Leveling the Playing Field in Florida with CFL NORML

After a narrow defeat in 2014, Florida voters will have another opportunity to legalize medical marijuana this November by voting YES on Amendment 2, but not before being inundated with misinformation from some of Florida’s most notorious marijuana prohibitionists. With more than $10 million dollars committed to defeating the measure, Floridians can expect a salvo of refer madness unlike anything we’ve seen in the past. Even in states that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana – Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska – anti-marijuana groups spent roughly $800k between all four states fighting legalization efforts.10256946_530961753717152_6194363317718419167_n

In an effort to level the playing field, Central Florida Chapter of the National Organization of the Reform of Marijuana Laws (CFL NORML) led by executive director, Christopher Cano, recently launched a grassroots fundraising campaign with a goal of $250,000 to combat the continuous flow of fear mongering and attacks expected this fall. Indiegogo, the crowdfunding platform being utilized by the organization features a video produced by CFL NORML, pictures of past events, and of course a donation page where contributions can be made.

“We are appalled at the gross amount of funds the opposition plans to spend in order to continue the unjust policy of marijuana prohibition in Florida,” Cano said. “The Medical Marijuana Movement should be about one thing and one thing only, the patients. Mel Sembler and his No On 2 allies are willing to spend obscene amounts of money to hurt veterans and sick patients, and we simply are not going to take that laying down”.

To show your support, please donate by clicking the link below or volunteer by contacting CFL NORML using the following email address: contact@cflnorml.org.

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  1. Awesome! If the cancer doesn’t kill me first I’m thinking of retiring in Florida for some of the sativa strains from the backwoods swamps going mainstream.

    Legalizing cannabis banking is the next step. The feds have been taking the cannabis taxes. Once this step is in place, and electronic and check banking are allowed by the feds, Congress may as well legalize, or at least remove itself from any kind of enforcement, leaving enforcement up to the states–who may decide not to enforce anything anticannabis.


    1. I have stanosis neuropathy have had 3 surgeries they replaced three bones in my neck arthritis grew backin a year my stanosis is back squeezing my spine the best thing to get relief is smoking weed. I got pins and needles for pain and heat I’m on fire. When I smoke I can sleep even relax we got to pass adminmint 2 I beg you please,

      Sleepless in Florida i got all kinds of things wrong with me please vote yes on admen meant 2 ty all

    1. If their state ballot works like Pennsylvania’s a ballot has to be put there by the legislature for the voters to approve or disapprove. I’m thinking there is no signature voter driven ballot intiative.

  2. Sheldon Adelson, Las Vegas billionaire, huge Republican donor and real life Jabba the Hut will pour millions into defeating this bill. Why? Because he wants to make the world safe for assholes.

    1. Need a little clarification who the assholes are? How about gambling casino magnates (as in Trump), real estate developers (as in Trump). Yes, it was in the news that Adelson, enemy of legal weed, also gives money to Trump campaign.

      What is gambling? How about Passive Aggression: Risk the Money and wait for somebody else to Lose (might need to play a Trump card?). Who gambles? Depressives who can’t get any excitement out of real work, it takes a My Money Mania outburst in the form of Drama, watching to see if you will win or lose, whether you will beat the other guy and get some symbolic revenge for imprisonment Dad and Mom did to you when you were cradleable, boxable, strollerable, playpenable, bedroomable etc. (Depression = Deep Prison)

      Imagine Sheldon Adelson and his friends in the speculation biz looking at cannabis legalization and fearing, what if cannabis can cure or PREVENT DEPRESSION, how will we make money any more exploiting its victims? (Some doctors believe Depression is the number one preventable illness on the planet.)

      For Adelson and ilk, the money is in attracting and exploiting the Depressives, not in curing them. Cannabis legalization will lead in short order to a final crash of the gambling “industry” worldwide as former victims learn how to do honest intelligent two-handed pro-reforestation gruntwork!

      PS.– Adelson, who allegedly does not $moke, fought against indoor (tobackgo) $moking restrictions at casinos in Spain.

