Hillary Clinton Endorses Marijuana’s Reclassification

During an appearance in South Carolina over the weekend, Hillary Clinton endorsed amending marijuana from it’s current Schedule I classification, reserved for the most dangerous of drugs, to Schedule II, a lesser classification intended for drugs that have recognized medical applications but also have a high potential for abuse and severe psychological or physical dependence.

The presidential candidate said, “What I do want is for us to support research into medical marijuana because a lot more states have passed medical marijuana than have legalized marijuana, so we’ve got two different experiences or even experiments going on right now. And the problem with medical marijuana is there’s a lot of anecdotal evidence about how well it works for certain conditions, but we haven’t done any research. Why? Because it’s considered what’s called a Schedule I drug, and you can’t even do research on it.”

Let’s take a look at these statements a little more closely.

First, Clinton’s claim that “we haven’t done any research” on cannabis’ safety and potential efficacy is false. NORML documents hundreds of relevant trials here. Clinton’s allegation is further rebutted by the findings of a 2012 review of FDA-approved clinical trials involving the use of herbal cannabis in various patient populations, “Based on evidence currently available the Schedule I classification is not tenable; it is not accurate that cannabis has no medical value, or that information on safety is lacking.”

Second, while Clinton’s comments mark an evolution in her position on marijuana policy, she is late to the game among the presidential candidates proposing policy solutions to marijuana’s prohibition. Fellow democrat presidential candidate, Martin O’Malley previously pledged to use his executive authority, if elected, to move marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II. And Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul is a sponsor of the CARERS Act, legislation that, among other things, would also move marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule II.

Third, while all of these statements by presidential candidates is a step in the right direction, NORML has and will continue to advocate for marijuana’s removal from the federal Controlled Substances Act. Rescheduling marijuana from I to II would not limit the federal government’s authority to prosecute marijuana offenders, including those who are in compliance with state law, nor would it likely stimulate clinical trial research trials beyond those studies funded by the US National Institute on Drug Abuse and reliant upon government-grown marijuana.

Fortunately, Vermont Senator and Democrat Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders has introduced legislation to remove marijuana from the US Federal Controlled Substances Act. The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2015 would deschedule cannabis from the CSA, similar to alcohol and tobacco. It would also allow states the power to establish their own marijuana policies and banking policies free from federal interference.

Reform advocates can contact their member of the US Senate in support of The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2015 by clicking here.

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  1. Wow!(not!) Hillary you’re so awesome!(not!) You will literally do nothing about all the illegal marijuana arrests because schedule 2 is legally the same as schedule 1.

    This is Hillary, a POS made of endless half measures and half truths.

  2. @ Hillary Clinton
    We do not want Marijuana rescheduled Hillary! We want Marijuana removed completely from the US Federal Controlled Substances Act!!!!! Bernie Sanders is clearly on our side!!! And you simply are not…..

  3. Come on sweetie, we know it’s election time. One week you say ‘no’ next week you say ‘yes’.

    Ask Bill about pot rescheduling, it’s a horrible idea.

    We’ll stay the course and remove it from scheduling confusion entirely. We got the votes and you’re not gonna play games with ’em.

  4. Hillary… leading from behind.

    Notice she won’t call for legalization,
    as it would go against her corporate/wall_street handlers…

    she will do anything it takes to secure prestige and power.

    Bernie. (Burnie)
    He is on the ball.

  5. In some ways a rescheduling to schedule II is actually a step in the wrong direction. Criteria for Drugs in schedule I is that they have no medicinal value and at least some potential for harm/abuse. The criteria for Schedule II is that there is at least some medicinal value, but also very high potential for harm/abuse.

    So it would simply mean replacing one ridiculous lie (no medicinal value) with another ridiculous lie (very high harm potential)

  6. I don’t know about you,
    but I would prefer who leads by doing-
    and not one who watches where the herd goes
    and then runs out in front…

    (Like that annoying driver:
    that won’t let you pass,
    that won’t speed up,
    and that doesn’t actually want to go faster-
    they just want to be in front of YOU.)

