BREAKING: Anti-Marijuana Zealot Tapped for Attorney General

We have some dire news to share. This morning, President-Elect Trump announced his pick for Attorney General and it couldn’t be much worse for the marijuana law reform movement and our recent legalization victories.

Trump’s pick, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, is a militant prohibitionist. We could go into great detail how Senator Sessions has been an outspoken opponent against reform, but in this case his rhetoric is so off the wall…we’ll let his past statements speak for themselves:

“You have to have leadership from Washington. You can’t have the President of the United States of America talking about marijuana … you are sending a message to young people that there is no danger in this process. It is false that marijuana use doesn’t lead people to more drug use. It is already causing a disturbance in the states that have made it legal.”

“It was the prevention movement that really was so positive, and it led to this decline. The creating of knowledge that this drug is dangerous, it cannot be played with, it is not funny, it’s not something to laugh about, and trying to send that message with clarity, that good people don’t smoke marijuana.”

“Lady Gaga says she’s addicted to [marijuana] and it is not harmless.”

His former colleagues testified Sessions used the n-word and joked about the Ku Klux Klan, saying he thought they were “okay, until he learned that they smoked marijuana.”


Senator Sessions is clearly out in the deep end when it comes to issues of marijuana policy and he stands diametrically opposed to the majority of Americans who favor the legalization and regulation of marijuana. This could foreshadow some very bad things for the eight states that have legalized marijuana for adult use and in the 29 states with with medical marijuana programs. With the authority the position of Attorney General provides, Sessions could immediately get to work attempting to block the implementation of the recent ballot initiatives, dismantling a legal industry in Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Alaska, and begin conducting massive raids on existing medical and recreational retail stores.

We must be ready to fight back. We must be ready to mobilize in defense of all of our hard fought victories. We already have our opponents calling for a recount in Maine and prohibitionists in Massachusetts working to gut core provisions like home cultivation from their state’s initiative. With an assist from a newly minted prohibitionist Attorney General, things might get worse before they get better.

Help us send a message to President-Elect Trump and his Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions that the American people won’t stand for intervention into state marijuana programs and we want to move towards descheduling at the federal level and legalization in all 50 states.


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  1. And to make matters worse, according to the Washington Post there is very little Democrats in the Senate can do to stop the nomination of this racist prohibitionist:

    Democrats were so sick of obstructionist Republicans slowing down President Obama’s nomination, that in 2013 Harry Reid dropped the 60 vote majority to only a 51 Senate majority to confirm executive positions. Without at least three Republican Senators defecting, which isnt likely, the only thing a confirmation hearing will do is reveal how racist and fascist Senator Sessions really is… If Americans pull their heads out of the Britebart @$$hole of fake news and read from real investigative journalism.But Im becoming convinced that’s not going to happen either. Fake news is a social disease that not even marijuana can cure if people choose to be infected.

    Politico reports that Senators opposed to Trump are gravitating towards Sessions.

    Unless Graham has a stroke of morality, Senator Flake flakes out and perhaps if we could sue Senator Sessions to recuse himself from the nomination process because he IS also a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, there is nothing we can do to stop Sessions from using the CSAct to “Trump” state legalization and taking it to Federal court. Oh, and Senator Feinstein, a Democrat on the Judiciary, hasnt exactly been legalization’s best friend either.
    We have to take this battle to the Supreme COurt before a nomination can be made. Donate to NORML so we can afford the legal fees!

    1. Correction: That was an impulsive, amateur statement to take things to the Supreme Court before a nomination. Sessions will make sure of that anyway. The Supreme Court will take up cases at Chief Justice Roberts discretion, with Justice Kennedy as our swing vote, which could save us from a federal take over in marijuana policy, unless Trump gets another racist in power. Thank God Reid didn’t use the nuclear option and give up the 60 vote majority for SCOTUS nominations. Democrats will have to block a justice all the way through 2018 midterm elections. And we as concerned activists and citizens will have to pierce the fake news propaganda to educate our brothers and sisters on just how important midterm Congressional elections have now become. I suspect that after two years of Trump creating a trade war with China and cracking down on dispensaries we should easily take back the Senate. The last threat to face is that Senate Republicans might try and expand the number of Justices on the Supreme Court. Of course, Senate Dems could still filabuster another nominee.

