CO Retail Pot Sales Surpassed Medical for the First Time in July

Retail marijuana purchasers in July outspent medical cannabis buyers for the first time since the launch of Colorado’s adult-use market 9 months ago.

The state’s Department of Revenue recently reported that customers bought $29.7 million worth of legal marijuana last month ($5 million more than June), surpassing medical marijuana purchases which totaled $28.9 million in sales. Interestingly, this is despite the fact that medical dispensaries outnumber retail stores by a margin of 4 to 1.

According to Colorado Public Radio (CPR), there has been a 112% increase since sales first started, with more than 100 stores across the state having sold close to $145 million in pot. CPR further notes that, “Taken together, the medical and recreational marijuana industry have sold about $350 million worth of pot since January, contributing $37.5 million in taxes and fees to government coffers,” a portion of which is guaranteed to go to school construction.

With the exception of May, each month has set a new record in marijuana sales, so far showing that a legal marijuana regime not only works, but is proving to be valuable and growing source of revenue for the state – and its residents agree. A new NBC/Marist Poll found that Colorado’s retail cannabis market remains popular among Colorado residents, 55% of whom continue to support the passage and implementation of Amendment 64, the initiative that was passed in 2012 to tax and regulate sales to adults, aged 21 and over.

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  1. A majority of Colorado residents, 55%, is for Colorado’s new marijuana law which allows the legalization of small amounts of the drug purchased from regulated businesses. Among these Coloradans, 27% actively support the law, and 28% favor the legislation but do not actively do so. In contrast, 41% oppose the law. This includes 8% who are actively trying to overturn the legislation.

  2. 55% for
    41% opposed

    27% actively support
    8% actively oppose

    NORML fans have the majority.

    The father who just killed 5 kids and dumped them in Alabama was reputedly on ‘synthetic marijuana’, aka ‘spice’. Not too long ago the prohibitionists could have successfully spun this into a reason for keeping all marijuana legal. This is not likely today, but sooner or later we’re going to hear it. This problem is directly caused by prohibition ceding control to a criminal enterprises. Maybe NORML should come out strongly against ‘spice’ and the prohibitionist policies that create it.

  3. MILLONS! MILLONS! MILLIONS!! The reverse on the war on drugs!! Prohibition dosent work, hasn’t worked and never will work! Let us decide what we want to put in our bodys! Thank you Federal,state and local goverments! Ypuve done enough! Please step aside

  4. Cant help but grin from ear to ear reading this news. New schools means more teachers with less students per teacher= more students achieving a higher education to compete in an increasingly globalized economy.
    NORML= 1
    ONDCP= 0

    Hey, by the way; how did that “dont be a lab rat” campaign work out? That was about heroin-enticing pills and alcohol right? (Wait… Excuse me… Im receiving an update… WTF?!!!! That campaign was for youth using MARIJUANA??!!!) Colorado, you can show the Federal Government how to regulate marijuana without complying with those ridiculous ads.
    TELL children the TRUTH: marijuana wont kill you kids, but our brains need time to develop so dont get high from marijuana during school hours and stay the HELL away from painkillers and anti-depressants unless you want to end up getting hooked on heroin and destroying your life. There. Problem solved.

  5. …I apologize for being a bit off topic but I must ….vent.
    I believe that what will turn over non users from not allowing cannabis in America is getting rid of the ‘stigma’ associated with cannabis use. this is where I really thought John Morgan would help the cause. I was hoping his speech would show many that cannabis and successful,family loving,tax and bill paying men and women exist all across this country and,, that it is not bad at all. but john looked kinda drunk,and he was being fairly limber with the language . I was hoping he would have put forth more of a professional aire about medical cannabis. cannabis is not just a party tool! it has been a great benefit in my life and ,I suppose I am a little sensitive about this subject because hair testing from my employer of 37 yrs prevents me from enjoying my personal life for the last 5 yrs and , it bothers me greatly. I was surely hoping he would have come across in a more ‘reasonable and down to earth’ manner. what do you all think? of course all of us that consume will vote for it but what of those that are against it for the ‘party stigma’. someone please reply. you all have a great day and thank you all for helping the cause!

  6. those 8% are the ignorant remnants of a dying breed. the truth will bear itself out. Pot’s not for everyone, but it should be everyone’s right to decide for themselves Maybe those 8% should just not smoke any and move to one of the Stalinist regime holdouts that still have life sentences for marijuana possession.

  7. How about a survey of peoples thoughts on alcohol and whether they support its legality and compare that to cannabis.

  8. I have never witnessed anyone go crazy on synthetic marijuana. I having used it for it’s obvious intended purpose, I will say two things. One: It’s definitely addictive. Two: It’s way stronger, and works much faster (and leaves much faster) than Marijuana and that’s an understatement. One more thing, legalize Cannabis to get rid of stuff like this(spice).

  9. Galileo’s point given his numbers at his word is the same as support for Gay marriage. Most support but don’t actually want a gay marriage.

    What’s missing in Galileo’s mind is tolerance and protection of rights even those of a minority.

