Gallup: Record High Percentage Of Americans Back Legalizing Marijuana

Legalize marijuanaSixty percent of Americans believe that “the use of marijuana should be legal,” according to nationwide polling data released today by Gallup. The percentage is the highest level of support ever reported by the polling group, and represents more than a doubling in public support over the past two decades.

The data closely follows the release of polling data compiled by the Pew Research Center showing a similar, dramatic shift in public opinion in favor of legalization.

Those ages 18 to 34 (77 percent), Independents (70 percent), and Democrats (67 percent) were most likely to endorse legalization in the Gallup poll. Support was weakest among Republicans (42 percent) and those age 55 or older (45 percent).

The poll possesses a margin of error of +/- four percentage points.

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  1. As a progressive liberal, I would like to say something to all the Republicans on this blog, who support marijuana legalization, but who are tired of hearing trash talk about Republicans.

    I have a request. But first, I want to tell you that I respect your right to your views. I respect your right to freely express your views. With 41 percent of Republicans in favor of legalization, nearly half, that’s certainly significant. So, you matter; and I wouldn’t want to take you for granted.

    But your leadership in the Congress and Senate haven’t gotten the message yet.

    Here’s my request to the rank-and-file Republicans: You have the power! So, Please! Vote out your die-hard prohibitionist leaders! And we on the left will do the same with the Democrats.

    Time to clean house!

    1. Meant to say “House and Senate” not “Congress and Senate”. Like most Americans, I struggle with Civics! Oof, grunt.

    2. Isn’t it also time to repent? Progressives brought up Prohibition in the first place. And because of government spending cannabis is now seen as a “special” revenue “enhancer”.

      No more taxed or regulated than tomatoes.

      Regulations require bureaucrats and enforcers. I’m sick and tired of enforcers.

      1. No. First of all, progressives oppose marijuana prohibition. So that’s just wrong. Please don’t leave that poop on my MY lawn!

        Secondly, I ain’t the ghost of Harry Anslinger, you know! No need to repent.

        Third, legalization without regulation, while an appealing idea, is simply not politically feasible at this point. Stopping the arrests is the first priority; and so, I’m willing to accept reasonable regulations as a fair price for that.

        Finally, I’m not an anti-tax zealot. So I’m fine with taxes on cannabis, provided they are reasonable, and not simply back-door attempts at prohibition 2.0.

        Sorry, no “sorry” from me!

  2. even among the lowest supporting groups, those percentages are double that of the most supportive just in the last decade. I credit Obama and his off-handed remark about inhaling for opening the floodgates for legalization. that seemed to have started the movement toward legalization.

  3. Marijuana taught me how to vote
    Reflecting on the bad laws that bad men wrote
    We used to be a joint on a life boat
    Now were all high afloat
    Passin this joint with a true quote:

    Were freein weed
    for those in need

    Standing up
    to patent greed
    We tilled the ground
    now plant the seed
    Reps heard a “tax” sound
    “chkching!” “Agreed.”
    We still need
    to feed
    the sick,
    the prisoners freed
    So take the lead
    But do take heed;
    there’s dirty deeds
    More than time reads
    If we don’t vote now
    The poor Heart bleeds

    We work hard
    So go Check the scorecard
    Even if your phone screens
    Just a broken glass shard
    Take it to the voting booth
    If youre lip bitin thinkin tooth
    Dont know what the name means?
    Google them for our youth
    Just keep your phone around
    Slow down
    Go to town
    N put the ringer on silent
    Marijuana reform’l
    Choose the NORML,
    Love is not violent
    Revenue for Education
    Only with participation
    All across the nation
    Were changing all the rules
    Reveal synthetics into fools
    Legalizing marijuana
    And turn the prisons into schools,

  4. I agree that its time to vote out the naysayers on cannabis … Republicans clean up their areas while Democrats must do the same… We already have this going in Kentucky… As a Republican I have pushed my vote toward a Democratic Samuel Gaskins is who running against Republican James Comer… Comer was voted in as Agricultural Commissioner few years back and pushed and got hemp only here while the Medical Cannabis folks were tossed under the bus… 82 Republicans got him out at the primaries because of this… Now he is running for 1st Congressional District in Kentucky… We are banning together once again to keep Comer out of this seat… Lets this do this throughout America…

    1. For too long Republican lawmakers have ignored their voting constituents and paid the price. Just goes to show you cant have your hemp cake andveat it too; at least not when youre for hemp and against marijuana. I remember watching Ag Commisioner Comer and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnel team up and back the DEA off for their hemp seed in Kentucky soon after the hemp research amendment was added to the farm bill. I wondered how long it would last to support hemp and ignore marijuana. I think theyre about to hit a big green wall.

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