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  1. I was professionally assassinated on my job and passed over by more than one chronic alcoholic (one was so blitzed that I had to run the Dept while he was in rehab. When he returned they promoted him over me.

    It’s like Kindle readers. I have a friend who doesn’t like Kindle–he likes “the Old Fashioned books!” His reasons for not liking the Kindle–well….he’s never tried a single sentence in a Kindle…

    Show me someone who has truly smoked 1 oz of pot in his life that is against it.

  2. That is a breath of fresh air! Very well done. If we can move away from the “stoners” image and keep it professional like this ad we will have a chance.

  3. Wow! What a powerful statement to the world. I hope it runs continuously in the USA. People in every and all strata of society use weed, why don’t we start a conversation about how it can help us in our everyday lives and relationships. “If you think a glass of wine at the end of the day is pleasant, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet” could be the slogan. Those that turn up their nose, are missing a whole new world.

  4. I have wanted to come out green for some time now. I have not had the balls. I am open with anyone who asks. My mother has known for sometime, I have smoked while she was at my place. I just tell anyone who questions me to look at what I do and have done in my life. Work is an issue tho. Something about zero tolerance for the safest plant on the planet. I applaud anyone who can come out publicly and face The Man.

  5. Most people I know also know I enjoy using cannabis. In some cases it is not a good thing because of their ignorance about it and their unwillingness to learn more; preferring to continue to see the stereo-typical stoner in their minds eye.

    My brother, 2 years younger than me (I’m 60), sees me as a stoner loser. It really bothers me considering that: I’m still in excellent physical condition, I served in the USMC and got an honorable discharge, I graduated from Electronics training with mostly A’s, worked for many years as an electronics tech and eventually got into computer programming. I am also married and have a great relationship with my wife. I have never spent a day in jail for anything because I am not a criminal; beyond breaking the stupidist laws in human history!

    It is incredibly frustrating. I’ve come to realize that some people, even those that are seemingly very intelligent, will just never get it. It is ironic that those people who don’t get it believe that they are superior.

    Since I live in Virginia, there is no way I’d come out of the proverbial closet here since I’d probably find myself the target of law enforcement. I pray this changes soon!

  6. This is sad as we still in the 21st century are still working toward acceptance of responsible people who instead of drinking damaging alcohol are being demonized for using a substance that is natural and helps people in more ways than this excellent video illustrates. Entrenched and cemented are those who are still unevolved in their old 20th century attitudes and mindsets. As an individual I will not let the fading group consensus of “bad” Cannabis keep me from knowing the direct truth of the many benefits of cannabis. We have to continue evolving and growing and discovering what new benefits this amazing plant has to offer civilization .

  7. Where there’s dope, there’s hope; shine on and smile Pocatello Idaho, you rock.

  8. If every cannabis consumer put a green flag with an image of a cannabis leaf on their front lawn or in their window…Prohibition would end that day….I mean everyone!…that includes Current and former American Presidents, Judges, Physicians, Physicists, Psychics, Prosecutors, Attorneys, Police Officers, Bankers, Postmen/Women, Tinkers, Tailors, Soldiers and Politicians!…and anyone else who is not a hypocrite.

    They can’t arrest millions of people…at once!…but they can (and continue to do)…one at a time!

    Lets all stand up and flex our collective nuts?

    Pardon my prison phraseology, I recognize the sexist content, but I believe everyone knows what I mean…and I mean it !

    We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately. Benjamin Franklin – ( Ben Franklin )

  9. Needs to play on every station in every state once every hour.Maybe then the prohibitionists will finally get it.

  10. I’m in my late 50’s, My best Friend died recently and I went to see his parents to talk about him. The subject came up about Marijuana. I had told them that I had smoked weed for many years before any benefits were known and I have no problems breathing of any kind, but I had never smoked a cigarette in my life and I had worked for two Tobacco companies. My friend had smoked two packs a day and had brown lung from working in a cotton mill for 30+ years, He was 2 years older than me. I was so surprised when his mother told me she wished she could get some to help with the health problems she was having. She is 77 years old. We currently don’t have access to anything stronger than Mexican weed (shit weed) or better tasting. Don’t worry though, I’m going to help her with getting what she needs, legal or not.

  11. Im 71 years been smoking the green for over 50 yrs
    Its been a comfort for me all that time . Now that I’m older and have pain from DJD it something I wouldn’t want to be without. I have told every one I know that I smoke. Because I just may be able to help someone else who is in pain.Don’t be afraid it is your duty to stand up tell friends and family break through the lies they have been told for all these years maybe then the government will do what’s right LEGALIZE allow us to grow our medicine and build a more peaceful world.