    The same point can be said of being a born again christian. Most are not but most people do respect their right to live in America without being fed to lions for example.

  10. I do not partake, but I support Colorado 100%. What kind of savings have occured from law enforcement, judicial, prosecution, and incarceration facilities from not having to bother marijuana users?

  11. Maryland, a former tobacco powerhouse, would benefit greatly from a legal marijuana crop. Charles Long is the Republican candidate in the 2014 General Election for Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District. His platform includes decriminalization of marijuana nationally, with eventual legalization. His incumbent opponent, Democrat John Sarbanes, favors never legalizing weed. If you are an independent or Democrat in Maryland’s 3rd District, we need your vote!

  12. It sure is nice to here this. realy belive that price is way to high. (Dint mean to say it like that.) Low price will really hurt the drug cartel.

  13. According to my research there are 3,000,000 “qualified patients”,those who have a doctor’s recommendation in California in 2014.From 2007-2014 the Calif department of public health issued roughly 75,000 State ID cards. This leaves over 2,800,000 qualified patients SUBJECT TO ARREST.A doctor recommendations only ALLOW the defendent to ATTEMPT to assert a compassionate use defense once charges are filed.In my humble opinion,the language of the laws are directly misleading qualified patients into believing they are in compliance with the laws and are not subject to arrest.In reference to the state ID,the language says it is VOLUNTARY,but if I MUST get the card to be in compliance with law and avoid arrest,IT IS MANDATORY. Again, the ONLY form of MMP ID which protects from ARREST is the card issued only by the department of public health. Officers have the right to arrest you,search your home, and seize your medications,all while you hold your doctor’s recommendations in your hand. Hey maybe we shouldn’t worry ,we MIGHT be allowed to defend ourselves based on qualified patient status,the courts are filled with common sense.GET A STATE CARD,AVOID ARREST

  14. There were roughly 600,000 arrests for ,marijuana crimes in CA in 2014.Roughly 7,550 people were incarcerated for Marijuana in 2014.How many of those arrests and convictions are of “qualified patients”? We don’t know, but in my opinion the disparity between arrests and incarcerations could indicate that some were qualified patients.However encouraging the low conviction rates look, the costs associated with an arrest and dismissal,or asserting a Compassionate Use Defense can devastate a patient’s finances and life. TELL QUALIFIED PATIENTS YOU KNOW THAT THE ONLY PROTECTION FROM ARREST IS A CARD ISSUED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH PERIOD.

  15. @Jimmy Potseed – For me it just can’t die fast enough. I live in Virginia where almost everyone I know believes MJ should be legal. But, that doesn’t stop our politicians from maintaining the status quo…

    Pay attention if you are a Virginian, get out and vote in the November election for Robert Sarvis. He is the only person we can depend on to change the insanity in this state! Warner and Gillespie seem to have no problem with maintaining a police state and locking people up right and left…

  16. Colorado allows home grows. Looks like this hasn’t hurt the retail and medicinal industry or the tax revenues. Home growing should be allowed everywhere there are medical dispensaries. We all should be given the choice of whether to buy or grow our own.

  17. I am extremely ecstatic about what’s going on in Colorado I am looking to move there in the near future. I am moving there for medical reasons because I do not think Tennessee will ever smarten up! but I am concerned where is all that tax money going I hope it isn’t going to help fund our federal government with destroying the rest of the world! I need to know that it’s being used locally in the state to create better living conditions for everyone! now this might sound Ludacris but I feel it’s legitimate to be concerned where all that money is actually being applied to.

  18. my first comment was cut off. I would like to think that the money is going directly back into the state into the different communities so everyone can enjoy a decent lifestyle and I mean everyone!!!

  19. Synthetic marijuana is Marinol + Cesamet; Sativex is “real marijuana”; “Spice does not have any synthetic or real marijuana not one dot; “Spice is a toxic Herb; like Belladonna.
    Spice would be similar to a “toxic mushroom.”
    “Spice should be eradicated” Spice is not MJ.

  20. I could not find the name of the exact Herb which is used to manufacture “Spice”; the Herb is imported (Asia)the Herb similar to a toxic mushroom. “Spice is not synthetic MJ”!!!

  21. Comment: Does our Gov. and the people know what Cannabinoids are? Cannabinoids are
    Essential Nutrients; like Chlorophyll or Vits.
    This is why we have “Cannabinoid Receptors”. We also have Vitamin B12 receptors in our syst.Vitamin B12 is found in Clams as top source.” Cannabinoids found in “Hemp Herbs”.

  22. comment: what is interesting about Clams is the reason Clams have high Vitamin B12 content is because “Clams eat blue green Algae. Blue Green Algae has Vitamin B12.
    some seaweed has Vit. B12. I will post the Nutritional Profile of the “Holy Hemp Herb”
    *note: all “fish; dairy; fowl + have Vit. B12.
    Milk is high in Potassium too.

  23. WOW! Can’t wait till Illinois wakes up and smell’s the green (money), cuz we need legal weed!!!!!

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