Grease Pot Parody: Steve Berke-style

Adding to his ever-growing series of pro-cannabis law reform song parody videos, as well as in support of his home state’s current efforts to pass a medical cannabis initiative, comedian and Miami Beach political gadfly Steve Berke has just released a new pro-pot parody based on the famous movie of the 1970s ‘Grease‘.

Upping the ante in Berke’s video productions, his talented crew drove from Florida to Texas, in search of the original amusement park backdrop used for the 1978 movie production of ‘Grease’.

“You’re The Law That I Want!”
A more heartfelt and satirical political advertisement in support of passing the voter ballot initiative question in Florida this fall, Amendment 2, is hard to envisage.

For more information about Steve Berke’s 4TT production company and make donations to run 30 second version of the Grease parody on Florida TV stations check out press release below.


PHONE: 786-499-6134

September 15, 2014

For Immediate Release

Miami Beach politician drives 1,400 miles to Texas to shoot “Grease” parody video supporting the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida

Founded by former Miami Beach mayoral candidate Steve Berke, The After Party PAC is a political organization fighting to legalize medical marijuana in Florida. Advocating for a ‘Yes’ vote on Amendment 2, The After Party recently commissioned a shot-for-shot parody video of the song “You’re the One that I Want” from the movie “Grease.”

Called “You’re the Law that I Want (Yes on 2)” the musical parody faithfully recreates the carnival scene made famous by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John – with Berke taking on the role of Travolta.

The original Fun House used as a location in the ’70s movie classic was in service at a county fair in Texas this summer. So, Berke and the production crew traveled the 1,400 miles from Miami Beach to Decatur (in an RV) especially for the two-day shoot.

“Our crew drove half way across the country because we wanted to make this parody as authentic as possible,” Berke said. “We felt compelled to really go to bat for the 1.1 million Floridians who signed the petition to get medical marijuana on the ballot this November.”

Berke is a former professional tennis player who found marijuana after herniating two discs in his lower back. The injury permanently ended his tennis career and Berke, an athlete and Yale graduate, realized that marijuana wasn’t just for stoners when his doctor in California recommended trying medical marijuana to manage his pain as an alternative to dangerous prescription drugs.

“Ultimately, all we are asking for is that people in Florida have the same opportunity that I had to get the medicine they need,” Berke said. “And, our video gets that message across in a way that is fun, informative and memorable.”


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  1. FLORIDA is a jerkwater state that has trouble running an election with out problems it will be hard for them to get it right. FLORIDA’S AG Pam Bondi and Gov. Rick Scott will hurt this cause if they are reelected. I am from florida and watched the persecution of young people down here. This state turns this issue into a big job maker and revenue maker at the expense of our young people. Ruining young lives with this misguided over bearing legal sham that is based on perpetuating lies and junk science for state profit. I would suggest not making an add that looks foolish when you are appealing to the medical application of pot. I am guessing this add is to appeal to younger voters of whom many are not sick but want it legal as i do. Encourage the young to vote. If Rick Scott and his crew prevail in 2014 they will stonewall implementation.Many republicans are on board with legalization but this GOV.RICK SCOTT’S TEAM IS NOT. DO NOT GIVE THEM A CHANCE TO DO MORE DAMAGE TO OUR YOUNG PEOPLE BY GIVING THEM A POLICE RECORD FOR DOING NOTHING! VOTE HIM AND HIS TEAM OUT. LET’S GET TO WORK VOTERS AND REMOVE THEM FROM OFFICE!

  2. For years I had a running gag with myself that I was destined to write a song called ‘My Mother’s Name Was Mary Jane. My mother’s name was Mary Jane (really), and she was born on April 20, aka 4/20.

    I expected something light-hearted, but The song wound up as something dead serious. My mother died of old age, her body wore out. Toward the end she was in great pain from several vertebrae shattered in a fall. NOTHING seemed to relieve the pain. At one point, I realized the pain relief may be up to me. Maybe marijuana could help. My next thought horrified me.

    Fortunately the doctors tried a legal prescription that finally worked, and I was spared the problem of scoring her weed and convincing her it was not satanic drug she had been lead to believe.

    I doubt everyone facing this quandry would be so lucky.

