Florida Poll: Majority Of Voters Back Legalization, Super-Majority Endorse Medical Cannabis

Nearly nine out of ten Floridians support legalizing the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, and a majority support allowing adults to possess the plant for any purpose, according to the results of a statewide Quinnipiac University poll of registered voters.

Fifty-three percent of voters support “allowing adults in Florida to legally possess small amounts of marijuana for personal use.” Forty-two percent of respondents opposed the idea.

When Florida voters were polled in 2013, only 48 percent of respondents backed legalizing the plant.

Independents (61 percent), Democrats (59 percent), and men (58 percent) were most likely to endorse legalization, while women (48 percent) and Republicans (33 percent) were least supportive.

When asked whether patients ought to be able to access cannabis for medicinal purposes, public support rose to 88 percent. This November, Florida voters will decide on a proposed constitutional amendment that seeks to legalize and regulate the dispensing of cannabis to authorized patients. Because the measure seeks to amend the state constitution, 60 percent of voters must decide in favor of it before it may be enacted.

According to the poll, 45 percent of Florida voters — including 62 percent of those between the ages of 50 and 64 — acknowledge having tried cannabis.

The survey possesses a margin of error of +/- 2.6 percentage points.

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  1. Rising percentages “acknowledge having tried cannabis” but– more polling needed– how many have TRIED VAPORIZATION?

    How many know the difference between a VAPORIZER and H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide “joints” causing toxic-combustion illness widely attributed to the cannabis?

    How many know how to VAPORIZE with a cheap hand-made flexible-drawtube one-hitter?

  2. If you are thinking of being a grower or dispensary in Florida … Beware ! The Florida Legislature has enacted a law which allows ONLY 4 or 5 cultivation areas AND these same growers would be THE ONLY distribution spots in the whole state … AND to grow/sell you must have been an active licensed nursery for 30 years in Florida ! Currently this only applies to the CBD bill, however, I believe this is the MODEL they will try to put in place when Amendment 2 passes. A legislator was quoted yesterday as saying that they have NO INTENTION of creating a new industry in Florida. They don’t like medical marijuana but they can read the polls, they will try to regulate/limit this as much as they can ! Billions of dollars would ONLY be spread among a select small group of large AGRA FARMS ! The only way to avoid this is to let Tallahassee know that we are on to their game.. and if they don’t rethink how the $$$ will be spread around … Whatever legislators are in support of limiting the Amendment that way will be direct targets for UN ELECTION !

    [Paul Armentano responds: The requirements put forward by the legislature in regards to allowing physicians to recommend CBD and for growers to be licensed to cultivate it (e.g., $5 million performance bond) are so onerous they are likely unworkable: http://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2014/1030/Amendment/329511/PDF.%5D

  3. it’ll be legal all over the place in a few years. Now that weed has been given a chance to see the light of day the truth about it can come out. Years from now we’ll look back and laugh at the absurd laws that were on the books “back then.”

  4. Why cannabis is illegal …

    1) Some people have very little knowledge of the plant and are therefore irrationally scared of it.

    2) They like to lock people up and have an easy reason to do so.

    3) Evil people don’t want the masses to have the medical benefits of cannabis and its cannabinoids and to be healthy.

    4) Cannabis hemp provides an alternative via bio fuels, cannabis oils, and many other products therefore reducing the need for crude oil and creating competition to petroleum products.

    5) Prohibiton produces an underground monopoly on cannabis providing higher prices, bigger profits, and fewer competion to the cartels that sell it.

    6) They like to scar people’s records with mistemeanors and felonies trying to make life harder for people.

    7) Prohibition provides big business for private prisons, lawyers, attorneys, police, judges, politicians, etc.

    8) Medical marijuana programs create another form of monopoly by limiting freedom. Money made on doctor vists, cannabis cards, they only allow dispensaries in certain areas causing some people to travel long distances, and they only allow a select few to operate dispensaries. They make you pay a fee upfront to get a cannabis card and make you see a doctor and pay to renew it every year.

    Evil people enforcing evil unjust laws.

    Legalize Cannabis Freedom !

  5. ~ i dont know much bud would like to try out a few things on a scientific level could a plants roots an growth system be boosted in a quality environment (wth the use of an old small wattage adjustable train transformer) spiked unto the root system (an is there a company out there that could develope a pot seed bb gun) an create a u tube video on the how to that would get more out to season

  6. The Florida population includes lots of elderly folks. (I think this is still the case.) We old folks have lots of aches and pains. I wonder if the super majority in favor of medical marijuana means the truth about our noble weed is getting out?