    2. But since Trump’s CIA and NSA nominees attacked Feinstein and helped defend the illegal hack of her government server, maybe we can persuade her to join us on rejecting Sessions’ nomination?
      I’m more convinced than ever that organized crime within the DOJ has succeeded in an illegal coup of our Democracy.
      The hardest part of our journey into legalization will be convincing powerful criminal minds they have the imagination to live happier, good quality lives without the profit of prohibition.

  2. When Trump began his campaign with “Mexicans are sending us their rapists,” he was all about reviving the Ghost of Harry Anslinger who used racism and propaganda to make marijuana illegal in the first place. Racism is always about the acquisition of other people’s property. Marijuana prohibition offered this through asset forfeitures, by unconstitutionally allowing the executive branch to write out drug policies through the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.

    As long as there are Americans listening to racist fake media and young people watching what they want to see on facebook whose profit model is to provide fake news if you so desire this madness will continue.
    Now is the time to DONATE to non for profits for civil rights such as NORML. Subscribe to real investigative reporting like the Washington Post, the New York Times and The Guardian. Our government is not fake. Dispensaries are going to get raided in a matter of months.
    The one silver lining is that it still takes a 60 vote majority to nominate a Supreme Court Justice. Well, that and California will help foot some of our court fees. WHEN Sessions takes state legalization to court, filabustering the Supreme Court nominee may be the one card we have left to play against this hostile fascist coup. And we should. All the way to voting in a Democratic Congress in 2018 after Trump either starts WWIII or shuts the world economy down in a trade war with China, or both.
    But even if we did stop a Supreme Court nomination all the way to 2020, a split Supreme Court could return their decision over a federal crackdown of state legalization to a federal court, that will almost certainly favor federal law over state law… unless Kennedy defers to legalization and Ginsberg lives at least another 4 years.
    We have a %60 majority of our population under state medical marijuana law. We are facing a Constitutional crisis. DONATE to NORML and the DPA as soon as possible!

  3. So, do we as voters and tax paying citizens have any say in this ma going into office? or does this appointment simply overrule all??
    please someone inform me how this works?

    [Paul Armentano responds: He must be confirmed by a majority of the US SEnate. Contact your Senator and ask him/her to weigh in on this.]

  4. Might I remind you that you work for the PEOPLE and we will fight back. Marijuana is a plant and without the THC serves a lot of people’s health issues. Children and adults that SUFFER from seizures benefit greatly. People with cancer,pain and others. You must own stock in the pharmaceutical industry and are a dictator. STOP AND GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!We don’t need your biased input that is based on prejudices and money from your LOBBYIST. Be more like Bernie Sanders, a servant for the PEOPLE.

  5. Why NORML didn’t campaign against Trump’s election is beyond me. Everyone in Trump’s corner were all Marijuana prohibitionists. Christie stated that he would put an end to legal Marijuana in Colorado and Washington when he was running in the primaries, a few years ago Pence wanted to raise Marijuana possession offenses from misdemeanors to felonies in Indiana, now this clown, Jeff Sessions. The Trump administration will totally destroy all the good that the Marijuana movement has made in recent years and send our already screwed up country back to the days of Reefer Madness. Hate to say it but NORML really dropped the ball this time.

    1. Paul might have some info for you, but look up the stance if any of NORML as an entity. I will not comment on here as I do not want to misrepresent. But just ask and someone might give an answer that is appropriate and official, one that would be inappropriate for me to offer.

