Poll: Majority Of Pennsylvanians Support Reforming State’s Marijuana Laws

Nearly seven out of ten Pennsylvania voters believe that marijuana should be legal for either medicinal or recreational use, according to the results of a statewide survey released by Keystone Analytics.

Sixty-nine percent of respondents said that cannabis should be made legal under state law, with 47 percent of voters endorsing its medicinal use and another 22 percent agreeing with the statement, “It should be legal for any adult to use for any reason.”

Twenty-seven percent of respondents believed that cannabis “is a harmful substance that should remain illegal to buy and use in Pennsylvania.”

The poll possesses a margin of error of +/- 4.4 percent.

House and Senate legislation (HB 1181/SB 1182) seeking to authorize cannabis therapy to qualified patients remains pending in the state. A Senate floor vote on the measure is expected when lawmakers return from their summer recess.

In coming months, the Pennsylvania State Nurses Association will be holding a series of educational seminars on the subject of cannabis and its potential therapeutic application. The Association is on record in support of “the establishment of efficient drug (cannabis) delivery, growing and dispensing systems as contained within SB 1182.”

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  1. I find the following in the original report: “Sixty-nine percent of voters would like to see the legalization of marijuana, with 47 percent in favor of use for medicinal purposes only and 22 percent [further?] for any purpose”.

    I am surprised how this compares to Florida where 88% agree to medical use [only?]. There is a contradiction in the wording?

  2. We’ll see if state Senator Folmer (R)has a veto-proof number of votes as he states on television before the legislature went out on August recess. Pennsylvania’s current governor, Tom Corbett (R), has repeatedly vowed to veto medical marijuana legislation of this scale. Corbett was completely against anything marijuana, but as the state moves closer to his fall re-election Corbett has come around to only high CBD medical marijuana for the tots who are suffering from seizures. Everybody else who can benefit from medical marijuana that is not high CBD is screwed if Senator Folmer’s legislation is not veto-proof.

    Pennsylvania will, sadly, have to go to medical marijuana first in order for more of the public to realize that cannabis is not the devil’s weed the prohibitionists have led them to believe. The Commonwealth can’t go right to legalizing both medical marijuana and adult recreational. Alas, like Colorado and Washington, soon to be Oregon it seems, Pennsylvania will have to have that MMJ stepping stone, and then years later legalize adult recreational.

    The sad thing about Pennsylvania is that it is really hurting for the money, and Senator Folmer is the chair of the state senate’s committee on education. Colorado is getting some big bucks for education that it wouldn’t otherwise have if it weren’t for legal cannabis. Visionaries in Pennsylvania and elsewhere can see where this is going. It’s just a matter of how many more lives do the prohibitionists want to ruin till we get there? How many more kids are gonna have a crappy education? Philadelphia schools are especially hurting.

    I hope the pro-legalization community is whispering in Tom Wolf’s ear, as he is looking pretty good at defeating current Governor Corbett. Another term of prohibitionist Corbett only prolongs the agony and ruins more lives.

  3. Pennsylvania is a “wild card” state to legalize cannabis, seems there are too many entrenched mindsets that have the power of strength in numbers/votes to keep cannabis illegal. I would like to see this change soon, the agricultural land alone is a goldmine for industrial hemp. So much cannabis potential here untapped.

  4. I wish they would hurry up. If they had someone with epilepsy living with them, and knowing that there was something that could comfort them and or stop seizures, I am so sure they would change their tune. They dragging their feet while people suffer. And Make sure its the whole plant for medical needs because of the entourage effect. None of this cbd only stuff especially for us adults, who Gov corbett totally overlooks.
    As if Children are the only ones worthy, I mean yes the are but so are us adults. We all deserve to use this miracle plant sent here from God.

  5. Corbett is not going to be re-elected. I am a staunch republican but sadly, maybe not, I will be voting for Wolf because of this one issue.

  6. It is usually money. Is legal weed a better money maker than the private prison industry, big Pharma, etc. It seems that the scales are tipping in favor of weed at last.

  7. Historically, PA was one of the straws that broke the back of Alcohol Prohibition in the 1930’s. We are nearly at 50% of states repealing laws against medical use, and ppl here as elsewhere are wildly in support of this (Medical use). Here’s to hoping history repeats and we get federal rescheduling to at least grade 2 after this passes…

  8. I live here in PA, and have high hopes for certain bills to pass. I don’t believe they will pass, while Tom Corbett is in office. I do believe it’s possible though, if Tom Wolf gets in, that he possibly will at least pass a medical marijuana bill. I messeged his people a while back, and they said he does support medical marijuana. Lets just hope he’s truer to his word, then our current president. He said he supported it, and then seemed not to, once he got in.

    Lets hope Tom Wolf stays true to his word.

  9. I say Marijuana is a “Medicinal Herb”; to outlaw a Medicinal Herb is unconstitutional.
    There are millions natural beneficial herbs; Tea being the most popular Camellia sinensis.

  10. What MUST happen is Corbett needs to be Voted OUT of Office! He will NEVER sign anything medical or otherwise when it comes to marijuana use. He has a cave mans view on the plant and its benefits and has closed his mind to education or any type of consideration for the people who want and Need Med. Marijuana..

    So, The best candidates are 1st John Hanger. He is for Full legalization but he is low man on the polls, The best chance we have is Tom Wolf! He is open to Medical and Regulation of the plant. Toms site is http://www.wolfforpa.com/

    Im not into politics, this is just a shotgun approach to make sure the right person is voted into office that is PRO Marijuana. Corbett will Never Bend, Nor will he Understand or Try.. His unrelenting tunnel vision is hurting PA residents in many ways other than just medical and recreational use, Millions can be gained in taxes to help the elderly and aging in this state, plus many other programs..
    Make the right choice, Vote for Hanger or Wolf.

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