Adult Use Ballot Initiatives Leading In Latest Polls

Legalize marijuanaVoters favor legalizing the adult use of cannabis in the five states where the issue will appear on the ballot this Election Day. Here is a summary of the latest polling data.

ARIZONA: Half of Arizona voters intend to vote ‘yes’ in favor of Proposition 205: The Arizona Legalization and Regulation of Marijuana Act, according to an Arizona Republic/Morrison/Cronkite News poll. Forty percent of voters oppose the initiative. The Act allows adults age 21 and older to possess and to privately consume and grow limited amounts of marijuana (up to one ounce of marijuana flower, up to five grams of marijuana concentrate, and/or the harvest from up to six plants) and provides regulations for a retail cannabis marketplace.

CALIFORNIA: Numerous polls show strong support among Californians for Proposition 64: The Adult Use of Marijuana Act. In recent weeks, polling data compiled by the Public Policy Institute of California and the California Field Poll show the measure leading among voters by some 30 percentage points. Proposition 64 permits adults to legally grow (up to six plants) and possess personal use quantities of cannabis (up to one ounce of flower and/or up to eight grams of concentrate) while also licensing commercial cannabis production and retail sales. The measure prohibits localities from taking actions to infringe upon adults’ ability to possess and cultivate cannabis for non-commercial purposes. The initiative language specifies that it is not intended to “repeal, affect, restrict, or preempt … laws pertaining to the Compassionate Use Act of 1996.”

MAINE: Fifty-three percent of voters support Question 1: The Marijuana Legalization Act, according to a September UNH Survey Center poll. Only 38 percent of respondents oppose it. The Act authorizes adults to obtain up to two and one-half ounces of cannabis from licensed facilities. Adults can also cultivate up to six plants and possess the harvest from those plants.

MASSACHUSETTS: Voters back Question 4: The Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act by a margin of 53 percent to 40 percent, according to polling data released last week by WBZ-TV. The ballot measure permits adults to possess up to 10 ounces of cannabis and to grow up to six plants for non-commercial purposes. The measure also establishes regulations overseeing the commercial production and sale of the plant.

NEVADA: Question 2: The Nevada Marijuana Legalization Initiative leads among Nevada voters by a margin of 57 percent to 33 percent, according to Suffolk University polling data released last week. The initiative states, “The People of the State of Nevada find and declare that the use of marijuana should be legal for persons 21 years of age or older, and its cultivation and sale should be regulated similar to other businesses.”

For more information about these and other pending ballot initiatives, please see NORML’s Election 2016 page here.

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    1. Yeah they really should. After all, they did go from a 6 month sentence to a 100$ fine over night. They might as well take it one step further.

      1. The Republican senator running for governor in Delaware is Colin Bonini. He said he would legalize if he became governor in DE. He said that it was already nearly legal since it had been decriminalized. Now it could be regulated and taxed as well. Vote in Nov!

      2. The more states near Pennsylvania do it the better. Our governor might think a little more, the more states do it to maybe passing something here in PA. He’s more liberal then Tom Corbett was, as the other Tom would never have passed the medical marijuana bill which he passed. And he’s stated this is a step in the right direction in legalizing medical marijuana.

        I really hope that Delaware does it, cause I’ll think more about vacation there then.

        Thanks Much For The Info. 😉

  1. With everything Insys put into stopping marijuana legalization in Arizona, this would be a great upset for prohibitionists. The opiate addiction machine from synthetics approved by the FDA to the defense contractors creating violence and death around the world is a malignant threat to national and world security and marijuana legalization is the beginning of the cure for more than 60 overdoses of opiates per day.
    Please get active and ask every young person you meet if they are registered to vote, and direct them to their local NORML chapters.
    And if anyone at this point is still wondering how Trump, the hirer of the “best” prosecutors and “Law and Order” bureaucracy would handle prohibition, just look at what he says about our veteran with PTSD, who are commiting suicide at rates of 22-50 per day no thanks to opiate addiction:

    Our veterans aren’t “strong enough” to fight PTSD Mr Trump? No, you are not strong enough to lead this nation.
    Focus on the lower ballot people; Your city councils, your state reps, your school boards. This presidential race is going to get uglier before it gets better. Registration ends October 11th.

