Poll: Two-Thirds Of Americans Say Private Consumption Of Cannabis Should Be Legal

Sixty-six percent of Americans believe that adults ought to legally be able to consume cannabis in the privacy of one’s own home, according to results of a nationwide HuffingtonPost/YouGov survey released late last week.

Seventy-two percent of self-identified Democrats and 70 percent of Independents said that the private consumption of cannabis should be legal. Republican respondents endorsed private consumption by a margin of 50 percent to 39 percent.

Fifty-five percent of respondents — including 62 percent of Democrats and 60 percent of Independents — also said that they supported statewide laws seeking to tax and regulate the commercial production and retail sale of cannabis to adults, such as those recently enacted in Colorado and Washington. By contrast, only 37 percent of Republicans said they supported such a plan.

The HuffPost/YouGov survey possesses a margin of error of +/- 3.9 percent.

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  1. Yes Yes Yes, finalize be seeing the truthness. All thems years day be saying it being a gettaway drug, joke being on them now thanks being to the intranet. Finalize got the truths out becausing peoples talking with each others about how their be nothing wrongs with smoke maryjiana. All that moneys spends o propergadas again the ganja could haves been spent in so much the better of ways, beilding schools, fixem roads, but na somany people no being in jails lifes in the ruins becausing they smoked. WTF but I digress, just happy that Norml be sticking to the messages all them years so thank you Normls

  2. Unfortunately, the Americans who can make the decision to end cannabis prohibition tend not to be in such legalization age and wealth demographic groups. As a lowly peon toiling away at a job with little thanks and no prospects of moving up in the food chain, I put up with a lot of crap compared to the people in Congress who are coddled and catered to. Most of them won’t go near legalization.

  3. I hope that it does become legal for all over 21 ! If it was, then my kid wouldn’t be sitting in prison for smoking a joint and failing a drug test when they found her babies daddy dead, 4 days before Christmas in 2013! And I wouldn’t be here raising her babies.

  4. Wow! A very impressive number, even allowing for the fact that this question is a little broader than “should mj be legal”.

    Polls continue to move in our direction. Let’s hope we have success the next time the flame meets the leaf- in Oregon and Alaska this November!

  5. The biggest driver of legalization, IMO, is the changing demographics. Even GOPers are finally, albeit very slowly, coming around. Of course, without the important help of organizations like NORML, and their information campaigns, the slogging would be much tougher. Thanks NORML for leading the fight.

  6. Did somebody say DESCHEDULE MARIJUANA?
    It only sounded roughly like the collective roar of 270 million Americans to me.

    MAN! What does a Propoganda churning prohibition machine like the ONDCP have to DO for some decent fear and brainwashing policy these days?

  7. It’s just a crying shame that our congress has a majority of republicans, led by chain smoking John Boehner, that have decided to ignore the will of the people on this issue!

    I think they are shooting their party in the foot. No republican has any chance of getting my vote unless they explicitely state they are in favor of legalization.

  8. When a person must pay a fee / tax or have “permission” from government to consume things he /she still isn’t free are they?

  9. Guess what – private consumption of marijuana is already effectively legal since it is unlikely for some one to be arrested for this. It is extremely hard for police to enforce marijuana prohibition on some ones’s private property. Legalising such an activity is really just accepting what already happens – most people smoke without much fear of being arrested (otherwise they would not do it !)

  10. This statistics seems strange to me. 66% thinks that it should be legal to smoke in private residences, but only 49% think cannabis should be legal? Does this mean that a lot of people are okay with a “don’t ask don’t tell”-policy on cannabis consumption?

  11. @BobbynTammy,
    Yes Bobby. Yes Tammy; We need to beild more schools.
    Tax Drugs and Regulate; Revenue to Educate!

  12. Let’s Legalize It:
    Democrats – 72%
    Independents – 70%
    Republicans – 50%

    Let’s Tax and Regulate it:
    Democrats – 62%
    Independents – 60%
    Republicans – 37%

    At least the Republicans are consistent about standing against any new taxes, but this is bizarre! It cedes control to violent criminal enterprises who will settle their differences with guns and bombs. Obviously, these folks still haven’t vested much thought into what legalization should look like.