  7. Sorry Hillary, not good enough. No better than decrim is in terms of people having legal access to a safe and quality product from an accountable source. As long as arrest and subsequent destruction of one’s life are at risk for simple possession, schedule two and decrim are NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

  8. and let’s not forget that as long as marijuana remains illegal and therefore only available from illegal sources, there is the risk of impurities added, by intent or not. While there are a few dealers that will refuse to knowingly sell to minors, lots don’t so remains an open door for minors, so take that you “what about the children?” groupies!

  9. Always keen to the point Ms. Keane, thank you for that honest report.

    Sanders idea: make sure to stop at your local post office before Thanksgiving this year you set up the smoking or vaporizer tent outside the main event and get all your younger family members registered to vote for Sanders!

  10. it seems like Hillary is trying to walk right down the middle without alienating anyone from either side. However this is not something I really respect. I Think it is just the politician coming out in her. She really needs to take a leadership role, like Bernie Sanders has, and come out against marijuana prohibition and all of the problems that it has caused.

    I am still hoping that I get the chance to cast my vote for Bernie Sanders to be the next president of these United States.

  11. It is very weird that the people in the wealthiest 1% don’t have any backbone to lead with new ideas, ethics to choose between right and wrong, morals enough to listen, or empathy for the rest of us.

  12. I don’t understand why Clinton has not come out in full favour of legalization. Is it perhaps her fear of losing middle to right wing voters who would otherwise vote for her? I’m curious, to what her reasons are for not fully endorsing legalization.

  13. She’s hedging her bets, trying to get votes from both sides of the legalization issue. And her proposal is dishonest because marijuana doesn’t qualify as a Schedule II drug either. I had always planned on voting for Hillary if she ran; I’m beginning to change my mind.

    And why don’t these hypocritical politicians have alcohol and tobacco as Schedule I drugs? They are certainly physically and psychologically addicting. I’ll tell you why; because they often use them themselves.

  14. So if Bernie Sanders’ Senate Bill 2237: The Ending Federal Prohibition of Marijuana Act of 2015 passes, will marijuana still be illegal in most states that haven’t legalized it themselves?

    (Check on the bill’s ongoing status at Congress.gov Type in S 2237.)

    I understood the states’ anti-marijuana laws were based upon it being classified as a Schedule I drug in the Controlled Substances Act.

    Wouldn’t removing it entirely from the CSA nullify the states existing laws against marijuana so that it would be legal throughout the states, at least until they re-worked their laws?

    Also can legislation such as this remain unresolved for long periods of time?

    [Paul Armentano responds: Removing marijuana from the US CSA would permit states to impose there own marijuana policies absent federal interference. This change would not legalize marijuana in states that presently prohibit it by statute.]

  15. @Todd, the 1% are invested in private jail complexes. This is why they haven’t had a backbone for the past 30 years.

    If they were to reallocate their investments like some that are starting to do now, as soon as they see profitable assets emerge, they’ll swing to favoring legalization.

    The only hesitation I have for Sanders is he’s linked to the medical field. What this means is, obviously every runner is going to have obligations (read: favors) to their sponsors or “donators” should they win the election. I’m worried what Sander’s price would be for the normal Americans. Those who can’t afford walk-ins any day of the week and those that aren’t the 1%.

  16. Todd, many of them are Narcissists and/or Obsessives. They have mental disorders which makes it nearly impossible for them to function in the manner you describe, please read all the information here and tell me this doesn’t sound just like these prohibitionist asshats:


    “Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder is characterized by a preoccupation with orderliness, perfectionism, and mental and interpersonal control, at the expense of flexibility, openness, and efficiency.”

    Sounds a lot like the War on Drugs, brought to you by folks touched in the head.


