It’s election season, support the NORML PAC!

The summer season is upon us and with the warm weather comes heated elections around the country.

2016 is set to be a monumental year in marijuana law reform. Three states have already qualified marijuana related initiatives for the November ballot (Nevada, Florida, and Maine) and nine more states are still collecting signatures in hopes of making the ballot (California, Arizona, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota and Oklahoma).

But we want to support more than the pending initiatives. The NORML PAC is ready to support candidates that wish to make marijuana law reform an important pillar in their campaign platform. We want to empower candidates who are challenging prohibitionists and we want to help them win. But we need your help.

Donate to the NORML PAC today and in return for you supporting marijuana friendly candidates around the country, you will receive a couple of our favorite products!

It's election season, support the NORML PAC!

*For a $40 donation to the NORML PAC you will receive a NORML glass stash jar. For a $60 donation to the NORML PAC you will receive a NORML grinder. For a $75 donation, you will receive both!

Help support the NORML PAC so that we can endorse and donate to candidates around the country that are running on a platform that includes reforming our country’s archaic marijuana laws. The only way we can continue our progress is to support and elect these candidates!

Thank you for your continued support and membership.

P.S. We can only raise PAC funds from NORML members. Therefore, if you wish to contribute to the NORML PAC, and you are not currently a NORML member, the first $25 of your contribution will be applied to your membership dues. The balance will go to the NORML PAC to provide financial help to candidates who support our positions on marijuana policy.

* PAC premium donation ends on June 21, 2016.

9 thoughts

    1. Dang, that WAS quick. Grinder and ample-sized container. Does NORML have regional distribution centers or are ya’ll just that quick? Thanks!

  1. done
    WVA Gov looking at how much other states made and how it effects drug abuse. On the news. Got them surrounded.

  2. Why has the California measure not already been taken care of? Did the Golden State run out of MJ lovers? LOL!

  3. It is really sad that politicians can’t simply do the right thing on their own… They have to be bought!

    1. I agree, “sad” indeed. I might even say “heartbreaking”, for those who give the tiniest little shit about civilization, society, and the common good.

      But these politicians come from the general population, which is chock-full of people who can’t wait to be bought off!

      And when you examine these people to see if they are evil monsters or what, you find that they’re mostly just regular people who have absorbed and accepted the false notion that money can justify an action; yet it cannot.

      They accept the system as legitimate, and the system confirms and justifies their beliefs, and subsequent actions, with cash payoffs. Sad indeed.

      And so you are left with a social system in which Justice is merely another financial commodity. And that, of course, is no justice at all.

      1. If we ever wish to cut through all the bull$#!+ in politics we have to ask ourselves two questions:
        1) Who owns and/or prohibits all the resources?
        2) How do we and our leaders get paid?

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