Dr. Sanjay Gupta: “I Am Doubling Down On Medical Marijuana”

CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta is “doubling down” in his advocacy for patients to have legal access to cannabis as a therapeutic agent.

In a commentary featured on the CNN website today, Gupta writes: “I am more convinced than ever that it is irresponsible to not provide the best care we can, care that often may involve marijuana. I am not backing down on medical marijuana; I am doubling down.”

Last August, Gupta authored a commentary apologizing for his past opposition to medical cannabis, stating, “We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States (in regards to cannabis), and I apologize for my own role in that.”

In today’s editorial, Gupta acknowledges, “Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I substance, defined as (one of) the most dangerous drugs with no currently accepted medical use. Neither of those statements has ever been factual.”

He criticizes President Obama for acknowledging that cannabis poses less harm than alcohol while failing “to remove marijuana from the list of the most tightly controlled substances in the country.” Dr. Gupta also questions how the US government can possess a patent on the therapeutic application of cannabinoids yet still deny that the compounds possess medical utility.

Ultimately, cannabis prohibition is a “Draconian system where politics override science,” Gupta concludes.

Gupta’s forthcoming documentary on the plant, entitled “Weed 2: Cannabis Madness: Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports,” at 10 p.m. ET on Tuesday, March 11.

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  1. “Go for The Green…Green is in..Green rules!@
    (food grade hemp is a “super health food !; I use the “other hemp for appetite”; GO GREEN!!!

    I make “smoothies with hemp protein powder/oil
    (www.manitobaharvest.com) Anne Conn USA thanku

  2. Hemp seeds themselves are one of the “highest sources of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids on the planet”; prob. how the herb “cures disease

    I was reading this article about South America and The Amaranth Herb and Seeds; the peoples used the Amaranth Herb for everything: food; oil; butter; tea; cloth;etc.

    Then the europeans settled and outlawed Amaranth; the south american pheasants’ Herb and food source was now illegal…This is how Archeologists say “The Incas and other civilizations declined…their crops declined;

    Today Amaranth is making a revival thankfully!

  3. lol @anne what an interesting, different, even amazing day it would be to spend with such directed enthusiasm.

    props to you

  4. As far as my opinion is concerned, Dr. Gupta gives credibility to CNN, when it lacks credibility in long periods of it’s 24-hour news coverage

    it ends up as gabbing yabbing partisan identifiy people. Democrat-Republican, Communist-Faschist, Leftwing-Rightwing..

    .Claiming to be of this party or that when there are no parties at all, is a joke.
    it’s all the same with no changing results

    don’t be duped by partisan drama.

    they are the same

    in academic terms, there is a spectrum from “left” to “right”, “democrat” and “republican”, “communist and fascist.”

    if you are still falling for that scam, pity on you (as if you care anyway). Oh yeah, Family Ties or Familes Tied, most people follow the political pary that their elder familialss held, period. Alex Keaton on that one show whose name i can’t remember was a comedic anomoly of a radical repub nixon-worshipper, with hippie parents. it was absurd yet interesting and comical. Alex was like youthth grawn into a fascist socialization probram, (without nameing names.)

  5. Dr Gupta is clearly a man of integrity and common sense (which he knows has no place in Washington).Those of us who have smoked pot for years (45 and counting)have known forever that which Dr Gupta is now attempting to make clear to the masses….I dont like president Obama, because I know him to be a liar…but even HE cant deny having smoked pot…and ending up president of the US….FORGE AHEAD DR GUPTA!

  6. I think the “herbal extracts” such as the MJ herbal extracts being given to the child in the trailer is the right protocol; I have this book called “Mother’s Guide to Herbal Extracts” by by Kathy Garber. Kathy’s son was born with “Kidney disease”; her two year old son was on all types of pharmaceuticals and doing poorly. Kathy Gerber read about “Herbal Extracts”; and decided to give them a try. In one year the child was up to 90% Kidney function and no longer on medicines. The child went from a “scrawny 2 year old” to a “robust 3 year old” and is in his teens today; Mothers Guide to Herbal Extracts”; Anne

  7. to Jimmy…
    well what are you doing next summer 2015 if the “medicinal marijuana is not rescheduled to being allowed as Prescription? I will be spending the day in DC; You and others are welcome to join me !@@@(million mj leaf march)

  8. to president obama

    stop whining and complaining and “do something”!!!

    open up the compassionate use program Bush closed; reschedule the herb; allow cultivation

    please “do not preach to the choir”(the people
    ps could Norml open Congressional Hearings rescheduling ?!!! The time is ripe!” ar

  9. Well, it looks like ArcView isn’t going to get back to me, and it’s a bunch a rich white fold who are going to get even richer off of legalization.