    We need to stop electing folks that are mentally and/or emotionally disordered to high office. They work tirelessly against Law and Order. They will always ignore the Constitution because it doesn’t kiss their asses and make life easier for them. Thus they have a natural inclination to undermine Law and Order. We are living with these results of giving kooks too much authority, is anyone happy about it?

  17. My life was changed because my husband grew a few plants for his pain. Things need to change my life is in turmoil. Was going to vote for Hillary not anymore. I am sure Bill and Hillary have smoked pot.

  18. I second the Oracle’s complaint; this new format where we have to “find” “older” comments only 5 or 6 comments ago really sucks.

    With that said, thank you Paul for that explanation of Sanders’ bill. I believe ironically that allowing prohibited states the fainting glimpse of extending their state-run prohibition adds passability to Sanders’ bill 2237. Bring it on. Sorry Hillary; too little too late. Better light a dooby on stage during debates! 🙂

  19. I remember once hearing Carl Sagan in the original ‘Cosmos’ call progress in nuclear arms control during the Cold War AGONIZINGLY slow.

    For some cosmic reason I was reminded of that.

  20. Bernie Sanders is correct, it needs to be listed along with Alcohol and other drugs of that classification. It needs to be regulated much like Alcohol and Tobacco. Which are both more dangerous then Marijuana, but cannabis is still looked at as some dangerous drug, which it is not. On its influence I am more dangerous to a sub or sandwich then I am to another person. And then I am dangerous to the sofa, LOL. Falling asleep on it, as the next parts of its intoxication takes hold. Most cops would rather deal with a stoner, then a drunk. Why???? Cause a stoner is easier to deal with. a drunk is like dealing with a child, who doesn’t want to listen. And I for that fact, when I am drinking too much. I am often not easy to deal with. But on pot, if I am asked to stop something, I am just like. Okay. I just don’t want to kill the buzz. It is time to take it off of that list.

  21. Hillary seems determined to keep up with Sanders’ populist proposals. She’s done it on the minimum wage issue, the TPP and XL Keystone. And now she’s weighing in on the pot issue, tho, as noted by everyone here, quite tentatively.

    She’s ahead of most GOPers on this issue, of course, but, as has been mentioned here many times, is changing her stance simply to appear to be sympathetic to our cause.

    Sanders is the man. He’s getting my vote next November. To those who believe Sanders is pandering for votes on this issue, I say, let him pander. As long as we keep moving in the right direction. (Besides, I like to think that my two phone calls to his offices, along with those undoubtedly of hundreds of others, has helped push him in the right direction regarding legalization and decriminalization.)

  22. Schedule 2 allows for banks to use the money made by dispensaries. It allows for medical research. It essentially legalizes weed for medical use. And the individual states decide if they want it for recreational use. Most states will say yes due to the revenue.

  23. I wouldn’t believe this lying, flip-flopping c@nt from hell for one second. The FBI needs to hurry up and make their case against her and arrest her lying self.

  24. Adam, placing marijuana on Schedule II does not make it legal for states to move forward with “recreational use”. Schedule II drugs are subject to the heaviest scrutiny and require each prescription be handled very carefully:


    Sorry, but while this would allow medical research, it still maintains the ban on whole herb marijuana. We would need to completely different law to address this issue. This is Clinton’s Gift to Pharmaceutical Companies folks! You’ll not get weed, but pills made from Cannabis and artificial cannabinoids.

  25. it has been almost seven years since my employer has began hair testing. their have been many changes for me. I was a 32 yr veteran of the remedy and now, I feel the worst in my head I have felt in many , many years. my body is also changing with sugar , bp, and weight numbers that I believe I was holding at bay while consuming cannabis. I am incredibly short tempered and have lost all peace I had while using ‘sparingly’ the remedy.when will they realize the benefits of cannabis????

  26. Wow. That was a quick fix. Thanks NORML website designer-person. Scrolling through several posts without having to refresh so many pages is really helpful.
    It appears from reading these posts that the majority of Americans dont know what schedule II means. Cocaine is a schedule II drug. People still get arrested for possession even if it is used medically with special permission. What Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton stand for is still prohibition, even if it is a step forward from where we are. The ONLY candidate who advocates descheduling and legalizing marijuana is Bernie Sanders.

