Maine: Help Make Marijuana Legalization a Reality

Despite experiencing setbacks when it came to reintroducing marijuana legalization legislation for the 2014 Maine legislative session, efforts are already underway to prepare for 2015. The primary sponsor of the previous marijuana legalization bills in the state, Rep. Diane Russell, and NORML are seeking input regarding the drafting of this legislation. We feel the current draft is well written and accomplishes a number of goals we can all agree on, such as the establishment of retail outlets to sell marijuana to those over the age of 21, allowing for home cultivation, protecting the current medical marijuana program, dedicating tax revenue to establish subsidies to low income patients to help them afford their medical cannabis, implement a reasonable tax structure for marijuana sold at retail, and give deference on retail licenses to those who have held residency in Maine for several years. Below is a message from Rep. Russell, read it over then click the link to read the current bill draft and leave your comments (be polite and constructive!).

I’ve been working hard to draft a responsible bill that balances a variety of stakeholder interests, along with what is politically viable. It is designed to be a rational, pragmatic bill designed to move Maine forward toward ending prohibition.

My goal has always been to pull together the best version I could, and then open it up for public comment this week so everyone can help make it even better. I just wanted to be sure we had a good version of the bill to start from. Just log in with Facebook or Twitter and leave the comments and suggestions for all of us to see. You can start a “new suggestion” in the control box to the right, after you sign in.

It’s yours now.

So here’s the deal. Write whatever you want, suggest whatever you think makes it better. It’s yours to critique, to provide feedback and to comment freely.

All comments received before December 15, 2013 will be aggregated, and I will work to incorporate constructive, realistic feedback into the final bill which I’d like to release early next year.

Some Key Goals:

1. Adhere to the eight guidelines issued by the Department of Justice.

2. Protect patients.

3. Protect our communities and our kids. Would my mom approve? Would yours?

4. Ensure the industry is for Maine people and boosts local economies across the state.

5. Ensure adults could grow at home.

6. Constructively balance the varied interests and concerns coming from often opposing view points

7. Make Mainers Proud.

It’s in your hands now. Make it a better bill!

-Rep. Diane Russell


Want to do more to help bring marijuana legalization to Maine? We encourage all Mainers to check out to review the information there. You can also submit your contact information if you are interested in playing a role in the formation of a Maine NORML chapter. It was with your support we have made the progress in Maine that we have, keep up the hard work and we can finish the job come 2015.

Together, we will legalize marijuana.

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  1. You can lead a horse to water but can you get her to drink it? I can’t understand why people always feel the need to defend themselves from marijuana laws when the laws that were broken to making it illegal are far worse of a crime. I hear all this talk about how we must “Legalize Weed” when in fact we need to repeal unjust laws that were created in the first place. We don’t need to pandor to their corruption in order for them to extroit money from a public who has already paid with the war on drugs. It’s time for people to be held accountable for this treasonist action of prohibition agaisnt the American public. It’s time to clean house in Maine in 2015.

  2. Seeing as how the government is created by the people to unphold the individual liberties of the individual. Society (and government) allows us the use of a substance under controlled conditions such as, a specific blood level content or under as you are allowed to opperate a vehicle. Or a specific dosages, usually per milligram, depending on the condition. Well reports from the CDC have estamated annually 80,000 deaths due to alcohol, while another 40,000 deaths annually due to prescription overdose. Understanding the use behind the legalization of marijuana is key, as well as what marijuana inhibits. Aside from the fact that marijuana have many medicinal benifit, there has been no reports that have been explicitly determined the lethality of marijuana. This is due to the fact that marijuana has never killed anyone only because they have injested it. Furthermore, more than 14 million Americans have already accepted the benifits of marijuana into their daily lives. So why does a government runned by the people not accurately represent and accept what Americans support. Not only is it an individual right to not be denied a personal habbit seeing as it does not harm the right of another individual. There are more than the medicinal side of marijuana, production may allow for further production in new fuels, raw matterials used from the product. Although, the individual deserves the right to maintain his or her own crop for individual needs. But as the government may want to expand on the use of cannabis with it’s raw matterials and ablility to create new forms of fuel it should do so by producing it’s own surplus not regulate the recreational purpose.

  3. Yes indeed Dave, these rebubs keep voting to get rid of the Health Care Act, when they really should be focusing this energy on getting rid of the Controlled Substance Act. But they feel spending money helping people’s health is a waste, while paying for more damage to our society via the Drug War is money well spent…

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