  12. Here lay the way?… to de-schedule/end cannabis prohibition?

    Justice Sutherland of the Supreme Court of United States adopted these words in Funk v. United States:

    “… cessante ratione legis, cessat ipsa lex … This means that no law can survive the reasons on which it is founded. It needs no statute to change it; it abrogates itself. If the reasons on which a law rests are overborne by opposing reasons, which in the progress of society gain a controlling force, the old law, though still good as an abstract principle, and good in its application to some circumstances, must cease to apply as a controlling principle to the new circumstances.”

  13. @cannifriend:
    “Come out green” sounds so much better than coming “out of the canni-closet” or other phrases borrowed from movements involving sexual identity.
    How about “Be brave and clean and show your green.” ?

  14. I applaud these people for being so brave. Been 15 years and I too hide it from everyone except my brother, wife and best friends (except my cop and military friends). I will wait to come out once it’s our protected civil right. Just too risky, even my employer of 10 years just added a random drug test clause. What bs in this day and age. We’ve been treated unfairly and ridiculed for way too long. Only vote for politicians who support weed, regardless of anything else they’ve done or stand for. Check out The Culture High on netflix. I’m a type A personality always doing something and use it to slow down, relax, focus and think. The only negative side effect is the paranoia of others judging me if they found out.

  15. Jesus of Nazareth calls out the Hypocrite Scribes and Pharisees (Matthew 23)

    Hypocrites All !!!
    Blind Guides !!!

    Antioxidant and Neuroprotectant rich Cannabis is listed as a schedule 1 drug while the poison alcohol and tobacco are not even scheduled.

    Cannabis with cannabinoids that have been patented as antioxidants and neuroprotectants is illegal even in America.

    Alcohol destroys and creates holes in the brain And causes cancer = Legal

    These hypocrites erode their brains with alcohol but then still go out and treat the cannabis community badly with fines and jail time.

    Land of the Free but they don’t have the Freedom to grow cannabis which is far safer and better than alcohol.

    Home of the Brave but they are afraid of Cannabis Plants.

  16. In my many years of experience it seems that many marijuana prohibition minded people have a real double standard. Which means that they have the god given right to say as many rude things as they wish about you and marijuana use. But if you speak up, let alone even say the word “marijuana” your First amendment rights don’t count. Hold your nose firmly with your thumb and forefinger friends, and loudly announce: that’s illegal YOU CAN’T DO THAT!!

  17. How appropriate “coming out green ” as we anxiously await Judge Mueller’s hearing on the evidence in two days over marijuana’s unconstitutional scheduling in the case if the U.S. v. Pickard. The Michigan Journal of Race and Law has been calling for “raced based equal protection,” in cannabis scheduling. I suppose it’s time to show our true colors when it comes to legalization; demonstrating socioeconomic inequality through Judicial Review will inevitably crack the shield around the C.S.Act. We may be beige or brown but we’re all green when Mueller sends the U.S. Governments’ little traveling marinol-medicine show to the 9th circuit of Appeals. Stock up on your hemp seeds and vaporizers, its fixin to get real good…

  18. So many of us are stuck in the cannabis closet. I can pretty much tell it’s a given that I would lose my job if I came out of the cannabis closet. My employer is an arch prohibitionist. They have fired people who have admitted to EVER using cannabis even though they passed the pre-employment physical are were outstanding employees and didn’t test positive when confronted by the company. Human resources claimed they lied on their employment application and fired them.

    This kind of coming out of the cannabis closet is great in states that have legalized if there is protection from being fired OR if you don’t have to worry about your employer giving you the sack.

