Washington: Over 1,300 Applications Submitted So Far By Those Seeking To Operate Commercial Marijuana Businesses

Washington state regulators are presently reviewing over 1,300 applications from would-be entrepreneurs seeking to engage in the state-licensed production and/or sale of cannabis and cannabis-infused products to those age 21 and over. Regulators began accepting applications for licenses in mid-November and will continue accepting applications until December 19.

According to a review of applications by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper, 635 applications have been submitted by those seeking commercial growing licenses and 461 applications have been submitted by those seeking to produce cannabis-infused products. Two-hundred and thirty applicants are seeking licenses to operate retail cannabis outlets.

Regulators may license the operation of up to 334 marijuana retail stores. There is no limit on the number of commercial cannabis growers or producers that may be licensed. Licensed facilities are anticipated to begin operating in Washington early-to-mid 2014.

In Colorado, regulators began accepting similar applications for commercial cannabis licenses in October. Regulators accepted 136 applications that month from applicants seeking to operate retail marijuana stores — the first of which was approved in late November. Licensed cannabis operations are anticipated to be operational in Colorado on January 1, 2014.

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  1. Wonderful,,,,I’m so glad the see this. Now if everybody follows the rules, Washington and Colorado can set the example for the rest of the country. The prohibitionist would love to see this fail. The feds would shut down everything all in one day. They’ve already showed what they are capable of doing. When the states can prove marijuana legalization won’t make the sky fall. Maybe just maybe, they would reschedule it to where the working people won’t have to worry about failing a drug test because of pot.


  2. why not the whole country, if Colorado and Washington can smoke why can’t every state? Aren’t we all paying taxes?

  3. Amen. Over 50% of the nation now supports full legalization. It is time. This country is so messed up. In some states officers are handing out potato chips to tokers with a friendly smile, in other states they’re kicking down doors and destroying the lives of innocent people. It sends the message that America is ALMOST a free country.

  4. Opportunities in cannabis buisinesses are popping up all over the country. How many of these applicants are ex-law enforcement employees who don’t have to worry about a past indescretion barring their entrance into a new and growing marketwith global applications?

  5. Washington to allow 334 retail herb stores; no limit on number of licensed growers.

    A third leg along with the above, which hasn’t been considered in reports I’ve seen: manufacturing, distribution, education in use of Dosage-Regulation utensils (includes most vaporizers, and especially Long-Stemmed One-Hitters with an intended Standard Serving Size of 25 mg sifted particulate herb per toke).

    Whether or not regulations need be amended to expressly include it, dispensaries should be strongly urged to exhibit, demonstrate and sell 25-mg downdosage equipment which permanently replaces the “habit of lighting up a 500-MG JOINT whenever you want a smoke”– and maybe give away a cheap one-hitter (socket-wrench-Choomette, etc.) with genial illustrated pamphlet detailing manufacture, use, repair and marketing know-how thereof, to each accredited cannabis purchaser, plus maintain manufacturing facilities and training seminars in the same building.

    @Jimmy Potseed points out the sneaky threat of job-killing drug tests– this is where Titration enters in form of a Utensil which accurately measures out your dosage in 25-mg tokes. Assuming the TestBusters are going to search out how much % of cannabinoid is in your system– do you know how many times 25 mg of bud you used up in just one (1) drag or bogartment on a H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide joint? Not to mention it was combined with heat shock and 4221 combustion poisons you can avoid by vaping?

    Dosage Measurement is thus a protection for the purchaser against harassment and career blight, and yes you can learn to use a one-hitter for near 100% vaping if it has a long flexible drawtube attached. Meanwhile cannabis legalization itself, or even just accreditation of medical users by a card attached to the Utensil, puts an end to the decades-long intimidation against those who possess an alternative serving device instead of “easy-to-hide” $igarette papers.

  6. not everybody can, i just moved to Colorado which is better for me than Washington! good luck to the rest of you who can’t!

  7. I want a piece of the action. Its called a profit puts food on my table, and fuel in the car.

  8. We are facing an all out “shut it down” in Clark County Vancouver, Wa. This county says they will do anything they can to make sure no mj businesses open up, even after the State has given the green light to apply for licenses.

    We just received word from our future landlord of the 5500sqft warehouse we obtained to produce/process, that the county is NOT going to approve occupancy applications for any i502 mj business’s on commercial propertys!

    They are trying to prolong the process for us so that countys outside of our county benefit by going into business before we all do, flooding the markets available.

    Our lawyers as well as others are going to have a feeding frenzy on Clark County Washington because of this. This is becoming a very lawsuitable situation and we WILL sue at all costs. We’ve spent 10 months preparing for this business flawlessly in accordance to the new laws and regulatIons provided.

    If anyone has any details about Clark County and it’s decision making process, please speak about it. Any info given could be helpful to us.

    Thank you,


  9. Its all a big tease. What the voters want is not in the equation. Time is on their side while their victims rot away in obscurity.

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