    All in all, these are very pretty numbers to look at, though.

  13. We don’t need to reschedule cannabis – we need to take it off the schedule all together! Marijuana is safer and less addictive than coffee beans. It needs to be completely taken off the schedule. Even moving it from a class 1 to a class 5 is unacceptable and should not be supported. As long as alcohol and coffee are not scheduled drugs, pot should not be.

  14. @ Oracle; I watched Ken Burns Prohibition on PBS. More then anyone else it was the working people who got screwed during alcohol prohibition, same then as it is now with marijuana prohibition. And more then anything else this needs to change. A working man from that era might have said ” You mean to tell me a fella works hard all day pulls his weight, pays taxes, but then can’t even come home sit down and have a drink because the government, or some idiot bible beater says I can’t”? I watched the movie The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas Last weekend, ” I’ve never seen it before”. Like Regan, and the 80’s things were going just fine, everyone was happy until some big shot screwball with a bible started trouble. Yup; closed on account of the TV.

  15. Bob Constantine, there is nothing wrong with people paying taxes. I say this as someone that identifies with portions of Libertarian, Conservative and Liberal values. We all show be paying taxes, including poor people. Liberals want to prevent the poor from paying their fair share while fascist conservatives don’t want their rich people to pay their fair share–and then we all in America get to watch is the two groups that a wrong all the way around argue about which bad idea is better policy. And all I can say is “What The Fuck??????”!!!!!

    Poor people benefit from good government and so do rich people and everyone in between. That means everyone should be paying into the system, not looking for loopholes to get out of paying your fair tax rate, making the next person’s tax bill higher than it should be is wrong.

    The Earned Income Tax Credit is wrong, but it exists to help balance out a system that over favors the rich right now. If taxes on the rich go up, the EITC needs to go away. To me, that is a Libertarian solution that works without being boorish like so many Libertarians seems to be. Libertarians always seem to focus on getting rid of “Entitlement Programs”, but don’t seem to notice that most of the people basically on Welfare and not paying their taxes are Rich People. I don’t see how attacking the poor to help the rich avoid working with society is even a Libertarian value, but that seems to be what we get here in the USA.

    Seriously, how is being allowed to poison people via deregulation “an expansion of liberty”? Huh??? How is limiting the People’s Rights clean water and clean air increasing Liberty??? Getting cancer and not being there for your family to help rich people get richer is an expansion of liberty? It is a crock of shit. We need regulations. But not senseless Liberal Regulations that exist as window dressing but just damage businesses instead of protecting the environment. You don’t get rid of regulations because there are bad regulations–if you have a brain–you get rid of the bad regulations and keep the good ones.

  16. republicans love to talk about how they want people to have freedom from government interference when it comes to the rancher who wants to shoot wolves, or the corporation that wants its religious beliefs protected, but it’s completely another story when it comes to women wanting access to birth control or adults wanting freedom to smoke what they want. a bunch of hypocrites.

  17. I agree that cannabis should not be on ANY “drug schedule”. Since when, by any stretch of the imagination, should a PLANT be called a DRUG??? It should be just another product that the public can purchase (like milk or bananas), pay their respective sales tax, and go enjoy it like anything else. Let the will of the majority of Americans be recognized and obeyed by the government that WE put in office to represent us!!!!!

  18. Evening bud, you are very much on point with your statements. The persuasive powers of the cold cash that is being realized by tax revenue is what gets the politicians to get on board, but it’s the ever expanding demographic that WILL legalize cannabis. SO LISTEN UP EVERYONE, bashing the republicians who are slowly but surely emancipating themselves from the fear fog of the anti-drug culture and saying,”You know what, maybe Mom, and Dad, and Teacher were wrong about cannabis….maybe there is something to this…why can’t I love cannabis and be fiscally conservative?” It is young conservatives joining the movement that will force governing bodies to rethink cannabis. Everyone knows democrats are pro-legalization, you have to work on the folks who aren’t. So what I’m saying is, save the partisan bashing, be kind, sell your passion to the non-believers, and be proactive, because dividing the movement along party lines is in fact the only thing keeping the opposition viable. So please, make your immature anti-republican comments are so much more destructive to progress than you know, in your own head so that we may all someday smoke in peace.

