Shop for a Cause: Donate to NORML Every Time You Buy

Did you know you can do your holiday shopping and support marijuana legalization at the same time?

As we close out of Cyber Monday and enter the full swing of the holiday season, you now have the opportunity help a great cause while doing your online holiday shopping at no extra cost.  Every Time you make a purchase through the following websites, a percentage of your purchase price will be donated to the NORML Foundation.


iGive:  Sign-up through, download the button and start shopping.  There’s over 1400 socially-responsible stores helping to make donations happen.

Amazon: When you shop through Amazon,  the Amazon Smile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to NORML.  Just click here or the link below and start shopping.

NORML Foundation

Other ways to help NORML during the holiday season: You can make a tax-deductible contribution to the NORML Foundation via check, credit card or PayPal by clicking here.  You can also donate stock options, sign up for corporate gift matching (if applicable) and/or incorporate NORML into your will and estate planning.


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  1. should have posted this before I made my purchases off Amazon last week! I’ll try to shop harder!

  2. I just did several hundred dollars worth of shopping on TigerDirect. If this is going to be an ongoing thing, is there a link to this site here on the Norml site to remind me, or in case I lose the link, etc. I can’t even tell if they’re participating until I sign up. Couple more paydays and closer to the holidays maybe something from Amazon or some other retailer.

    In the meantime, I read some place that the U.N. is no longer unanimous on cannabis prohibition and in 2016 they’re going to revisit their worldwide policy. Latin American countries raised a stink, and rightly so, that law enforcement and prohibition approaches need to be changed, even legalization allowed.

    Also, even in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, there is no longer opposition to cannabis legalization, at least for medicinal purposes, in the local rag of a newspaper’s editorials, and the local law enforcement and politician prohibitionists declined to write a rebuttal to Mark Cohen’s article for legalizing in Pennsylvania. Dr. Sanjay Gupta dismantled their tired old prohibitionist argument against MMJ. There is a a local girl who can absolutely benefit from cannabis therapy for her epilepsy, not to mention the rest of the state whose voices aren’t receiving the coverage.

  3. Wow. Great job NORML! This is awesome news for the legalization movement. I was just telling a Vietnam vet I met yesterday named Lew about how many organizations are joining forces to end prohibition. After he told me that the VA is cutting his painkillers because they found marijuana in a piss test, he was so upset he wrote a 7-page letter to ask the VA “Where should I get my meds from then, the street?” He has broken bones all over his back and body that keep him in constant pain since he retired from the marines after the war. It really cheered him up when I told him how things were changing for the better. In a world where little murdered 4 year old girls like Alexandra Hill still seek justice, “AmazonSmile” is very appropriately named.

  4. Guys are a little late on this, huh? Maybe BEFORE Black Friday should have been the deadline for this article?

    Good luck, though, going to try it out! Hope you guys make a million!

  5. ^^ Hey man, just stoners being stoners. I haven’t even started to shop yet. I probably won’t start for a couple more weeks. Thanks Norml for the heads up on this!

  6. Check this out:
    Not only has the Guardian leaked out the story just before the 2014 Congressional election year of how the United Nations will be announcing a shift from drug enforcement to drug prevention in the spring, but now this!
    ALEC, the dirty corporate pro-prohibition right wing lobby has lost and is still LOSING FUNDING in the wake of the Trayvon Martin Case. Thanks to Amazon, (I may not be a Libertarian, but God Bless you Jeff Bezos)as well as Wal-Mart, McDonalds and a host of other corporations that are worried about their consumer image, and thanks to good reporting from the Guardian who is placing a little disinfecting sunlight on these dirty organizations.
    America, we must never underestimate our purchasing power. Whether it’s a donation to a non for profit lobby like NORML, or purchasing our gifts on line from AmazonSmile, the only missing ingredient is our freedom of Press. Oh yeah, Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post! Boy, this year went by fast!
    The best part? Amazon, Wal-Mart and McDonalds all backed out of ALEC, but guess who stays in to reveal what kind of scum they are? The Koch Brothers! The timber/Petroleum goliath is now poised for little NORML “David” to sling shot the Koch Brothers right between their eyes.
    The Guardian, being a foreign newspaper, has been able to shed light into the dark corners of American democracy. They broke the story on the DEA’s SOD evidence fabrication program. To give credit, the New York Times has gone cannabis friendly, and they broke the story on the Koch brothers being behind the shutdown.
    These are very interesting times we live in for drug policy. Things are about to get really good!

  7. @Julian, Thanks for reminding everyone on another thread about which Koch Bros. tradenames to boycott! And by the way, concerning “timber”, do you remember the 1990’s shtick on the Rush Limbaugh show, cheering when the word “timber” (plus noisy falling of a tree) was heard?

