California Legalizes Recreational Marijuana

According to the Associated Press, voters in California have approved Proposition 64, the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. The AP’s final vote count is 56 to 44 percent.

“What California voters did tonight was not just approve the legalization and regulation of marijuana in their state, they also delivered a near fatal body blow to federal prohibition. This victory in California ensures another 12% of the United States population will wake up tomorrow in a state with the legalized adult use of marijuana. Combined with our other recent victories, federal prohibition is truly on its last legs and it is just a matter of time before federal policy is reformed to accept this new reality.” said Erik Altieri, NORML’s new Executive Director.

California Legalized Marijuana

Proposition 64, The Adult Use Marijuana Act, permits adults who are not participating in the state’s medical cannabis program to legally grow (up to six plants, including all of the harvest from those plants) and to possess personal use quantities of cannabis (up to one ounce of flower and/or up to eight grams of concentrates) while also licensing commercial cannabis production and retail sales. (Medical cannabis patients are not subject to these limits.) The measure prohibits localities from taking actions to infringe upon adults’ ability to possess and cultivate cannabis for non-commercial purposes. The initiative does not “repeal, affect, restrict, or preempt … laws pertaining to the Compassionate Use Act of 1996.” Several other marijuana-related activities not legalized by the measure are reduced from felonies to misdemeanors. The law also provides for resentencing consideration for those found guilty of prior marijuana convictions.

“California has long been the largest domestic producer of marijuana in the United States, and cannabis commerce has long been a driver of the world’s sixth largest economy,” said NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano. “Passage of Prop. 64 brings this massive underground market above ground for the first time so that these activities may be regulated and transparent, and will generate over a billion dollars of needed new tax revenue to state and local governments.”

The revised marijuana penalties take effect on November 9, 2016. Retail sales of marijuana by state-licensed establishments are scheduled to begin under the law on January 1, 2018. On site consumption is permitted under the law in establishments licensed for such activity. Large-scale corporate players are restricted from becoming involved until 2023.

You can read the full text of the initiative here. Congratulations California!

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  1. Yea California!!! A body blow to prohibition! The entire West Coast is legal!!!

    Just heard the news that Hillary conceded–why am I not surprised?

    I’ll withhold my comments about Donald and what the future may hold for pot legalization for a few days, so I can savor our victories in–it appears as I type–Cal, Massachusetts and Nevada, and possibly Maine.

    So congrats for our side! Let’s savor these victories!!]

  2. Thank you to everyone who voted Yes On 64 in my state of California.

    The battle isn’t over. We must respect and protect our new right.

    I hope this ushers in a new era of opportunity.

  3. Hi I’m 17 and I deal with extreme stress and I smoke weed because it helps, with my parents consent can I get my medicine card?

    1. I wish you luck with your legal situation relating to age, but since you mention “$moke” (drug cocktail of above 400F heat shock, carbon monoxide and 4221 Combustion toxins) I hope you will investigate Vaping (heat, not burn)!
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    1. You and that little bitch Trump could Royal Decree these nuts. Always a hater in the batch. If your not pro marijuana, why you snooping get around? Go bitch somewhere else, get a life. Leave your parents basement every so often. What ever you say, all we are going to do is spark up a blunt, take a huge toke and holding the blunt up high in one hand and raising the middle finger up on the other!

      1. As catharticly pointless as responding to a statement from “anonymous” to “anonymous,” is (c’mon guys, if you dont want to use your names can we at least get creative?) …I find it necessary to point out that anonymous #1 was probably sarcastically pointing out the tragic reality of a Trump administration coup run by establishment prohibitionists. I dont know how a statement of “royal decree” was so quickly interpreted as a menacing representation of an anti-legalization troll. (Unless both anonymous posters are in fact the same sociopathic troll trolling itself…) …Which, either way, only increases our need to be very cautious before attacking eachother. The rise of Trump was fueled by divisive hatred turning to a sado-massichist nightmare because we failed to recognize the bubbles of reality we have isolated ourselves into… and prohibitionists are simply exploiting our angers and vulnerabilities.
        In other words, as repugnant as it may feel, we are going to have to learn to work together to save state marijuana legalization from being repealed in federal court; even if it means resisting comparing Trump to Rumplestiltskin, an orange chimera, or the pumpkin-headed 4th horseman of the apocalypse. (Jesus, this is going to be harder than I thought…)
        …this mess is all of our faults. Every one of us with the selective bias that makes us blame every other American’s failure to participate in our Democracy in an informed and productive manner like our own $#!+ dont stink.
        Sure, we need Constitutional amendments to repeal bad laws like the Controlled Substances Act, Citizens United and the electoral college. But until that happens… lets try and research, listen to each other and offer the opportunity to correct ourselves with some mutual respect. Y’know, the Golden Rule? And please… lets identify ourselves intelligibly? Is that too much to ask?