      1. I tend to agree. I don’t think gambling is immoral, I just hate to see people being fleeced so bad. But Fuck those who would deny Florida citizens their medicine, now you’ve crossed a line, Fuckers.

        I think by mistaking Capitalism for a legitimate social system, we Americans have created a predatory culture in which every cry for help is met with a “market-driven solution” which seeks to exploit the weakness and need of the desperate. Why? Profit, of course. But Profit provides no moral justification, no social obligation, only a greedy motive.

        My point? We all need each other, so let us not be ashamed of this fact; but, let us be careful when choosing which “help” to accept!

        Make sure it’s making you stronger, not weaker. It’s not “help” if you can’t say “No” to it; it is more likey to be further predation.

        And politically, if the best revenge is living well, cannabis fits the description beautifully; so if you live in Florida, register to vote and then vote “Yes” to defeat the predators, and to live well!

      2. Thanx for examining interesting words, Profit and Greed. I think the latin root of Profit meant “let there be for (so-and-so)” i.e. a promise that your bizness will produce funds you can pay off the creditor with, and Greed is a here-and-now need for money that you aGREED to pay some creditor, right?

        “exploiting the weakness and need of the desperate”– thought I’d offer a name, Crapaholism, for that system. The one thing most suckers are desperate to relieve is ANXIETY, and they are willing to duffer Depression (Deep Prison) if that’s what it takes to relieve Anxiety. Therefore they reach for alcohol and the other crap (instead of rieefer which we aGREE they ought to reachfor). With such a mindset, some of them have doubtless experienced Paranoia Panic when they tried weed.

        Cannabis legalization will require an EDUCATION campaign– those who know how to use cannabis appropriately and effectively will succeed in doing the necessary remediation work to root out the root causes of the Anxiety which created the suckerdom in the first place.

      3. If this motherfucker Adelson is so worried about corrupting our morals he should start with banning gambling. That includes gambling in the Wall Street Casino

  3. Does it seem a bit coincidental that the State of Florida, whose well known reputation for corruption and drug trafficking crime, is one of the most supportive of prohibition. When all the politics are washed away, money spent isn’t usually just to make a point but rather to get a return on investment. With that much money being spent, someone is expecting a sizable return. Who could that be??? Possibly the very underground market now thriving because of prohibition? Hmmmm.

    1. All the banks, pharmaceutical industry, and importers for the drug cartels, including foreign military leaders, laundry business… Its all in Miami. Who represents Miami Dade and wants to keep prohibition in place despite evidence mmj can treat the rampant opiate epidemic ? Washmoney-Shultz. Connecting the dots? Floridians are desperate to launder and wash money; some of Trump and Addleson’s biggest customers. Even the Chinese have their stake in it, shipping chemicals to labs in Mexico through Panama and Miami to sell the latest drug craze in the US, legal or illegal, hence, the off shore tax haven links.
      Im telling you, Trump is using racist rhetoric to disguise his thinly veiled Machiavellian plans to keep the drug war pumping right out of Anslinger’s playbook. The fact he built the Trump Towers using cheap concrete and slave immigrant labor (see Polish Brigade… They slept on the job with little to no pay) …and his connection to the Gambino crime family to get paid by the unions for no work should be clear enough.

      But then his reaction to blame Obama for the massacre in Orlando? What next? Is Obama responsible for the alligator that killed the 2 year old boy in Disneyland? Ive heard enough gun and religion debates to distract lesser minds from the serious health crisis the drug war and unchecked private insurance and pharmaceuticals has created, but if anyone is following this orange chimera to the voting booth, then there is more evidence we need certified in-home nurse practitioners licenced to distribute medical marijuana to treat and prevent mental illness than ever before in American history.

      1. Correction; Disneyworld, not “land.” Not that everyone didnt know it with every cable news anchor from Kingdom come already down there in Orlando after the shooting saying “imagine” like we cant imagine… Poor family… Wish marijuana made a cure for predatory news anchors that work for campaign contributions, ratings and soundbites instead of science-based facts and investigative reporting. Hey that did happen with that pretty black news anchor lady from Anchorage when she said “F-it, I quit” on camera and started her own marijuana dispensary… What was her name?)

