NORML Sues Over Missing Ballot Item in Florida

chapter_spotlightThe Florida’s chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) has filed a civil lawsuit against the Broward County Commissioner of Elections, after media and news reports revealed that mail in ballots have been sent to voters omitting the state’s medical marijuana constitutional amendment.

The claim was just filed by NORML’s national vice chairman, Fort Lauderdale attorney Norm Kent, and his law partner, Russell Cormican, on behalf of Florida NORML and Karen Goldstein, NORML Florida’s chair, a West Park, Broward County voter.

The plaintiff’s are seeking a judicial declaration enjoining the Defendant’s from distributing any further ballots, and implementing an emergency plan to issue new ones which insure the inclusion of the proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot.

Norm Kent
954 661 3361 cel

Russell Cormican
954 803 8724

Karen Goldstein
954 303 9254

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    1. without evidence of conspiracy or gross negligence, this would not be possible. While it is certainly suspect, I am unsure if this is the case, or if it was a clerical error (or could be argued as a clerical error)

  1. Oh, wow. What’s up with Florida and elections? Did Gov Rick Scott have something to do with this? That guy is certainly a “hanging chad!”

  2. While we’re on the topic of the state of Florida, here is a summary of the NORML congressional scorecard for Florida.
    Please vote OUT all “D’s” and “F’s”! They gotta go!

    NORML congressional scorecard
    For details, and info on other states, click on:

    Bill Nelson (D): “B”
    Marco Rubio (R): “F”

    Patrick Murphy (D): “B+”
    Corrine Brown (D): “B”
    Kathy Castor (D): “B”
    Carlos Curbelo (R): “B”
    Ron DeSantis (R): “B”
    Ted Deutch (D): “B”
    Lois Frankel (D): “B”
    Gwen Graham (D): “B”
    Alan Grayson (D): “B”
    Alcee Hastings (D): “B”
    Tom Rooney (R): “B”
    Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R): “B”
    Frederica Wilson (D): “B”
    Ted Yoho (R): “B”
    Vern Buchanan (R): “C”
    Jeff Miller (R): “C”
    Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D): “C-”
    Gus Bilirakis (R): “D”
    Curt Clawson (R): “D”
    Mario Diaz-Balart (R): “D”
    Rich Nugent (R): “D”
    Bill Posey (R): “D”
    Dennis Ross (R): “D”
    Daniel Webster (R): “D”
    Ander Crenshaw (R): “F”
    David Jolly (R): “F”
    John Mica (R): “F”

  3. Great work NORML!
    This is incredible news. Sue Dr Brenda C Snipes, Supervisor of Elections and the County Clerk in individual civil lawsuits, issue them a subpeona and have them replaced immediately.

    1. So ironic that in this climate of talking about election fraud/manipulation that we have a demonstrated example of such tactics.
      Let democracy play itself out and adhere to the will of the majority of the voting public in this great state.
      God Bless America.

  4. Surely, voter fraud is at hand. Can anybody argue with Donald’s declaration of rigged election?

  5. Before Trump starts smearing “the most Democratic county” in Florida, and believe me I’ll be the first one to throw the fire of truth at Dem. Representative Debbie Washmoney Shultz who is certainly no friend of marijuana legalization, keep in mind that Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes was appointed by Governor Jeb Bush in 2003;
    The same governor who hired a private contractor during the 2000 elections that went ahead and placed criminal records on hundreds of African American Floridian voters giving the election to… waitaminute… this can’t be right… A Republican? The governor’s BROTHER? George W. Bush? (“Yeah, thats right, I saw that on Michael Moore’s Farehnheit 911”).
    So before the media gets a spin on this dilemma, lets make sure we get the facts straight and ask “Who does Brenda Snipes truly work for?”

  6. Every state needs to be aware that there are many in government that do not care about what is legal. Broward County, Florida gets money from the state and federal government for every cannabis bust they make. This is why there is such opposition to any decriminalization any other places in the USA. Problem is that if the voters are not allowed to decide, then the anti people will eventually take this as a signal that we need stricter laws against cannabis.

  7. This is for anyone left who still thinks Trump would be good for marijuana legalization; please read this:

    By Phillip Smith of, Oct 19 2016:

    Reeling from allegation after allegation of sexual misconduct, Republican presidential contender Donald Trump tried to go on the offensive on drug policy over the weekend, but in a manner typical of his campaign, he touched only briefly on the topic before flying off on new tangents, and he began his drug policy interlude with a bizarre attack on Hillary Clinton.

    At a speech at a Toyota dealership in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Saturday, the GOP candidate claimed that Clinton was on performance-enhancing drugs before their last debate and suggested drug tests were in order.

    If anyone were paying attention to the policy details amidst all the racket about the drug test challenge, they would have heard drug policy proposals rooted squarely in the failed drug war strategies of the last century.

    Trump would, he said, block drugs from coming into the US by — you guessed it — building the wall on the Mexican border. He would also seek to tighten restrictions on the prescribing of opioids. And he would reinstitute mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders.

