Washington, DC: Marijuana Initiative Backers Turn In 57,000 Signatures For Proposed 2014 District Ballot Measure

Proponents of a District initiative to permit the possession and cultivation of limited amounts of marijuana by those age 21 or older have turned in 57,000 signatures to the DC Board of Elections. The total is more the twice the number of signatures from registered voters necessary to place the measure on the 2014 electoral ballot.

District of Columbia election officials will meet in mid-August to certify the measure for the ballot.

The proposed ballot initiative (Initiative Measure 71) seeks to remove all criminal and civil penalties in regard to the adult possession of up to two ounces of cannabis and/or the cultivation of up to six plants (no more than three mature).

Nearly two out of three District residents favor legalizing the possession and use of marijuana by adults, according to a January 2014 Washington Post poll.

Even if approved by District voters this fall, members of the DC City Council still possess the authority to amend the measure. Members of Congress could also potentially halt the law’s implementation. Federal lawmakers possess oversight regarding the implementation of all District laws.

This spring, DC city council members approved legislation reducing minor marijuana possession offenses to a $25 civil fine. That ordinance is scheduled to take effect later this month. However, federal legislation seeking to undermine this measure is presently pending in the US House of Representatives.

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  1. Could legalization really happen right in the belly of the beast? How would the politicos cope with that? Maybe a open their eyes a bit more?

  2. From Washington State to Washington D.C.
    It’s never too late for living free.

    So the Republican controlled House is trying to undermine the D.C. City Council?

    Then the Democratically controlled Senate needs to hop to it, stop all the bull and pass those cuts to the DEA budget.

    With that and the way Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry is cornering himself into a political hot potato by blaming Obama with “boots on the ground” propaganda for the recent influx of child Drug-War refugees, I’m not sure how much more damage that Republicans can inflict on themselves this election season. It’s like watching the melting scene of the Wicked Witch of the West, and Tony Montana’s “Say Hello to my Lil’ friend” all wrapped up into a circular firing squad.
    And it’s not even November yet!

  3. The time is now. Our country needs jobs , money , and we need our right’s . Some like Marijuana some like alcohol , give us our right’s. Not to mention how our money is going to fund different economies while our’s goes broke. Keep our money here!

  4. sounds like a good time to start rallying the cannabist lobbyist crew and get to work communicating the great benefits legalization has brought to Colorado so far. The great number of states which have approved legislation for some research and utilization of CBD contents of he cannabis plants for epileptic seizures. There is a great difference between anecdotal conjecture and persons of our nation in great numbers exclaiming how it does help. And so what yes there are people using the medicinal card as a green light to use cannabis recreationally, ok so now there possibilies of being I carcerated have gone down and to a degree they don’t have to look paranoid over there shoulder for doing something they like to do. It seems to me those agains freeing cannabis are in full support of cartels and locking up more Americans for no justifiable reason. Do even 1/3 of you numbskulls speaking agsisnt freeing cannabis know when and why cannabis was made illegal in the first place? Do you really care or are you just spouting off at the mouth with the reefer madness syndrome you were contaminated with during your up bringing. How is it possible that “a plant” that has never killed a soul on this planet earth is harmful, dangerous, scary? Why are you so afraid of it? Because the cannabanoids combine with our endocannabanoid receptors and neurologically our brain connectivity is altered? Does your brain not get altered on many substances which are legal which can kill you? Which are dangerous and scary. People’s innocent lives have been completely destroyed due to the laws placed on cannabis. I hope we all continue to raise our voices for justice, reason, right and freedom. Unschedule cannabis for justice to the American people.

  5. (March on Texas) to end the probition on cannabis. I belive it is time to hit the road and march. Gathering regster voters singer to end cannabis probition in Texas. Could this happen. Would there be any one that would want to do this march. It would take 2 years of planing. Tell me what u think.

