Poll: South Carolina Voters Oppose Federal Interference In State Marijuana Laws

South Carolina voters, including some two-thirds of Republicans, do not believe that the incoming administration ought to interfere with the enactment of state laws legalizing marijuana, according to polling data conducted by Public Policy Polling and published today by Marijuana-Majority.com.

Sixty-five percent of South Carolina believe “[S]tates should be able to carry out their own marijuana laws without federal interference.” Seventy-three percent of Independents endorsed the notion, as did 66 percent of Republicans and 59 percent of Democrats.

Only 16 percent of voters agreed that the federal government should continue to “arrest and prosecute people who are following state marijuana laws.”

Similar support has been voiced among voters in the other early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire, where super-majorities oppose federal interference in state marijuana laws.

Nationwide polls have reported similar results. Gallup pollsters reported that 64 percent of respondents oppose federal interference in state laws that allow for the legal use of cannabis by adults, while a poll commissioned by the think-tank Third Way found that six out of ten voters believe that states, not the federal government, should authorize and enforce marijuana policy. Most recently, a 2015 nationwide Pew poll reported that a strong majority of Americans — including 64 percent of Independents, 58 percent of Democrats, and 54 percent of Republicans — believe that the federal government should not enforce laws in states that allow marijuana use.

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  1. Polls such as this just go to show you that the prohibitionist politicians simply don’t give a shit about what the voters think, or else cannabis would be legal for medical use in most, if not all, of the states and territories. In Pennsylvania there is 88% approval for medical marijuana, yet the state politicians, mostly Republicans, simply don’t give a shit, and have been holding up its legalization as a medicine in any form whatsoever that is not a pharmaceutical product for years. Pennsylvania state politicians, again mostly Republicans, are dicking around and so have missed the deadline to have a state budget in place by the end of last June. Maybe it’s all part of their plan to make Pennsylvania ripe for legalization by running the economy into the ground. They’re doing an excellent job running the economy into the ground, but the repercussions of having shitty roads and a shitty education won’t be realized for a few years down the road, yet.

  2. The southeast is notorious for being conservative. As slow as politics crawls along, while change passes right around our less than loved public servants the public can’t be ignored any longer. Cannabis/Marijuana can no longer be brushed away as an “unimportant issue”. It’s exploded into a broad new industry. Investors are at the starting line just waiting for the federal government to align with public opinion.

    There’s so much behind this burgeoning green rush that firmly stands on the side of common sense that everyone is finally getting the picture. Obviously there is the enormous amount of cash that’s in the driver seat. Beyond that, if taxes are going to be placed on the sale of it, who doesn’t want schools getting it rather than drug cartels. Why wouldn’t we want a safer alternative than highly addictive and deadly opiates for pain management? Finally what kind of ignorance is going on when this plant is patented by our government for its medicinal properties while it’s legally controlled by saying that it has no such thing?

    The answer to arguably all these things is the existing companies or organizations that currently make money due to the current failing incarceration policy that’s been pumping money into their pockets. Won’t even start on the private prison issue.

    The issue of hemp (which has no psycho active properties) is just ludicrous. Countless helpful industrial uses of a CO2 sucking, highly useful plant, yet its natural biological function of growing out of the ground is made illegal. Again – across the board, Cannabis is a monetary threat while having the potential to improve our society as a whole. A improvement that we the people have sadly had to take the reins on using ballot initiatives instead of public servants doing just that – serving the public.

    This is a momentous time that we live in. It’s such an amazing thing once a wrong is made right on a scale this large – albeit morbidly late.

  3. NoMediaRecognized010010, its like a train crash that keeps on happening, in fact the crazies keep adding more cars to continue the crash forever. What ever hell is wrong with these people?

  4. Like, do they believe it is impossible for them to make money without being crackers? I just don’t understand why these goons get paid to damage society. When are they going to be made to repay all the money wasted on their lunacy of arresting people for using their rights?


  6. this is all because the folks that run washington can care less about anything but money,they are firmly in bed with the alchool people who of coarse do not want it to be come legal,it would cut way into there profits,and the law inforcement folks also dont want it legal because it would cost into there funding,thats all that this is about,and until the folks rise up and stop hiding in the shadows and let there elected officials know what they want ,just like the gay folks and the black folks did,its never going to change

  7. We pay the Feds pay check when is someone going to run for president of South Carolina or Nevada or Utah remind me again what they do but start wars over opium and oil two resources we can have in this country oh wait war is all that keeps this country going since World War Two I love how we stopped the Germans from controlling the world yet that’s all we’ve been doing ever since

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