    1. http://www.sci-tech-today.com/news/Microsoft-Gig–Marijuana-as-a-Service/story.xhtml?story_id=1020025RPB86

      This article talks about how Microsoft wants to participate in the “regulatory framework of compliance” Kind was basing its mission statement in. Yeah, and sell some Microsoft licensing. Windows for cannabis? Beatcha to it, didnt they Apple?
      My concern is who else besides NORML csn regulate the capitalist framework for consumers? You know, remind us consumers we dont have to tie our marijuana business to windows? Learn how to use DOS programming again and write our own networks? Microsoft neglects the inherent innovation in the cannabusiness community. We are always reinventing our methods of networking and communucation, but now we need more consumer protection than ever. How does NORML approach Microsoft to “level the playing field?”

  4. Donald Trump supports medical marijuana. When will voters realize that Democrat leaders will never help with medical marijuana? Bill Clinton actually proclaimed a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for medical marijuana during his administration. And MANY clubs have been shut down during Obama’s administration. WAKE UP!

    1. Following up from my previous post about Trump, you should really check out NORMLs Congressional Scorecard (just write “scorecard” into the search engine above and tap on the first link) so you can understand there are allies and enemies of marijuana legalization on all sides of the aisle.
      Next, read up on Harry Anslinger and see if you find any similarities with Trump?
      Finally, learn how Trump really makes money; campaign finance laundering, real estate scams, immigrant construction slave labor, tabloid publicity and perhaps you may have guessed, he changes his mind all the time and started taking money from special interests like private prison unions.
      And as Mexweed pointed out Drumph took money from Sheldon Addleson, which makes Drumph a prohibitionist money-launderer’s launderer. Thanks to Citizens United, Drumph can wash the dirt out of everbody’s hair but his own. And he’ll say anything to anyone to do it too. So the next time you hear Drumph say something positive about medical marijuana, remember that youre picking up a venomous scorpion, so dont blame it when it stings you for not seeing the Truth.
      To be fair, Hillary is no champion of truth. But at least she’s a compulsive liar that can be reasoned with through the traditional parameters of Federal lobbying and public pressure. Drumph is a pathological sociopath who cant even use reasonable distractions, referencing things he “heard” or something he “saw” even if it obviously includes the tabloid Inquierer. Thats who you want leading our nations DOJ and marijuana policy? I would feel safer with an orange Dingo babysitting my children.

    2. The Clintons are effectively Republicans. Pro-choice Republicans. It is a shame Democrats think she’s a liberal because she’s female…

      1. Then today’s Supreme Court decision on Texas using unecessary medical expense settled the issue over abortion. And yes, the Clintons are virtual Republicans, but don’t say “liberals” think Hillary is “liberal” because she’s a woman. Did you watch the debates between Sanders and Hillary?

  5. It is unconscionable that President Obama, who was a huge pothead in his youth, will not legalize pot, and free all the people jailed for possesion.

    [Editor’s note: FYI…a president alone can’t legalize cannabis (ie, Presidents don’t make law, Congress does. Presidents enforce, or not, federal laws. Even if Congress were to legalize cannabis tomorrow, where the policies are actually enforced and effected are at the state level; relatively few federal cannabis-related offenses occur annually as compared to local/state cannabis arrests). While Obama could certainly say more publicly about the need to end cannabis prohibition and continue to back the feds away from rigorously enforcing federal cannabis, his two term administration has created the most cannabis-tolerant political environment in anyone’s lifetime.

    If there had been a McCain or Romney Administration, there is a very good chance that there would not be nearly 3,000 licensed, tax-paying cannabusinesses today in states like AK, CO, OR and WA.

    The president does indeed have the power of the pen to pardon the sentences of federal prisoners, including those incarcerated for cannabis offenses. There currently could be as many as 7,000 cannabis-related federal prisoners. To date Obama has pardoned more federal prisoners than the last two presidents combined, and he has six months left to effect more pardons (the bulk of them will likely occur around Christmas and in the last 48 hours of his presidency in Jan. 2017). NORML and numerous other drug policy/sentencing reform groups are advocating the president release as many non violent, drug-related federal prisoners as possible.]