  6. @ Julian
    ” I’m not sure how much damage more damage the Republicans can inflict on themselves this election season”
    Dude ! Really can u buy a clue?
    This Obummer administration is the most corrupt this nation has ever seen.
    VA scandal ring a bell? How about the IRS scandal ?
    Wake Up!
    Bueller ? Bueller?
    November 2014 election will be about change.

  7. Politicians just need to realize that the progression toward legalization is going to continue and therefore they need to get out in front of the issue because too many people to catch and put in jail are going to continue to use cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

    It’s great that the Right is harping on Benghazi and the children entering the country illegally. It shows their concerned, which raises the question as to why they are not concerned with improving the human condition by legalizing cannabis, or at least removing the federal barriers. Same thing for Democratic prohibitionists such as Patrick Kennedy. They need to rid themselves of the twisted logic that keeps cannabis in Schedule I. The international prohibition needs to be simply ignored by the US government just as it’s being ignored by enough of the population to bring about legalization at the state and local level. When it comes to waterboarding and torture the US redefined, defied, international law and prohibitions, yet now people at the highest levels of government are wrestling with legalizing cannabis as a moral issue? Come on! What are you waiting for, Barry? For the Brits, Germans or French to say it’s okay and they’ll get the folks in Vienna to change the international language prohibiting it? Ain’t gonna happen till after the US has taken the reigns in hand and shown the stupidity of prohibition that the rest of the countries will follow the leader.

  8. @Julian & Weed The People

    “The Harris amendment recently passed the House’s Appropriations Committee in a 28 to 21 vote, with 27 Republicans and 1 Democrat voting in favor of it.”

    The numbers always show that the Republicans are NOT friends of NORML. Don’t take my word for it; go back and look through the numbers presented with blogs on this NORML website. Time after time the Republicans stand in the way of reform. Mitt Romney said he would fight reform ‘tooth and nail’. With few exceptions Republicans obviously still agree. If you’re going to vote Republican, be damn sure that their candidate stands among the minority that supports reform.

    The people of DC are as capable of running their home turf as any of us. That’s called federalism, a seditious concept conservatives obviously don’t believe in.

    This Andy Harris guy is my representative in the House. He dances on his strings for his handlers with every opportunity. He answered my letters about medical marijuana by citing irreproducible studies from 30 years ago. He’s a PHYSICIAN! He answered my letters about recreational marijuana by citing the need to keep it away from children, then he concluded we need the same unregulated policies that have failed to keep it out of the hands of children for decades. It’s not surprising he’s now donned Bob Barr’s prohibitionist mantel.

    I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories, but his irrational behavior seems to suggest some of the dark money behind him comes directly from the cartels. For some reason I just refuse to really believe this, I don’t want to. In the face of the evidence, I couldn’t tell you why.

  9. What about “marihuanas effect on the degenerate races?”
    What about all those “white women who will seek sexual relations with negros?”
    What about all that “satanic jazz music?”
    What would our DEA founder Harry Anslinger say if we legalized the most dangerous drug on this great earth?

    I know what I would say to Harry, “Fuck off!”

    Harry was a corrupt racist scumbag. He did it all for the power and made a lot of people rich while many more suffered. People of color were a dime a dozen to Harry, African American, American Indian, Chinese, Hispanic, it didn’t matter. If your last name wasn’t Mellon, Hearst, DuPont, or Anslinger he didn’t give a shit about you.

    @ Norml – sorry to curse but when I have to buy street weed because of my battle with cancer I get pretty irate. Considering I qualify for all the hydrocodone I wanted I chose not to be a heroin addict and feed big pharm.

    @anyone reading this- vote this November for any political party you want but please make sure that politician is ready to remove marijuana from schedule 1.

  10. The biggest problem I see is that republicans appear to be against legalizing cannabis. Here in Oklahoma there is a petition to get MMJ on the Nov. ballot. I’m sure it will be on the ballot, but the bible thumpers around here will probably make sure it does not pass. I am going to try to ask some of them just what kind of oil was used to anoint Jesus (while they are trying to drink their whiskey and waters), just to get them to try to open their closed minds. I’m up for a good debate with them. LOL

  11. In regards to the discussion about the two political parties, I’d like to ask the conservative members on these boards how you respond to your conservative friends or family on the issue of legalization.

