Poll: Michigan Voters Back Legalization Alternatives

A majority of Michigan voters endorse legalizing marijuana and having its sales regulated by state or local governments, according to statewide polling data released today.

Fifty-six percent of respondents backed some form of legalizing cannabis. Of these, 27 percent endorsed a proposal to allow for both the commercial production and home cultivation of the plant. Twenty-one percent endorsed state-imposed regulations but opposed home cultivation. Eight percent supported legalization but endorsed local controls, not state controls, in regard to how the plant ought to be regulated.

Forty percent of respondents said “Recreational marijuana use should not be legalized in Michigan.”

The poll possesses a margin of error of +/- 4 percent.

Previous statewide polls from 2013 and this past spring also show majority support for ending marijuana prohibition.

Michigan is one of several states where advocates are considering 2016 ballot initiatives to regulate the adult use of cannabis.

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  1. I believe a lot of people are afraid to make it known they smoke. Possibly due to ramifications from employers, creditors, landlords and the like. I base my opinion on the responses I get from people I meet on the street. Big Brother if not real, is a real problem for some citizens in and around my neck of the woods. People hesitate to even get on NORML’s web site. Being an independent political activist I can understand the fear. Working for a prominent corporation could raise concerns for employers, That in itself is a huge issue that should be addressed if legalization is going to happen. We don’t like to worry about these issues and hope they will smooth out accordingly. However, non-smokers fail to understand the difference between the propaganda they have been fed for decades and the real and positive affects of cannabis consumption. So it will be a challenge to wipe out a lot of the present stereotypical images that represent cannabis consumers.

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