Oregon: Retail Cannabis Sales To Begin October 1

Democrat Gov. Kate Brown has signed emergency legislation expediting the retail sales of cannabis in Oregon to those age 21 and older.

Senate Bill 460 permits state-licensed medical marijuana dispensaries to also engage in cannabis sales to non-medical persons beginning on October 1, 2015. Adults will be allowed to purchase up to one-quarter ounce of cannabis per visit per day.

Initiated legislation approved by voters in November and enacted on July 1 allows those over the age of 21 to legally possess up to one ounce of cannabis and/or to engage in the non-commercial cultivation of up to four marijuana plants (yielding up to eight ounces of marijuana). Separate provisions in the law permitting the licensed production and retail sale of cannabis to adults were not anticipated to go into effect until next summer. Senate Bill 60 permits adults to legally obtain cannabis from dispensaries during this interim period.

Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington permit adults to legally possess and purchase limited quantities of marijuana for their own personal use. The District of Columbia also allows adults to possess and grow marijuana legally, but does not provide for as regulated commercial cannabis market. All of these measures were enacted by the passage of voter initiatives.

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  1. We can thank Ted Ferrioli for pushing for this interim option.
    During the proceedings he talked about how the committee should consider meeting the public’s demands as fast as possible and suggested this very option. I am utterly amazed it was considered and even more astounded it was adopted.
    Sometimes legislators really are looking out for their constituents’ interests.

  2. “…purchase up to one quarter ounce per visit per day”

    –over 200 single tokes in a #40-screened 5.5-mm-diam. crater (after handgrindsifting herb thru 1/16″ screenage). Co-writers needed to help develop the “12 Ways to make Pipes from Everyday Objects” wiki-article, fly to Oregon, open education-activist one-hit headshop!

    Make Oregon single-vapetoke-literate, set widely-viewed example, prevent hot burning overdose monoxide Joint $moking worldwide, take down 6,000,000-deaths-a-year niggotine $iggerette empire along with it, win $1.5-mil. Knowitwell Prize for Preventive Medicine for NORML volunteers in the Land of Oregano.

  3. this is awesome!… legally being able to do what is right in your own home is truly great….but, the part no one mentions is… what about drug testing to hold a friggen JOB? legalization is only HALF the battle folks! what good does it do if you can still be fired for being ‘dirty’. in my opinion , it is just a tease. especially hair testing.

  4. Re drug testing jobs, I don’t know which shed you’re @lockedoutof, but hurry build another one with a workbench inside, and tools, and right in your own yard make useful objects out of bone(wood)cheap materials, exercising and expressing your endocannabinoids, and boycott both degrading obedience jobs and the wasteful binge shopping life style the $lave money bought up till now. Teach the kids to help create a family/neigthborhood bizness based on adaptive reuse products, public demonstration (especially kids’ music toys) and sale to donational customers.

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