  19. Who will I vote for in 2016. I have always voted Democrat in South Carolina. This time I will vote for who endorses Marijuana. Hillary recently said she has never smoked Pot and it is not an issues for her. She better hope Obama reschedules it before he leaves office.

  20. The New Hampshire governor has declared a state of emergency over synthetic use of marijuana. Apparently this fake stuff is hurting our kids. It is vital that we legalize cannabis as soon as we can.

    I will be in attendance at the Richmond Public Library at 101 East Franklin Street at 1:30pm this coming Friday, August 22nd for a Safe Access meeting on medical marijuana. Most of you know that Virginia has outdated laws on the books for the use of cannabis. In Virginia one must have either glaucoma or cancer to have a medical prescription for cannabis consumption otherwise you get up to 30 days in jail and a $500 fine for a first time offense for up to an ounce. This has got to go now!

    I am weary of these legislators who are supported by the pill companies and alcohol industry to keep this natural life saving medication from the people. We are working hard to at least expand the categories for the medical use of cannabis in our state.

    We cannabis users in Virginia wish everyone at NORML a great weekend and we know that you will continue your great work as we support all of our efforts for complete legalization.

    Thank you,

    Walker Richardson

  21. I suspect that the 50 percent of Republicans that support private consumption are not the Tea Party “Thumpers.” I’m in the legalize camp and grow your own. Tax pigs already get too much time at the trough. And as far as bashing republicans I say keep it up and Bash away. Ignore pleas of let us get along and peaceful. Nothing ever comes from being respectful of republicans or even christians because they will just roll over you if you give them the chance.

  22. @ Travis,

    Thanks bud, lol. You have wise words; I need to pay more attention to that myself.

  23. Travis, it is a litmus test. You cannot be a true conservative and support marijuana prohibition–it is nothing more than a fascist-liberal tax raising scheme called “policy” designed to waste as much money a possible without actually achieving a single stated goal.

    Marijuana Prohibition is literally anti-conservative. For Christ sake, President Lincoln was a pothead. And he was murdered by black-hating white segregationists. The same people still supporting the War on Drugs and Certain Americans. They now use language like, “Obama isn’t a real American”. Actually they aren’t even real Americans. They don’t get it and they are disgrace to US.

  24. Luckily the old fart Republicans are getting older and won’t be around much longer. Sad to say but that’s the ONLY TIME politicians STOP screwing with stuff! I know that’s the only way it will change here in Arkansas. Moved here to be closer to work 15 years ago and now I am stuck here!!!

  25. Miles says:
    No republican has any chance of getting my vote unless they explicitly state they are in favor of legalization.
    Amen brother I don’t like the socialist party but can’t support the republicans on this. issue.

  26. Today, I read on AOL an article on marijuana as the choice for many NFL players as an analgesic instead of prescription pain killers. Not too long ago the New York Times editorial staff lauded cannabis for legal candidacy. With ballot initiatives coming this November in more states than ever before concerning legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational purposes, America is getting close to the brink for what NORML has been working so hard to accomplish for many years.

  27. @Eric, i don’t think that’s the way most conservatives would.see it. In general (and with the popularity of the reent “tea party” movement) I can see their tax/regulate opinion being against the centralization and government regulation of the plan.

  28. (comtinued…) my comment posted befor I could finish. If the private sector was allowed full control over the regulation of their own cannibus product, that would eliminate the imminent expansion of government that may or may not be necessary to bring about this policy change.

  29. Vote NO to republicans. Chris Christie shouldn’t be in office at all. That guy out dancing in Hamptons during Furgeson mess. Respect the will of voters.

  30. @ Travis,

    I was trying to be nice, but actually I agree with some of the subsequent comments. I will stop ragging GOPers when they stop opposing legalization in such big numbers.