  3. Debbie WasserMan …
    quick somebody throw a bucket of water on that wicked witch of the east !
    she isn’t a friend of medical marijuana
    call her & ask why she hates the sick people of Florida

  4. Much like the remake of the theme from “That 70’s Show,” this musical remake shows an inferior aptitude for recording studio techniques. Fortunately, it could be fixed in the mix with the addition of only a few additional tracks. First, the line, “You’re the law that I want/Ooo, ooo, ooo.” is wrong. It should have been repeated twice like the original, i.e. “You’re the law that I want/The law that I want/Ooo, ooo, ooo.” To a person familiar with the original song, the line would otherwise seem missing. Second, the original mix sounds more full during the choruses. I suspect Olivia & John’s voices were doubled during that segment; or else other singers were also singing. I am highly sure there are more than two vocal tracks heard during the choruses in the original. Finally, when the original was recorded, there was almost certainly reverb recorded in the mix. It has become the fashion not to use any reverb to record Heavy Metal and Rap, because it sounds very stark that way, and you can emphasize musical “punches”: periods of loud followed by silence, to break up the music. This music has no such thing going on in it, and it sounds like many modern attempts to remake older music: great clarity, but it is just stark, and in your face with no finesse. To sum things up, I strongly suggest: 1) doubling the “You’re the law that I want” line, 2) recording additional vocal overdubs for the chorus, and 3) using reverb in the mix, in a manner similar to that employed in the original, if that was the case. If there was no reverb in the original, perhaps the problem is that the mic wasn’t a U87, that they had a more crispy sounding mic pre, or some other effect.

  5. Upon listening to the original again, I believe they are using reverb while you are not. I notice both of the singers doing things what, in a less controlled singer, would be called vocal cracks – similar to yodeling. I am not so sure there are more than two voices heard in the chorus, although there may be some quieter tracks from other singers. I’m pretty sure it is a brighter mic & preamp chain. Your video does not have the iconic “Shake Shack” backdrop in it.

    I believe you have: main singers: “You’re the law that I want” male backup singers: “You are the law I want.” You should have the main singers sing both lines.

  6. as a smoker and a Floridian all i can say is this add was beyond pointless. Anyone under 40 doesnt need to be convinced. This state drains the life out of you so everyone has a vice. its the elderly demographic that needs to be convinced. So big text and slow words would do alot more good than flashy colors and and a tight budget parody which just misses on every level

  7. Those who remember the show, Grease, when it first came out are over 40 years old. People of all ages needs to be convinced or reassured that marijuana is the right choice.

  8. For all the music critics, the movie was based on a Broadway hit. High Schools are playing it.

  9. Yea, most people under 30 never even seen grease. Me and my wife are headed towards 60 and we both remember it fondly. We think the video is awesome and very much talks to the older generation such as us. By the way, we both can keep up with the pace of the video just fine. When the time comes that we can’t keep up with a video, we probably will no longer be voting. 🙂

  10. Funny to me that most comments on this video seem negative. I think they did a wonderful job. I was there for the original movie when it first came out. As far as it being to flashy for the older people who so many think need convincing. Well you young kids need to understand if us old people hadn’t done what we did in the 60’s and 70’s you wouldn’t be reading this now. More old people want pot legal than you seem to realize.

  11. Hi Thom, yeah, that is weird. It is a really good parody. Too good apparently, as it got taken down by complaint from copyright abuser Warner/Chappell Music. This would be the same group of clowns that believe they own the “Birthday Song” and they illegally sue and win infringement cases for use of the “birthday song”.

    Why do our courts oversee and condone so many illegal actions? From suing people over singing “happy birthday” to arresting people for weed, our courts are not a venue we can find justice within.

  12. Local media here in Florida is quoting polls that say the medical marijuana proposition is in trouble. It looks like we need some of the undecided voters to give us the 60% needed to win here in Florida. So undecided voters make sure you get out and vote. I have a suspicion that some people joined the undecided group because they did not want to give up their position on pot over the phone to a poll taker. Florida makes a business out of arresting pot smokers. Give a loud message to your leaders this november and VOTE!! MAKE FLORIDA SCOTT FREE..

  13. I just saw an add in Palm Beach county Florida regarding prop 2 that was unrecognizable as an anti medical marijuana add. It said that prop 2 was about letting caregivers sell drugs with impunity and that prop 2 should be called the “drug dealers protection act”. The opposition is lying through their teeth. Whats new….VOTE YES PROP 2 FLORIDA!

  14. This ad is the stupidest thing imaginable to try and sell the concept of legalizing medical marijuana in Florida. How about actually addressing the issue? Or negating the insane anti Prop 2 ads that claim “felons will be safe from prosecution… even if their pot hurts someone”? Or simply stating some facts in a simple, concise and clear way? A cheap Grease parody is most certainly NOT the way to make a serious point about the need for the legalization of medical marijuana.

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