New Year, New World: Legal Marijuana Sales Begin in Colorado

At eight o’clock this morning, Iraq War Veteran Sean Azzariti stepped up to the counter at 3D Cannabis Center in Denver and made the first ever legal marijuana purchase in the United States. He didn’t have to show a medical marijuana program card, proving he paid a fee and consulted a doctor, he simply flashed his driver’s license to confirm he was over 21 and bought his cannabis products. This is a first for Sean, who uses cannabis to treat his PTSD, as his ailment was not an authorized qualifying condition for the Colorado medical marijuana program.

The first purchase? 3.5 grams of Bubba Kush and a marijuana infused truffle. Total cost? 58.74 with tax included ($40 plus tax for the Kush and $9.28 plus tax for the truffle. You can view his receipt he tweeted out here.)

So far, the 34 stores that were open for business today are reporting massive lines, but no real problems. The sky has yet to fall, drivers aren’t crashing continuously into buildings, violence has not erupted in the streets. Maybe it is possible, after decades of scare mongering, that regulation just might be the better alternative after all? The program is still in it’s beginning stages, and will naturally need fine tuning along the way, but so far it is already looking like a widely better solution than prohibition ever was. Judging by the lines that extended far outside the door and around the building at all of the retail locations, Coloradans seem to be very eager to give regulation a chance. Let’s work together to ensure this program works and that it sets the shining example for all other states to follow in the coming years nationwide.

Congratulations to Colorado and all those who worked so hard to get us to this point. It is truly a historic day.


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  1. Still police state:
    If you are driving and get tested by a cop for marijuana you can be arrested for DWI/DUI even though you are driving fine and not intoxicated. That is police state in my book.
    Until The Fed addresses the Schedule 1 status of a medicine they own 2003 patents on, there is always police state.

  2. How does the state distribute the revenue collected on retail (recreational)cannabis?

    I was reading Cannabis Culture’s article “Colorado Pot Shops Rake in More Than $1M Statewide” and the comments people left under it.

    If communities that don’t want retail in their jurisdictions, their politicians can still get cannabis money, they can’t want the money and then not vote for legalization, in Colorado or in states that are looking to jump on the cannabis money train. Prohibitionist politicians could vote for it at the state level under the NIMBY principal (Not In My Back Yard) and still get hopefully only a limited amount or percentage. They can have their cake and eat it too.

    Or in other states would voters be more likely to legalize if they want the money from cannabis regulation and can only get it if they, at least on paper, do not exclude having retail cannabis. If they have to have retail cannabis in the jurisdiction in order to get any of that money?

    So Denver and other places are collecting state and local taxes, so then does that mean that the jurisdictions that do have or even don’t want to have retail sales still can apply to the state for monies from cannabis? Is the money kept separate from the general fund to be distributed only in jurisdictions from which taxes are collected?

    Can the distribution back to the jurisdiction be more than what was collected, or can some Podunk town get more than it collected in taxes with some money Denver collected for some big project, such as building a school?

    Dangle that money out there.

    Can’t take the money and then throw people in jail. Can’t take the eggs and kill the golden goose.

    Nice tropical Mexican sativa varieties, high quality, will be nice to see in US shops. Nice to see decent jobs created for Americans, Mexican, Canadian links etc. currently in the cannabis network.

    Taxes on a million dollars in sales per day multiplied by the number of days a year they’re open for business. That’s one hell of a cash flow into public coffers.

    Details, please, on how much that is, who gets it, and how applicants go about getting it from local and state funds, and what it’s being used to fund.

    I’m trying to figure out how this all would work in Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth is more closely structured to Washington state in terms of having state-run liquor distribution stores. There is no ballot initiative. James Carville’s saying about the state being Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Alabama in between. Maybe it DeBlasio with make NYC cannabis retail friendly. Cuomo would have to disallow state interference, keep his dawgz on a leash. Massachussetts, I don’t know, I don’t see anything happening in the East yet.

  3. If anyone tries to sell you $500 dollar an ounce marijuana tell them to go walk off a 500 foot high cliff.

  4. @Hey Evening Bud
    I am already planning my summer vacation to the most Beautiful, Progressive State in Our Country, Colorado. I only wish I could shake hands with, The Honorable Jarid Polis!
    check out the link below of Mr. Polis grilling Michelle Leonhart head honjo of the DEA. This is EPIC, This is going to be a Historic event written in future History books. He showed the country the kind of leadership, liken to one of the greatest President of our time John F Kennedy. I was a young girl when JFK was assassinated, the world’s heart was Broken, and mourner’s flocked to their TV’s, to watch the funeral, with great heaviness in their hearts. Thank you Mr. Polis, You are a without a doubt the bravest and most effective leader of the great state of Colorado,as well as the rest of the entire United States. If you ever run for President, I will be behind you 200 percent. Also, I will volunteer for your campaign. Check it out on You Tube. click on the link below, and enjoy. Happy New Year

  5. I was in Colorado for the first ever legal sales, and for the first time in 40+ years I’m not a felon!!!! People were in line for hours but the line was festive and all enjoyed a non punishable purchase! Love it Love it love it!!!!!About damn time.

  6. Question: if growing 6 plants for yourself is going to be legal in Colorado will there be grow shops with equipment, and seeds available?

  7. @ grandma3d,

    Boy, Polis really had her squirming. She couldn’t give him a straight answer. I agree with you, Polis is the Man!!

  8. Thank you editor for replying to my comment.i am blown away that, drug testing by employers was NOT addressed by this amendment. all those who stood in line to get their legal cannabis, how many were being drug tested ? how many stand the chance of being fired now? that seemed INCREDIBLY irresponsible that nothing was included. i guess i should ask how involved generally, are drug testing employers in CO.seeing that it is a decrim. state?