    2. You might have missed the previous posts, but NORML advocated openly for Hillary, pissing off a lot of Trump supporters in the process. However, I think they did the right thing, and now time is proving them right. So they didn’t drop the ball, you just probably didn’t see the post with the big picture of Hillary’s face on it??

      1. DO people even LOOK for the custom search engine in the top right hand corner? What’s that thing DOING up there anyway? 😉

      2. Well sure. NORML was correct to take sides and annoy Trump supporters who advocate for reform.

        Better to be nice to them now though. They may be our only conduit into this administration.

      3. Its called the Golden Rule. We pay forward our respect by treating others as we would have them do unto ourselves. We can always accomplish more by respecting others and therefore respect ourselves.
        If after providing respect one realizes we are dealing with a Narcissist Personality Disorder, than we focus our votes on Congress and try and praise the maniac into legalization. Trump’s “supporters” will get what’s coming to them… by Trump’s own betrayal.

  6. Hey Libertarians! Is it Coalition for National Salvation Time yet? Any Ted Cruz-types with the courage of their convictions intact? 1% to 99% – all together now… against the fascists. Now!

  7. Maybe Jeff has evolved and moved on away from some of his previous positions. The country is signaling that it has so there won’t be political damage if he moves forward with legalization at the federal level, meaning does not interfere with legalization.

    Jeff is a highly intelligent opponent we would like to have on our side. I do not want to underestimate how much damage he could do to legalization. Some conservative Republicans are big into self-deportation because of a reduction in the need for illegal aliens (dog whistle for Mexicans) because of a sagging economy. The sagging economy is no longer the case, looking at the stock market and the Federal Reserve rate hike in December. Cannabis legalization will get that money that was flowing out of the country off of the (Mexican) cartels, and it puts the jobs here and employs US citizens, encouraging those made redundant to return to their native countries. Jeff, where are you getting all this money to shut things down? You ever thought about taking some of that cannabis revenue to finish figuring out the (southern) border situation?

    There will be no civil war over cannabis legalization. Once people enjoy a freedom, they’re not giving it up.

    1. He may have evolved though who knows, and with the GOP in total control? Yeah, might not even matter he might just change right back!

      1. Sessions could try to slam on the brakes and throw it in reverse, for sure. It might play out like the story of The Scorpion and the Frog or like its other version The Scorpion and the Tortoise. I agree, Sessions has been a snake in the past, so the fable The Farmer and the Viper might be how the future unfolds.

        The legalization grassroots movement (pun intended) has been gyroscopically slow and steady in advancing momentum. Get rid of Sessions in the vetting process if he is going to be a dick and get in the way of legalization!

        Who would we the cannabis community have President-elect Trump appoint to the office of U.S. Attorney General? I value knowing Representative Dana Rohrabacher’s opinion on a number of candidates the cannabis legalization community would find acceptable for Don Donald to install. If not Sessions, you have to let Donald know who else. Don’t leave the guy clueless without any alternatives when you pooh-pooh his choices. Tell him what to do, get his kids onboard with legalization. Goody Two Shoes kids they’re not! They’re living the American Experience.

        I think some more TV pro-legalization specials are called for–Fox News,History, Viceland, CNBC, MSNBC or even the Networks.

      2. Ive been trying to figure out who would be the proverbial “scorpion” (Trump?) and who are the frogs (Americans who voted for Trump that need marijuana legalized?)
        Sessions and Trump are both scorpions. They would sting themselves if they develop split personalities for all the lies they make themselves believe. This may be an advantage for us; just look at all the poison a Senate confirmation has to deal with:

        1). Sessions was already deemed too racist to be a judge back in the 80’s.

        2). Roll the tapes at the confirmation hearing; When the world saw video of Trump telling Billy Bush, ” I don’t even ask [women], I just walk right up to them and grab then in the pu$$y,” Sessions was quoted as saying, “I dont think that is sexual assault. Thats a stretch.” Ok, let the Senate walk right up to Sessions and shove their hand up his @$$; ask him if he thinks thats a stretch?

