The Importance of Getting Stoners to Vote on Nov. 4

Legalization Initiatives on the 2014 Ballot

As we approach the midterm elections this November 4th, it is important that everyone understand the right to vote is both a privilege and a responsibility of citizenship that should not be overlooked. Not only do we have federal, state and local candidates on the ballot, but even more important for marijuana smokers, we will have full legalization proposals on the ballot in Alaska and Oregon; a more complete version of decriminalization on the ballot in the District of Columbia; a medical use proposal on the ballot in Florida (the first southern state to vote on medical use); and a number of municipal proposals on the ballot in several cities in Michigan and Maine.

This is a wonderful opportunity to move legalization forward, to continue to build our political momentum, and to win back a measure of personal freedom in our lives. If you smoke marijuana, but do not vote, then don’t complain down the road when you are busted, lose your job or otherwise become a victim of marijuana prohibition.

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  1. In Massachusetts vote for Evan Falchuk. He’s the only candidate that has openly spoken about getting the process of medical marijuana expedited and also has a full legalization stance. Evan Falchuk #magov14

  2. I just tried to post a comment but got this error message; not the first time this has happened… What is up with this?

    “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

  3. IF anyone reading this lives in Virginia, PLEASE get out and vote for Robert Sarvis. He seems to our only chance for any kind of legalization initiative here. The alternate choices, Gillespie and Warner, have proven track records of maintaining the Status Quo…

  4. A poor girl wants to marry
    A rich girl wants to flirt
    A rich man goes to College
    And a poor man goes to work

    Big Pharma wants you to buy another pill
    And forget the November vote
    And we all want prohibition to end
    But I will take another toke…

    Oh I ain’t asking nobody for nothin
    If I can’t get it on my own
    If you don’t like the way we’re living
    You need to vote for somma this here home grown.

  5. Yes, I will vote but I wanted to thank Keith Stroup and NORML for never giving up the fight. What patience and smarts to keep pushing.
    There are still great people in this world. I figure that if Wendy is elected governor of Texas we may have a shot at sanity ourselves.

  6. Freedom makes life worth living. Be sure that freedom includes you when it comes to voting on other issues.
    Pot makes thinking more entertaining.

  7. As you enter the voting booth remember these words…
    ” You can keep your doctor, Period ! ”
    Think before you vote. If you don’t vote, you have no right to complain.

  8. I’m not aware of any pro-marijuana law makers here in Idaho. I’s business as usual for state-house pit-vipers in Boise.

  9. Voting is not a privelege in any sense especially when you live in a political economic system as morally decrepit as the USA.

  10. I would like to caution folks on attacking either Democrat or Republican on one supporting it over the other. I know several successful MMJ’s being run by hard-core republicans. And life long Democratic’s that donate to PAC’s to stop Marijuana. So putting either group in to pro or con side is not going to further your cause.

  11. I also know a lot of Republicans that are union members, support gay marriage, like having health insurance, think climate change is real, and are pro choice.

  12. If you want marijuana legal in Texas, vote Democratic. Greg Abbott ain’t gonna do $#!+. Wendy Davis in Texas is for hemp AND medicinal. None of that hemp “but” $#!+. Vote Wendy! Choose your poison!

  13. Don’t assume anything has been won yet. You have to work it like you’re ten points behind, no matter what the polls say.

  14. Medical Marijuana

    Candidate For Illinois Governor Would Have Vetoed Medical Marijuana Law

    September 19, 2014 | Chris Lindsey | 1 Comment

    Republican candidate for Illinois governor Bruce RaunerBruceRauner announced earlier this week that, if he had been in office, he would have vetoed Illinois’ new law, which allows seriously ill patients access to medical cannabis. Rauner also said he preferred a system that would make business licenses available only to the highest bidders in order to raise money for state coffers.

    Governor Quinn, who signed the medical marijuana bill in 2013, took exception to the comments, pointing out that the process is both competitive and transparent. His campaign called Rauner’s statements “heartless” and stressed that the law “will ease pain and provide relief for cancer patients (and) severely ill people.”

    Rep. Lou Lang, who sponsored the current law, noted that Illinois’ program is among the most tightly-controlled in the country. He also stated that “[t]he whole notion that Mr. Rauner would veto the bill, the notion that it would go to the highest bidder, is just callous, and flies in the face of logic.”

    Rauner’s opposition to the current law stands in contrast to most Republican lawmakers, who joined Democrats earlier this year to extend the program to allow individuals with seizure conditions to qualify for access. His statements are particularly important because the winner of this election will be in office in 2017 — when the current program expires. In order for seriously ill patients to continue to have access, a new law will need to be passed.


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    Bruce RaunerDemocratIllinoisPat QuinnRepublican

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    One thought on “Candidate For Illinois Governor Would Have Vetoed Medical Marijuana Law”


    September 22, 2014 at 9:11 am

    Is owning a State the new status symbol among the ultra rich?

    Is the State of Illinois for sale to the “highest bidder”?

    “I’m probably in the .01 percent” – Billionaire Bruce Rauner

    A vote for Governor Pat Quinn is a vote for those of us who are not obscenely rich.

    I believe Pat Quinn knows how to mow a lawn.

    I know Bruce Rauner made more than $25,000 per hour last year.

    How much do you make in an hour?

    I’ll bet a cup of coffee it isn’t enough to pay 140,000 dollars a year to belong to a Wine Club.

    A vote for Governor Quinn is a vote for Illinois.