  19. My comment is in response to problems with using marijuana medically, while employers, albeit oxymoronically, can still terminate a person’s employment for legally and responsibly medicating OUTSIDE of the workplace and OUTSIDE of working hours; this as a result of using antiquated intoxication detection techniques and also as a result of antiquated Federal US guidelines determining Marijuana scheduling, possesion penalties, use, and intoxication. I am a LEGAL Medical Marijuana patient with a recommendation from a certified doctor in my state. We, the people of this state, have legalized this law via POPULAR VOTE and subsequently its litigation. I have been diagnosed with Meneire’s Disease, Osteo Arthritis, and IBS, all of whose symptoms can be tolerated (if not completely alleviated) with a SINGLE dose of Cannabis each evening- one half an MJ cigarette per evening does the trick for me, and the theraputic results can last through the entire next day, while I am certainly not intoxicated or even impaired by the time I awaken. I have been using cannabis since 1977 almost daily, save for a six year enlistment in the US Air Force, where random testing was done and I was forced to abstain. I enlisted in the military for the same reason my father did (who was, ironically, a Special Narcotics Agent for the California Department of Justice): for the love of my country and the notion that I could help maintain FREEDOM in it. I have been a LEGAL, card-carrying Medical Marijuana patient in the state of Michigan since its inception here without a worry and nearly symptom free of all of my conditions for several years now. In 2015, after 27 years of continuous employment with a spotless employee AND attendance record, my employer has been taken over by a very large national corporation in which random drug testing is mandatory on a bi-yearly basis. Employees cannot be certain exactly when such testing will be accomplished; consequently we must all abstain or risk our future employment. This affects MANY people who work there. Several employees with very specific skill sets have since been fired or forced to quit, this to the detriment of the company, while NONE have EVER been accused of being intoxicated on the job. After 27 years at my job, I am only 53 and will not be able to retire for another 14 years. I have been forced to quit Cannabis use or risk my family’s health benefits, my pension, and future security. All medications I have taken in the past for my diagnoses have resulted in suffering from more (and worse) side effects than the original problems; i.e., 16 kidney stones over a period of a few years when I decided to stop using MJ and go with prescription meds, continued nausea and digestive discomfort (to include daily diarrhea several times per day), and further deterioration of my skeletal system and the connective tissue in my hips. I now use NO medications at all. All symptoms from my conditions have returned after 3 months of abstinence, and now I just have to deal with them while working 55-60 hours per week at a job consisting of 10 hours per day of manual labor in a factory.
    I cannot argue the fact that an employer needs to maintain job safety. I am well aware that their respective insurance liability providers may put extra pressure on them to test for workplace intoxication. Remember, I said INTOXICATION. But here are the facts: the corporate detection of marijuana in one’s system relies on detecting marijuana METABOLITES, which can be present a month or even two after its last use- NOT actual marijuana intoxication. Let me re-emphasize that- marijuana METABOLITES clearly do not justify a basis for intoxication. Let me ask ANYONE this: have you EVER still been high a month after smoking a joint??? A week??? This is what these tests imply. Conversely, in a common employer urinalysis, the cutoff for intoxication based on THC metabolites is only 50 nanograms. For heroin and other opioids such as Vicodin, Dilaudid, etc. (without the necessity of providing a prescription), the cutoff is 5,000 nanograms, for cocaine 300 nanograms, and for methamphetamines, 150 nanograms. And let’s remember that the metabolites of the other aforementioned NARCOTICS are generally not even detected in urine after 48 hours, as they are not bound to fat cells in the body as THC Metabolites are. And in most experts and physician’s eyes, these other drugs are much more dangerous to on-the-job performance and are more habit-forming than marijuana. Now, with these facts in mind, is there ANYONE in the scientific community who has (or can) develop an accurate test for Marijuana INTOXICATION??? Can we put something like this to good use IMMEDIATELY???
    I will tell you this; along with an employee urinalysis for drug detection, all employees at my company are also subjected to a breathalyzer test for alcohol. I know for a FACT that there are SEVERAL alcoholics at my place of employment who were quite intoxicated the night before (or even the morning OF) the test, and still passed the company’s intoxication criteria. Some of them even operate forklifts and other heavy equipment. Certainly, a qualified scientist with his heart in the right place can be found to assist people in my predicament, right?
    Also be advised, employers, that most people who use medical Marijuana are not completely impaired and useless to society; rather we are reliable, well educated, industrious, motivated people who choose to treat their aliments in the gentle way WE have chosen, NOT the way the US Government currently says we HAVE to. We are your sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, peers and co-workers. Some of us may have even saved your life at some point, even though you do not agree with our life choices. We are HERE. We are NOT going away. Our numbers WILL increase. We WILL get stronger. GET USED TO IT AND CHANGE OUR ANTIQUATED LAWS NOW!!!!! EVERYONE needs to help- PLEASE!!! Lives are at stake.
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  20. These people may be self employed. Those who work for the man are subject to dismisal. It’s a strong message. However I would have taken a few libertarian plugs to appeal to that wing of the repubs

  21. @TheOracle – “I would lose my job if I came out of the cannabis closet”

    You sure got that right for a great many people out there and it royally sucks!!! This is not something an employer should be able to fire someone for. The only thing that should matter is job performance. Every single place I have ever worked has had after-hours get togethers where alcohol is freely consumed. Almost every time someone gets too drunk and causes trouble one way or another. It is ridiculous that this is acceptable but consuming cannabis on your own time and not bothering anyone is grounds for being fired.