    Anyway, the reason I am interested in a multiple chamber highly efficient vaporizer is to set the temperature of the different chambers at different degrees, such as for a certain CBD and another chamber for THC. This type of vaporizer could be used by amount in each chamber to create different ratios of the selected cannabinoids and THC/THC-A. Theoretically, you could have as many different chambers as there are cannabinoids that vaporize at significantly different temperatures. The vapors are sent to a holding tank to which an inhalation mask is attached, and you could have the line between the tank and the mask hooked up to an oxygen tank to thin out the mixture.

    It just broke my heart to see Dr. Gupta’s special on the medical refugees, and I can’t keep this to myself just so I profit from it and if I can’t nobody can, you know. Big Pharma, here you go, with such a highly efficient multi-chambered vaporizer, let’s say engineered and made by Siemens for example, you could determine the most effective cannabinoids and cannabinoid and THC ratios for the entourage effect, then make nebulizers or pills or whatever. You gotta do something to help, especially the kids like Vivian Wilson.

  10. I’m pretty sure i’ll be marching this summer and next.

    Possibly with a food long doobie to light the way forward 🙂

  11. good morning: all in all I think the folks on this forum and with Norml are on the right path; Marijuana should be studied Scientically; whether MJ has medicinal qualities is not a matter of opinion…I hope Pres. Obama “reschedules the medicinal herb!!!

  12. to Jimmy; I read some other posts of yours; very interesting about the “Marijuana being Alkaline and the others being Alkaloids”; so Marijuana is Alkaline (non acidic ?) great !
    (Amines being Alkaloid like Caff-ine:Nicot-ine
    You should be in charge of the NIDA !!!

  13. I read the post about: Taking one of two tokes and then getting into a “4 hours time of productivity; such as “yard work and collecting fallen brances to make a “natural habitat woods and furniture made of logs: I do the same: I smoke weed then I “do chores!!!

  14. I think the person who talks about having “vapor pipes with different chambers to get the heat to extract the different therapeutic properties of the Herb; is right on…I make Herbal Tea with diff. water temp; example: roots are boiled; leaves steeped)Anne

  15. Comment: One of the best ways I know how to conserve marijuan supply is to “use the Stix and stems for Tea”: The stix and stems make better herbal tea than the leaves because the stix are “sweet with sap”; you gotta try some!
    gather mj stix and simmer stix for 20 minutes!

  16. This is another excellent “MMJ Testimony” !
    http://www.stonerscookbook.com “Marijuana / Weed Tea”

    Slashman08.01.2014 Been making tea for 8 months never was a weed smoker had colon cancer 1 year ago had it removed radiation and chemo had a scan done spots all over my liver doc wanted to do a biopsy told him I’d be back in 3 months read that thc kills cancer cells started drinking tea every night 3 months later liver was clean cut back to 2 times a week had another scan 2 little spots didn’t look like cancer I go back in 3 months started drinking more often I boil 24 ounces of water a gram of weed coconut oil and butter 1 cinnamon stick for 30 minutes keeping the water at 24 ounces It jacks me up but I’m not a weed smoker

    Anne I was thinking you could use dairy cream.

  17. I just watched Dallas Buyer Club and was amazed at the similarity between the FDA and AIDS not illegal drugs (not harmful, beneficial, not illegal) and the way they treat marijuana which is not harmful, but helps so many. Texans, we need to vote for Green candidates, not Red & not Blue.

  18. Thank you Dr. Gupta,
    For addressing the horrific, unconstitutional hypocrisy that our Department of Health and Human Services holds with the patent on cannabinoids as “neuroprotectants” for things like brain tumors in children, but while NIDA funds marijuana propoganda and the C.S.Act schedules marijuana as “having no medicinal value,” the SAME D.H.H.S.S. will take custody of a child and place them in potentially violent, private foster care for profit, ($5,000 kickback$ from the DEAs SOD evidence fabrication” program for closing a drug case, and another $5,000 from a private foster care facility for selling the baby after intimidating the parents with “parallel construction” evidence to sign the rights of their child away. All this without access to non violent, potentially life saving marijuana for the child in question, if required); just because a parent verbally admits to treat themselves or their child with the safest medicine available; marijuana.
    We need a “Weed 3“ with a further investigation into patent “507“, GW Pharmacueticals and the Department of Health and Human Social Disservices. A patent on life is the prohibition of freedom for us all. At the end of this made-to-fail drug war, we find the “controlled substance” is the sickest and the poorest of us all.

