Tonight on History Channel: The Marijuana Revolution

Update: The entire show can be watched here.

Premiering tonight on The History Channel at 9PM (eastern) is the new documentary ‘The Marijuana Revolution‘, which looks at the history of cannabis use in America, the forty-five year effort to reform prohibition laws, the dramatic increase in public support recently to finally re-legalize the herbal drug and the hundreds of companies already cultivating, infusing, testing, marketing and selling cannabis-related products.

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  1. Thank you for the heads up about tonights broadcast. I’ll be watching!

    For many years I have supported the Democratic party believing that they are more likely than the Republicans to want to end the stupidity of prohibition.

    Well, maybe I’m a bit slow, but I just came across this article in which I learned why the Democrats aren’t more on board:


    It seems that the Head of the Democratic Party, The chair of the Democratic National Committee, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is a huge hypocrite on marijuana! She’s no better than Chris Christie on this important issue. Please read this to learn more!

    Can we please find a way to throw her and other morons that have found their way into power the hell out???

    1. @Miles,
      While it is true, Shultz and Hillary for that matter are in bed/ invested heavily with Big Pharma, Sanders, the independent is the upsetter in their pill party, and Democrats overall are still far more friendly to legalization with regulation.
      What I find interesting after watching this documentary is that History Channel’s Marijuana Revolution doesn’t explain that the “Federal” ban that Sabet keeps bobbling about isnt exactly the major prohibitor of Big Pharma getting into the game; Big Pharma itself pays people like Senator Mitch McConnel R-KY and Democratic Chair Shultz D-FL either through kickbacks or investments to MAINTAIN Federal prohibition because the whole plant cannabis market doesn’t fit into their patent-one-molecule-at-a-time profit model. Whole plant Cannabis works synergistically, so until we force the vote in our favor this year the “Big Marijuana” Sabet keeps crying about is being prohibited by the same international pharmaceutical companies he’s creating fear will create so called “Big Marijuana.” And is “Big Marijuana” all that bad? Undulating waves of hemp? Marleys and Willies stocking the shelves? So what if they sell their single chemicals and addicting additives as long as we get a well labeled and regulated free whole plant market. Were the consumers. We demand it.
      Otherwise I loved the part where grandma gets high at that hotel in Colorado. Priceless.

      1. The scene of the two ladies enjoying the day while partaking of the herb was wonderful.

        It is telling that there is zero violence associated with marijuana itself. If only all of our senators and congressmen could be convinced to watch this, they would see peaceful people trying to make a living and maybe get ahead here in America. Any and all violence a direct result of the unjustifiably harsh laws against it and the subsequent actions to enforce those laws; unreasonable though they may be.

        Oh excuse me, I did diverge a bit. That happens sometimes when I get going… ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. You apologize to ME for diverging? Clearly youre not reading my posts! ๐Ÿ™‚
        Staying on topic, I caught this recent article on about Wasserman Shultz:

        Looks like she’s in with the alcohol industry too. Poor alcohol is having to produce better quality beverages and the cheap beer is getting more expensive to make as people begin to moderate their alcohol use with marijuana and people find steady employment. That I expected.
        But for Shultz to respond to the question of whether opiates should be prohibited seeing how the opiate crisis in Florida claimed nearly 500 lives in their state last year (and marijuana: 0) by saying “marijuana and opiates are different,” is insulting to even the most uneducated Floridian.
        Shultz claims we shouldn’t legalize marijuana while theres a heroin addiction going on. Does she not read what her own voting county reads? The same Miami Dade that had to decriminalize without her support last year? I have 3 responses to her;
        1). Our troops and NATO have been blocking the roads and the Taliban from stopping Afghan police (and the DEA) from harvesting opium from poor, blackmailed Afghan farmers for the last 15 years, while more heroin is being exported from Afghnistan today than when the war began, making heroin cheaper in the US than legally prescribed opiates, (BING! Lightbulb!)
        2). Mexican cartels have kicked up their production of heroin in response to marijuana legalization during the same time, and
        3). the Big Pharma Shultz supports is cashing in on getting kids and veterans hooked on presription opiates,
        but yeah, Shultz, everybody believes you when you say marijuana is the cause of our heroin epidemic. Miami-Dade, please vote this bitch out.

