NORML Chapters Lead Reform Efforts on the Local Level

Everyday NORML Affiliates and Chapters from around the country invest countless hours into contacting representatives, hosting events, and talking to voters, all with the hope of passing meaningful marijuana reforms on the local, state and federal level! In an effort to highlight their hard work and accomplishments, we will feature their stories on and promote the content through our social media channels. To get involved in your area, please send an email to to get started today!

Municipal and State

“Mikel Weisser, new National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws state director, plans to rebuild Arizona’s fractured NORML in anticipation of a vote to legalize pot for adult use in November.”
New Arizona NORML Director Committed To Fixing Fractured Marijuana Community

“Dale Gieringer, director of California’s NORML chapter, said a benefit of the loophole is that it has prompted jurisdictions to explore cultivation regulations sooner than they might have.”
San Diego Rushes To Establish Rules On Marijuana Cultivation

“Ali Nagib, assistant director of Illinois NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), expressed to the Cannabis Career Institute the importance of leveraging the estimated $500 million hemp industry for domestic economic growth”
Legalizing Weed: 4 Facts About Illinois’ Legalization of Industrial Hemp Farming

“I’m glad that they’re taking that step,” Harcus said. “It moves us closer toward full legalization, which is really the only solution to end prohibition.”
Proposal Would Sync Mpls. Marijuana Law With State

“Executive Director of Pittsburgh NORML Patrick K. Nightingale challenged Board Member of Colorado NORML Chris Chiari to a friendly wager on the Steelers/Broncos game this coming weekend and the stakes are as you can say HIGH!”
Pittsburgh NORML Bets Colorado NORML On Steelers/Broncos Game

“According to Pittsburgh NORML, nearly 1,000 people are charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession in Pittsburgh each year.  Under Pennsylvania state law, possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana is a misdemeanor punishable by up to 30 days in jail and a fine of up to $500.”
Pittsburgh Mayor Signs Marijuana Decriminalization Ordinance

“Members of the Southeast Texas NORML chapter met Thursday night to go over a new law across the state, the Compassionate Use Act.”
Local Marijuana Reform Advocacy Group Plans Efforts for Upcoming Year

“People who simply are arrested for possession without any evidence of violent behavior,” said Pamela Novy with Virginia NORML, a nonprofit aimed at reforming marijuana laws across the country.”
8News Daily Poll: Should marijuana be decriminalized in Va.?

“Members of Wyoming NORML repeatedly have called for reforms to make the state’s initiative process easier on groups that are trying to get questions on the ballot.”
Pushing an Issue May Get Even Tougher in Wyoming


“Does smoking cannabis pose similar dangers to lung health? According to a number of recent scientific findings, marijuana smoke and tobacco smoke vary considerably in their health effects.”
What Are the Risks of Marijuana Smoke, Compared to Tobacco?

“Marijuana consumers do not typically use cannabis and alcohol in combination with one another, regardless of whether they are consuming cannabis for medicinal or social purposesPeople Don’t Mix Alcohol & Marijuana as Often as You Might Think

“NORML’s Armentano told MintPress that marijuana arrests have fallen in some states as a result of legalization or loosening of laws. At the same time, though, some states have seen increases in marijuana-related arrests — including Virginia”
Clemency Is Not Enough: Thousands Still Imprisoned For Nonviolent Marijuana Crimes

“Similarly, the DNC chair is no stranger to coddling up to Big Booze. Presently, representatives of the beer and wine industry rank as the fifth largest donor to Wasserman-Schultz’s re-election campaign. Until leading politicians wean themselves off booze, expect them to keep maligning pot.”
Marijuana Is Not a Gateway Drug, So Why Do Leading Republicans and Democrats Say Otherwise?


Pittsburgh NORML Bets Colorado NORML a Friendly Wager of Weed vs Whiskey
Texas NORML’s 3rd Annual Puff-N-Putt Spring Fling at Willie’s Golf Course

Kevin Mahmalji is NORML’s national outreach and chapter coordinator

5 thoughts

  1. I am willing to become a dues-paying member of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania NORML. It’s the capital of the state, and there is no office there. To step up the pro-cannabis lobbying in the state capital there ought to be a full-time NORML office there. Law is not my line of work, hence the dues and contributions. There’s Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Lehigh Valley, Lancaster, and Kutztown. Any landlords willing to donate the office space? Any legal scholars and skeleton staff to run the office and write the legislation and press releases the way the cannabis community wants it?

    You call me up and ask donations for that, and you’ll get several donations a year, in addition to my annual membership dues.

  2. Some weeks I just love to scan through these roundups “Right Here. Right now.
    watching the world wake up from history.”–Jesus Jones (I think.)

  3. Total agreement with TheOracle and the work needed here in PA ….. helping in any way I can, the very least I could do i did … I raised my support level to regular monthly contributions …. may the force be us here in PA …. we are in dire need of this flower and all the goodness that it brings … To all at NORML … u guys are great …. keep up this great work!

  4. If Texas manages to get veterans appropriately added to the compassionate use of marijuana in this state next year, it will be from the combined momentum of

    1). Local NORML chapters providing a safe venue for veterans to talk about the war scars, face their representatives and make them see what marijuana is doing for their lives

    2). The rest of the nation’s efforts, particularly in Vermont where they are poised to set an example of legislatively initiated marijuana legalization.

    We cant let Texas Republicans see Bernie’s success as an excuse to heat up opposition to marijuana legalization… Or is it Republicans who can’t afford that?

    1. Texas Republican “representatives” I should add… Self identified Republican voters especially those under 70, are not as opposed to marijuana legalization as their own representatives.

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