      1. and you can thank big pharma for that. a recent NORML blog cited an admission that pharmaceutical co’s had a hand in the media’s casting mj as the evil weed. Notice all those times in the news where someone committed a hideous crime? and if it mj was at all present, it was duly noted that so and so was found to have marijuana in their system or on their person. they very well could have had cigarettes or alcohol or been wearing a plaid shirt, but it is always stated in a tone that implies that mj had something to do with the crime.

      2. Holy $#!+! On Point from NPR just had Mason Tvert from MPP grill Kevin Sabet and reveal that Project SAM has been funded by people who own alcohol business and INSYS!!! MAJOR burn!!!
        Even Tom Ashbrook was like “Isnt fentanyl the drug that killed Prince?”
        Kevin cites “The Harvard Medical folks” to bring up the schizophrenia propaganda again. You mean like NORML board member and Harvard graduate doctor Lester Grinspoon who says thats simply not true?

        [Paul Armentano responds: An archived audio of the On Point segment is available online here:

        I also recently participated in my own NPR debate, going up against UCSF’s Stan Glantz and former ONDCP Deputy Director Bertha Madras. Audio of the one-hour broadcast is archived here:

      3. Thanks Paul! I was just about to post the link to WBUR myself, but now with your debate I have something to listen to while I’m working tomorrow.
        We have to fact check these debates! It speaks volumes regardless, that Kevin Sabet has yet to officially respond to Project SAM’s funding from Insys.
        Watch this scandal continue to blow up on billionaire John Kapoor and shed disinfecting light on the inferior synthetic patenting of marijuana from whole plant cannabis:

        Likewise, people need to understand that while tobacco and alcohol sales have gone up in Colorado, we have to look at population growth, tourism and the quality of alcohol being sold: People who consume marijuana are giving up the low quality big-brand beers like Bush and bud light to replace them with more locally owned craft beers that compete with bigger wallets. Weed helps people pace themselves and appreciate things like taste, smell and being able to find your keys or a taco stand without stumbling everywhere.
        Finally, we need to acknowledge the remaining sources of money in the anti marijuana campaign in Arizona and beyond:

        One of the “hazy” contributors to stop legalization is from the Real Estate and Construction business. These are laundry business for organized crime. Just ask Trump. Tax write offs and evasions, money laundering, all that washes up when marijuana gets taxed and regulated. We need to support, endorse and sponsor transparent builders and agents that have sensible policies for after hours marijuana consumption, so we can go after the legal prescription market that is the leading cause of accidents on and off the workplace.

      4. @Paul,
        I just heard your debate today, and I have to agree with one if the last callers that the mediator gave way too much negative airtime to Dr Madras and not enough to you!
        For those who don’t know who Dr. Madras is, she is Satan’s butthole for anti-marijuana propaganda, also former deputy director for the ONDCP and the leading “expert” butthole for the Federal court case where Judge Mueller determined that despite all of our NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano’s allowed evidence, “Congress does not have to be right.”
        One thing about your debate, Paul, that stood out to me is that we all have to be very clear; (and please take this criticism constructively because I and everybody make this mistake and we all owe you a great debt of gratitude for the work you do!) …what stood out to me is we all need to cite our souces as controlled-based and peer-reviewed, not just “longitudinal” because every time you or anyone referred to a study as “several studies ‘they’ discovered,” you could hear that bi+€h Madras giggling in the background whereby she promptly would regurgitate a monstrous amount of misleading, nameless propaganda citing “longitudinal studies.” At least your studies can be fact checked for controlled, peer based review, but the listeners may not know that unless we stop using the word “they.”
        Great work segueing in AUMA at the end as the “people’s choice.” I know they didn’t give you much time but we HAVE to cite that study from JAMA when talking about reduced opiate addiction in states that have legalized.
        What I’m going to do when I meet my two federal House rep candidates this month (R-Lamar Smith and D-Tom Wakely, is keep a works-cited list with me to check off when someone lies about marijuana during a town hall or a debate.
        Thank you so much Paul and keep up the good fight; Every day the source of income for prohibition is revealed. Let’s keepm running for cover!

      5. (Sigh… ) I used “they” right after I criticized you for it… heeere’s the source…

        “Is #marijuana safe enough to legalize for recreational use?
        We’ll discuss that question & #Prop64 Friday at 9 a.m.

        — KQED Forum (@KQEDForum) September 30, 2016″

      1. Johnson who? The guy that defies every policy Sanders ever wrote and can’t name a single workd leader? Including a former president of Mexico? And Gary was the governor of New MEXICO?!

