Poll: Majority Of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana

legalization_pollA majority of Americans, including two-thirds of Democrats, believe that marijuana should be legal for adults, according to nationwide survey data compiled by YouGov.com.

Fifty-two percent of respondents said, “[T]he use of marijuana should be legalized.” Only 34 percent of respondents opposed the idea.

Support for legalization was strongest among self-identified Democrats (66 percent), those with a household income of $100,000 or more (62 percent), and African Americans (59 percent). Support was weakest among Hispanics (39 percent), those over 65 years of age (39 percent), and self-identified Republicans (36 percent).

Sixty-six percent of respondents agreed, “[G]overnment efforts to enforce marijuana laws cost more than they are worth,” while 62 percent said that the government should no longer enforce federal law in states that have legalized and regulated the plant’s use.

Fifty-three percent of those surveyed, including 68 percent of respondents between the ages of 45 and 64, acknowledged having tried cannabis.

The YouGov.com poll is the latest in a series of national surveys showing majority support among Americans for regulating the adult use of cannabis.

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      1. Daaaaaaaaamn!
        Bernie NAILED it!

        Last Democratic debate;

        “It is an obscenity that we stigmatize so many young Americans with a criminal record for smoking marijuana but not one major wall street excecutive has been prosecuted for the near collapse of our entire economy.”
        -Bernie Sanders

      2. “…And a debt created primarily by the Iraq war… …and a drug prescription program written by the pharmaceutical industry.”
        -Bernie Sanders

        How will we pay off the debt and afford free college and medicaid for all Hillary?

        Fairly taxed and regulated marijuana legalization… Without private insurance and pharmaceuticals purchasing our elected representatives.
        Light it up and feel the Bern, ya’ll, this man is for REAL.

      3. He was correct about Wall Street. However, nobody from Wall Street will ever get prosecuted under Hillary. Sadly almost everyone on this forum will end up voting for Hillary, who has been bought by large donors, next November 2016. Why not Gary Johnson?

      4. Have you checked the latest polls JohnP? Sanders is set to win in New Hampshire and Iowa. No Democratic candidate to lose in these two states has ever gone on to win in a primary.


        What convinced me Sanders will win after the last debate came from:

        1) His effective quote (mentioned above) about the criminal justice system locking up low level marijuana offenders instead of Wall Street execs that caused the great recession, and then revealing Hillary’s ties to Goldman Sachs swayed and continues to sway the African American vote away from Hillary.

        2). Sanders was able to eloquently and clearly defend Hillary’s attack over increased taxes by explaining that removing privatized insurance and the pharmaceutical industry from controlling the cost of health care, bring back an average savings income of $5,000 per American household.

        3) He outlined how he intends to pay for all of this free education and medicaid for all by charging a modest fee on Wall Street Prospecting and inadvertently through fairly taxed marijuana legalization. Meanwhile, Hillary doesn’t explain at all how she intends to control inflating health care costs. (Hint: She IS the inflating health care cost).

        Bernie Sanders is our next president. And he’s going to shake Congressional elections in his wake, furthering more progressive marijuana reform. And the most amazing thing is that all the big banks, pharmaceutical companies and prohibitionists in the world are too late to stop his momentum. They really didn’t see this coming.

        And he still hasn’t even said “Marijuana Legalization! Revenue for Education” or defended Drug War Refugees where immigrant children were detained in two Texas prisons and 1 in Pennsylvania without education, violating federal law. Wait for iiiiit…

  1. I live upstate new York, I smoke weed a few times everyday. I tried heroin a few times but if I don’t have the money weed is cheaper. i think that I support legal weeds because it makes sense to me

  2. how will you earn a living? you cant smoke weed and get a job with DRUG TESTING IN PLACE. of course norml will reply to this with drug testing is rare, but it is not. it is commonplace. And dont say start my own company because that would require insurance which requires drug testing. wake up. ending prohibition for the well off is NOT ending anything.

    [Editor’s note: When did drug testing become an effective deterrent to cannabis use? Drug testing in the workplace has been common for over 30 years, during this period of time was there less cannabis cultivated, smuggled, sold or consumed?

    State of CO indicates that there are over 16,000 employees at cannabis-related businesses…why not work in the cannabis industry itself?

