Poll: More Than Six In Ten Connecticut Voters Say Legalize Marijuana

More than six out of ten Connecticut voters favor legalizing marijuana use by adults, according to statewide polling conducted by Quinnipiac University.

Sixty-three percent of respondents said that they favored permitting adults to legally possess personal use quantities of cannabis. Only 34 percent of voters opposed this idea.

Legislation, House Bill 6703, is presently pending in the state, “to allow marijuana use for persons twenty-one years of age and older, and to regulate the sale, possession, use and growth of marijuana.” Connecticut residents can contact their lawmakers in support of this measure here.

State voters, by an overwhelming 82 percent to 15 percent margin, also support eliminating mandatory minimum sentences for offenses involving the possession of small amounts of illegal drugs, and allowing judges to decide sentences on a case by case basis.

The Quinnipiac University poll possesses a margin of error of +/- 2.8 percentage points.

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  1. Come on Connecticut! Join the freedom train! The northeast part of the country is begging–overdue–for a little freedom!

  2. Seems that these days this kind of stuff is no longer news. It’s just a dog-bites-man story.

  3. This is great news!

    So, I’m thinking Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and the federally recognized American Indian Nations within those states should coordinate and time things with one another to legalize. If the states don’t legalize first or simultaneously then the state has to legislate or have regulations or policies that law enforcement will not be waiting for cannabis consumers right outside the tribal lands, you know, to pull people over and search their cars to bust them.

    They are understandably hesitant individually to legalize, but as a block, well, there is strength in numbers. Kaching goes the ca$h regi$ter!

  4. Why is this poll the first story on your website? You should be putting the Senate Bill as the first story on the page for visibility. Please keep the Senate Bill story as the headline to get traction! Thx

  5. Seems like NORML could help State’s with similar survey result situations by coordinating more data collection and dissemination activities that seek to estimate tourist impact due to a potential “regional monopoly” on recreational marijuana sales. Even simple secondary analysis using the NSDUH could be used to provide some ready estimates. Wider data collection and analysis would be better to capture some sense of tourism dollars to help better inform policy makers. Wait hire me to do it!

  6. most of the weed I smoke these days comes from Michigan some from cali and Colorado cant wait to try some new England weed big love from ohio

  7. Conn. way to scream loudly. If only the voters would get out and voice their opposition to the status quo, maybe then the polls would have more authenticity.

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  9. Are there any states in America in which the number of people who believe marijuana should be legal for adults is less than 50%?

    In my experience, just about everyone I know thinks it should be legal and realize the stupidity of ruining people’s lives over something safer than many legal substances.

    From what I can tell, it is only a small handful of the rich and powerful that continue to make a mockery of our “Land of the Free”.

    I’m talking about people like Jeb Bush who used marijuana in his youth but now advocates for locking people up for doing the same; even if they have a medical need for it. In fact, as long as the user is himself or a family member, even if the said drug is crack cocaine, then it is okay. It is only other people he wants put into prison… And that, my friends, is what is so very wrong with the leaders of this country. Jeb Bush is a shining example of everything that America is not supposed to be about! Sadly, he is not alone…

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  11. Paul, as a very long time donor to NORML, I would like to see the historical Senate bill be at the very top of the blog postings and a headline hyperlink for people to contact their senators. This is common sense for a lobby group that’s been fighting for over 45 years to make progress. Also an explanation of the law is in order, people need to know the “concept of federalism” means that the federal government will no longer be involved with the states affairs in regards to medical marijuana. We all like to read great poll numbers, but the Senate Bill is a good one and you should make it a constant headline until it passes or dies.

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  17. We’ll see, Ct. Has a way of making Cannibis difficult to get. The Medical rules are a joke. I am a cancer servivor, Have a replacement hip, and take strong meds for pain.Doctors that prescribe aren’t easy to get to. Neither are the clinics for medical cannibis.Fully disabled people don’t drive and to get to these clinics would be a burdon on people who help me get to medical appointments. If it’s medicne why doesn’t the pharmacy have cannibis? the narcardicts I take are far more dangerous. all meds should be sold at the pharmacy. This is the same old game, Legislated by those that don’t understand cannibis, but go home at the end of the day and put toxic drugs in their mouth, alcohol.

  18. What about Vermont where you can do what you want? Come on CT, start the revolution in New England!

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