  2. Previous statement made sense in my mind,
    but as I understand it, it is a counter-productive expression…

    If only people weren’t so prone to be judgmental
    on things they are completely ignorant of…

    Hopefully, this is accurate and beneficial to our cause.

    Remember, the constructive results are through the diligence of our ally, NORML.
    Please, join me in supporting them.

    Together, We WILL set things as they should have been.

  3. I don’t want to dispirit anyone here. However we’re dealing with the “Roberts Court” on the leave decision comming,on January 22nd on leave to file an origional motion against Colorado. I agree that SCOTUS should deny leave on direct injury. However, this is the Roberts court.

    I whish that I could be as optimistic as some of you, however, I have seen this court really twist the law and logic to justify some pro-government positions before.

    I really hope that this turns out good. However, I do not count my chickens before they hatch.

    If our elected representatives would actually represent the people, rather than forcing puritanical rule and grow a spine then we wouldn’t have to worry so much.

    1. @Raven,
      I remember when Mueller’s decision against the defense took me for a spin last year, as optimistic as I am, but if you think about it, the admissable evidence she allowed can and will be used when this all hits the Supreme Court. Let the Republican Nebraska and Oklahoma AGs make fools of themselves before elections. Thats what Appeals courts are for. It will only help our momentum. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You bet they will. Nothing gets the attention of a candidate more than a cheerleading popular documentary for a pivotal voting cause.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed The Marijuana Revolution, and I hope there are more specials like it in the coming on the other television channels to accompany major newspapers keeping up the legalization drumbeat.

    The Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, was featured in a article on December 31, 2015 in which he is calling for a review of federal drug policies. This could be a lot nothing, or it could turn out that he recommends that cannabis be removed from Schedule I. That’s great for formulated pharmaceuticals derived from cannabis, but anything from the natural plant form simply needs to be removed from the Schedule altogether. Cannabis needs to be legal for adult recreational purposes. The genie is already out of the bottle, and not going back in.

    1. You missed a chance to say the Genius (D) or correspondingly the Jesus (R) was out of the bottle.

      This Roberts (5R4D) Court has me wanting to boycott all Roberts more recent than Schumann (d 1856).

      No, Dylan doesn’t get off, he $inatracuted millions by advertising $igarettes to kids certain years, a sorta countercastro exploited by robertwing Big Govt in league with genocide-for-profit corps. Well I guess he gets some credit for turning the Beatles and/or Ono on… give him a chance to cartoonserve a toke to Gaga, Mohammed or someone (plus $1.5mil Knowitwell Prize).

  5. Education is the key, not legislation. Cannabis is a medicine saving lives today, just imagine what the next decade will be like after ending prohibition.

  6. I used marijuana for a year before I began to see spiders all over my room. I’m not afraid of spiders because I catch them by the dozen when I was in high school. We let spiders fight for our amusement in the Philippines.I began burning our neighbors marijuana fields because I cannot afford to buy cigarette wrappers. The only problem with marijuana is that you will see a lot of things that does not exist. I was taken to hospital for seeing horrible images and the doctor said, my pituitary glands had some intoxicating after effects on my brain. So, I decided to stick with cigarettes for 50 years and happy to be alive. Our tripping was jumping and flying like a bird and Edgar, jojit, edgar,to name a few of my best friends are all dead from using marijuana as medicine. RIP.

  7. I am watching the documentary now. Many people do not know this, but in Virginia marijuana is medically legal for cancer and glycoma treatment since the MID 70s when governor Dalton got cancer. That means a doctor can suggest, not prescribe, marijuana. Then the patient has to find it and it is illegal to buy and grow I believe.
    This month governor McAuliff signed in epilepcy as part of this exempt group. But the legal substance is now a thc oil.

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