Poll: Voters Back Rescheduling And Legalizing Marijuana

legalization_pollFifty-two percent of registered voters support legalizing marijuana “for recreational use,” according to national tracking poll data compiled by Morning Consult — a Washington DC consulting firm. Forty-three percent of respondents polled said that they oppose legalization and five percent were undecided.

Respondents between the ages of 18 to 29 (63 percent), Democrats (61 percent), and those aged 30 to 44 (60 percent) were most likely to support legalization. Republicans (37 percent) and those age 65 or older (36 percent) were least likely to be supportive.

In response to separate polling questions, 68 percent of respondents said that they support legalizing marijuana “for medical use.” Fifty-nine percent endorse decriminalizing marijuana, defined as “no arrest, prison time, or criminal record for the first-time possession of a small amount,” and 83 percent of respondents said that cannabis did not belong classified as a schedule 1 controlled substance under federal law.

The poll possesses a margin of error of +/- 2 percent.

The Morning Consult polling data is similar to those of other recent national polls, such as those by reported by Gallup, CBS, and Pew, finding that a majority of Americans now support ending marijuana prohibition.

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  1. Honestly, I don’t get it about Republicans. They’re supposedly the party of personal freedom. Apparently their idea of freedom only includes making money. Perhaps it is a good thing Donald Drumpf is wrecking their party.

    (I think it’s a good thing Bernie is wrecking the Dem establishment too! Bernie wants to deschedule–Hillary wants to reschedule–I think she’s in the wrong party.)

    1. With the disappointing news coming in from Florida, it appears the REscheduler Clinton will be our next president after all. Even establishment Republicans will defect from “Drumpf” and vote Clinton. Its a sad shame that southern minorities couldn’t figure out they were voting for the same schedule as cocaine, meaning more disproportionate incarceration. It feels like black Congressman voting for the Controlled Substances Act all over again but with two caviats 1) I wasn’t alive in 1970, and 2) Bernie held Hillary’s lying feet to the fire and as a Senator, we can only hope the Carers Act has a chance of passing through and clearing the path to end prohibition.

      Wake up and smell the Trainwreck America!

      Our aim is to deschedule. If we have to reschedule to obtain that goal, so be it.

      1. @ Julian,

        Alas, not long after I posted my comment, at 4:20, lol, I saw that Hillary was trouncing Bernie in Ohio and Florida, and my immediate thought was I spoke too soon.

        You never know, though. She’s definitely in the fast lane, but he has come back before. I guess we’ll see.

        @ Mark Mitcham, I’m not a “Hillary-Hater” per se either, but am troubled by some of her foreign interventionist policies, and her very tepid acceptance of pot legalization.

        Donald Drumpf is a frightening caricature of a politician (and even as a human). We think Hillary tests the water currents before she makes statements, Donald thrives on that. He was against the Iraq war, then for it, for abortion then against it, for immigration then against it. Then the way he lies, with a straight face, is almost astounding. He never settles law suits, never loses law suits, is a self-made millionaire, etc etc. Of course the fawning media–you know, our so-called “free press”–allows him to get away with that, so what can you do. I still don’t know what his REAL policy is on MJ legalization. I guess it depends on the month or year.

      2. Whatever marijuana policy Drumph says he has doesn’t even matter when he can’t be trusted to do what he says. We are witnessing a bully effect where people need to face the truth about themselves and the way our society and economy has been sold out to con-artists like Drumph since his last name was Drumph.
        My comment about Sanders I hope was premature… All the states coming up next Tuesday should work in his favor, and superdelegates can always change their mind. My comment was more directed at those folks who would rather stay at home than vote for Hillary if she wins and its her against Trump, to which I say I wager to reason with the compulsive liar, Hillary, any day over the pathological liar, Trump, who exists in a realm beyond reason.