    Check out “” (Posted 02/11/2013) for more details suggesting who besides direct tree-killers (Kochs’ Georgia Pacific et al.) wants cannabis kept illegal ($igarettes kill trees nineteen ways worldwide, may be #1 cause of deforestation).

    Cannabis legalization, bringing with it unambiguous legality of vaporizers and mini-toke utensils (25 mg to replace 500-mg-per-lightup “joint” format), also threatens to spill over into tobacco-user population and END profitable 700-mg commercial H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide $igarette format.

  8. Yes, thank you NORML, for this! Unfortunately, I’ve done most of my shopping, and most of it on Amazon, but what’s left I’m doing through Amazon smile!

    I need to figure out how to set it up on the browser though. I’ve made two orders and had to immediately cancel them and re-order through the correct link. ARRGH!

  9. Believe it or not, that was my first time shopping on Amazon. Type in “NORML Foundation” and shop away.

  10. @Mexweed
    Thanks for the link to the creation of the Tea Party. Funny how we can sense and characterize their aura of evil before the press leaks happen. Read the front page of the Guardian.
    All the major players for prohibition are exposed now; The State Policy Network (SPN) has members in each of the 50 states and an annual warchest of $83m drawn from major corporate donors that include the energy tycoons the Koch brothers, the tobacco company Philip Morris, food giant Kraft and the multinational drugs company GlaxoSmithKline.”

    I knew it. I never trusted Kraft cheese. It’s NOT CHEESE!

    The above listed SPN has just been linked by the Guardian newspaper to the Searle Trust. It’s like the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse and the saprophagic Koch brothers are sitting in a circle of dark thrones in some hidden vampiric catacombs discussing their secret plots to destroy the planet when all of the sudden some heroic reporters from the Guardian, The Texas Observer, The Portland Press Herald (and Willie Nelson, for good measure)… swing open the secret evil doors with lights, camera and action! …And a vaporizer.
    The story is on the front page of the Guardian right now. Here’s the link:

    Check this out:

    “The trust, founded in 1998, draws on the family fortune of the late Dan Searle of the GD Searle & Company empire – now part of Pfizer –[DING!] which created NutraSweet. The trust is a major donor to such mainstays of the American right and the Tea Parties as Americans for Prosperity, the American Legislative Exchange Council (Alec), the Heartland Institute and the State Policy Network itself.”

    Sooooooo… I guess that means they’re not pro-home-grown medicinal marijuana?

    Have you ever imagined all the evil prohibitionists sitting around the table with Dr. Evil conjuring up Machiavellian plans on how to kill our pot-smoking hero Austin Powers? Check out the pic on the cover of the article. I present to you Dr. Evil himself; David Koch! Apparently that title used to belong to the late GD Searle. Except now instead of being cryogenically frozen, Dr. Evil can evidentaly reincarnate himself.
    Ok, “Dr.” Evil is an embelishing title. After all, the Koch brothers didn’t go to four years of Evil Medical School.
    It would all be funnier if the Searle Trust wasn’t so real. They’re plotting not only to maintain the Marijuana Stamp Act and the Controlled Substances Act from being repealed, they’re attacking the public sector for everything that’s good from education, to health. They’re even behind the cuts to the public sector pensions!

    “The strategy for the state-level organisations, which describe themselves as “free-market thinktanks”, includes proposals from six different states for cuts in public sector pensions, campaigns to reduce the wages of government workers and eliminate income taxes, school voucher schemes to counter public education, opposition to Medicaid, and a campaign against regional efforts to combat greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change.” (So much for hemp on THEIR agenda).
    So the members and doners of the Searle Trust have clothed themselves in what they call “Free Market Thinktanks” to secretly bring darkness to the planet? Have we forgotten the “Emperor Wears No Clothes?” You’re exposed boys. Time to find another rock to crawl under until election day. God I love free press.
    I’ve got your “Free Market Thinktank” right here, David Koch! How about LEGALIZE MARIJUANA AND USE THE REVENUE FOR EDUCATION? How’s THAT for a campaign strategy?
    …Read’m and weep…
    “The documents contain 40 funding proposals from 34 states, providing a blueprint for the conservative agenda in 2014. In partnership with the Texas Observer and the Portland Press Herald in Maine, the Guardian is publishing SPN’s summary of all the proposals to give readers and news outlets full and fair access to state-by-state conservative plans that could have significant impact throughout the US, and to allow the public to reach its own conclusions about whether these activities comply with the spirit of non-profit tax-exempt charities.”

    “Several of the grant bids contained in the Guardian documents propose the launch of “media campaigns” aimed at changing state laws and policies, or refer to “advancing model legislation” and “candidate briefings”, in ways that arguably cross the line into lobbying.”
    “SPN’s link to Searle, the Guardian documents show, was Stephen Moore, an editorial writer with the Wall Street Journal.”

    Never liked that paper.
    Happy 420 everbody.

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