    Some 90% of the liberals/Dems I know support legalization. Most (tho not all) of the conservatives I know oppose legalization. I try to discuss the issue with those who are against legalization, but too often I find that they have their minds made up, are simply unwilling to entertain different ideas.

    My mother-in-law is a classic example of a present-day conservative. Formerly a middle of the roader, she, after becoming older, became staunchly conservative–a result of being “turned on” to Fox news by her conservative sisters.

    In earlier years, she was in the medical profession, and saw first hand cases involving overdoses, drug abuse, etc. And back then, when she was still working, she knew that there were many drugs that were far worse than MJ, including alcohol. Her daughters, including my wife, hung around with plenty of people who partied, so she again saw drug use and booze up close. And she knew MJ was relatively harmless, never said anything to her daughters about it.

    Now, however, after being immersed in Fox news, developing a keen hatred for Obama, and acquiring all the other characteristics of Fox-watching conservatives, she’s suddenly alarmed about MJ. I mentioned in other posts that my wife and I went to Colo about 3-4 weeks ago. Her comment upon our return? A very snarky: “Did you smoke pot?”

    My point–anyone who doesn’t believe that the conservatives of this country, or the GOP in general, opposes legalization, is either not paying attention or, most likely, willfully ignorant.

    I don’t say this to try to divide us on these NORML boards; because, really, we have to stick together. But, in order to change someone else’s mind on this subject, you have to be truthful to yourself. Pretending that both parties treat this issue the same way is not being truthful.

    I personally am trying to change opinions about legalization one person at a time. I hope/ urge the rest of you to do the same (tho I’m quite sure many or most of you already are).

  12. @Galileo and @propot,

    The dark money flows from Big 2WackGo and Republicans get twice as much campaign funding from the $igarette oligarchy as Democrats. Doesn’t that clarify it?

    Can NORML help promote a serious truthful definition of Conservative based on the question: “What do you seek to conserve?”
    Suppose we say, human life. Tobacco $igarettes kill 6,000,000 human beings a year, 200,000,000 since 1853, what true Conservative would protect that “industry” against its deserved elimination?

    Another meaning of Conservative: substituting 25-mg single tokes with a Flexible Drawtube One-Hitter for the 500-mg-per-lightup Hot Burning Overdose Monoxide joint (or 700-mg combustion $igarette).

  13. Thank you, Galileo, for schooling them on the facts. I just had to interject this one thing @ Weed the people: WTF! After the LYING WAR CRIMINAL administration that preceded Obama, the one that also tanked the economy to enrich the already too-rich, there are still people around who are reality-impaired enough to claim Obama’s administration as the most corrupt? The only problem with modern Democrats is that they are not actually liberals, they are center-right Republicans.

    And seriously, it’s Reagan who got the Drug War going in full swing, and who initiated the efforts to make us all have to piss in a cup to survive, and considering it was the early nineties when the government started using taxpayer-subsidized payoffs to private employers to make drug testing cost-effective (since the trend by 1990 was the other way, due to it being expensive and entirely useless), I’d bet it was GW’s daddy who was behind that. (Though I’m sure Clinton did his share of expanding on it, but there hasn’t been an actually liberal democrat since Carter, and I laugh whenever someone calls Clinton or Obama “lib’rul”, because they are not, they are your grandpa’s republican conservatives).

    And then it’s the Republicans who are pushing to expand drug testing to welfare recipients and schools across the board. And I’ll wager it’s invariably Republicans who have their greedy little hands in investing in that scam industry too, since it’s invaluable for the purposes of employers screening out potential employees who have inconvenient but legally protected conditions (and they have been caught doing this before, what makes you think they don’t continue to do it, esp. since the drug testing industry is possibly the most unregulated and unsupervised industry that exists–again, thanks Reagan, for the deregulation of the rich and the super-regulation of the rest of us, may a thousand stoners piss on your grave).