        3). Sessions actually prosecuted black American citizens from Alabama for voting.

        If thats not enough to block a confirmation for US AG in the Senate, then everyone who votes for him is a threat to our national security and is complicit in High treason and should be expelled or impeached immediately.

  8. Trump has already stated he will deschedule marijuana. And leave it up to the states ,it will be out of sessions hands,quit it normal,I donated for years you never did shit to help!

    1. Mary,
      I respectfully request you tell us
      1). where you get your “news” from?
      2). In what way do you believe that Trump will “deschedule” marijuana by appointing the most prohibitionist senator in US history to Attorney General?
      3). Do you understand that the only thing allowing state legalization to have proceeded thus far was a decision by the President to stop the DOJ (and AG) from prosecuting state legalization in a federal court?

    2. Trump may be easily influenced, the people around him, Pence, Sessions, Christie, Giuliani, and probably others as well. Despite his comments and populism, he might sweep all that aside in favor of the misguided law and order approach, racist views of others, (Anslinger-like, and is Sessions Anslinger policy round II?) and somehow thinking that legalization is BAD for a GREAT, STRONG America. Who knows. All I know is…..and I am sorry… does not look good at all for the future of legalization. Coming months…..not at ALL.

    3. You can pick and choose from the array of contradictory bullshit that comes out of Trump’s mouth — but I wouldn’t want to bet my personal freedom on any of it.

      So you’re saying, the AG will want to hurt us, but will be powerless to hurt us, because Trump will protect us from his own pick for AG? I find that highly improbable. I think Trump has played you for a sucker, that’s what I think. He lied to you, and you bought it.

      In any case, we’re gonna find out, aren’t we?

    4. Sorry, Mary,
      Trump NEVER EVER said anything even remotely
      close to that…!

      Sounds like you’re getting him confused with
      Bernie Sanders, who clearly DID make cannabis
      de-scheduling a major talking point of his own
      campaign, AND has actually introduced BILLS,
      (de-scheduling legislation), in the U.S. Senate, unlike Trump,
      who merely entertains vague notions of
      “letting the states decide”,
      while SIMULTANEOUSLY installing worst-case,
      weed-hating, Reagan Era “anti-drug” stalwarts
      that could set the cause of cannabis re-legalization back 60-80 years!


  9. Arresting your way out of cannabis legalization didn’t work before, and it definitely 100% isn’t going to work now. Just give it up and legalize!

    Barry, before you leave office, I would like you to do something to move cannabis legalization along to the point where Trump and his sort can NOT reverse it. They must recognize legalization is beyond the Point of Know Return, and there’s no turning back.

    It’s Rocky Mountain Way.

    Come on, Barry! Please!

  10. “The creating of knowledge…”? No one is entitled to fabricate lies and call it ‘knowledge’. The proper term is ‘lies’.

    1. Damn straight!
      For someone who goes by six question marks, I think you’re seeing things very clearly!

  11. Hey Ben, Trey Gowdy from South Carolina, your as nuts as Sessions, Gowdy voted against Veteran’s getting to be able to talk with V.A, Doc’s about Medical Marijuana.

  12. I have to believe that Trump will pull Sessions off this issue and at a minimum allow states to decide. Trump will see the economic benefits too and eventually legalize it. We elected him because he listened to the people and promised to be our voice. I have to keep faith he will honor the people’s will with this.

    1. You’ve been suckered, sucker. Trump just can’t stop lying to people and fucking them over. How could you have possibly missed that? Do you really hate Mexicans, Muslims, blacks, women, and the disabled SOOOO MUCH that you had to vote for Trump, a known and proven liar, and a cracker-ass bigot? How can you use the word “honor” in the same sentence as that man’s phony name? (Yes, even his name is a lie. His real name is Drumph, or some shit.)