      3. Most everyone knows that Meth, Coke and Opiates should be in schedule one and MJ should be in schedule four..La Buscador ..All Politicians have made asses out of themselves over these issues..They have lost there credibility..We need to separate Religion from the Federal Government..Religious people don!t pay attention to Science..It!s not something they can understand…The Bible with its fery tails has not allowed Religious people to comprehend Science&Logic..Religion has always stood in the way of progress..As History has demonstrated..La Buscador

    2. Yeah. I’m for Bernie.

      The Republicans are looney-tunes. And while I respect Hillary personally (I’m not a Hillary-Hater, this is about the issues), my problem with her is this: “Schedule 2.” You gotta be fucking kidding.

      Here’s the thing: If you know enough about cannabis to understand that it’s not Schedule 1, then you should also clearly understand that it’s not Schedule 2 either. I don’t think that’s intellectually honest of Hillary, for a person of her abilities, and in her postion. That’s a split-the-baby position that makes no goddamn sense.

      She’s bullshitting me, and I don’t like it.

      Now, many Democrats support Bernie; but many others want me to assume he will lose and throw my support to Hillary?

      No promises. I’m in no hurry to go to jail for “Schedule 2” crimes. Why would I vote for that? Why vota at all, if all the candidates left standing want to see me in prison?

      1. God willing, Bernie will make a landslide in the remaining states, but that is looking less likely now that he only won Missouri last night. It makes my skin crawl to think I may have to vote for Hillary in the general election, as the choice breaks down to her and Drumph. But if Bernie splits off to an independent race, it will split the Democractic vote and give Drumph a real shot at winning. So as much as it pains me to say, it, if Sanders can’t win this primary, we’re better off with him in the Senate getting the Carers Act passed, and just hope and pray that Billary stands out of the way.
        Sorry folks, it’s a choice between the compulsive liar, Hillary, and the pathological liar, Drumph. They SAY they support schedule II, but the reality is it’s the Democratic Congressman… EXCEPT for Debbie Wash-money Shultz… that we need to vote in to get back the Senate that are really going to get anything done for us in marijuana policy at this point.
        Hey, but Bernie called Hillary out; Vote against drug war refugee children, will you Hillary? Let’s see if she changes her policy. Hope she tags along Julian Castro as her running mate. He’s more favourable to legalized marijuana than Elizabeth Warren.

      2. I support Bernie however if it’s Hilary and Trump, I will vote Trump, but if Bernie were to run 3rd party he will have my vote, so don’t count him out if he runs 3rd party

      3. Betting on Sanders running independent to split the vote for Drumph to get a chance? Don’t count on it slick. Sanders won’t do that. On the other hand, Drumph may have to run on his own independent ticket if the RNC refuses to nominate his little Drumphsterbation party.

    3. I haven’t watched FOX News in over a decade and have never listened to talk radio. I think these institutions have systematically cultivated a low brow, obnoxious base for the GOP in their viewership.

      ‘The Donald’ has commandeered that base. I once found a certain amusement in this spectacle, but I am NOT laughing anymore.

    4. America is supposed to be the “Land of the Free” but look at what today’s political elite have turned it into. They seem to care only for what makes them more rich and powerful and could care less if their policies hurt their fellow Americans.

      As far as I have been able to discern, that goes for the the most powerful members of the Republican and the Democratic parties.

      It is completely ridiculous that we (real Americans) have so little say in the laws we are forced to abide by; especially when they are based on lies and racism such as those against our favorite herb.

      Clearly, cannabis would be legal if the leaders of our country truly cared what the people want.

      The question is: “What will it take to finally get our leaders to do the right thing?”. Many of us have been wondering that for many years and those years will continue with either of the 2 presidential front runners (Donald Drumpf and Hilary Clinton).