    [Editor’s note: 1) Those responsible for funding and running the successful CO initiative surveyed voters in advance and if drug testing was banned, support dropped insufficiently for passage. 2) Apparently voters in CO wanted to legalize cannabis more than ban a consequence of prohibition…drug testing.

    Those who care about this as a political issue in CO, rather than have to lobby to make cannabis legal, can now devote their energy for making the law better.

    CO NORML is working on these matters and is holding a symposium on the subject matter in the coming weeks.]

  9. @anony, it seems to me that their will always be some sort of testing wether for work or driving as far as a safety factor is concerned.i get that! what im feeling is that their be a mode of testing found that will allow the tester to determine a pre desposed time of last use that is safe for an individual to work or drive where cannabis is concerned. (i personally do not believe that other drugs should be legalized at all). consider saliva testing.only problen with that form is it cannot be reliable(so far).i feel that their should be a way to keep folks from driving or working while under the influence of anything because those two things involve other,innocent people.their will always be stupid people. where i work they breath test for alcohol as well as hair test for drugs. i would much rather consume cannabis than alcohol anyway for obivious reasons. cannabis being illegal is senseless to me .i am a seasoned veteran of both and would choose cannabis over alcohol in a new york second!i would have a happy on right now if not for the friggen test to keep a decent job.altho i have rambled, i hope i have answered your question…have a great day my friend!

  10. @lockedoutofmyshed
    I think that testing as a conditional fail/pass for employment or as a stand alone reason for firing someone is wrong also(and especially in a legalized state). I also agree with the editor, its a good thing to choose your battles carefully.

  11. please allow me to clear something up…i do NOT support drug testing. but i feel that it will be around now and will not go away…that is why i bring it up. we all know how ins. companies are involved in this friggen mess as i believe it was a big money savings oppertunity for my employer and, is probably a big reason testing is here. i am just hoping for a happy medium so i can enjoy legally and responsibly!a great day to you all!

  12. Dear Colorado.
    You got pot legalized please be responsible with it or you will screw it up for the rest of us trying to legalize.

  13. Good Evening Everyone
    I was searching the internet last night and I came across an article whose title on You-Tube is,”Cancer Cure using Cannabis- Dr Burzynski stand up to FDA.” I watched the video and I was shocked to find out how the FDA is being run by Pharmaceutical companies, and they do not want to find a cure for cancer in fact, Dr.Burzynski who discovered a cure for some of the worst types of cancer, one of which is cancer of the brain. Please see this unbelievable story of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s who cures cancer. All the while the FDA’s discredits it and launches a relentless vendetta and unprecedented campaign of persecution and destruction of his research and successful practice of curing cancer. I sent this to Oprah Winfrey asking her to expose the truth. Please click on the link below,be prepared to witness this shocking video.

  14. R.I.P Raven 1975-2014 So this is how liberty dies… with thunderous applause.” – Princess Leia
    The Raven Act of Alaska, which should be the model of liberty for American privacy will soon parish. Alaskans had it
    right and will soon forfeit privacy for intrusion, taxation and crimes for Federal Laws. Billions of rounds of HP Ammo with the new tanks in our cities are for upholding law. Pot smokers and gun owners according to Federal Law can’t mix. Alcohol is legal, but if you make it you go to prison. Don’t we have enough people in prison, or are these the new jobs in America? So go ahead Colorado and Washington give the trail from the Pot Store’s to your home. Even if cash is used, remember the face recognition technologies?

    Raven keeps government out of our homes and lets us possess up to 4oz and grow what is given by GOD. Vote no, this year for the legalization of marijuana. Raven protect us.

  15. I’ve heard and read it said that Obama is the World’s biggest drug dealer. He lies to get into office by saying he is not going to send
    the D.E.A. to CA anymore to harass the sick.
    Then, when elected, he does the exact opposite. Now, Eric Holder / Obama said they would not interfere with Colorado / Washington State to legalize it. Now, he is raiding the Medical Co-Ops. When will you bring legal action? I need a new liver. I can’t take any narcotics from a Dr. Cannabis works just fine for me. For pain, sleeping problems and as an anti-depressant. Stanford Hospital demanded I take their drugs. Knowing
    they would make me end up on a transplant table inside of 2 weeks. When my Dr. told me that choosing pot over narcotics was the best decision I could have made. He went on to say it was Stanford Hospital’s policy and many other hospitals to kill what was left of my liver, to move me to the top of the list, where I would die or get a transplant. If the latter, Stanford would get $350,000.00 from Medi-Cal and Medicae or some other Insurance entity. Profit first. Helping the sick does not matter. I was also told that by U.N.O.S. a company, employed by the Fed Gov. that I would not receive a transplant, even though I smoked pot legally in CA. I changed to eating it. They said it does not matter. They had yet another excuse to refuse
    me a transplant. Steve Jobs got an illegal transplant because he donated $5m to a hospital in Tennessee. Strictly forbidden for a CA resident to approach other areas for
    a new liver. Or, any other organ. It is my opinion and strong belief that U.N.O.S. IS ON THE TAKE. Or, maybe I should have done without sleeping for these last 12 years. And suffered with pain, with no remedy. ???
    I would like to see legal action taken against Obama for selling the product that very sick people work so hard to produce. I believe strongly that he is pocketing funds, illegally. He says one thing and does another. I’d like to see U.N.O.S. to be held accountable or to be removed. Thanks for listening / reading.

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