DC Voters Ready to Approve Marijuana Legalization

A NBC4/Washington Post/Marist pollmajority_support of DC voters released today revealed strong support for Initiative 71, which would legalize adult possession and limited cultivation of marijuana in the District.

The survey showed 65% support for the initiative amongst likely voters, only 33% were opposed and 2% undecided.

The polling data also showed NORML PAC endorsed DC Attorney General candidate Paul Zukerberg leading the field of five with double the support of his closest competitor.

If these figures hold, the nation’s capital will be getting a whole lot greener come November, with legalized adult possession and an Attorney General committed to pursuing marijuana law reform.

You can learn more about and donate to Initiative 71 at the campaign webpage here.

You can learn more about Paul Zukerberg and how to contribute or volunteer for his campaign here.

If you want to help NORML in DC voter turnout efforts, please email erik@norml.org with the subject line “Smoke the Vote.”

You can read the full poll results here.

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  1. “The survey showed 65% support for the initiative among likely voters, only 33% were opposed and 2% undecided.”

    Does Dr. Andy Harris (R, Maryland) know about this? Surely he and the dark money that supports him will intercede if this passes. He’ll do it ‘as a physician’ to save the children, despite prohibition’s failure despite decades of cruelty.

  2. @phrtao – Playing chess is one of my very favorite things to do while enjoying my favorite herb! For me, it seems to increase my ability to focus and enhances my creativity; definitely not what the DEA has to say about it!

    I have no doubt that the prohibitionists will put up some serious defense to what they will see as an attack… Dirtbags!

  3. As DC goes, so too the rest of the nation 🙂

    It will now be impossible for candidates and media puppets to laugh off the issue and ignore it during the next presidential race, like they did in the last.

  4. This makes me very excited. Two states and the District of Columbia are set vote on marijuana legalization for adults this November, along with countless other municipalities. One Santa Fe recently voted to decriminalize pot, and Vegas just voted in a legit medical system. Within my 21-year lifetime I’ve watched marijuana go from a dangerous drug used only by losers to a quite harmless plant used by some of the most inspired and successful people I know. I look forward to seeing this issue brought up nation-wide within the next few years. Kevin Sabet has brought his reefer madness to Oregon, and people are calling him on it all over the Internet. I’m thrilled to see legalization become less of a partisan issue and more of a “common sense” issue.

  5. @Miles – yes “check” but not yet “mate” ! That is when people fight the fiercest so caution is advised. They will no doubt come out with the dirtiest tricks to keep prohibition going.

  6. Uncle Sham needs his tax dollars, now more than ever. It is sad to me that profit and taxes are the motivating factor for the plants to come out of the closet… This is about money and the bottom line. All the people against legal cannabis are thugs making money or banking on it staying illegal ie Big Pharma, the privatized prison system and beer/booze companies. These folks have very deep pockets and powerful lobbies steeped in greed and profit. The fact that legal cannabis wold directly affect the bottom line has them grasping for alarmist propaganda. The war on drugs is a war on the American people. A war that has gone on for forty years with no end in sigh. Only people put in cages for life, for a PLANT.

  7. A definite step forward, but some caveats have to be kept in mind.

    Legalization is being used here to mean something a lot more limited than what we see now in CO and WA. There will be no stores selling cannabis products in DC. The bill legalizes only possession and limited cultivation.

    What’s more, landlords have veto power over their tenants’ cultivation (and use, for that matter). DC is one of the most expensive cities in the country. Most people rent, and home ownership is completely out of reach for even much of the professional middle class.

    What we’re getting in effect is legalization for the wealthy (and a softening of penalties for everyone else). I’m all for it, but we need more.

  8. @D.C.: I love you D.C.: from Deal Hill to Adams Morgan; from Rock Creek a Forest to Anacostia, change is comin real soon.

    America; never forget the power of the voting consumer.

    @miles & pharto, When I was in high school in D.C. (Or school high… However you prefer…) there was a time I used to play chess in a math class up at Wilson Senior High. I learned the objective of chess is not only to check the king but to entrap him where he cannot move out of check, which means reading your opponent and learning what traps he or she will plow into.
    Examples are Republicans sticking to the tough-on-border-crime and curse executive privilege (while a Democrat is in power) agenda in order to appear harder than Obama… While concealing their Koch, prison lobbied, asset forfeiting and Pfizer funded Prohibitionist agendas…
    But Obama loves setting traps; and Republicans walk into them every time. He set Republicans up for the bait by writing DOJ “memos” …not executive orders… Before elections. He is positioned to attack but it’s the Republicans turn to move… A brilliant strategy for November elections.
    The DOJ, the C.S.Act, and the entire patented foundation of prohibition has entered the end game. It’s a bit like they still have their queen, DEA director Michelle Leonhart, but not a single pawn left to defend her. We in the legalization movement have ALL our pawns. Only one needs to be elected to the other side of the board. Here in Texas, since Friday’s debates, Wendy Davis is on her way to do just that;
    While decriminalization is not the same as legalization, the mobility of the Democratic Party is showing much more adaptability to changing demographics than the Koch-sucking Republicans are. Remember that Koch industries owns timber and petrochemical patents that compete directly with a legal domestic hemp industry. They would be the knights still on the board, which can jump the pawns by throwing campaign money around and underwriting for news syndicates to influence the cannabis debates.
    And the bishops of prohibition? Big Pharma, backed up by our archaic scheduling system.
    Though Legalization has its own bishops; like NORML PAC and the Drug Policy Alliance. We activists, donating, educating, voting and writing our Congressman, may well be pawns on this board, but a bunch of pawns with both bishops to back them up can be a formidable force. The board is set for November… A knight for a pawn, trade bishops and the Texas pawn is Queened… And Florida’s rook is released from prison just to tip the scale enough to control the center of the board… Check mate in 3… The chess clock is ticking Republicans…

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  11. Sam, the reason for this is the truth about marijuana is never discussed by policy makers. They make policy for some kind of boogie man weed that doesn’t even exist. Then pretend their lies are important enough to arrest people over.

    All these defective marijuana laws are because people still do not know what marijuana is. They still believe it to be “bad boogie weed”.

    Once legal, I think our courts will finally have to start doing their jobs, they will finally not be able to pretend it is illegal to sell marijuana and marijuana products. How can something be unsellable anyways? It is an abridgment of our normal everyday rights.

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