Poll: Majority Of Voters Support Legalizing Adult Use Of Marijuana

legalization_pollFifty-five percent of registered voters believe that the personal use of marijuana should be legal, according to national tracking poll data compiled by Morning Consult – a Washington DC consulting firm. Thirty-eight percent of respondents polled said that they oppose legalization and eight percent were undecided.

Majorities of both men (57 percent) and women (52 percent) said that they support legalization. Among registered voters between the ages of ages of 18 and 44, over 60 percent endorse legalizing cannabis.

Majorities of both Democrats (63 percent) and Independents (59 percent) support legalization, according to the poll, while most Republicans (58 percent) do not.

The Morning Consult polling data is similar to those of other recent national polls, such as those by reported by Gallup, CBS News, and Pew, finding that a majority of Americans now support ending marijuana prohibition.

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  1. Obviously, people will never stop smoking pot. We can either choose to put the money involved, on top of the table, so it can benefit all of society through taxation, or we can leave it under the table, where it is now, so it can benefit the few. When a politician advocates keeping marijuana illegal, I have to question their motives. They have access to the same information as everyone else, so again, I question their motives. Chris Christie says it’s complicated. Is it so complicated, Gov. Christie, that you can’t put it into words ?

  2. @dk
    Chris Christie is a prohibitionist who would rather just keep it illegal. All he’s given when saying it is complex, is excuses. He even went so far as to saying if he won for president, he would prosecute everyone in the legal marijuana states. He’s an asshole.

    I do hope the next president looks at the numbers, and does something about it, as the majority of America wants to see it legal.

  3. Prohibition is responsible for the creation and evolution of the drug cartels and the associated violence. Prohibition is responsible for the creation and evolution of the black market and those who sell on it. Prohibition is responsible for putting marijuana in the hands of our children. It’s not legalization that does that; it’s not legal. Prohibition = unregulated marijuana. Legalization = regulated marijuana with strict controls. It’s as simple as that.

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