    Now perhaps among young Repubs there is more support for legalization, but even there I wager you’ll find a majority of Dems, even if it isn’t the wide gap you find among older age groups. Let’s face it, the Republicans are the Party of Prohibition–after all, it’s a fantastic tool to engage in the many evils of racism while hiding it behind a “noble cause”, and convincing the average hoi polloi that it’s going after drugs and not minorities. Racism hasn’t died, it’s just found more subtle avenues that are no less useful to their agenda and damaging to minorities and the poor in general. And let’s not forget the root cause of Nixon’s starting of the Drug War (another Republican!): to stick it to those filthy lib’rul hippies who were opposing the war, by manufacturing a “cause” to arrest them, since protesting the war was within their legal rights. And I believe to this day that some Republicans still look at prohibition that way, as a method to criminalize “lib’ruls”, to make felons of them (along with loss of voting rights), and ensure their own power.

    Okay, so there are some Republicans who want legalization. But they’re not as numerous as the progressives/dems who want it, not to mention the fact that their actual leaders…well, they don’t seem to be listening to their pro-legalization constituents, not nearly as much as the dem leaders are listening to us on this issue (which still isn’t enough, but is growing in the good direction, the opposite direction from the Repubs).

    And you know what? They just may shoot themselves in the foot with this. The majority of the pro-legalizers are young, the majority of anti-legalizers are old and mostly republican. I can’t for the life of me figure out why they keep pandering to 70+ year olds who might not live to see the next election while ignoring the younger members of their party, esp. on issues that could very easily sway them to the other side. Not that I’m complaining about that or anything, I just can’t figure it out. The only thing that makes sense is corporate payoffs–from private prisons, from the drug testing industry, from rehab clinics, etc.

    And I love how the prohibition side has been reduced to trying to outlaw any efforts to legalize marijuana, as if that wouldn’t get shot down as unconstitutional. Kind of like how they tried to legally stop the pro-legalization groups in Portland Maine from being allowed to advertize in favor of the legalization measure on the ballot, on grounds of them “promoting illegal substances”. And they got shot down, since all that was being promoted was an opinion on an issue that was on the ballot, take that Michele Leonhart et al! But look what they’ve been brought to, from being on top of the world, writing their own drug war ticket, making billions off the destruction of the lives and rights of others, and snidely declaring legalization to be a “pipe dream”….and now they’re so scared of what’s become inevitable that they are trying to make it illegal for us to even talk about our position!

    HA HA HA HA HA!! Nice try!

  14. Re: FOX new conservatism

    I recently saw a football coach speak before the Heritage Foundation. To my pleasant surprise, he emphasized civility through out his speech. A wonderful story his. He had gotten stuck coaching an inner city football team for a few weeks. He found a bunch of kids so delighted to be part of something, ANYTHING positive that he fell in love with the job and stayed for years.

    He emphasized stuff real conservatives might embrace, self-reliance, hard work — you know, REAL conservative values, not the obnoxious crap FOX news dishes out.

    He also advised them that the culture was going to change through the years, mentioning everything from Elvis’ pelvic gyrations to Miley Cyrus swinging nude on a wrecking ball. This is a conservative I can relate to — definitely not today’s Phineas T. Bluster type conservative pushing stuff like bogus scandals and anti-science rhetoric, eg panning the ‘elite’ scientists behind the so-called climate change hoax.

    I think he should run for President. I could vote for him, but I can imagine him sharing the debate stage with several lesser wannabees pandering to the obnoxious base FOX News has cultivated for the GOP over the last few decades. I doubt he could get selected as the GOP candidate.

    Unfortunately that base is not comprised of fast learners. Think about it – a PHYSICIAN who uses 30-year-old, irreproducible studies. I think it will take at least 4 years of President Hilliary to wake these people up. That’s what happens when you create your own news station to tell yourselves what you want to hear. (The word Pravda springs to mind.)