    To wit, I wrote several posts recently on an attempt in my state, NM, to soften MJ penalties, specifically in the cities of Albuquerque and Santa Fe. It was a Republican who gummed it up; thanks to his efforts the number of signatures needed on the related petition in Albq was changed, and so failed.

    Then I come to find out, at least according to the largest newspaper in my state, Albuquerque Journal, that miss Tea Partier herself, Susanna Martinez, is leading in the polling, and may stay on as Gov. She has mentioned several times that she will veto any MJ legalization bills that reach her desk, is an unapologetic prohibitionist (her daddy–why am I not surprised–was a sheriff, and she prides herself in her early years in law enforcement). So, for me, the GOPer obstructionism hits very close to home.

    But I know that not all GOPers are prohibitionists, just as I know that not all Dems (or Indies) are for legalization. But, as someone else noted, when I start seeing more GOPers coming to our side on this issue, you’ll notice fewer attacks on them from me.

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  32. Regarding my earlier posts about attempts to reduce MJ penalties in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, I have a very happy update to make. (I don’t regularly get the local newspaper, so have been behind in the recent news.) So, courtesy of ProgressNowNM, the petition passed in Santa Fe to allow voters to decide whether or not in Nov. to reduce MJ penalties. And the similar petition in Albuquerque also passed. The Albq vote was exactly along party lines, the five Dems all voting to allow it on the ballot and the 4 GOPers all voting against. (See my previous post regarding the evilness of GOPers, lol.)

    So I very happy with the results, needless to say. I will be encouraging everyone I know to vote in Nov.

  33. Sorry, one last bit of news on the Albq vote–the Republican Mayor of Albq has already stated that he will veto the city council’s decision. (Sighs and shakes head in frustration.)

  34. I’m a Christian republican … super conservative…and I’m producing and using privately. Christians are missing the mark. It’s not what goes into the body that makes a person evil. It’s what comes out of his mouth. Slander, gossip, violence, blah blah… Christians forget this and they say these things and forget our religion is about love for EVERYONE because our God loves us even more than we can ever imagine. If a Christian doesn’t represent God with love and acceptance, and tolerance, then guess what. Not a Christian and a poor representitive for God. Sooo, have some patience peeps. I love you guys. God loves you more. And I love weed. 🙂

  35. @Dtown
    Look up articles from High Times magazine on Kaneh Bosem.
    Another good read is Cannabis and Evolution by Robert C.Clark and David Merlin.
    For etymology, read Early Diffusions and Folk uses of Hemp by Sulah Benet.
    And when youre done reading that, read Mathew 25:39-40, Exodus 30:22-23, Mark 6:13, Genesis 1:12, Genesis 1:29-31 and Timothy 4:1-3
    (Beware; reading of any of this spiritually enlightening and healing literature while simultaneously reading the Controlled Substance Act may cause migraines or even spontaneous combustion; please be advised to consume your favorite strand of marijuana during study time). 🙂

  36. I have read not only the story by NORML but, the comments too. MOST agree with legalizing Cannabis- for whatever reason- as I do also. I personally have seen the destruction, mistrust, deception, hypocrisy, injustice, racism, class-ism,violence, profit, robbery, and so MANY illegal activities keeping Marijuana ILLEGAL by the self-proclaimed rulers of society- I know what will happen with these results…nothing. They WANT weed illegal. Ask ANY cop, “Who would you rather arrest- a drunk or a pot-head”? The answer is almost always the pot-head. Why? because even if we smoke some of America’s best all night, we either go to sleep there at the party or eat something hence making our “high” a little softer and get home safely. Weed isn’t for everyone- I admit that. Weed can be a problem to some people who would rather live stoned- than not. But, overall? Cannabis IS safer, cheaper on society, safer socially, and even medically viable as we’ve seen the hundreds if not thousands of examples of how this miraculous weed helps the human body and mind. Yet, armed with all of this information and KNOWING Americans and America will be MUCH safer, happier, and honest- our “fearless” leaders will NOT make weed totally legal. Why? WAY to much money involved with keeping it illegal. Think of Civil Forfeiture, private prisons, law enforcement employment, drug test companies, probation/parole, and everything that goes with “getting caught” with just a taste of this herbal deliciousness. We have been trying to legalize weed since I was a child. I am 56 today.