        “We don’t why we know that Gary Johnson has a tattoo on his arm that says ‘Gary Johnson’ so he can remember his own name… We just KNOW it’s true!”
        Bill Maher, NORML advisory board

        Gary Johnson makes marijuana consumers look bad.

    1. “Our veterans aren’t “strong enough” to fight PTSD Mr Trump? No, you are not strong enough to lead this nation.”

      He was pointing out the very real fact that about 20 Veterans commit suicide every single day due to PTSD and that they need our help.

    2. BIG THANK YOU to govt official Bill Montgomery in AZ for trying to sue to restrict voters from voting. Now anyone that might have voted “NO” will now vote “YES” due to an attempt of their constitutional right being restricted. They will vote “YES” just to exercise their violated constitutional right now. Oh yeah I plan on stopping there on my way to Cali in February from FL if this passes.

      1. Almost forgot, Bill will porbably not be re elected now since he tried to take away his supporters right to vote.

  2. It sure would be fantastic to win in all five states. If that happened it would truly be the beginning of the end of prohibition. I’ve been waiting forty-five yrs for this.

    1. Me too Marty! I supported Norml on the university campus in the 70s – we thought legalization was right around the corner back then. It was totally tolerated on campus and around Columbia Missouri back then. But then I graduated, moved to Joplin Missouri and found out that the rednecks down there had a different opinion of our wildwood weed.

  3. A sweep would be game over! This is so exciting to watch prohibition crumble. In 50 years people will look back on the drug war as one of the stupidest policies our gov’t tried to force down our throat.

  4. For convenience, I’ve summarized the NORML congressional scorecard below, for California. I’ll post the other four states in my next comment.
    Please vote OUT all “D’s” and “F’s”! They gotta go!

    NORML congressional scorecard
    Get the details at

    Barbara Boxer (D): “B”
    Dianne Feinstein (D): “C-”

    Jared Huffman (D): “A+”
    Barbara Lee (D): “A+”
    Ted Lieu (D): “A+”
    Zoe Lofgren (D): “A+”
    Dana Rohrabacher (R): “A+”
    Mike Honda (D): “A”
    Alan Lowenthal (D): “A”
    Eric Swalwell (D): “A”
    Julia Brownley (D): “B+”
    Sam Farr (D): “B+”
    Duncan D. Hunter (R): “B+”
    Tom McClintock (R): “B+”
    Pete Aguilar (D): “B”
    Xavier Becerra (D): “B”
    Ami Bera (D): “B”
    Lois Capps (D): “B”
    Tony Cardenas (D): “B”
    Judy Chu (D): “B”
    Jim Costa (D): “B”
    Susan Davis (D): “B”
    Mark DeSaulnier (D): “B”
    Anna Eshoo (D): “B”
    John Garamendi (D): “B”
    Janice Hahn (D): “B”
    Doris Matsui (D): “B”
    Jerry McNerney (D): “B”
    Grace Napolitano (D): “B”
    Nancy Pelosi (D): “B”
    Scott Peters (D): “B”
    Raul Ruiz (D): “B”
    Linda Sanchez (D): “B”
    Loretta Sanchez (D): “B”
    Adam Schiff (D): “B”
    Brad Sherman (D): “B”
    Jackie Speier (D): “B”
    Mark Takano (D): “B”
    Mike Thompson (D): “B”
    Norma Torres (D): “B”
    Juan Vargas (D): “B”
    Maxine Waters (D): “B”
    Lucille Roybal-Allard (D): “B-”
    Karen Bass (D): “C”
    Ken Calvert (R): “C”
    Steve Knight (R): “C”
    Paul Cook (R): “D”
    Jeff Denham (R): “D”
    Darrell Issa (R): “D”
    Kevin McCarthy (R): “D”
    Devin Nunes (R): “D”
    Ed Royce (R): “D”
    David Valadao (R): “D”
    Mimi Walters (R): “D”
    Doug LaMalfa (R): “F”

  5. For convenience, I’ve summarized the NORML congressional scorecard below, for Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada. I’ve previously posted the summary for California.
    Please vote OUT all “D’s” and “F’s”! They gotta go!