    I’m delighted to realize I may witness the end of marijuana prohibition in my life time. I would be even more delighted to witness the end of the obnoxious, FOX news brand of conservatism.

  15. “And you know what? They just may shoot themselves in the foot with this. The majority of the pro-legalizers are young, the majority of anti-legalizers are old and mostly republican. I can’t for the life of me figure out why they keep pandering to 70+ year olds who might not live to see the next election while ignoring the younger members of their party, esp. on issues that could very easily sway them to the other side. Not that I’m complaining about that or anything, I just can’t figure it out.”

    That, sadly, is because logic need not apply. This about neurotic personality disorders from the Republicans. This is why I’ve started referring to them as “Rebublicans”. They have lost it, on so many issues. They don’t want America to function as a democratic republic!

    I actually believe some of them are working for the Russians, or at least have such a similar fascist mentality that they may as well be spies, it is not like real Russian spies have have hurt America as much as the last couple rounds of Republicans. Seriously, just about the only prominent Republican that that actually sounds like an American is Rand Paul.

  16. Well if they do it, I bet, they will be discussing this for quite a long time. But if they do do this, it will be a further invitation for States too push harder toward legalization. I am hoping, if the small, None-State, Washington DC legalizes… that the Feds will decide to try it too.

  17. At least this would allow personal cultivation. If the legislators try to alter this law to prevent people from growing their own, my hope is NORML will rail against them.

    I do have a question. A marijuana plant can produce several ounces or more of buds. This law restricts posession to two ounces. If someones plant produced lets say four ounces, could they keep it at home, or would they technically be required to destroy two ounces?

    In my opinion, if there is a restriction on how much you can store at home, it should be at least a pound.

    [Editor’s note: “At least this would allow personal cultivation.”

    And ban commercial sales…which is being done exclusively to avoid the ire of the US Congress, not because local DC cannabis activists do not want to have retail access to cannabis.

    Home cultivation is not at all sustainable as a functional public policy regarding cannabis as it generates no taxes/license fees and 99% of consumers of anything (food, gas, electricity, alcohol, etc…) buy it at the retail level–they don’t self produce the commerce.

    I.E., Adult consumers can make their own wine or beer, or create homemade jams/jellies, but almost no one chooses to do so. Same too with cannabis consumers who want ready consumer choices at the retail level..not to sit around waiting months for cannabis, wine or beer to be self-produced.

    NORML staff who reside in DC will gladly cultivate cannabis at home when made legal by the voters, but far prefer a genuine free market system that provides large array of choice at retail level, looking more like choices found in the alcohol or caffeine industry.]

  18. Evening Bud, no your mother in law is not a conservative. She is a fascist tool. “A useful idiot” in cold war parlance. Waging war on marijuana is a classic, “lets raise taxes to feed this illegal rights taking bureaucracy” bullshit conservatives hate. Why do you think the liberals have been happy to standby and watch the fascists do their dirty work (to wreck the lives of so many of our citizens)? Never standing up to lies, but always protecting them regardless of the their side??? That we can somehow fix all this negative crap with even more negative crap? The Dem and Rebub’s can’t even write good marijuana laws for legalization because they are so willfully biased. The only bills that make sense are citizen’s initiatives. The bill our professional laws draft tend to be retarded and still kowtowing to the idea marijuana is heroin/coke/alcohol.

