thank you to the hundreds of donors who’ve contributed thus far—and employing football season jargon, I’m employing a national director ‘audible‘ to extend the match grant two additional days until midnight October 2nd.


Because October 2nd marks the day on the nation’s calendar seventy-six years ago when the federal marijuana prohibition law took full legal effect…and quickly claimed one of it’s first victims: Samuel Caldwell.

If you’ve not taken this opportunity to get your donation to NORML matched by these new and enthusiastic board members, please do so by Wednesday night if only as a personal statement –

Against marijuana prohibition dragging on any further;

For the nearly forty-three years of NORML’s hard and dedicated public advocacy work in favor of cannabis law reforms and helping the victims of prohibition laws

NORML—consisting of it’s network of over 140 local chapters and 600 plus lawyers—stands ready to continue to lobby and litigate in favor of these long overdue legal reforms as more and more states seek to join Colorado and Washington in the short coming years in legalizing the possession and sale of marijuana for adults.

With national and state polling continuing to affirm a sea change in Americans now embracing marijuana legalization and the Obama Administration recently announcing it is letting these states move forward as potential models for other states, the end of marijuana prohibition is indeed within reformers’ sight.

Please take advantage of this match grant in these remaining few hours to not only double your giving power at NORML, but to also register your clear disgust with the current national marijuana prohibition laws on their ignoble birthday.

Thanks for caring and sharing!

Cannabem liberemus,

Allen St. Pierre
Executive Director
Washington, D.C.

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  1. I have had PTSD for 56 years and did not know it till 3 days ago I look back for the past 60 years and if it was not for cannabis I would have been dead years ago.

  2. I was hoping this would be extended another couple of months. End of summer through the fall is the worst time financially for me. If you have another such matching drive closer to Channukah/Christmas that would fit better in my financial cycle.

  3. I’m not rich; not even close. I donated $20 nevertheless since I want so very much to see cannabis legal.

    It is truly sad that more people don’t donate. If everyone in America that uses cannabis, or simply believes it should be legal, donated only $1.00 I’m guessing the amount would be around $100,000,000.

  4. I looked and looked for a date or anything in this article and I saw nothing! I think doing something like this, it might be nice to have the dates and everything about the match more clear! It’s hard to get anybody hyped up
    About something that they don’t understand because of vagueness! It’s like the IDEA behind norml is keen and amazing. Yet, like most grassroots type lead philosophies it lacks marketing skilled ( and in a movement like this public relations/ marketing is paramount!!!

    [Editor’s note: The entire blog post is about memorializing October 2nd, the day in 1937 when the federal cannabis prohibition went into effect.]

  5. Kay: information on the donation program is in link on the second sentence of the first paragraph of this post.

    Editor: we know you are memorializing the date, but the promotion of the match program was very weak Norml did not promote the match grant. A long blog post with a call for action at the very end did not push the campaign over the top.

    The norml website needed a “Donate $4.20 now!” button on the homepage

  6. I’m rather encouraged about how WELL this campaign did with such little coverage. Just imagine how well we will do when a superbowl commercial comes out with NORML promoting marijuana!
    Don’t give up everyone. Hell, I was trying to donate $50 on the 2nd on my phone when I KNEW I was stretching my bank account until I couldn’t remember my bank account password to finish the payment! But I’m not discouraged. Not in the least. With Rick Steves and Justin Hartfield at the helm of a movement ripe for a green revolution, I am only filled with promise that things are about to get much, much better.
    Thank you NORML.

  7. I did not mean this post, I meant the previous one when the 100,000 matching was first advertised. There was no date mentioned. Obviously this one with the extended date was mentioned but the first blog post no date was shown!

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  9. CT. passed a medical marijuana bill recently which has a catch 22..There are not many doctors willing to certify patients for it’s use. The Bill states that the applicant must have an ongoing relationship with his physician. Otherwise the patient must find another doctor to prescribe the Med. Mar. As a catch 22 they cannot tell you which physician will certify the patient.. So, the patient must find a doctor that will certify him/her which means, in my case, giving up my primary care physician which I have had for 15 years. Where do I go to find out which doctors are certifying?? There is nowhere…

  10. Keep up the good work NORML. You will always been in my prayers because your work is for the benefit of people. Justice has been held under water since 10/02. Patients’ rights will reveal the truth, not the govt.

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