CBS Poll: Majority Of Americans Say ‘Marijuana Use Should Be Legal’

Legalize marijuanaFifty-six percent of Americans say “Marijuana use should be legal,” according to the results of a nationwide poll commissioned by CBS News. The percentage is the highest ever reported by news agency.

Only 36 percent of respondents said that they opposed legalization.

Seventy-one percent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 said that marijuana use ought to be legal, an increase of 10 percent since CBS posed the question last year. Among those age 35 to 64, 57 percent of respondents backed legalization, while only 31 percent of those age 65 or older did so.

Men (59 percent) were more likely than women (54 percent) to support making marijuana use legal. Democrats (63 percent) and Independents (58 percent) were far more likely to support legalization compared to Republicans (44 percent).

In response to a separate polling question, 51 percent of Americans admitted having consumed cannabis, up from 34 percent in 1997.

The poll possesses a margin of error of +/- four percent.

The CBS survey results are similar to those of other recent national polls, such as those by reported by Gallup, CBS, and Pew, finding that a majority of Americans now support ending marijuana prohibition.

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  1. Men: 59% support
    Women: 54%
    Democrats: 63%
    Independents: 58%
    Aged 18-34: 71%
    35-64: 57%
    65+: 31% (This is my age group. We are dying off.)

    Republicans: 44%
    These people are desperate to win back the White House. They are the last real impediment reform.

    Vote against them this fall. That’ll change their tune.

  2. I’m 68 and have an important message for the 65+ age group:


    (I wrote it in caps so you can read it without glasses.)

  3. Women’s approval for marijuana legalization is above %50?! That’s a BIG damn difference from last year! This is really going to help votes in November! Hell yeah!

    1. Take THAT Hillary Clinton! A majority of American women, your base, want to completely legalize marijuana! Take your anecdotal, rescheduling, Too big to fail @$$ and prepare to DEschedule marijuana!

      1. She will not win so you don’t have to worry. Trump wins this year and we still won’t be smoking, legally.

      2. Sorry dude, not even if you purge every Democratic county vote from San Diego to Portland, Maine; Trumps primary votes only represent less than %15 of the voting electorate. And the RNC can make up the rules a week before the Republican convention. The Koch brothers already cut funds to the RNC to spite Trump, which means they may already be backing Clinton. The Koch’s have donated to legalize marijuana (or perhaps to flush out political agendas) while voraciously protecting their petroleum patents… even if they have to marry the shrew…
        While we celebrate the quadracentennial of our pot-smoking playwright, Shakespeare, the situation of the Kochs backing Clinton is much like the Tempest;
        “Misery acquaints a man (or a woman) with strange bedfellows.
        I will here shroud until the dregs of the storm be past.”

  4. This is America. The Land where the Govt doesn’t care what the people want; or so it seems…

  5. This survey measures the number of those who actually recommend legalisation. Out of those who don’t want it many would probably accept it (The 8% who failed to express a preference and some of the 36% who said no). So natural opposition to reform is firmly in a minority – a smaller number than those who oppose gay rights for example.

  6. At 75, I am glad that my fellow seniors can now strongly accept the idea of medical marijuana. They have come to see its potential in addressing many forms of disease. I am amazed however, that they don’t see legalized marijuana as a potential aid in avoiding the same diseases before they even start.

    1. First and foremost disease prevention priority: prevent youngsters getting hooked on H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide P-aperpuff $-igarettes– “$moking-related” disease costs US economy $289-bil. a year!

      Cannabis is the GATEWAY to Vaporizers and 25-mg microdosage– and the deathknell to 700-mg $ig$uck hegemony and 6-million-a-year worldwide holocaust.

  7. You elder folks are making me feel like a child. But at least we have something in common, we all support legalization. 😀

    45 going on 46, and I’ll always believe what I like to smoke should be legal.

  8. We’re gonna have to work harder on CBS if they contradict their own polls and allow regurgitated propaganda like this to get coverage;

    Citing the study that claimed cannabis consumers with lower IQ? Wasn’t that debunked more than a year ago?
    Thank God younger generations get their news from on line research instead of corporate entertainment propaganda. It’s just frustrating when we read crap like this it invalidates valuable resources like these polls. At least NORML is conducting real investigative reporting to disinfect so-called “studies” that have no roots in a peer-reviewed scientific process.

    [Paul Armentano responds: Julian, I am aware of the paper cited in the CBS coverage. It is inconsistent with prior observational studies that failed to find any association between cannabis use and earlier mortality, e.g: and Further, you are correct that the Dundendin IQ finding cited is dated and has been refuted by better controlled longitudinal studies like this one: In 2016, so-called ‘experts’ should no longer be citing it.]

    1. Ahhh… Truth… Thanks Paul, I feel better now. Especially since I found a little stash of Trainwreck. Double better…

    2. I noticed the CBS “Heavy Teen Use” showed a teen practicing heavy use– lighting a JOINT with a match.

      Down in the fine print Dr. Kevin Hill has a “key message [in] two words: dose matters.” They don’t quote anything he says specific about what dose– like 25 mg per toke versus 500-mg roll-up? Instead the picture says it all, especially if your two-year-old is watching you read the CBS thing, thinks it’s a $igarette ad.

      To requote Kevin oops sorry Sabet, Big AMarijuana is a joint, Big 2WackGo is a $igarette. Beat both with one-heater.

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