Poll: Florida Voters Back Constitutional Amendment To Permit Medical Cannabis

cannabis_pillsA super-majority of Florida voters say that they will vote ‘yes’ on a proposed constitutional amendment this November that seeks to permit the physician-authorized use and distribution of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

According to Public Policy Polling data provided this week, 65 percent of voters endorse the medical marijuana legalization measure and only 28 percent oppose it.

Seventy five percent of Democrats back the measure, as do 70 percent of Independents. Among Republicans, 53 percent of respondents say that they will vote ‘yes’ in November.

According to Florida law, 60 percent of voters must approve a constitutional amendment in order for it to become law. In November 2014, Floridians narrowly rejected a similar amendment, which received 58 percent of the vote.

The 2016 ballot measure, entitled the “Use of Marijuana for Debilitating Conditions,” will appear before voters as Amendment 2. Passage of the amendment would permit qualified patients to possess and obtain cannabis from state-licensed facilities.

A 2014 Florida law that sought to provide low-THC varieties of cannabis to patients with pediatric epilepsy, chronic muscle spasms, or cancer with cannabis access is not yet operational. Separate legislation is presently pending on the House and Senate floor that seeks to permit any patient with a terminal illness the legal right to use medical marijuana.

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    1. Florence Nightingale’s Hippocratic oath “I solemnly pledge myself before God and in the presence of this assembly to pass my life in purity and to practice my profession faithfully. I shall abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous,and shall not take or knowingly administer any harmful drug. I shall do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standard of my profession and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my calling. i shall be loyal to my work and devoted towards the welfare of those committed to my care.” With the oath of the founder of the nursing profession in mind, questions regarding the current practice come to light. This is an amazing plant with massive beneficial scientific evidence of healing.
      How can we as professionals turn a blind eye. Many medications we give DO cause further harm,we give them everyday. Narcotics kill. Agricultural politics, pharmaceuticals politics should not dictate our practice. Could God given plants be the answer?? The climate summit should look at benefits of hemp, to decrease deforestation and impact the carbon footprint?Maybe natures way is best. Maybe we should be less political with decisions of how we treat our bodies and leave the decisions to the individual who will endure the consequences ultimately.Florence Nightingale suggests we defer from what is deleterious or mischievous.I believe when politics forge a path of monetary gain over human wellness that should get every nurses attention. We need to do what is right even if it goes against the grain, if it promotes wellness. At the very least, nurses, educate yourselves in this area as you would any other treatment or medicine in a non bias way. the endocannabinoid system is an amazing part of the human body.

  1. First of all,
    All o ya’ll
    That heard the call
    But failed to vote
    And passed the ball…
    If you’re Brown skint
    Puttin on the window tint
    Young and indifferent
    Just tryin to make the rent
    Could have better spent
    The lent votin on the president
    Like Sanders
    Butcha pu$$ed out like Ned Flanders
    Lettin all the dirty propaganders
    Confuse like a politician gerrymanders
    Do you think a Clinton understand us?
    They sell and brand us
    Incarceration disproportionate then land us
    With marijuana in schedule II?
    The same as cocaine, fool!
    They don’t want a medical tool
    They want the rule to STAY cruel
    N put your brown @$$ back in chains
    Sellin pills and prison pains
    The profit model gains
    When a no-votin MFr complains

    How can you say
    You throw your vote away
    Smokin off your rollin tray
    If your @$$ aint votin anyway?
    And for those of you who pray
    Takin money from the Devil’s tray
    Hillary is turnin churches into prisons
    Making these evil decisions
    Turning DE to REschedul-abitions

    What we need much less than greed
    Is more young people votin in this nation
    Then turn the prison profit
    Into public education

    There’s still a chance to vote,
    Naturalize and take the Oath
    Then turn this PTS Disorder

    VOTE, Vote, vote… vote…

  2. @ Julian
    You, Lyrical genius, spit the truth! Forget the rest, Sanders all the way!!!!…..

    1. Yeah it may be over for Texas, but I figured if I could reach out to ONE weed slingin young Floridian that thinks voting and legalizing marijuana would interrupt his profit that pays for his own consumption, I thought MAYBE… Just perhaps… His vote would make up for all the young fools I met Tuesday workin at a tint and alarm service in San Antonio who didn’t vote but CLEARLY smoke weed (blunt roaches all in the back left on top of speaker boxes… Seriously if youre looking for a public place to get high in Texas, be the last client at some window tint and alarm special… It’s a great experience but you’ll leave thinking you’re a gangster rapper for some reason… I was Like “you some no votin mo-fkrs but thanks fo pimpin out my ride… This is the $#!+…)
      Sadly, it will only be when their baby-mommas hook up with a bigger dealer and they start worrying about their kids gettin into the drug game in the 5th grade that they’ll realize, “Damn, I shoulda voted for Sanders! I’m TIRED of this $#!+ we need a better life…”
      And don’t get me wrong; most of these young men flashing neon in the grill have no idea a felon can vote in Texas if he’s off parole and probation… But none of them can get off probation!! Much less keep a photo ID so they can VOTE!
      What makes me sick is every one of these fools would vote for Sanders if they could but since they either won’t or can’t we gotta vote for Billary. This HAS to change, for the betterment of ALL our children, rich or poor.