  19. Interesting because “GWB closed the “so called compassionate use program because there were “too many Aids persons applying !!!
    So I believe Prez Obama should “re-open prog.
    and then reschedule the MJ Medicinal Herb IV.
    my final comment to Dr. Gutpa:
    I am “doubling my production of personal cannabutter and brownies”; Thank you sir…lol

  20. ps I was thinking of using Hemp Seed Milk in my Herbal Teas and then using Hemp Seed Oil in some of my “Budders”…I got the idea from:
    cannabliss06.08.2013 I don’t drink cow’s milk so I use the highest fat hemp seed milk I can find. I can buy one with 8g of fat per 1 cup which is the same as whole milk. I wouldn’t recommend almond or soy milk to anyone though as they don’t have enough fat. Thank you.

  21. Senators are hopeful a Pennsylvania medical marijuana bill will pass both houses in the weeks ahead. Senator Leach doesn’t think Governor Corbett will veto it.

    Hm, really?

    Hanger may have boosted Pa. medical marijuana bill

    HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Marijuana was the issue that set John Hanger apart from the other Democratic candidates for governor, and proponents of legalizing the drug for medical purposes in Pennsylvania credit him with drawing attention to their cause before he dropped out of the race this week.

    Hanger supported the medical pot proposal, but he also was the only candidate to advocate the more radical step of legalizing the drug statewide — a proposal he put on even footing with issues of wider appeal such as creating jobs and improving public schools.

    “Schools not jails, jobs not jails, legalize and tax marijuana right now!” is how Hanger summed up his platform at a forum during last month’s Pennsylvania Progressive Summit.

    No one expects Pennsylvania to legalize the drug anytime soon — Colorado and Washington state are the only two that have done that — but sponsors of a leading medical marijuana bill in the Legislature said Hanger’s emphasis on marijuana helped elevate public awareness of the issue.

    “As far as getting the word out on a statewide basis … it didn’t hurt at all,” said Sen. Mike Folmer, a conservative Republican from Lebanon County and the bill’s prime sponsor.

    “It gave the issue attention and it certainly galvanized” the parents of sick children who say marijuana could provide relief that conventional medicines have not, said co-sponsor Sen. Daylin Leach, D-Montgomery. “John Hanger was a hero to them.”

    Hanger exited the Democratic nomination race Thursday, saying he could not compete against front-runner Tom Wolf’s ongoing statewide TV campaign that began in January.

    The medical marijuana bill would allow doctors to prescribe marijuana or its extracts for certain patients, such as children afflicted with epileptic seizures and people with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy.

    At a hearing before the Senate Law and Justice Committee this year, parents of children with epilepsy told lawmakers heartbreaking stories about the turmoil in their lives and urged them to pass the bill.

    So far, similar laws have been passed in 20 states, including neighboring Delaware and New Jersey, and the District of Columbia.

    Public support for the measure is strong. A statewide poll of Pennsylvania voters released this month by Connecticut’s Quinnipiac University showed 85 percent believe adults should be allowed to use marijuana for medical purpose if their doctor prescribes it.

    Among the Democrats running for governor, the bill is supported by Wolf, a York businessman, and three other candidates — U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz, former state Auditor General Jack Wagner and Katie McGinty, Hanger’s predecessor as head of the state Department of Environmental Protection.

    All of them but Wagner also favor some reduction in penalties for possession of small amounts of pot. The other candidate, state Treasurer Rob McCord, is undecided about the need to change the current law.

    Republican Gov. Tom Corbett, a former state attorney general, has said he would veto any legalization bill, even if it was limited to medical uses, because he considers marijuana a “gateway drug” whose use leads to more dangerous drugs.

    Leach, who is running for Congress, said there is “no rational reason” to oppose the legislation.

    “Very few people understand why we’re not letting sick people get medicine,” he said.

    Leach and Folmer said they are hopeful that the bill will pass both houses in the weeks ahead, and, if it does, Leach speculated that Corbett would not stand in its way.

    “I don’t believe he’ll veto it at the end of the day. …. He’s changed his mind on a whole bunch of issues,” said Leach, citing Corbett’s December reversal when he said he would be willing to sign a bill outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity.


    Peter Jackson is the Capitol correspondent for The Associated Press in Harrisburg. He can be reached at pjackson@ap.org.

    Source: http://lancasteronline.com/news/pennsylvania/hanger-may-have-boosted-pa-medical-marijuana-bill/article_2b469eae-5eb8-518b-a02c-f1028e33eb2e.html

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