Cannalytics Survey: Cannabis Consumers Most Likely To Identify As Independent Voters

ballot_box_leafAmericans who use cannabis or hold favorable views toward the plant tend to identify themselves politically as Independent rather than as a Democrat or a Republican, according to the results of a Cannalytics consumer research survey published today.

Among respondents, 46 percent defined themselves as Independent. Of this group, over 90 percent consider marijuana policy reform to be among the most important election issues, and more than 75 percent said that they are more motivated to vote this election because of pending cannabis-specific ballot measures.

Voters in nine states will decide on Election Day in favor of statewide ballot measures seeking to legalize either the medical use or the adult use of marijuana.

Cannalytics and its partners, including NORML, provided a 51-point questionnaire to over 5,800 respondents to gauge their opinions on cannabis policy, as well as their own marijuana use. Respondents typically were well educated, most did not smoke tobacco, and 53 percent suggested that they would consume less alcohol if cannabis were legally regulated for adults.

Full results of the 2016 Cannabis Voter Report are available online at:

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  1. I just find it ridiculous that in this day and time it’s still illegal to smoke cannabis. and yes I think it will really bring down the numbers of alcohol usage. another reason to make it legal , it also seems just stupid to me we can’t grow it , it’s like telling us not to grow tomatoes or carrots

  2. This all sounds very familiar to me. Apparently I’m not quite the odd-ball I’ve assumed I am for decades now.

  3. We are talking about a plant which grows from a seed, With a little water and dirt and of course the SUN. Come October ya got yourself your own personal stash. Of a PLANT. We as a country are so behind the times.And to compare alcohol to cannabis is just plain stupid.


    In other words we’ll vote for whoever provides reasonable, well regulated marijuana reform and spend the revenue on public education. Looking at this vote, Lord knows we need it! Specifically Math, Science and Basic Civics!
    While I will support my local Republican state representative Jason Isaac who is warming up to decriminalization, (and because he has no one running against him in my district…) It is quite clear from reading the Congressional Scorecard that a Progressive Democratic wave is about to hit Congress.
    But as I said in a previous post; best way to make Green is take Blue and add some Yellow, disinfecting sunlight! (And if our night should turn to day, Washmoney Shultz would run away!)

      1. MSimon, there is a big difference between enforcers who enforce a resemblence of justice such as solving real crimes like murder and rape and those in the executive branch who were unconstitutionally given authority to both enforce & legislate drug law through the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.

  5. Not particularly surprising, given the number of decades the Democrats and the Republicans have been openly screwing us. I’ll be voting Democratic this year, but I’m registered Green Party, just to make that very point.

    Groucho Marx said he wouldn’t want to be a member of any social club that would accept him! But I have more self-esteem than that, and I don’t want to “identity with my captors.”

    Now the Democrats have put “a pathway toward” marijuana legalization in their platform!

    When they can say it without equivocating, and walk their talk at the same time, I might just join the Democratic Party! Meantime, I’m glad to see the Democrats are joining the pot party!

    Republicans? Rank and file: many are down; this NORML blog is good evidence of that. But the leadership? Not so much!

  6. Decades of prohibition and mass incarceration are the result of both the Democrats and the Republicans.

    Is it any wonder that, probably, millions of Americans don’t want to identify with either of those parties?

    I get the impression that Hillary Clinton really hates the idea of legal cannabis but will concede that the American people have spoken and she is listening. That is all.

    1. Miles, I agree with you on all points.

      Hillary may not like us marijuana-types particularly; but what we marijuana-types need to understand in this election is the lesson of the Obama administration, and why we made such stunning progress during those two terms: We don’t need applause and admiration from the rest of America — what we need, what we demand, and what we must be willing to accept as sufficient, is tolerance.

      1. Great, so either throw your vote away to Gary Johnson, who can’t name a world leader or create an agenda close to Sanders, or go ahead and vote for Jill Stein?
        Look, Jill Stein said Ralph Nader was out for the rich.
        And is it really necessary to compare Trump to Anslinger again? (Sigh…) I have to keep remembering there are people out there that still think Trump won’t expand the drug-war bureocracy… Forgive me its just so sad to imagine people who can read this blog are incapable of googling the truth…
        Hillary may not be ideal, but she and the Democrats are the best chance we have at ending prohibition.

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