  7. As a retired vet living for 15 years in Florida’s biggest retirement community, The Villages, I can honestly say, I don’t know a single retiree here who is opposed to Medical Marijuana. Actually more than half are also in favor of legalizing and taxing it. As conservative as the political winds usually blow here, there is a clear, rapidly growing respect being accorded Marijuana as a natural, God-given answer to many of the problems facing our aging friends and family. It knows NO political allegiance and hence its acceptance is growing very, very quickly. Thanks to all who have helped move this mountain.

  8. Florida,
    Please get people out to register and vote! You will tip the scales over a %50 U.S. majority for marijuana legalization this November! This means critical advantages in Congress and the Supreme Court. Its up to you, Florida!

  9. As in elections, Florida is KEYto legalization-or rather repealing the 1937 prohibition of the most productive plant that was ever created….think and vote

  10. I am against legalization of marijuana. Many people, like my relative are predisposed against the marijuana that it causes emotional fits of psychosis, depression, and schizophrenia. These are extremely dangerous for people, as it is a form of stimulation to push a person to a point that shouldn’t be at, and serious consequences can occur.

  11. I am a 49 yo american exposed to pot @ age 10. ( thanks to my cousin). I have a sucessful career of over 26yrs. smoked daily until my co did random test. Now I am an alcoholic that’s addicted to muscle relaxers & on anti depressants…Restricted to my house after working because refuse to drive.
    Why does our society accept alcohol over pot?
    God gave us a plant that’s free and I can function & drive on? Really?
    Please research why pot was truly prohibited. Read about the man responsible. I will not tell you who, as I want you form your own opinion.i just ask you to have an open mind.

  12. Weed is no worse than alcohol or cigs., and if it will help people well use your brain people.Why can you use drugs like oxycoton and hyrocodone ,which have worse effects and is more addictive.Let’s tell the government that it is WE THE PEOPLE not we the government..”WAKE UP”

  13. IF THE PEOPLE WANT IT THEY SHOULD HAVE IT. There are worse things out there than a weed that grows in the ground and not a laboratory……..

  14. The State of Florida has legalized murder, and the prohibitionists have been telling us for a long time that if you legalize murder, you “have to” legalize marijuana.
    Or maybe it was the other way around – either way – it’s time to fulfill that promise.

  15. When will America realize that we lost the war on Drugs and legalize Marijuana. If it were Taxed our State would have no deficits. What is the Senate afraid of, a loss of crime?

  16. no,cannabis is much safer than alcohol…period!.i have watched good people{some of them very close to me}die through alcohol use.including my own mother.if cannabis were legal, i know for a fact she and the others would still be here.cannabis has been a great benefit in my life. i have consumed for 32 years in a very reasonable,responsible way.it has relaxed a way busy and confused mind. i become comfortable in my own skin. i have been able to attack the worst projects with an open mind and a willingness to finish them.{which with sometimes severe a.d.d. is near impossible}.i have been inspired to stay active as well.no couch potato here. i have helped to raise an awesome family as well as kept a good job of 36 years. i live well with my neighbors and enjoy people. including cannabis in my life is of great value to me.i can make a quarter ounce last a couple weeks of evenings and weekends. my job now hair samples for thc. 5 yrs and 3 months now and my life is just not the same.non believers can say what they want but, i speak from almost a lifetime of experience. cannabis is a great balancer of the ups and downs.it is a benefit to the human mind and that is how i have treated it. those who do not want it dont have to have it shoved down their throats but should respect those of us who would enjoy it in their lives. they should at least hear from us,the truth about it!…good day to you all….

  17. @Concerned;
    Marijuana is treatment for neurological disorders under U.S. Government D.H.H.S. Patent “507.“ Either you are lying, or you are being lied to. Strains of cannabis high in CBD like Charlotte’s Web are direct treatment for psychosis.
    Are you concerned about incarcerating the sick and the poor?
    Are you concerned about prohibiting hemp from creating wetlands and buffer zones from rising sea levels and more intense hurricanes?
    Please research! We have a fully accessible internet network. Use it or lose it.

  18. Republicans, both in Tallahassee and Washington clearly see that legalization and taxing medical cannabis is what the public wants. They’re fine with that concept along as their cronies get in first and rip off the people who need it will pay ten times the going rate for marginal quality product. The proof locally is how Gov Scott’s chief of staff has relatives who are the only ones who meet the qualifications for growers in Florida. As I see it, Scott has got to go in November! Hopefully, this will signal the rest of the GOP in FL to play fair or start looking for a real job when the next election comes.Why should it be that it is easier to buy a gun in Florida then buy medical marijuana for someone going through Chemo to easy their pain? The answer is the mentality of the republican is keep the rest of us under their thumbs. Stop the GOP now!


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