  19. yes i believe! i’m so happy that the smart individuals are enlighting us. not all can be smart in all areas. thank you one and all for great postings. as i’ve said before 60/w/f all these grey haired mf running this country into the mud. my country right or wrong! so sad how the leaders have got it so wrong, for so long. the needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few. all it is about, who has the most, $, most to lose, most to gain. there are so many more par-takers of this GREAT plant, if full legalization comes about, i think EVERYONE WILL BE AMAZED! there are so many of us that fear the wrath, or can’t find it, let alone whats in it. i live in Ohio, WHY DOES IT TAKE SO MANY SIGNATURES? i want to be able to grow my own. i have severe ptsd, fibromyalgia, anxiety, rapid cycling depression, cronic fatigue, (i sleep 10-14 hrs a day), bi-lateal shoulder and arm pain from pinched nerves in neck. i know i sound like a whiner BUT! the drs. put me on steroids went from 128 to 230! then they gave me anti-depressants,(none worked)went bak up. this after losing 70 lbs went back up to 200! pain pills flexril, vicodone, tylenol 3,etc! when i smoke i have NO problems! are the politicians just legal dealers, who’s getting rich? where did all the $ go from all the drug busts over the last 50 years, how about dea goes and become border guards. so much $ we would’t have such a government deficent

  20. I would be more than willing to pay a $500+ annual tax to the government to “grow my own”!
    I am about getting a decent; reasonable priced supply o’good quality marijuana buds!
    Gov. could issue home grow License Tax Cards!!

    [Editor’s note: The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation circulated a template for a federal home cultivation license in the early 1990s as a means to allow home production, govt would know who was producing and a small annual fee would be fetched to pay for the system at Dept of Treasury.]

  21. @ Dave Evans,

    I appreciate/agree with most of your opinions. I must take exception to your one statement, however, lol. That is, your implication that liberals want to “wreck the lives of so many of our citizens” (using fascists to do so). I’m a staunch liberal, and I assure you I have no desire to wreck anyone’s life (except, maybe, the lives of some of the obscenely-rich CEOs, and their GOP–and occasionally Dem–operatives).

    You and I undoubtedly stand together on many if not most issues involving pot. I’m sure we diverge on the role of govt, however. I believe that govt is there to help the citizens, not to enslave them. Taxes were intended to help society–build roads, provide a standing military, etc, not create a bloated bureaucracy.

    Like anything else in life govt can be and too often has been corrupted, oftentimes by the privately rich, who readily use their obscene amount of riches to “buy” said govt, and further grease the skids for their private enterprises. So, I ask, in all sincerity, are the govt bureaucrats truly worse than those rich private citizens who hold their puppet strings?

  22. Why can’t the US Post Office get exclusive rights to ship cannabis products across the country legally? We all know they could use the money and this way established states that already make cannabis oils, pills, edibles, and flowers can ship to new medical marijuana states like New York and soon to be Florida.

    I want to live by the law but it needs to make sense. We need to make this product available now and I am sure that once New York’s grow and dispense program is in full swing we will have better herb than Colorado (I still love New York).

    MMJ is not expected to really start up in NY until 2016, the DOH web site only discusses the dangers of mosquito bites and the back to school vaccines, nothing on mmj. Let me register now, let me get relief now.

    Hey Cuomo, want to slow the heroin epidemic? Stop shoving codine down our throats and give us a product that does not list death as a side effect.

    And really Gov. Cuomo? it will be ok for me to “Dab” as a first timer yet smoking will be illegal?

    I have to ask, “What the fuck are you smoking?”

  23. It will happen in DC but maybe it will not be the next place to decrim/legalize. It is good to keep up the pressure under the noses of those who want to stop it. The real tipping point must be that 2 states have now legalised and nothing bad has happened: no deaths, no crime increase – just lots of nice cuddly, middle class stoners paying their taxes !!

    A few people have gone to the emergency room after consuming too much but with no real harm done (Alcohol puts hundreds of people in hospital and an overdose can cause liver damage and death but the politicians can’t get enough of it). It is going to be very difficult for politicians to argue that prohibition is worth the money given the current situation – most ordinary people simply don’t believe this argument anymore. I think a majority of politicians are close to giving up on the ‘war on drugs’ but are trying to work out how to do it it without losing what little credibility they have left (for many it requires a complete reversal of their previously stated views !). Loss of credibility is a risk they will have to take since prohibition is quickly turning into a potential career ending, vote losing policy.