  3. And on and on and on. Meanwhile, US Universities are outlawed from studying marijuana so that the FEDS can maintain ” that we just dont know enough about it”. The FEDS DO KNOW how many people die annually from alcohol and tobacco, but refuse to outlaw that which is truly dangerous. Could it be resistance from those who have ownership in prisons and ” rehab” facilities? Could it be big PHARMA who KNOW that cannabis has medical benefit, but havent figured out how to capitalize yet? Our last ” drug czar” proclaimed that marijuana was every bit as dangerous as heroin….ALL THIS in a country where the last 3 presidents have admitted to smoking pot ( didnt seem to affect their futures much) …. but folks…..its not been deamed ( by these experts) to be safe for recreational use….THANK GOD they’re looking out for us!!!!!!

  4. How is this going to help me. I’m not sick. I want total legalization. It’s the only way this works for us all.

    1. We can improve the law. Look, im not happy that recreational was stolen from Florida by some greedy casino troll or some fugly DNC chairwoman with stocks in Big Pharma ( not naming any names… Sheldon Addleson and Debbie Wasserman Shultz)… But to say that legalizing medicinal marijuana in Florida does not help the agenda to legalize recreationaly is, to say the least, a flawed way of thinking and voting. It’s like saying “If this restaurant doesn’t have a dessert menu I’m OUTTA this joint!” …Except if restaurants never existed in your state before. Don’t be so spoiled!

    2. It will only happen if people get out and vote. There is another initiative to legalize cannabis in Florida in 2018. RegulateFlorida.com

  5. I respectfully disagree with line one (only line one) of Roger Waters “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2”. Yes we need more ED-U-CA-TION! Those of us who are literate and can seriously discuss issues with the “nonbelievers” need to have discussions with our neighbors and anyone who you can have a polite conversation with.
    Just present the facts: 1)cannabis is much less dangerous than alcohol, 2)cannabis prohibition is as big of failure as alcohol prohibition was 3)cannabis users are not all deadbeat stoners 3)”leads to harder drugs” has been proven to be totally false propaganda 4)keeping it illegal has done nothing to stop anyone from using cannabis except those of us who get drug tested for our responsible jobs 5)you can’t overdose on pot like you can on alcohol 6)cannabis has been shown to have some pretty miraculous health benefits (cancer, epilepsy, pain management), 7)legalizing it will take away a huge source of income from the drug dealers and mafia.
    Anyone who has a few beers or cocktails – these are the people we need to EDUCATE that some of us would rather have a few tokes off a vape pen – get a little buzz just like they are doing.
    Estimates of the black market in the US for cannabis is somewhere between ten and one hundred billion dollars A YEAR. That is a hell of a lot of money that funds really bad things in our society – these are the people who traffic young girls into prostitution, bring really bad drugs into the country, run illegal gambling, etc.
    YOU have to have these discussions! We all working together can change the world with honest, sincere, truthful, respectful discussions with our neighbors and acquaintances! Just try having POLITE, RESPECTFUL discussions. You can change the world, re-arrange the world, It’s dying – to get better… (Graham Nash “Chicago”)

    1. My lyrics are open source
      Break like the bread unleaven
      Passed like a good joint, of course,
      On Earth as is in heaven,
      Greed will patent life, the source;
      Leave souls empty n throats hoarse
      While Weed leaves love and resin

      By all means post and repost; the only catch to open source is pass the joint to share the profit of knowledge, just as US patent 6630507 must be.

      Also, a few minor corrections:
      “Takin money from the Devil’s tray”
      “And pay to play the Devil’s way”

      And change:
      “What we need much less than greed”
      “We feed the greed who deed the seed
      N fail to heed the creed who freed the weed
      When what we need…
      Is more young people voting…”

  6. It started strong two years ago too but then that moron Sheldon Adelson from Nevada stuck his nose in our business and fed money to the liars that scared the old folks here into voting no he is probably doing the same in Nevada too for their vote this year.

  7. THIS LAW IS LIKE ABORTION LAWS IN TEXAS. It is legal but they have regulated it out of existence LAW ENFORCEMENT CAN CONTINUE TO ARREST 499 OUT OF 500 PEOPLE stopped for pot.. This law is a sham to make politicians look like they are doing something to help the sick. This is a law to made with the purpose of getting ahead of a public initiative and get good PR. These state lawmakers are just great humanitarians, HA! Coming from FLA I WITNESS THE SHOOT DOWN OF OUR LAW LAST TIME. Florida makes law enforcement a cash cow. They make lots of money arresting tourist and locals. Old laws that were passed based on non science and lots of propaganda remain on the books so prisons for profit and probation for profit operated by outside contractors can flourish. The long battle that has been fought for many years shows how unresponsive our elected officials are. The children they are protecting end up in their law enforcement for profit web as they get older. Vote our current leaders out of office as anything is better than our corrupt government.

  8. We CANNOT let 2014 happen again. VOTE VOTE VOTE! Any questions? Google “marijuana cancer treatment”. Still not convinced? Just Google “marijuana as medicine” and then TRY to talk yourself into believing that it doesn’t have any medicinal purpose. I repeat: VOTE VOTE VOTE!

  9. It is a joke for medical marijuana. I am a veteran and I ask my Dr. For a prescription and it fell on deaf ears. Recreational is the only way or I must relocate. Thank you.

  10. We need all of you Pro voters to show this state and our GOV. That his and Pam Bondo-i whatever her name is that their opinion don’t mean Doodley-Sqaut.

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