Black Rock OG Supports Cannabis Law Reform

As more and more states continue to embrace some form of legal cannabis, it’s important that we begin to examine what partnership opportunities exist among the thousands of emerging cannabis-related companies that are eager to promote their products and/or services to NORML’s vast network of cannabis consumers and advocates. But where do we begin? From marketing and public relations, to growing supplies and consumer products, the possibilities are endless.

After much consideration, NORML has decided to engage in partnerships with companies that genuinely support our organization’s mission of reforming cannabis laws on the local, state and federal level. These are companies that understand the need to invest in ending the mass incarceration of nonviolent marijuana consumers and that are committed to ending the federal prohibition of marijuana.


With that said, please join us in welcoming Black Rock Originals as an official sponsor of NORML. Like our other partners, Black Rock Originals founders Tommy Joyce and Nick Levich, are committed to seeing the federal prohibition of cannabis come to an end. Founded in 2014, Black Rock Originals designs, markets and distributes the “Safety Case,” a discreet, travel-friendly cannabis kit for the modern consumer. From rolling and smoking to vaporizing and dabbing, their convenient kit has all the essentials a cannabis consumer would need while on the go.

“I believe it’s imperative for both companies and consumers in the cannabis space to vote with their dollar. Consumers have the power to educate themselves and support cannabis businesses who are positively impacting the industry’s legalization efforts, and in turn, that revenue can be allocated to supporting the critical reform efforts our fledgling industry needs,” Tommy said. “ We pride ourselves on providing a high level of service with an emphasis on transparency and education – two values that the cannabis industry has traditionally struggled to embrace.”

Through the support of responsible cannabis-related companies like Black Rock Originals that believe in NORML’s mission, we will be able to continue and expand our efforts to end the war on responsible cannabis consumers.


To learn more about the team behind Black Rock Originals or to order your Safety Case, please visit by clicking, here!

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  1. So long as NORML continues to diversify our revenue streams in the way former executive director Allen St. Pierre did and hold private industries accountable for the reform of marijuana law, then let’s celebrate this bold new step into sponsorship. I would like a proceed of my purchase to go to NORML PAC, at least until we end Citizens United, then return proceeds to the NORML Foundation. (After everything I bought on this year I know those pennies added up to something for the Foundation…)
    To be clear with examples of companies NORML should not be supporting, (although it should go without saying), companies responsible for supporting or donating to any Congressman with a failing grade on the Congressional scorecard cannot receive a sponsorship. This information has to be disclosed. Private industries in the Food or bio-pharmaceutical-industrial complex must be vetted and revealed for what they are, even if it means requiring the CEOs and investors to disclose their investments. We can’t have a sponsor that says “I don’t even purchase Round-Up from Monsantos!” …and then it turns out they have major stocks in the company.
    This is what checked Democracy looks like. Vote with our dollars is a powerful statement, but only if we are transparent and disclose every dollar, tax report, investments, stock options… I want to know how much money these sponsors loan to their mother and who she votes for before they get my dollar vote as an official NORML sponsor!
    (Ok, maybe we can leave mom out of this, but you get the picture).
    This is where NORML has to set the standard for consumer product transparency. Labels, voting and tax records; full disclosure. Thats how we vote with our dollar.

    1. Balance… I mentioned Round-Up and I believe this is the time to set the bar for how much and what kinds of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides we consider acceptable, especially as the sponsors drawn in produce these products and marijuana itself. There are such things as safe practices and non-toxic, non-petrol solutions to things like spider-mites and pesky molds, and this is the time to determine them.

  2. I like the fact that their products are not see-through. Been using a somewhat transparent plastic fishing tackle box that has adjustable compartments, depending on where you put in the plastic dividers. It is deep enough for a chillum or zeppelin or a very small pipe or vaporizer pen, lighter, pipe cleaner, papers, and what have you. I like the compartments for different strains. That way there is a nice selection for just one person or for fellow cannabists you meet up with. Drawbacks: no room for a grinder, not opaque.

  3. Churches have accepted donations from members since the dawn of Religion. Cannabis Law Reform is just like a religion. Welcome their financial contributions and buy their stuff! Amen.

    1. Sorry Dan, you’re thinking of a church exemption called a 501(c). While I have posted before that I think it would be both hilarious and appropriate to let NORML start its own church of cannabis, in such a manner as John Oliver did on his show Last Week Tonight, NORML is a non-for-profit consumer advocacy group that lets our dollars vote for us by giving the green light, or green thumb on marijuana related products and of course, advocacy through the Congressional scorecard;

      It would be no more appropriate for NORML to register as a 501(c) than to merge with the NRA just because our 2nd amendment rights are being trampled on. In short, let us be NORML, and give to God what is God’s and give to Ceasar what is Ceasar’s.

  4. I have been interested in finding out about the businesss end of things and definitely would like to attend any seminars that may be coming up.
    Ive been a 25+ yr methadone /opiates user for chronic pain issues ,as well as too many mental diagnosis to be named (clonipin also). Id sttarted looking into kratom and have had some success,but have always been an advocate for marijuana benefits and uses,since the days of Gatewood Galbraith in KY.
    Looking back i realize my issues were more functional using marijuana. I did my college thesis on psychotropics and their uses as well as their actions in our brain function. Even with the heavy use of marijuana ,i kept a 3.75/ 4.0. grade average.
    At any rate,im rambling at this point,but anyone who is interested and has knowledge /plans on going into this business ,please contact me through this .
    thank you

  5. Medical use for cannabis is good for health and now its legal almost in every state but we have to oppose age limit on its use because many teens already using it for fun.

  6. Does anybody know of a reputable stock dealer for buying marijuana stock. Either in Pharmaceuticals or dispensing operations Etc. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you very much

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