    Nearly there – let’s keep up the pressure !

  24. So many good posts; let’s start with the editor’s note over home grown. Mr. Armentano brings up a valuable point that applies to this whole discussion in general; The answer is less often “either or” but “both and more.” While plenty of us regard growing our own as the Holy Grail of cannabis legalization, NORML has always been about taxation and regulation. And if we want to turn hemp into celulosic ethanol, i dont know any farmers with their own private refineries. Legislators appear to be allowing filtered forms of cannabis legalization (NY) that leaves many of us scratching our heads. CanniOil legal but paraphanalia not? Plants legal but no retail? What is this, swiss cheese prohibition? Just tax, regulate and spend the revenue on education already.
    The same goes with politics. The GOP in Texas placed hemp on their agenda. Clearly, a crop that uses less water than corn ir cotton while producing twice the protein and fiber for fuel and feed is a conservative plant. But then the Texas GOP ignores their own party on medicinal marijuana? Conservative mothers with autistic children denied? Guess what Republicans, medicinal marijuana is a conservative issue as well; Stop inflating the cost of health care, kissing the @$$ of insurance and let people self medicate! You will want this for your family; lets PREVENT cancer and let our people live and die in peace.
    Forget about the liberal and conservative agendas. Marijuana is about SUSTAINABILITY. This is what America is about; its simply all the money we allow in politics that polarizes our representatives more than we are.
    That is why it is vital we support and donate to NORML PAC, who can cut through the political bull$#i+ and back up the representatives with common sense.

  25. @Weed the People; Correction; The Republican Party is less than a Tony Montana Circular Firing Squad; At this point theyre more like the melting scene in Terminator 2 when the T1000 starts changing faces before disinigrating into molten steel. The older generation Republicans that are saying “yes” to hemp but “no” to medicinal are more like Schwarzenegger thumbing up as the theme music plays cuz they know they gotta go too. (Sorry Arnold; you did what you could).
    To be fair, Im fairly upset with Obama’s treatment of child drug war refugees as well. (I hate everyone equally). Until we recognize that it is what we choose to purchase as Americans that determines the fate of production and socioeconomic freedom worldwide we will never know peace, much less “border security.” You want to cut through the political bull$#i+? Ask yourself two questions; Where do the resources come from? And who controls the supply?
    Now ask yourself this; Who has supplied weapons to Central American governments, cartels and gangs for the last 45 years? As marijuana remains illegal, when we purchase illegal drugs instead of donating to NORML, and as our tax dollars fly these 4 to 11 year olds to gangs who are sworn to kill them for refusing to join them, just how responsible are we as Americans for their deaths?

  26. 57,000 is a good start. Peace will come to this issue one day. What a shame that it has to be fought in this truly stupid manner. I agree with many of you who look at this elephant in the room and are lost for words given the eventual legal outcome of Cannabis. Given the fact that none of the criminals who brought all this upon the american people will every face charges of their inhumanity, have now placed themselves in a very hated class. When the smoke clears(no fun intended) the list will be long of those who knew the wrong of what they were doing and just like all the other arrogant narcissist before them they will get what they deserve. Their crimes should be labeled “Crimes Against Humanity,” because thats what they are. If someone 50 years ago knowingly withheld the cure for Polio, I doubt they would make it to trail. All those that stand in the way of Cannabis Legalization are standing in the way of a liberty. And as far as I’m concerned they don’t deserve the breath they draw on this earth. All of the prohibitionist of cannabis are fully aware that they are causing the suffering of many for the profit of a few. This is a crime, plain and simple. Measure 71 is a wonderful step in the right direction. While none of this is moving fast enough to be merciful to the sick, it is at least moving in the right direction most of the time. The end of the rope is coming.

  27. Good day…concerning my post on “taxing homegrown” [Editor’s note: The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation circulated a template for a federal home cultivation license in the early 1990s as a means to allow home production, govt would know who was producing and a small annual fee would be fetched to pay for the system at Dept of Treasury.