      Note: I read that Drumpf was Donald Trump’s last name before his family changed it. Can you imagine him winning with that name and that orangutan face? Well, if the average American is as stupid as they often seem to be I can…

      1. Careful, our guy Lincoln had a chimpanzee face: check the 1979 Nat. Geo. Jane Goodall article with 20 chimps mugshotpictured on two pages, and two of them look exactly like the March 1865 Final Portrait, the one with the dark lines radiating out from the eyes etc. One Democrat during the 1860 election compared him to a gorilla, but that was because the Nat Geo photography didn’t yet exist so the public didn’t know the difference.

      2. it’s not the facial characteristics, but the size of your hands that matters 🙂 What a TMI moment in politics btw

    5. I don’t get Democrats, seems they think Pot s the only issue facing our country this election, funny, I’ve been fighting prohibition longer then most people on this site have been alive. I don’t alienate anyone for there political ideals but then I’m an American not just a Democrat.

  2. Until is legal across the board we have won nothing, even in the states where it’s supposed to be legal you can still loss your job if you smoke on Saturday and fail a drug test on Monday. Doesn’t sound very legal to me. Make all the politicians take a drug test. I have to take one. Unfortunately the assholes that make the rules don’t play by the rules. Vote them ALL OUT!!!!

    [Editor’s note: Neither the law or politics works that way…all or nothing. A nearly 80-year-old Prohibition does not end overnight and conclusively to everyone’s immediate satisfaction. Cannabis is thankfully legalized for production and sale in four states. Tobacco is legal in those states too but an employer does not have to hire a tobacco consumer and can terminate their employment if they continue using after they’ve been properly notified. Therefore the legal status of a drug and testing in the workplace are not necessarily intertwined.

    “Make all the politicians take a drug test”

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. If it is inefficient and imprudent to drug test the general workforce same too for drug testing politicians.

    Cannabis is becoming increasingly legal across the United States (in the next few days Vermont is angling to be the first state to legalize cannabis via legislation, not by voter initiative; 5-7 states will have voter initiatives this fall), and there will be all kinds of post-prohibition concerns for consumers (and employers).

    But to not legalize the production and sale of cannabis because a minority of workers are employed by imprudent companies only delays the end of cannabis prohibition, denies millions of cannabis consumers (and patients) legal access and does not raise valuable license fees/taxes.]

    1. Our Political est made an issue out of abortion 54 years ago..As of today, what has been done about it?..Its all on the voters..If the Voters don!t do something about Prohibition the Politicians never will..They are making too much money from criminalizing the general public..La Buscador..

  3. if Trump wins I hope he doesn’t pick Christie for VP or worse Drug Czar or Attorney General. Christie is hanging around Trump for some reason.That could undo all of the work and progress that has been made.

    1. Trump as President and Christie as Vice President or Attorney General sounds like it could be the beginning of the biblical armageddon!

      If that happens, I sincerely hope they both get assassinated before they can do the kind of damage I imagine they would. That sentiment coming from me, a very peaceful guy, is very telling about just how bad I think they both are!

  4. Young folks I know realize the truth about marijuana and everybody enjoys it. They tend to be apathetic about voting, though.

    One pretty hippie chick I know sees Donald Trump as the demagogue he is, but plans not to vote. I plan to tell her that more often than not you wind up voting against somebody. It’s just as important as voting for someone.

    One significant terrorist attack between now and election day, and we could wake up with a President who seems perpetually mired in his terrible twos.

    If you know some young folks, encourage them to vote if you get the chance.

  5. I have said for a long time that if our older Americans in the state of FL. find out how well this ancient herb of healing works the rest of the country will follow.

    1. google search “should grandma smoke pot?”, and “silver tour”. You will have your answer.

  6. Why is cannabis still illegal? Either these numbers are crap or polled individuals aren’t voting/not talking to thier representatives. My representatives know me all to well and know where I stand on this issue. And all but 1 agrees with me. Will they do anything about it down here in Louisiana? Probably not but I will bug the shit out of them and vote out the non-believers until it gets done. Persistence beats resistance.

  7. Education is the key, not legislation. Rules and regulations always follow inception. Removal from the schedule will open the restrictive floodgates federal agencies hide behind.

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