  4. Dude, just shut up. Firstly, it would be by a Presidential Executive Order, but secondly, Trump does not need to: Marijuana is a Schedule I drug under federal law. So just keep politics off of this blog, let’s celebrate legalization and stop trying to bring non-Marijuana discussion into this. I hate trolls like you who try to get a ‘viral discussion’ going.

  5. “In terms of marijuana and legalization, I think that should be a state issue, state-by-state. Marijuana is such a big thing. I think medical should. And then I really believe we should leave it up to the states. And of course you have Colorado. There’s a question as to how it’s all working out there, you know? That’s not going exactly trouble-free.”
    –Donald Trump
    Source: Washington Post 2015 coverage of 2016 presidential hopefuls , Oct 29, 2015

    1. It’s a mouth-full of nothing. You can’t go by what he says because he isn’t saying anything coherent. He also said he supports Pence’s mandatory minimums for drug crimes in Indiana, and said we need to replicate Pence’s efforts nationwide. So you see, he’s full of shit. He says whatever ever suits him at the moment, then contradicts himself the next.

      We stop listening to what he says, and start watching what he does! So far, he’s aligned himself with drug warriors. That ain’t good.

  6. I’ve waited, watched the attitudes and awakening of the nation’s citizens to the B.S. propaganda created by the corporations for control and profits of cannabis change. To awaken. Finally Calif joins ?eality Cannabis cures many diseases and does so without harm.

  7. 39 years ago I had an undercover LAPD cop point a gun in my face and scream “drop it!’. My crime was smoking a joint with some friends behind a college frat house.

    We’d just passed decrim that year (thanks NORML!), and the idiot cop didn’t have to arrest anyone, but could. And did. He called in helicopters and squad cars to slap cuffs on about 5 of us and hauled us to the ghetto police station nearby.

    While there he pointed out am arrested gangbanger and told me “you see him? He’s a murderer, and he smokes pot too!”.

    All that for peacefully smoking a joint with friends.

    That cop would be disappointed to learn that while I still smoke, so far I’ve managed to avoid murdering anyone, and have been pretty damn successful in life.

    So fuck you prohibitionists. And thanks to all who helped pass this proposition so that no one will ever have to go through anything even remotely like what I experienced.

  8. Congratulations California!! The revenue and representation from this pivitol act of legalization is momentus.
    But lets not kid ourselves;

    Trump’s list of Batman villains for his cabinet positions includes Ben Carson for Dep. of Health and Human Services or better yet, Dep. of Education; Chris Christi for Attorney General; Sen. Jeff Sessions could be a Supreme Court nominee and… drumroll… Sarah Palin for Secratary of the Interior.
    It would be entertaining except that there is no superheroe to rescue us from this nihilistic sadism. Christi can simply take legalization to court after Trump replaces more than 100 judges with any unqualified psycho he feels satisfied with and say “federal law Trumps state law.”
    The end. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go, do not land on any of Trump’s hotels, hand over all your properties and utilities to asset forfeitures. And yes, that means you too, angry white rust belt voter. Or did you think Trump’s tax cuts were going to save you?
    I have only one word for this sad circus;


    And im sure our reps like Bluemenhaur and Senator Sanders can find more instructive material than “Green eggs and Ham.” How about reading all of the peer reviewed, longitudinal, controlled studies ever on the medical efficacy of cannabis starting with the late Ming dynasty in ancient China? In chronological order; I’ll help read that in front of a podium in Congress. God have mercy.

    1. Julian,
      The Republicans now have all three branches of government. I’m not sure whether a filibuster can save us. I hope you’re right, I’m supportive of your idea, and I hope it works; but me, I’m considering the worst-case scenario, which is a return to the “bad old days.”

      I’m now calling for WIDE-SPREAD CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE! That’s “civil” as in non-violent, non-threatening; and “disobedience” as in “No. Fuck you, you’re not taking away our medicine!”

