NORML PAC Endorses Mike Smigiel For U.S. Congress

The NORML PAC has endorsed Mike Smigiel for U.S. House of Representatives in Maryland’s 1st Congressional District.

Smigiel, a former delegate in Maryland’s House of Delegates serving from 2003-2015, is challenging incumbent and anti-marijuana Congressman Andy Harris in the Republican primary. Congressman Harris became infamous for stepping between Washington D.C. and marijuana legalization when he attached a rider to an annual spending bill barring the district from implementing a recreational market following the District’s approval of Initiative 71.

Smigiel on the other hand is a strong marijuana advocate, having sponsored a bill in Maryland that passed in 2014 to decriminalize marijuana. He supports eliminating all criminal penalties for the responsible use of marijuana by adults and additionally, supports state’s rights to move forward with full legalization.

“Mike is an ardent supporter of marijuana law reform and has worked across party lines to implement real policy change in Maryland. NORML is proud to support his bid for Congress and we are looking forward to having another ally on Capitol Hill.” says NORML Political Director Danielle Keane.

Recent polling shows that 58% of the voters in the 1st District would not vote for Andy Harris if they knew he was opposed to the decriminalization of Marijuana. If Mike Smigiel can get that message out he can unseat Andy Harris. You can find out more about Mike and his campaign by visiting his website or Facebook and if you wish to join NORML in supporting his campaign click here.

For more information on the NORML PAC click here.

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  1. Now THATS the future of the Republican party! My friends in Maryland will be informed this man is one of the good guys!

    Be aware that just because one votes for Bernie Sanders during the primary does not mean we cannot vote for a Democratic president and a Republican Congressman during the general election. Its just the primaries when the delegates make us vote down a single party line.

    (How do you pronounce this guy’s name? Is it “Smeegle” like “my precious” from Lord of the Rings?, out to cast the Corruption Ring in the Republican party into a fiery volcano before the evil Sauron Koch brothers can bring despair to all of Middle Earth? Ok, I went too far with that one, but gimme a break we cant anunciate pronunciations or convey sarcasm when we write without getting ridiculous, so you know what I mean…)

    1. Correct pronunciation. Make sure your Maryland friends are registered Republican immediately – the primary is April 28

    2. Smigiel rhymes with legal 🙂 @ Julian, you are not the first to make the connection to the Lord of the Rings. In fact, we have several tee-shirt options for those that wish to proclaim their support…. you can check one of them out here Individuals can also email the campaign for more information about swag at We are grateful for the support from NORML and others and ask for donations to help us win in the primary and #sendHarrishome. Early voting begins April 14th, and the primary election is April 26th.

  2. This is the most important Congressional race that I’ve seen. Teach them all a lesson! (I donated $250) Pro Guns and Pro Marijuana GOP! Mr Smigiel has a JD and adorable bio: Superhero to the rescue

  3. Harris won with about 66% of the vote in the last two elections. I didn’t think we had a chance in hell of unseating him.

    I always vote against Harris. I plan to encourage my young apolitical, pro-cannabis friends to vote, too.

    I guess I’ll have to register Republican to vote against him in the primary.

    1. This is THE Primary-Challenge: get everyone to register Republican, in that district (there’s a pizza shop that has a ‘Support Maryland NORML’ sign, there)

      It is imperative that we get Smigiel, in: that “66%” will then keep him there, long term…

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