  37. @ Julian

    Thanks for the thoughtful references. As far as the biblical stuff goes, we have to be careful. Anyone can argue for anything and support it with biblical texts. Happens all the time. I.e. genesis says to take the plants and use for food. Well not deadly nightshade, that wouldn’t be good. The exodus reference (I think) God was commanding that those things be gathered as a test of obedience. Also the reference in Timothy was speaking to the legalism that existed in old school Judaism where high priests basically added to the 10 commandments more requirements and rules that Jews were required to follow. Which was silly and self serving. Also, it has also been considered as prophetical as it could refer to the requirement of priests to abstain for marriage and such. Also silly depending on one’s perspective. Anyway… here’s the thing for me. This is where the rubber meets the road. Romans 14. That’s Love man. That’s also hard to do. To lovesomeone who is spiritually weak and thinks weed is bad, and for me to abstain from using so I wouldn’t alienate the spiritually weak as I would be seen as a poor representative of Christ. That’s my struggle. But in this forum, no one thinks what I’m doing is wrong, and hopefully I’m not turning anyone away from Christ by admitting I do this. Anyway. Thanks for the insight. Love you bro. Peace.

  38. The bottom line is that the Federal Government should get it off the Schedule One listing IMMEDIATELY and also get it through legislation to make it legal.

    All STATES should put it up for a public vote on their November ballots for its residents to be able to legally obtain, use and cultivate a specific amount of cannabis in their own home or on their own property. Victimless acts of freedom should NEVER be punishable.


    Why should anyone decide what we do in our own home, behind closed doors, when we are not impinging, impeding, victimizing or even threatening another individual or society as a whole?

    If we choose to stay away from dangerous and deadly pharmaceuticals, why should anyone be able to tell us that we can’t use a natural plant to address our afflictions, our ailments or to use as we see fit?

    How can our government make this decision for us when it is the very same government who has decided that alcohol and tobacco are legal for us to use? Between alcohol and tobacco, over 100,000 lives are lost each year in America? Does this really make sense or is there more to it that our government doesn’t wish for us to know???

    Whose life is it, anyway?

  39. Majority of citizens voted on it and support the movement, and now apparently majority of politicians voted on it and support it as well, health benefits from usage are being discovered every year, and the potential for the government to make massive amounts of tax income are there for the taking… Yet Congress continues to turn a deaf ear us. Can someone explain to me why they even exist?

  40. “If we choose to stay away from dangerous and deadly pharmaceuticals, why should anyone be able to tell us that we can’t use a natural plant to address our afflictions, our ailments or to use as we see fit?”

    This is a very good question. I’m guessing here, but I think the reason is they believe they pre-own all potential profit. If you can spend less money to heal yourself, you’re a criminal as that money was not yours to start with.

    But in all seriousness, the FDA is not required to study and Okay marijuana usage for stress reduction–it is an herbal supplement which doesn’t need FDA approval. Only specific drugs made from marijuana would need to be studied for efficacy and side effects. Marijuana is not even required for study by the FDA as it is already proven safe for general over-the-counter sales.

    It is not a dangerous chemical invented by manipulating reagents into performing unnatural reactions that produce novel chemical products with unknown toxic profiles. Marijuana has a toxic profile far below FDA standards. No need or requirement that the FDA has to even review marijuana before it can be sold. It is not a drug, it is an herbal supplement. It is recommend by doctors, there is no reason for it be sold by proscription–that is for dangerous drugs.

  41. My Wife and I been study legalize marijuana medical more than 11 years that prove cure over thousands let us smoke cannabis medical time in North Carolina now

  42. The problem is no acountability what happend here Wed
    Is wrong I am andissabeld vet also have ms
    When politicans dont listen to publicwe need to act as whole
    Impeach the leach or physicaly remove tjem that is our.right

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