    A vote for RichRauner is a vote for a man I wouldn’t trust as far as I can sling a piano!

    – See more at:

  15. I’m in oh,we’re decrimalized up to 3 ozs. but!! where’s the freedom? i still fear: to buy , grow, smoke. and that,s even if i can find someone (i can trust) to purchase from, let alone were to safely buy seeds! it’s a fine of $150. for first 3 offenses! but wait! how will “they” find out? from the local snitch!!! and then these small minded people, in this small town will do what they want. you say move! can’t! im originally from columbus. i’ve ranted on this site quite often enough that i started figuring someone would show up to arrest me. freedom of speech only goes so far. i believe ohio has the potential to pass a bill here for full legalization if put on ballot. just expressing an opinion about the grey haired f–ks in the white house, the evil ass holes that got us into viet nam and other wars, are still there! the only way they leave is to be voted out,(as we’ve seen sometimes fails,gwb!), or they die. i lived outside u.s. for 6 yrs in canada, still love my country more, right or wrong. i am a 61 year old , been smoking since i was 19. spent more than a few years in college. i have half a brain that makes me shake my head. what is so dangerous that cops have to act all hostel? what! to save us from ourselves! do they think we’re that stupid, to believe this crap? wake up! it’s just the $. the stink is that the politicians are drug dealers too!!! lining their pockets from payoffs ie importers, alcohol, tobbacco, and pharm co.s. let the dea do border patrol, let the real cops go and actually do the job i believe they want to do : to serve and protect, and if they don’t want to do that and be honest and upstanding, than they should find other work. our people have been doing without a good police force for many years. and by the way where did all the $ go? when our schools are not measuring up!just think how great this country could be if stuff turned around. vote and vape!

  16. Vote Wendy Davis to legalize marijuana and hemp in the Great State of Texas next year.
    Early voting ends October 30th. Go to and click on the “register to vote” tab if you know anyone who has not already registered.
    @John Tunmire,
    I’m not in your district, but I just looked at your website and by God, even though I know I’d be throwing my vote away I would vote for you, no question about it. There has GOT to be a way to bring more legitimacy to the Green Party. How about making number “10” number “1” on your list of key priorites? Focus on the fact that Citizens United have turned moderate American politicians into extreme “liberal” Democrats and extreme “Conservative” Republicans who either bought out or sell out by Koch brothers or some other fanatic cause. Emphasize that the Green Party is about SUSTAINABILTY. And you will speak to the disenfranchised “undecided” yet educated voters America is so full of these days. Good luck to you brother, you are on a solid platform.

    @Whitney Bilyeu (Really? After all that weird spelling your name sounds like “Bill you?”)
    Look, I don’t mean to sound like an asshole but judging from your website you should go join the Green Party.
    I don’t appreciate the Libertarian movement disguising itself as a separate party on one hand and then attaching itself to Republican agendas by tapping into Koch funds and other disguising their prohibitionist policies behind pro-marijuana donations while large multinational prohibitionist corporations pay the lion’s share into prohibition.
    With Koch Industries owning timber and petrochemical patents that directly compete with a legal domestic hemp industry you can NOT accept their money in one hand and claim to support legalization of cannabis in the other.
    Libertarians would rather see zero income tax and anarchy than marijuana legalization, if they had a choice between the two; and they do, with each campaign donation.
    The best example was Ron Paul who got up on stage in Austin in front of the Texas capitol, 2008, and said, “Abolish the DEA!” (to cheers, Yeay!!)
    Then he said, “Abolish the Department of Education!”
    (Crowd said “WTF?!”)
    Think about it.

  17. Hello all, I live in NC and I was wondering if there is a list of candidates that tells which ones support the legalization of cannabis either medicinal or recreational. Thanks MJ

  18. I echo Julian’s sentiments about Texas when I say that those who wish to see pot legalized in NM should vote Democratic. Our GOP governor, Susanna Martinez, has boasted loudly about her opposition to legalization and has issued several threats of vetoing any such legislation. She of course is not the only GOPer having that stance.

    Most (all?) of the attempts by politicians in NM these past one or two years to bring recreational MJ to NM or reduce MJ penalties have been initiated by Dems, and opposed by GOPers. Those are facts.

    Again, if you want pot legalized in NM, vote Dem.

  19. I am having trouble finding information about which candidates are for ending prohibition and which are not. Is there a list? I live in Missouri. I worry about voting blind.

  20. Florida is not the first state to vote on Medical Use. Arkansas voted in 2012 and only lost 52 to 48, a victory in it’s own right. Of course the Republicans in the legislature (majority) said they weren’t worried about the voters approving the new law since they had no intention of honoring it anyway,

  21. I am praying that i get the right to choose my medication and my recreation here in Fl. I am ashamed at how i and so many of us around the globe were manipulated into believing all the propaganda For Prohibition ! I truly believe this planet and its people would have gone in a different direction all around if it would have been left alone for us all to grow and prosper in health and wellbeing !That said… Vote Yes on 2 in Florida And Yes on 91 etc etc etc . Yes yes yes ! Plant Cannabis across the globe !

  22. In New York State, we are under control of a dictator named Cuomo. We are not heard nor is there a plan for us to be heard. He jammed a joke of a bill down our throat that might as well not have passed at all for it does absolutely nothing.

    We need people in office that truly represent the wishes of the majority and it does not happen here in New York.

    This is a joke here in NYS. Cuomo must go.

    Ilion, NY

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