      Never mind, it’s too late now, you really fucked up bad.

  13. Ok all the folks who did not vote Democrat, or voted for the village idiot Johnson, now we get to see what can and cannot be undone in relation to Cannabis law. Yeah I get it Obama and the Dems did not get it off of schedule 1, but at least, for the most part they did not interfere with states rights. By all means lets not give up the fight, contribute funds, write your reps in DC etc. but get ready cause a hard rain is gonna fall, and unfortunately it will not affect just this issue.

    1. Yeah you’re an idiot. You shouldn’t vote if you’re this uninformed about Clinton.

      She promised Wall Street bankers LAST YEAR she won’t legalize pot if she’s elected. She even said in Wikileaks how she has a private and a public position on everything. You have been suckered by the media. Ever wonder why every media outlet, newspaper, news website, and celebrity was advocating for her? Do you really not see the echo chamber mentality in our culture for democrats? This is being pushed by the billionaires who OWN the media! DEMOCRATS ARE THE ESTABLISHMENT NOW.

      You were conned, and it’s pathetic you’re not smart enough to see it.

      1. Then how do you explain the scope of this blog; the betrayal of Trump by nominating Sessions?

  14. ANY drug that changes how you feel from caffeine to Benadryl is a “drug that might lead” to use of other drugs. Education helped me know what drugs you just don’t touch decades ago.

    Mj and mmj shouldn’t even be on the radar. Be very scared of sessions. Be very scared of sessions if you’re not white and southern baptist. He, like our president elect, is capable of doing almost anything to anybody based on their opinion regardless of facts.

    At least Trump has his children to tell him mj ain’t that bad. Sessions has no one but LE, big pharma, and his personal demons guiding his decisions.

    1. That kind of backwards thinking is what got us stuck with Drumph as our President and Sessions as our AG instead of Loretta Lynch respecting states rights. The ol’ false equivalency that Hillary was just as bad as Drumph… Easy bull$#!+ to believe for someone who is really just too damn lazy to take five minutes from facebook to research our candidates.

  15. My only hope here is that he is a major proponent for states rights, hopefully he takes that stance here.

    1. HA! That’s what the Republican party always said they were about… State’s rights. When it’s convenient that is. Look at what a Republican Congress has done to the will of more than %70 of the voters in our nation’s capitol who legalized marijuana? Not a single commercial dispensary opened because the Republican Congress decided to trample on the votes of American citizens. Don’t expect anything less than raids and dispensary shut downs pushing sick patients out of wheel chairs from this guy.

  16. This guy must be the heaviest pot user on Earth, since he’s clearly not a “good” person. We can be exactly as sure of his Marijuana use because he’s not a good/compassionate person as we can about marinuana users going towards heavier drugs lmao how much money is it going to cost to go backwards?

  17. To stop this nonsense we need to work with marijuana reform-friendly Republicans in the Senate… meaning write and call them or even VISIT them RIGHT NOW… at LEAST three reasonable Republicans in the Senate. Two possibilities to ally with us on marijuana policy and stop the drug war expansion in the executive and the judiciary are libertarians, who lean towards keeping government from intruding in our lives, such as Senator Jeff Flake and Senator Rand Paul, leaving one more to break the tie:

    Looking at NORML’s Congressional Senate Scorecard,
    …Our best hopes rest in lobbying these Senators:
    Lisa Murkowski (R)Alaska “B”
    Corey Gardner (R)Colorado “B+”
    Bill Cassidy (R)Lousiana “B+”
    Susan Collins (R)Maine “B-”
    Roy Blunt (R)Missouri “B”
    Steve Daines (R)Montana “B+”
    Dean Heller (R)Nevada “B”
    Tom Thillis (R)N.Crlina “C”
    Lamar Alexander(R)Tennessee”C”
    Shelly M.Capito(R)W.Vrginia”C”

    A few Republican or Independent Senate wildcard maybes are
    David Perdue, (R)GA (B-)
    Angus King, (I)Maine(C)
    Lindsay Graham(R)S.C. (B-)
    Mike lee (R)Utah (C)
    Orin Hatch (R)Utah (C)
    Ron Johnson (R)Wisc.(C)

    And remember, we need more than 3 Republican Senators to work with because there are Democratic Senators with “F” grades, even in states that might legalize legislatively like Delaware, their federal Congressman Tom Carper is no help to us. Also Sen. Joe Donelly, D-IN (D) needs to be compensated by a friendly Republican Senator.

