North Dakota Voters Legalize Medical Marijuana

According to the Secretary of State’s office, voters in North Dakota have approved Measure 5, the North Dakota Compassionate Care Act 2016. The office’s final vote count is 64 to 36 percent.

“The success of this grassroots campaign shows once again that voters do not wish to have the state come between the decisions of a doctor and a patient,” said NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano. “Over half of all states recognize the safety and efficacy of medical marijuana. It is incumbent that the next administration abandon the federal government’s Flat Earth attitude toward medical cannabis and amend federal law in a manner that comports with available science and the majority of states’ laws.”

North Dakota Medical Marijuana

“North Dakotans voted compassion over reefer madness. Thanks to the support of an overwhelming majority of voters who wanted to provide relief to their fellow citizens, patients in North Dakota will now have access to a safe and effective medicine.” stated NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri.

Measure 5, the North Dakota Compassionate Care Act, permits qualified patients who possess a physician’s recommendation may legally possess and obtain medical cannabis provided by state licensed dispensaries. Those who reside 40 miles or more away from an operating medical marijuana dispensary are permitted to grow limited quantities of marijuana (up to eight flowering plants) at home.

The new law takes effect 90 days following voter approval. You can read the full text of the initiative here.

Congratulations North Dakota!

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  1. So what do I have to do to become a grower and make it a career in Bismarck? This is a life long dream of mine and know a lot about growing this beautiful plant.

  2. so all you need is a recomadation from a valid doctor. I have severe pain. and I’m thinking I might go that route

  3. Well done, North Dakota!
    Congratulations. Now start getting the medicine to the patients who desperately need it! Don’t let The Man fuck this thing up!

  4. Also if any ND patients would like to and qualify for growing their own medicines. I will happily assist you through the learning curve for initial success. This is the reason I picked out a grow package explained above. So new growers and I could be on the same page for resolving grow issues. I’m also very familiar with Ace seeds genetics. Plant issues, grow room set up ect. Now that ND has medical we can start a ND chapter of norml.

  5. Hokah-Hey!
    People of North Dakota prove that whole plant therapy is superior to pharmaceutical poison compounds!
    Long live the herb!

  6. I suspect North Dakota’s new medical law will help a few people to get rich. Please have one of your authors look into this, it may be a good story.

    It will cost $30,000 in fees to the state before you can even open up a compassion center. $5,000 for a nonrefundable registration and then if that’s approved you must pay a $25,000 “certification fee”.

    Also “Applicants shall only be accepted during an open application period announced by the department”

    The full text can be found here

    Thank you, I hope to see awareness spread.

  7. The Donald is going to fire all of you…and cancel all marijuana laws by fiat…Like a Royal King.

    Norml is just about over.

    Legalization is over.

    Medical Marijuana is over.

    Get over it?…How?…Now?

    Y’all got Trumped by President PussyGrabber.

    He gonna’ fix everything…just ALT Right!

  8. Are there doctors that will prescribe it> I had my card in California since 2005 for chronic back pain. I already have a prescription for pills that are useless because I can’t function.

  9. Is it available anywhere in the state of ND or won’t it be until 90 days after the Nov election? Willing to give it a try for phantom pain in amputated leg stump. Opiods work but have way too many side effects for me.

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