    The third component of his drug policy is a Reaganesque “lock ’em up.” In his New Hampshire speech, he saluted running mate Mike Pence for increasing mandatory minimums for drug offenders as governor of Indiana.

    “We must make similar efforts a priority for the nation,” Trump said.

    1. Glad someone else caught that regurgitated Drug War nonsense from Drumph. Talk about the “Ghost of Harry Anslinger…” I seen it! He’s BACK! And he looks like some pumpkin head freak with a red tie in a bad Halloween costume!

  8. You got to watch all these slimy politicians down here in the dirty south. Fraud is a way of life here.

  9. This is exactly why we need NORML. A political and legal savvy body which can take actual legal action to pursue the goal of protecting cannabis consumers. Keep it up Keith & NORML!

  10. finding this out it makes one wonder the number of times an incident of this nature has happened in the past , everyone involved should be sued for tampering with an election !

  11. And the plot thickens;

    Brenda Snipes has long been corrupt. What a surprise. Appointed by a Republican governor in the heart of the most Democratic county in Florida. Get the state’s state departement involved only after issuing a subpeona. This woman needs to be fired yesterday and she’s being protected by the Governor’s office. The old gray fox in charge of the hen house, but we see who you are ol Brenda Bend-a Law Snipes…

    Looking for what to do with such voter fraud from crazy-haired Republican appointed neophytes?

  12. Update from the Miami Herald and

    BROWARD BOTCH – “Witnesses to judge: Broward ballots omitted medical marijuana amendment,” by Miami Herald’s Amy Sherman: “A Broward judge said Thursday she will rule promptly in a case filed by marijuana legalization activists who sued the Broward Supervisor of Elections after a few ballots were found that lacked the medical marijuana amendment. Norm Kent, a lawyer for NORML of Florida, asked Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips to order elections officials to post signs at polling places to alert voters to look for Amendment 2, a constitutional amendment to allow medical marijuana. A lawyer for Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes argued that signs aren’t necessary and that Snipes has already taken appropriate steps to protect the voting process.
    “We have put procedures in place that should alert us to any other occurrence that comes up either in the vote by mail process or early voting process or on election day,” Snipes testified during a three hour hearing Thursday afternoon. But a Plantation voter testified that he had a difficult time getting someone in Snipes’ office to believe him when he repeatedly called to say that his ballot was missing Amendment 2. Elections workers told him he was “mistaken,” he testified

  13. And the verdict;

    Curcuit Judge Carol-Lisa Phillips wrote that NORML of Florida failed to “demonstrate irreparable harm or a violation of a clear civil right.”

    Uhm… Appeal? Norm, not only was Brenda Snipes appointed by former Republican governor Jeb Bush,
    So was Judge Phillips!

    The same Jeb Bush that used voter fraud and stole the 2000 election for his brother;

    We support you NORM! Make a crowdsourcing email to fund the appeal and get a recount for Broward County!

  14. Here is Michael Moore’s documentary clip on how the Bush Florida voter fraud worked back in 2000;

    With Circuit Judge Phillips and Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes both being appointed by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, it is clear this case has to appeal.
    While Trump was right that there would be voter fraud, he was wrong that it would be Democrats doing the rigging. Even though the Primary “rigging” Democrat herself, Washmoney Shultz is the House Representative for Broward county, it is the Republican appointed Supervisor of Elections that is in charge of supervising the ballots.
    This voter Fraud for Amendment 2 in Florida is the single most important problem we can focus on NORML.

  15. And here goes the Vegas alcohol spin money at work over the Broward-Snipes scandal;

    Of course Politifact blew Rogers propaganda that Snipes met secretly with Clinton out of the murky Florida swamp water; They confirm that although Snipes is a registered Democrat, she was appointed by Governor Bush in 2003.
    But what is really disturbing if you look at this picture of Rogers, a Trump supporter, with giant posters of Nixon surrounding him in the background and his fingers raised in “Im not a crook fashion,” taken together with Trump’s recent allusion to Hillary’s emails to watergate, there reveals a troubling allusion to Nixon and Trump.
    1). Both Nixon, during his second term, and Trump campaigned on “Law & Order.” Nixon, blaming “drugs, public enemy #1” for our socioeconomic inequalities won office and signed the Controlled Substances Act, the single worst piece of drug policy and violation of human rights the world has seen since “slavery” and “savages” were added to the Constitution.
    Trump continues to blame Mexico on failed US drug policy and suggests expanding the drug war bureocracy by hiring the “best” prosecutors without addressing disproportionate incarceration.
    2). No other presidential candidate since Nixon has refused to submit their taxes publically the way Trump has refused to do. Why? Because Trump is using his publicity and campaign money to evade his tax debt and screw his contractors.
    Once again, prohibition is dependent on our own ignorance and laziness to research the truth for ourselves. But the greatest difference between Nixon and Trump is that the average American now has access to internet literally in the palm of their hands, yet prefers to passively digest bull$#!+ rather than research the truth by comparing peer-reviewed facts.

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