NORML Chapters Lead Reform Efforts on the Local Level

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Excitement filled the air at this year’s Boston Freedom Rally as Massachusetts voters consider two initiatives aimed at legalizing recreational marijuana in 2016. The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol and Bay State Repeal are both working to collect the signatures needed to qualify for next November’s ballot.

Bay State Repeal, a measure backed by MassCann NORML was a big hit at the Freedom Rally

California NORML’s partnership with ReformCA will guarantee responsible marijuana consumers an opportunity to have their voices heard as stakeholders continue to weigh in on the various initiatives currently being proposed.

California NORML partners in ReformCA 2016 initiative effort

With legalization on this November’s ballot, Ohioans will have a chance to not just end the arrest of thousands of marijuana consumers, they’ll be able to bring relief to people seeking the medicinal benefits of marijuana to treat their ailments.

Eleanor Ahrens, president and founding member of Southeast Ohio NORML awaits relief

Since July, Florida NORML has seen a lot of success with marijuana decriminalization efforts. From Miami-Dade County, to municipalities such as Hallandale Beach and Miami Beach, local governments have embraced this current trend. Several other cities are looking to take action in the months ahead.

Florida NORML pushes local reforms ahead of 2016 legalization efforts

Dan Viets, executive director of Missouri NORML and member of NORML’s National Board of Directors, fought hard to bring justice to Jeff Mizanskey and his family. Mr. Mizanskey is scheduled to speak at Springfield NORML’s next meeting on Wednesday, October 7, 2015. Click here for more details!

Missouri man freed after 21 years in prison for marijuana

Activists with Northwest Ohio NORML earned the support of each of Toledo’s 24 wards to pass an ordinance aimed at eliminating penalties for possessing up to 200 grams of marijuana. Lawmakers are currently meeting to discuss the implementation of the new law.

Northwest Ohio NORML spearheaded a successful effort to weaken local pot laws


Allen St. Pierre, executive director of NORML, took a minute to share his thoughts on the peculiar progression of America’s marijuana laws. From the early acceptance of medical marijuana in the west and the legalization of recreational marijuana in four states, to a pending ballot initiative in Ohio, it’s obvious American’s are ready to end the the government’s senseless war against marijuana consumers.

Allen St. Pierre, executive director of NORML, reflects on America’s evolving marijuana laws

In a recent interview, Paul Armentano, deputy director of NORML, commended the State of Oregon for their rollout of their new recreational marijuana program. He attributes the success to state regulators paying close attention to the implementation of similar laws in other states.

Paul Armentano, deputy director of NORML discusses Oregon’s rollout of legal marijuana  

New Chapter Spotlight

Denver NORML recently held their first public meeting to discuss the need for consumer advocacy in a post-legalization environment. Close to twenty-five marijuana consumers packed the room to show their support and share a few concerns about pesticides, social use and high taxes.

Denver NORML is off to a great start


DFW NORML marijuana march, October 17, Dallas

Virginia NORML fall conference, October 17, Richmond

NORML of Waco Halloween party, October 30, Waco

Missouri NORML fall conference, November 7, St. Louis

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  1. I live in Republican Marathon USA, Findlay, Ohio. the following is the long version of this Monday’s edition of letter to the editor. My 2 questions to you very cool and wise people are. There is more to Issue 2 than to cancel out Issue 3 because of the so called monopilies, doesn’t it take away our rights to bring in any future public initiated rules or laws? Next question. We have our City already secretly getting an ordance to prevent any Pot despensiers in the city limits. What so we do friends and comrades in our war to end the Drug War? Yes for issue 3 brings so many good things and no bad. I am demanding all voters that are still suffering from being brain washed their whole life by the history books and the controlled media, to please Goggle, “The Scientific And Real Facts About the Cannabinoids in Cannabis.” All animals have a cannabinoid receptor system installed from the beginning of time by nature, God, or both. This web site also explains in a three hour video by this nation’s leading medical researchers the facts stating marijuana is not a drug, but food. When you consume by eating, drinking, or smoking cannabis. That brings 60 cannabiniods into your body to give you the ability to fight off what is trying to kill you. Any substance that alters the body in ways nature didn’t intend, is a drug. White sugar is the gateway of all drugs. More habit forming than cocaine in all it’s forms. Yes, there will be more marijuana dispensaries than McDonalds and liquor stores. That is a good thing. Monsanto McDonalds and Liquor stores are selling a product that serves to kill you. More people know this, that is why they are decreasing. Pot stores are good for everybody except for legal pill people, the Doctors charging you to buy a product that kills an American every 19 seconds, and the prison for profit cronies. Booze is a killer. So thank heavens a person once again, has the freedom and liberty to grow, buy, and use what nature has given us to live long and prosper. Only if we vote YES for issue 3. By legalizing in states has brought out many true facts. Less legal pill over doses by at least 25%. Less over doses period. Tax revenue enabling refund checks to it’s citizens. It has been 4 months since my Cattle Dog has had his last seizure, taking 1 gram a day of CBD Cannabis Oil. 2 oz blue bottle sold at the
    Apple A Day on Blanchard St. Findlay, Ohio. Legal in fifty states, FDA approved for all ages, and it enhances the health of everybody, need not a Doctor visit to tell you it is OK. The ACLU of Ohio has endorsed Issue 3 for many reasons. Hey, we are getting our freedom, liberty, and country back. Ending our longest, most senseless, with the most tyranny over the mind of man, DRUG WAR. 14 million years of imprisonment, 60% for pot only, enough is enough,

  2. In Pennsylvania, where corruption is as common as the house fly, state legislators have been meeting behind closed doors, so the chapter members don’t know how badly the politicians are fucking up things.

    Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, a Democrat who opposes legalization of cannabis for any reason is now herself facing multiple charges, has lost her law license, and will soon be removed from office if the state legislature has its way.

    Good bye AG Kane. I’d like to see the Democrat governor, Tom Wolf, replace her with a pro-legalization Attorney General.

    Below is the link to the article about these meetings behind closed doors. Pennsylvania politics hates transparency.

    Meanwhile, the Commonwealth still has no state budget, and it was due by the end of June. And, there’s little chance of a stopgap budget or any kind of agreement between the Republican-controlled legislature and the Democrat governor.

    They’re doing a fantastic job of running the state’s economy into the ground.

    Another bridge closed down

    The infrastructure is decaying. Road and bridge maintenance is in a shambles. The public education system is so underfunded that in four years no company will locate in Pennsylvania because of the education deficit of ever more of the people. A school in Erie is considering having to close for lack of funding.

    In a few years, Pennsylvania will be ripe for adult recreational legalization because the older prohibitionist voters will have died off more, and the state will be so hard up for money that they’ll go for it.

  3. Best that our own local NORML chapter HERE can do is…

    (1) Align w/ cannabis-favorable city and state legislators,
    predominantly URBAN Democrats I have ALREADY voted FOR, have met,
    have had as meeting speakers,
    as opposed to rural Repubs which I’m UNABLE to vote OUT!!!
    (because they’re not in my own district, and are running UNOPPOSED).

    (2) Support feckless do-nothing “medical” CBD “research” bills
    acceptable to canna-phobic rural Repubs…
    [a very thin “WEDGE” towards FULL LEGALIZATION, yeah, right, LOL!!!]

    (3) Conduct LOCAL-ONLY petition drives to change urban cities’
    and counties’ laws, priorities,
    (no statewide voter initiative process here).
    – – –

    Wish I could afford to JUST MOVE to an already legal state,
    before I end up drinking myself to death!!!

    (ALL of already-LEGAL states have a ballot “initiative” process,
    AND HAD voted for legalization at the polls;
    No such process exists here!!!).

  4. As I said in my last post, I focus equally on the Federal and local levels, yet there is no greater impact one can do physically, ore greater personal satisfaction, than to dress up, suit and tie, visit your state capitol and citizen lobby and EDUCATE your local Congressman over the cannabis legalization laws that are presented before them for a vote. Remember, our Congressman are fed by lobbyists, and it is OUR responsibility as Democratic citizens to educate them about how to use revenue from fairly taxed cannabis on medicine, shelter, fuel and public education of all kinds. There is nothing more gratifying or empowering than to look your Congressman in the eye and know they are more afraid of you than you are of them when it comes to marijuana policy… Except perhaps a Congressman who agrees with your position on legalization! 🙂

  5. Good points by @Terry Cook, but I want to discuss the one thing in it that hung me up– use of the odious slander word “Pot” or “pot” 3 times when zero is too many.

    “Pot” is clearly one of the top ten scariest Threat Words in the life of a young child (pre-K) growing up in this engish anguish society:

    1. The Pot or, more recently, the Potty is something They (the Groanups) will PUNISH you if you don’t get to it soon enough.

    2. For centuries “Pot” mostly meant something in a bedroom They will PUNISH you if you tip it over and get crap on Their floors, rugs etc.

    3. The Pot is something on Their Stove which is HOT and if you grab an outstretched handel and pull over on yourself it will SCALD you to death or they will SCOLD you whichever is worse.

    4. There’s a theory that words like “Pot” make a child “Autistic” (or “Pawtistic”).

    Then of course all those friendly Groanup hatewords it is in or sounds like, like “stinkpot”, “crackpot”, “pot head”,
    pot belly”, “pot shot”, “get caught” etc.

    Best to use “Cannabis”, but I also prefer “Riefer” which rhymes with “prefer”, “reach forth” etc., or “Herb” (which way do you pronounce it, the Ami or the Brit?), or we can make up a funky legalistic word with special spelling, I’m trying “Bwdflauer” lately.

  6. @TerryCook,
    Let’s see if I understand you correctly;
    “…Doesnt it take away our rights Away to bring in any new public initiated laws?”
    Answer: Good Lord woman, who would be interested in giving you that idea? Voter initiative is the only reason we HAVE legal marijuana in 4 states and the District of Colombia, and just less than half of all states have them. Voter initiative is true Democracy.
    And the two laws you cite dont “cancel” eachother out; If both pass, the anti-oligarchy one will delay the legal marijuana vote in court potentially for years unless a new voter initiative fixes the cross-wire in the legislation, hence, further requiring voter initiatives.
    Good points about our cannabinoid receptors. Now we just need to stimulate a few cannabinoid receptors in Congress. I just got a call from Nancy Pelosi’s office asking for “fifty bucks” and I told the poor operator, “soon as Pelosi backs all pending marijuana legalization legislation.” We can fix the kinks in the law later. Marijuana Legalization =Revenue for Education

  7. This was published during the same time as the 45th Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival, the longest running marijuana festival in the nation, and was sponsored by all of Wisconsin’s NORML chapters, yet it was not mentioned at all here, and we have legislation we’re trying to pass in this state too. What gives?

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