      Hard-working activists made these recent legalization initiatives possible, and good citizens made them a reality. Full credit here, we would not be where we are without these people. Full respects!

      But we must remember, NONE OF THIS WOULD EXIST were it not for the fact that, all along, many people simply said “No” to reefer madness, and were willing to break the law in order to claim responsibility for their own lives.

      If things go bad, I believe LARGE-SCALE CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE will be required. We must REFUSE to go “back into the closet!”

      NORML calls this “The Cannabis Revolution.” That may be more than just an inspiring slogan; we may really have to fight fascism! For real!

      1. Mark,
        Republicans will need a 60 vote majority in the Senate to beat a filabuster which they do not have. Rest assured Democrats will be practicing this right of protest repeatedly for at least the next two years if we can successfully educate the American public on why Congressional and down ballot elections are more important than even the Presidency.
        But Mayors are already defying a Trump presidency on immigration policy gearing us up for an unenforceable federal government… or dare I say it, a failed state. And Ruth Bader Ginsberg isn’t dead yet. She and the other Justices over 80 are going to have to live for at least 4 more years.

  9. And let me clarify what I meant by “angry white rustbelt voters”: The opiate epidemic is a threat to white people who voted for Trump too. The opiate industry is at threat from marijuana legalization and the rust belt has been getting injected with heroin and fentanyl, literally. The loss in Arizona is proof of that, where fentanyl producer Insys is based and lobbied successfully against legalization.
    With Ben Carson as Secratary of Health and Chris Christi as AG, dont expect a Trump administration to pull any trademark attacks against the opiate establishment. A Republican Congress will just amp up the VA and throw our veterans in jail, with Trump’s signature. He’ll just say veterans with PTSD “arent strong enough.” We’ll see who is strong enough to lead soon enough.

    On this veterans day, we need to hold a Republican Congress and administration accountable for the opiate attrocity. Trump says he wants to help veterans? Why not start in Indiana where the drug war is accelerating in the VP’s own back yard? Now the weak must be strong. And that includes Trump and everyone who blindly voted for him.

  10. “Trump will overturn these laws by royal decree…wait and see.”

    Sorry – can’t and won’t happen. You’ll have to go spread your political paranoia somewhere else.

    I’m a lifelong Californian that’s been waiting for this day for at least 40 years. Exit polls showed Republicans overwhelming voted for legalization.

    1. When are Average Americans going to be educated enough to understand the difference between Republican voters and the goof ball demons that represent them?

      1. Perhaps when we legalize and regulate all drugs like Trump said we should do in 1990 when it was convenient for him to say, before he sold out like the whiny little bit€h that he is and joined prohibition town. Or perhaps we should praise him on his original statements about legalization? I mean repeatedly praising him into confusion, you know, like the subdued disbelief he expressed in the oval office when it dawned on him that running for office wasnt just some reality show where we could launder money and evade taxes; now every decision made costs human lives…
        Marijuana save us from this demon…

  11. Trump will trump every marijuana law whenever He feels like doing so…what the fuck do you think Norml is going to do about that?

    I think the answer will be, “Send more money to Norml”.

  12. Trumerica is just beginning…Denial is the word of the decade.

    No one can predict the unintended consequences of installing President ….Donald J. Trump…a sociopathic carny hustler who has failed at every turn…We are next in line…stop me when I tell a lie?

  13. Trumerica is just beginning…Denial is the word of the decade.

    No one can predict the unintended consequences of installing President ….Donald J. Trump…a sociopathic carny hustler who has failed at every turn…We are next in line…stop me when I tell a lie?

  14. Like his comments regarding the capture of Senator Mccain…I imagine President pussy grabber prefers Soldiers who are “strong” enough to avoid suffering from P.T.S.D.

    What Military outfit did President Pussy Grabber serve?

    Some “StrongMan” tyrants have later been proved terribly weak…in their understanding of Reality…it’s a History thing.

    Grab some pussy whenever the urge strikes you…it’s legal now?

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  16. Forty two years I managed to go unoticed my back is badly damaged by being my late husbands care giver my dr gave me 420 pills yes I know 420 then dr dumped me new dr claims giving me meds is aiding and abetting. A crime so I suffer I live in ia I’ve had strokes how can a dr giving me meds I and abetting smoking pot he’s gona kill me to protect ia from another pot smoker just nuts

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