NORML Chapters Lead Reform Efforts on the Local Level

Every day NORML affiliates and chapters around the country pour countless hours into contacting representatives, hosting events, and talking to voters, all with the hope of passing meaningful marijuana reforms on the local, state and federal level! In an effort to highlight their hard work and accomplishments, we will feature their stories on and promote the content through our social media channels.

State and Local

California NORML urges medical marijuana businesses to embrace new regulations by registering with California’s Board of Equalization and securing permits from local governments.
California Reacts to New Medical Cannabis Regulations

MassCann/NORML’s “Bay State Repeal Proposal”, a measure aimed at legalizing marijuana in 2016, was well received at this year’s Boston Freedom Rally. Volunteers worked hard gathering signatures over the weekend.
Canna Culture Column: MassCann’s Freedom Rally on the Common

Wyoming NORML utilizes both traditional and nontraditional tactics to push for medical marijuana in the Cowboy State! With just 26,000 signatures needed for their initiative to qualify for the November 2016 ballot, everyone is working overtime to get the job done.
How Receptive are Teton County Residents to Legalizing Weed?

Mid-Missouri NORML is leading an effort along with MU Students for Sensible Drug Policy and MU NORML to decriminalize the growing of marijuana in Columbia, Missouri. With only 2,567 signatures needed, volunteers are excited to get started!
Local Petition Seeks to Decriminalize Growing up to Six Marijuana Plants

Enthusiasm for legalization in Missouri is at an all time high as Springfield NORML, Show-Me Cannabis and New Approach Missouri ramp up their signature gathering campaign!
Marijuana Petition Campaigns Kicking Off in the Ozarks

After serving 22 years for the possession of marijuana, Jeff Mizanskey stopped by Springfield NORML to share some of the personal struggles he’s dealing with after spending a ? of his life behind bars.
Mizanskey Visits Springfield After Prison Release

Dale Gieringer, executive director of California NORML, shared his thoughts on the lack of banking opportunities for California’s soon to be legal marijuana industry and tried to dispel any fears about a new administration heavily enforcing federal marijuana laws.
New Regulations Don’t clear all the hurdles for pot dispensaries

Illinois NORML urged legislators to adopt new language for HB 218 that would have drastically reduced penalties for the possession of marijuana. Lawmakers ultimately passed the bill, but only after they increased some of the penalties defined in the bill.
Senate Return Delayed but Little For it to Do

Last week, national marijuana reform groups parted ways with Reform CA, California’s broadest based marijuana reform coalition. Dale Gieringer, executive director of California NORML, continues to vow his organization’s unwavering support for what he feels is a, “superior product”.
Trouble in La La Land: Late Divisions Emerge Among California Legalization Initiative Supporters

As things begin to heat up in the final weeks of the 2015 elections, Virginia NORML decided to jump in the fight for Virginia’s 24th House District by endorsing Ellen Arthur for House of Delegates.
Virginia NORML endorses Ellen Arthur in 24th District House race


Paul Armentano, deputy director of NORML, sat down with ATTN: to discuss what impact, if any, marijuana will have on the 2016 election. With conflicting data related to turnout in 2012 and 2014, it’s hard to predict if the youth vote will be a factor.
Marijuana Could Change the 2016 Election


DFW NORML marijuana march, October 17, Dallas

Virginia 2015 Cannabis Conference, October 17, Richmond

NORML of Waco Halloween party, October 30, Waco

Missouri NORML fall conference, November 7, St. Louis

High Times Cannabis Cup, November 12-15, Jamaica

NORML’s Legal Seminar, December 3-5, Key West

Kevin Mahmalji is NORML’s national outreach and chapter coordinator

2 thoughts

  1. I don’t see the Ohio NORML groups doing anything for issue 3 to end prohibition in Ohio.

    So, they are not with national NORML and they are not for legalization?

    So, all the NORML organizations are not actually NORML, they just use your name when they feel it’s convenient?

    [Editor’s note: There are over 150 chapters in the US and internationally who, while autonomous and locally run by design, agree to adhere to a series of bylaws and principles approved by the national board of directors. NORML chapters in AK, CO, DC, OR and WA all supported the legalization ballot measures in their states. For whatever reasons the current leadership at some NORML chapters in OH are not supportive of the cannabis prohibition-ending ballot initiative that the national organizations of NORML and ACLU have endorsed.

    Deviation from NORML’s general mission of ending cannabis prohibition can result in a chapter forfeiting the right to continue to use the NORML name and/or the current leadership is deposed by the local members for being too politically out of touch (or for possibly for being too close to the current illegal cannabis market in OH to actually want prohibition to end…watch Evergreen, Road to Legalization in Washington State for example of such).]

  2. Thanks for the editor’s note Kevin! Very informative. Say, what happened to Erik Altieri? I thought he was NORML’s outreach coordinator. Is he still with us?

    [Paul Armemntano: Erik Altieri now works at the Agenda Project, another DC advocacy group.]

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