    There are webpages that focus on cannabis-related jobs, like cannajobs.com or 420careers.com]

    1. SMH. There are MANY jobs that do not require drug testing. Also, if it were legalized then work places would adopt policies that handle marijuana exactly the same as alcohol. Personally, I made it a priority to not work somewhere that would drug test me. It’s unethical and non of their business what I put in my body. I would never want to work for a company that does not agree with that. I also did not have any trouble at all finding a job that doesn’t require drug testing. Also, I make 60k a year plus benefits so don’t try and say I don’t have a real job.

      1. jscott

        Federal prison for testing THC positive? if you’re stupid enough to believe that,then maybe you should’t smoke…its not for everyone.
        And quit whining!

    2. I love these statements, like the other timeless classic; “why is cannabis bad? “. ” Because its illegal!”. Was it the plant or the law that ruined your life, as such, go ahead and have these companies hire less qualified people vs people who consume anything outside of work, or even sometimes at work, and struggle to maintain quality/effeciency. Haha, as time goes on people are going to give less and less of a **** about it.

  3. ‘Support was weakest among Hispanics (39 percent), those over 65 years of age (39 percent), and self-identified Republicans (36 percent).

    I understand the Republicans and the old-timers like me

    But why so low among Hispanics. These are the folks who gave us Carlos Santana! No way they’re not into weed.

    1. Galileo,
      Many Hispanics think if they become politically active, and the person that told me this was born in the US, that they will be found and persecuted by the government.

      Pretty much all of the Hispanics present agreed. Don’t know if that’s a widespread belief, but that was what was said to me.

    1. “Gos bless America!!!!!” That is profound. I just remembered there is a Catalan word “gos” which means “dog”.

      Editor comment about cannabis-related jobs was very pertinent– among these the most heretofore neglected opportunities are in THE ELIMINATION OF (morbid mortal) $MOKING by handmaking practical beautiful artistic (even if somewhat autistic) $ingle Toke Uten$ils– convert the TV room of your house into a workshop and read that free wiki article “12 Easy Ways to Make Flex Draw Tube Vape Toke One-Hitters”.

  4. Regarding the semi-frequent ER visits associated with cannabis;

    BECAUSE so many people were BLATANTLY LIED TO
    with brilliantly accurate renditions such as
    Reefer Madness, and with the constant spewing of
    fear-inducing, yet wholly disproved, statements-
    the general ignorant populace,
    (that is uninformed, inexperienced, unaware),
    are expecting to suffer horrible doom as they succumb to the fear.

    ===> Many of these issues can be alleviated by
    drawing BACK this curtain of misinformation.

    Cannabis is almost exclusively benign,
    however, it is also, as ANYTHING ELSE,
    able to be over utilized at any given point.

    What if,
    for an adult to purchase legal cannabis,
    a card needed to be presented, a life-time card,
    and all it took to gain this card,
    was identification/authentication
    and passing a small test after a 30 minute class.

    This class was some videos, a little lecture, the standard fare
    and the quiz was solely about how to tell weed from other drugs, and the risks associated with it-
    -DO NOT partake with unknown/untrusted people
    -DO NOT partake at unknown locations
    -DO NOT drive on it

    ****That is, if you do take a bit too much,
    have a nice blanket/pillow handy and just chill out. NOTHING BAD WILL HAPPEN BECAUSE OF THE CANNABIS. %%%

    %%% Unless you have a rare condition/allergy/etc.

    Consult your doctor first.


    1. While education is a good idea, I don’t think a mandatory test is needed. As marijuana is normalized in our society, so will the anxiety surrounding it’s use that lead to panic attacks and unnecessary hospital visits.

      What may remain are a few situations when people had taken too much, too quickly and with little experience and became so extremely intoxicated and disoriented that they might need some extra supervision. As we do with alcohol, let them sober up and send them home with a public intoxication ticket.

      Unlike alcohol, though, there is no risk of life threatening, toxic effect on the body directly. Also because blackout typically doesn’t occur (at least not until the point that you’re asleep anyway) people tend to accustom themselves to the experience and learn how to manage it better.

      But really, I think a lot of this anxiety and paranoia is a result of the atmosphere which marijuana is being used – an atmosphere in the back of your head that says “this is wrong”. Remove that stygma, and the anxiety will go away – or at least be lessened to more trivial matters.

      1. In general, I agree-

        I just don’t want the ER visits
        to be the next excuse for preventing legal access-
        if a class and a card will help,
        then sign me up.

  5. What did the world expect?

    the fears from 40 years of hype and lies
    to just vanish?

    People need to be shown
    what a hit or two looks like.