    NORML congressional scorecard
    Get the details at


    Jeff Flake (R): “C”
    John McCain (R): “C”

    Ruben Gallego (D): “A”
    Raul Grijalva (D): “B+”
    Ann Kirkpatrick (D): “B”
    David Schweikert (R): “B”
    Kyrsten Sinema (D): “B”
    Martha McSally (R): “C”
    Matt Salmon (R): “D”
    Trent Franks (R): “F”
    Paul Gosar (R): “F”

    Susan Collins (R): “B-”
    Angus King (I): “C”

    Chellie Pingree (D): “A+”
    Bruce Poliquin (R): “B”

    Elizabeth Warren (D): “B”
    Ed Markley (D): “C+”

    Mike Capuano (D): “A+”
    Katherine Clark (D): “B”
    Stephen Lynch (D): “B”
    Jim McGovern (D): “B”
    Seth Moulton (D): “B”
    Richard Neal (D): “B”
    Niki Tsongas (D): “B”
    Bill Keating (D): “D”
    Joseph P. Kennedy III (D): “D”

    Dean Heller (R): “B”
    Harry Reid (D): “B”

    Joe Heck (R): “B+”
    Dina Titus (D): “B+”
    Cresent Hardy (R): “C”
    Mark Amodei (R): “D”

  6. This debate over Question 4 in Massachusetts yesterday in Boston was between:

    Jim Borghesani, communications director for “Yes on 4,” president of Primepoint Strategic Media. They tweet @RegulateMass.

    Jason Lewis, state senator, co-chair of the Legislature’s Public Health Committee and chair of the Special Senate Committee on Marijuana; Steering Committee member of the “No on 4” Campaign. They tweet @SafeHealthyMA. representing the anti-legalization Campaign for a Safe and Healthy Massachusetts

    If we have any interest in sharpening our skills when talking to legislators and voters, screw the VP debate, click on the link and listen to this:

    State Senator Lewis said, and I quote, “This legalization initiative is not about legalization.”

    We absolutely HAVE to keep teen use studies and surveys handy when talking to our voters and legislators;

    Perhaps the biggest applause of the debate came from the mediator who had to ask the audience to let her finish stating that opiate use is down in states that have legalized cannabis. The anger against big pharma is a huge wave pushing us towards our destination of legalization.

  7. Mark,

    Thanks for the handy scorecards. Won’t help me, as I’m in another state, but it should be very convenient for those living in the five states voting to legalize in November. Thanks again.

    1. Cheer up Bud,

      NM is in the same boat as Texas in that our legislative session begins around the Presudentisl nomination, but at least NM is going heavily Democrat;

      Im only going to post the link;
      As Ive noticed there’s a big new link on the webpage for the Congressional Scorecard. (Good work, nameless techie from NORML 🙂 ).

      New Mexico has a unique initiative and referendum policy:

      Its a worthy advantage to look into after elections.

      1. Hey there Julian,

        I concur. I’m definitely glad NM’s a blue state. I suspect the Dems here will try to get legalization going again, and I also suspect, GOPer Gov Susana Martinez will try to veto it, as promised. But in two years she’s history, so . . .

        As I’ve said before, tho, if a few of our neighbor states can legalize this year, I think it will put greater pressure on the conservatives in this state to stop being so obstructionist.

        BTW, kudos on your posts, as always!

      2. PPS–I’m embarrassed to relate that I posted a response to your post before even looking at your links. I did just now, and saw that NM has a “Legislatively Referred Statute,” allowing our legislators to put the issue on the ballot via their votes!

        This is an abject lesson for everyone–you can help our cause better by learning your own state’s laws! Many thanks, Julian.

      3. Glad to help! Now you know what to ask your legislators in the state house!
        As Ive said to you before, New Mexico has landscapes so beautiful it should be a crime NOT to be stoned when traveling there!
        Albequerque, Santa Fe and Angel Fire would be excellent stops on a marijuana road trip to Colorado. Legalizing New Mexico needs to include expunging past convictions so we can employ all the people stuck off the grid and stuck in crime. This is a conservative ideal that even my own Republican state representative is championing. If youre waiting for Repubs to leave, Decrim may not be Legalization, but its a helluva lot better than prison!

  8. a concern I have is work place drug testing. tests show a positive result even if you used weeks before and you can be fired. why can’t things be changed about that. weed tests need to change to reflect like alcohol.

  9. Instead of asking people if pot should be legal, we could ask why it was made illegal in the first place? Air their ignorance, lies and superstitions. Educate them.

  10. NJ is gaining momentum, could be rapid reform once “Bluto” Christie gets out of office. They would legslize right now through the legislature if it weren’t for him. Christie needs to resign right now anyway, totally useless on all fronts.

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