  27. I voted for Obama for both terms and intended to vote for Hillary, but her stance on this issue is making me rethink that. I have to wonder why politicians such as her don’t care about the concerns of about 1/3 of the population (or more) who at least occasionally smoke marijuana and don’t want to be labeled as a criminal for doing so. Even though I’d like to see a woman in the White House, if she doesn’t change her attitude before the election, she has definitely lost my vote.

  28. The continued demonization of cannabis truly has no moral or factual base on which it stands. Hemp was outlawed for its industrial properties that threatened crude oil production, while marijuana was outlawed by bigotry. Now every time someone tries to come up with an excuse for why we need to keep cannabis illegal always revolves around children. This is why Florida failed to pass it’s medical initiative in 2014. A scare tactic of childrens safety is the last thread holding together the bundle of lies and deceit that form cannabis prohibition. Even in a high potency extract cannabis is less harmful than a doubled dose of aspirin. The government only continues this rues, because ignorance is bliss. To say there is lacking evidence that supports medical benefits or that a drug with no fatal side effects is one of the most dangerous types is pure ignorance. If cannabis is still considered schedule II for it’s high potential for abuse. Why is this list void of processed sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol or pornagraphy? All of which are unhealthy mentally and physically when abused and most even have fatal repercussions.
    Our politicians need to know that they are public servants and our government has far exceeded it’s reach. They have become that which our forefathers had fought so hard to be free of. Our citizens now live in fear of our government. For it is not we the people who shall walk on egg shells. The governments arrogance and to big too fail mentally will be it’s biggest downfall. This saddens me to think we are now fighting to regain freedoms we should have never lost, but someone in Washington has decided to use our constitution for toilet paper.

  29. Cannabis MUST BE removed from the CSA!

    This is the ONLY way to get the black markets, and the unintentional threats they fund, out of the picture.

    If Uncle Sam had been paying attention, when PROHIBITION was repealed it would have meant PROHIBITION, not just ‘prohibition of alcohol’.

    The drug world is underground, and completely mismanaged – all because people are too stupid to realize that LAWS don’t make things go away – they only HIDE THEM.

    The DEA created the black market for drugs,
    and the ‘Drug War’ is a toxic cloud on society.

  30. I’m a retired vet, and I’ll never again vote for those in favor of wasting our time and money on this stupid subject.

    Schedule II includes cocaine, methamphetamine and morphine, D. rugs that can kill you,
    No, Cannabis shouldn’t be in Schedule II.

    It shouldn’t be scheduled at all, it should me treated like alcohol.
    Scheduled pot requires a Rx, and the Doctor loses his license the moment he writes the Rx.

  31. Yeah. Really. I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. If she does good. She will say whatever to get a vote.

  32. Genesis 1:12) He gave hemp for people to use with our free will.

  33. NORML, if you will publicly endorse Bernie Sanders, I will match my weekly $50 to Bernie and also start donating $50 a week to NORML for the duration of his campaign

  34. Hillary Clinton is a master at jumping on whatever bandwagon will get her MORE VOTES. Don’t be fooled. Facts are facts: Hillary Clinton praised Margaret Sanger, a woman who wanted to KILL BLACKS poor and disabled people. Are blacks this STUPID that they would vote for Hillary Clinton? No wonder Hillary is pimping herself out for Black lives matter. What a JOKE! OMG people wake up.Seriously! What is wrong with anyone who would vote for Hillary Clinton? You would have to hate blacks, disabled and poor people to support Hillary Clinton because this is what she values. People who do the same. Get it? Duh. You have been hoodwinded by Clintons. They hate blacks. They hate disabled. They detest the poor. They are sociopaths preying on your ignorance. Vote for Berine now! Feel the Bern! Berning away the evil of the Clinton’s non stop lying and scandal machine.

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