    Thank you for the info Norml !!! Anne/Conn.@

  28. Thank you @ end o the rope (I have been reading all posts; not had time to post)

    you wrote: “If someone 50 years ago knowingly withheld the cure for Polio, I doubt they would make it to trail. All those that stand in the way of Cannabis Legalization are standing in the way of a liberty –
    My comment: funny you should mention that; fact is a “cure for Polio” was discovered 40 years ago; this was The Dr. Klenner Protocol.
    Dr. Klenner discovered “certain Nutrients” could cure many symptoms;(Vitamin B1) Klenner also has a Nutritional Protocol for “MS”.
    Meanwhile “the Sabine vaccination was being developed; Klenner’s research was “halted”. I am a firm believer in Louis Pasteur’s Vaccines
    however; the Vaccine should be used w Vit. B1.
    Vitamin B1 prevents any side effects of Vaccine; which has been attributed to autism.
    According to Dr. Kleener: “Canada halted the Polio Epidemic using Whole Grain Dark Bread; which is a high source Vitamin B1…
    Nations who ate White Bread had “epidemics”!ww

  29. Hello Evening Bud, I have no problem with Liberal’s goals. Just the really poor ways they have gone about reaching them. For every shithead Republican, it seems like some Universal Law of Physics that there also be a shithead Democrat–like paired particles of uselessness and bad ideas.

  30. @ Norml…thanks for the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation info: http://www.cjpf.org
    lots of great info…I might investigate the tax card template Norml was mentioning; concerning my post on “taxing homegrown” [Editor’s note: The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation circulated a template for a federal home cultivation license in the early 1990s as a means to allow home production, govt would know who was producing and a small annual fee would be fetched to pay for the system at Dept of Treasury.
    I am with this idea…Anne/ weed woman/ conn.

  31. I have been doing a lot of thinking about The War on Weed (Schedule I dilemma)homegrown etc.
    I think I understand where Norml is “coming from”…Norml wants our Nation to “tax and regulate the Marijuana Herb in every state”; then after that tackle “Home MJ Herbal Grow”;
    I am “down with Norml and Norml’s “strategy.
    All in good time we will be able to Home Grow!
    (I agree home grow is “The Holy Grail tho’)!!!

  32. I recall being in northern California in 1972 and walking through a “Marijuana Garden and “picking the leaves for herb and Tea…”

    I enjoyed those days;I hope these days return!
    Thanks all !! Keep up the great postings! : )

  33. Sorry brother, but I can’t agree with your ratio. I think a far more accurate model: for every shithead Dem there are 50 shithead Republicans. Don’t believe me? Look at the states that have MMJ; look at the two that have legalized. Look at the states that won’t legalize until you and I are both long dead and buried: bright red states. I’d say there are more than a few shitheads running things in those states.

  34. Well, I’m a little confused by what I see. The Democrats now act like Republicans used when I was a kid. Republicans have turned from a party that cares about their neighbors, into one that wants to lower our American potential by attacking health care, education, and basically investing in War.

    How is investing in death working out us? The only reason they don’t want people to get abortions is so there will be a large enough population of poor, neglected people to fight their Holy Wars in the Middle East.

    The Republican Party has filled up with sociopaths. They aren’t so welcome in the Democrat Party anymore.

  35. @ Dave Evans,

    It’s true. The GOP went off the deep end. I think they took the teachings of St. Ronnie and St. Newt too much to heart. They’ve developed a hatred of govt that is both unrealistic and counterproductive. And they’ve become extremely confrontational and unwilling to compromise on almost anything. This is largely because the extreme right-wingers in the party–some call it their base–has taken over that party; GOP politicos are more beholden to that group than to the country at large. And they wonder why they’ve lost the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections.

    The Dems shifted to the right, as well, as you’ve noted. Bill Clinton and Obama would’ve been considered Republicans some 40-50 years ago. There are many in the Dem party who are now trying to rectify that problem.

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