    What a piece of a cookie/brownie
    that should suffice would look like.

    AND be taught that,
    once you have a chunk, stash the rest
    and don’t return for more when you have munchies.

    Society has lied to these people
    and they are afraid
    and they go ‘hey, its not so bad, I will try’
    and they head
    RIGHT to the deep end of the pool.

    No, show them the ranges,
    give them the peace-
    ‘just relax, in a safe place,
    and you will rest well,
    and no better for next time’

  6. Time for Oklahoma to legalize I have severe disabilities, including fluctuating eye pressure that hurts so bad you can’t even get marinol here for nausea even though insurance pays for it, the doctors refuse to to write rx, but will write for pain meds!! Fact is, my eyes are getting worse. I live with fibro and no one here cares as far as physicians I was told they don’t have enough information about it even though it’s been out since 1985 please help me get this passed the pain meds make me sick but without them my mobility is limited I have terrible pain, ended up in ER where they gave me meds for nausea for chemo patients without me asking, how ironic. I am a law abiding citizen I don’t drink and I don’t drive and need this to be addressed not just the oil I take gabapentin now I don’t want it I want freedom of choice most here smoke anyway but I don’t, instead I suffer, so i dont end up locked away! Thank you God bless

    1. Sorry you have fibromyalgia. I have it too and I know how painful and debilitating it can be. I quit taking my pain meds-hydrocodone, and I found that my pain actually decreased after being off of them for about 2 weeks or so. Plus they’re horrible for your liver and can cause and a lot of issues with your digestive system. In my opinion, they’re only good if you plan to use them for a couple weeks after a surgery. They are not ideal, at least for me, for long term chronic use.

  7. People usually don’t mind what doesn’t negatively impact them, why has “the herb” been the odd man out? Everyone has opinions, and the majority want to toke!!!!

  8. I am a 56 year old Mother with a son that started smoking with his Dad at 14. I think it has affected him negatively. He went from a child being an Honor and Star roll student with dreams…to a child that barely graduated with terrible grades. All of this at a time that he needed to be focused and wasn’t. That being said, I do still think it should be legalized for obvious and other reasons. Too many people in jail for this reason. Weed affects different people in different ways, just like alcohol I believe. I am not so sure about the study they have done because I do see many things in my son and how this has affected him. And yes, drug testing has been around for a long time for good paying jobs, but that is different in every state too even without a college degree. My son at one time wanted to go to college…talked about that dream for many years but stopped after weed came into his life. I live in a state that my son cannot get a good job because of the drug testing but that is his choice. My son is 20 now, and has to find his own way but smoking weed is not helping him make these decisions.

  9. I’m ashamed of my fellow Hispanic community after reading this. I blame Univison and the drug war in Mexico.

    1. Fear not Diego,

      While sadly it is true Univision has been trudging through tunnels of $#!+ (literally) following the trails of El Capo when they should be following the American banks and drug companies that protect him, I believe Jorge Ramos will get to the good questions after he gets to know Bernie Sanders a little.

      These polls have been nothing more than curtains of fear that are slowly becoming unveiled. Latin Americans (“Hispanics” generally refer to people from Spain), still live very closely to the fear of the consequences and propaganda of the Drug War that threaten our daily lives. What we are witnessing is a lift in fear among European and African Americans on revealing their polling for marijuana legalization. Meanwhile, Mexican Americans are watching the charade with El Chapo knowing full well that President Penia Nieto and the US DOJ (DEA) are all part of the state-sanctioned corruption.
      Latinos need to be inspired to vote from strong leadership, which they have yet not seen because Sanders has not turned his attention on immigration or drug war reform as it pertains to Latin America.. yet.

      Over the course of this year, Latinos will finally see how ending prohibition and ending the control of pharmaceutical companies, the real “capos” of our American Marijuana Tragedy, and keeping these drug companies from continuing to write our drug policies, will improve the lives of everyone in the Americas from the northern Alaskan slopes to the southern tip of Tierra Del Fuego.

      I suspect this shift will occur as the Sanders campaign gears up against Trump this Summer: The Supreme Court ruling over President Obama’s executive order halting deportation will turn Sander’s campaign on the injustice of prisons profiting off of drug war refugee children who are not being provided education during detainment using Federal funds.
      Then watch the latino polls grow supporting marijuana legalization reform.

  10. This shouldn’t be a hard decision , it should be a matter of choice to the individual that wants to have, use, or grow it .

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