  6. Nothing like a fellow stoner (and representative for NORML), Bill Maher to put a fresh persoective on Microsoft tracking “seed to sale”;


    “New Rule: someone needs to tell Microsoft ‘don’t.’ We just want to score some marijuana, we don’t want to have sex with it. Now if someone could develop an app that tells a stoner where his lighter is…”

  7. It would kill the privat prisons. They would all be out of a job it’s bull put real law breakers in prison. And not the guy who taking his or her meds What bull

    1. We can lobby beurocratic prison guard unions and sherriff’s associations directly with an offer; guaranteed jobs as security guards and provide a new revenue stream to pay for police stations, equipped with margarita machines and a diminished fear of what to do with the surveillance video of them walking into the evidence room to get more weed when they were gambling in the break room during poker night.
      We have to take the talk directly to the people who ate afraid for their jobs… or even OF their jobs, when the truth is the quality of life under legalization is better. Just ask some firefighters in Colorado. No one remembers how hard Colorado was struggling out of the recession. Now entire public schools have been built and staffed off of the revenue from legally taxed marijuana. Those are real jobs created, with real quality incentives that dont include getting shot or stabbed by an underground cartel that controls the prison empowered by the black market from prohibited marijuana.
      So come on Sherriffs, come on prison guards; Dont you need a better life for your children? One where the money is earned and rewarded with a sense of accomplishment, appreciation and good conscience? How do you put a dollar value on that? Or do you prefer to be imprisoned by the gang-reach of your own captives, peddling cell phones into jail cells to make ends meet? Or taking a bullet during the next asset forfeiture to pay back that shady loan you took to feel like one of the big guys, yet living in fear in your own neighborhood from the crime and miseducation that prohibition create? (Waitaminute, that last one might have been Denzel Washington in Training Day, but you get the picture…)

      1. Hey, that was a good one. If I can just make it sound a little less condescending and send it to L.E.A.P. to translate for law enforcement perhaps we could find a way to talk directly to law enforcement and the whole beurocracy of prohibition from the US Attorneys General right down to the comptroller cooking the books for asset forfeitures?

        You see Michael Boticelli, not everybody has criminal values like their from Chicago; people need education and exposure to what legalization can really be like; where DEA agents can be appreciated for leaving that hemp seed export cargo headed from Miami to the Panama canal alone and go after that Chinese freight full of Sudafed headed for some superlab in Mexico… Imagine that, DEA? A public that supports, respects and applauds you! What is that worth in that deep part of your heart that still hasn’t been sold and purchased by the CSAct for some sex party with the Colombian cartel? Y’know, the one where you left your gun in your briefcase with that hotel manager while some Colombian prostitute used you as a sex toy? Tch, tch, tch …shame, isnt it? (Damnit! I said I wouldnt be condescending, but its like walking through a field of landmines!…)

      2. Good move mentioning the firefighters in Colorado– or currently Calif– gives me an entry to the Rieffer for Reforestation issue! Highest priority to prevent $bil. forest fire fighting budgets is to prevent DROUGHT (and secondly to pick up enough of the deadwood off the forest floor and use it for woodworking, mulch, composting etc.).

        TREES are the worldwide custodians of fresh water, preventing drought in Calif, floods in WV– and HEMP is considered among the best precursor crops for tree planting. Duh?

        And I think you meant the fire fighters appreciate a toke prior to the day’s struggle (Occupational Use)– this will remain true if they are clipping and picking up branches or planting the hemp seeds in the NEW PRO-ENVIRONMENT EMPLOYMENT ERA.

  8. ! How are veterans in Miami getting their medical marijuana? The veterans keep saying that there are no doctors to prescribe our medical marijuana needs no buddy knows we’re to get a Card and there is nowhere available for Veterans to get or buy their medical marijuana they keep referring back to that they are federal hospital and it’s against the federal law to buy use or sell marijuana of any kind all I need is the CBD OIL for my chronic pain?

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