    Of course, much of what I say here is preaching to the choir… Still, I often hope that some of our lawmakers in Washington might occasionally read through these blogs and become enlightened. I am optimistic by nature but pessimistic by reality.

  22. Still, I often hope that some of our lawmakers in Washington might occasionally read through these blogs and become enlightened – Miles

    I promise politicians of many stripes consider these blog comments.

    I challenge any elected official to comment on this blog?

    I will (hold my nose) and vote for a Republican if one does!

  23. Hello, please read my story about me smoking cannabis. It was something i never ever wanted to try out as a teen, because my parents said it was the wrong thing to do. As i grew older i started to see things differently and eventually i get more informed about it, when i finally turned 18 i just had to try it. At first i didnt like it, after like 3 more times i just kinda loved the feeling of it. But wow let me tell you something… Im a normal 18 year old young adult about to go to college and wow… In the time i started smoking i have met some really shady people and been to really scary places just to get my hands on cannabis. Its not the weed that makes you do dangerous drugs, its the people that do that! When i buy my bud i sometimes hope that its not laced up with other harmfull drugs, i hope that my blunt wont leave me stupid… Its just stupid that the government is making me go through all this danm trouble to smoke some cannbis…If you are a smart person with a basic understanding of other drugs you wont do it, I love smoking weed now, i try to smoke it on the weekends when i got a little extra cash.

  24. I was denied cannabis for 35 years during my Air Force and airline career. All because of the lies that we’ve been told for nearly a century now. Alcohol is the drug of choice for the military officer and the typical airline pilot.

    My fortune secure, I’m 63 years old now, retired, republican – and green!

  25. I began smoking weed in the 60’s and have smoked off&on since. I gave it up for fear of legal consequences here in Texas. Now I have pain conditions that force me to take medication for functioning. I have decided to forego the penalty and grow my own. I’m just tired of the medications and with the strains available for pain relief, it’s worth the risk to me.
    If I’m caught, I’ll deal with the consequences thru the court system. It’s time to not just decriminalize, but legalize cannabis. This is 2015, not the dark ages.
    I’ve never known anyone who became violent or criminal due to weed.
    My wish is that everyone plant a seed ???? or more on every 4/20 from this day forward.
    God Bless and Go Green

  26. I’m sorry about my previous negativity. I like this coming out green. Thinking about marijuana freedom is like” my heart is on fire, and my soul like a wheel that is turning.”

  27. This video was inspiring. As a premedical student and aspiring physician I have the same reservations about coming out green. This video expresses that feeling of stigmatization, to those that may not understand. Congratulations to the team that developed this video, educating the world one step at a time!

  28. I agree, we do need to come out of the green closet. The civil rights movement didn’t pick up momentum until more of the black community started standing up for their rights. People used to get fired for being gay and having AIDS until the gay rights movement stepped it up and people started coming out of the closet, even if it meant the risk of being terminated from their jobs.

  29. We have been consuming in the closet for fear of perceptions, punitive reactions, and isolation. Thank the martyrs for their draconian bleeding by the ignorant for fear of, “just what is making these people so happy?” Our children, our cultures, and personal lives will be more peaceful, harmonious, and less destructive due to the truth and efficacious administration of personal healthcare instead of punitive prohibition.

  30. @Anonymous

    Well said!

    No punishment…no “fines”

    Peace , Truth, Health…Yes!

    No more fear based cannabis prohibition.

  31. One word of warning, the owners of this site/business are not actually cannabis users or at least they weren’t a year ago when I was at their house for dinner. In fact we had lots of conversation about how to get into the cannabis industry.

    As a long time cannabis user I understand why this seems appealing, but I have a really hard time getting behind people who lie so they can co-opt a movement for their own gains. Honestly I wouldn’t even be having a negative reaction right now if I hadn’t just watched a video of one of the owners “coming out” as a long time user.

    My advice is just be honest and say that you fell in love with cannabis last year, but don’t be desperate and try to be more of a veteran than you are just to get in with a group. A group I might add that in my experience values honesty and forthrightness.

  32. To Carl. My name is Max Simon and I am the founder of Green Flower Media. First, we have never met so it’s dishonest to say we had dinner together. Second, I have been a cannabis user for 26 years now, so your false assessment of my history is also not appreciated. We work very hard at Green Flower to spread cannabis truth, and I’d like to ask you to “be more careful” about what you say in public… especially when you are issuing a warning” which is based on false information. This is how lies and hate continue to spread around the internet even when good people are doing positive things for the world. Max Simon, CEO of Green Flower Media.

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