    Now get on a link here on this website and TAKE ACTION! The fate of marijuana legalization and our entire Democracy is at stake. No pressure.

      1. Thanks Mark. I try not to post links up for competitive donations but in this battle the DPA snd NORML need to cooperate all we can!

  18. and last comment for now, remember the racism in which Prohibition is rooted. Anslinger round II? In addition, ironic…I think next year may be the 80th anniversary of marijuana prohibition. Also, 2037 is coming up, 100th….who knows where we will be…by then. Let us hope we are not still stuck on square ONE. But if they eliminate legalization and then block voters of every state from ever getting cannabis on the ballot again…..decades, next century…let us hope not, and let us keep fighting…we have to stand strong in the face of this terrible coming nightmare.

  19. Couldnt the states that have legalized already just decriminalize it then, say we wont enforce prohibition? If they dont want all those tax dollars then fuck the federal government

  20. I suffer from chronic pain . that’s right that’s right pain 24 7. But then there is Breakout pain. Only my edibles work so that I can eat sleep. I’m going to make my stand. I’ll take a bullet for it. You understand what I’m saying.

  21. Neocons and establishment Republicans can and will infiltrate Trump’s administration. Luckily, it only takes two words from Trump to get them out. YOU’RE FIRED! And he will say that a lot. So my prediction is that Sessions doesn’t last long if he tries to go after cannabis.

  22. Yeah, Because you are an expert on marijuana. …SMH. Go back to college and take science again you Racist Grand Wizard. Medical discoveries have been made that are beyond you, your political agenda, and the people that you serve. Mr. Sessions who made you a judeg over man to say they are not good because they smoke marijuana

  23. Unbunch your panties. Surely, Republicans know that a prohibitionist stance WILL result in push back and the loss of Senate and House seats in 2 short years and the Presidency in 4. The marijuana issue is more than a marijuana issue, it is a freedom and states’ rights issue. Sessions if approved will be held in check, they can’t be that stupid, could they?

  24. Idiocracy:This is what happens when stupid people vote for republicans and the rest of you don’t vote.

    Many of you are about to learn the only day to stop tyranny is election day.

    Dumbass morons.

  25. Please sign the petition at calling on the Electors to ignore their states’ votes and cast their ballots for Secretary Clinton. The petition already has over 4 million signatures. At least it shows how many people reject the trump administration. I too was not happy with Obama’s reluctance to end prohibition. I voted for Hillary with the resolution that I get active to help preserve democracy and work for progressive causes. I feared Trump would win. Now the most progressive cause is the fight for our freedom which is hanging in the balance.

    1. Ending the electoral college requires a Constitutional amendment. Our Republican Congress will not do that. Our government has currently been hijacked by fake media, limited polling stations in Democratic locations primarily in minority districts and a laziness among too many Americans to do their homework and research. In the meantime donate to NORML so we can be prepared for the challenge.

  26. URGENT! California residents Rohrabacher-Farr is up for renewal next month (bipartisan provision in a congressional spending bill that prevents federal prosecutors from spending any money to target state-compliant medical cannabis businesses, and safeguards medical marijuana legalization from federal interference). I contacted Senator Barbara Boxer and my congressman and urged them to renew/expand Rohrabacher–Farr to include protections for states that allow adult use. I also mentioned that I am a registered voter. To contact your state representatives go to:

  27. Mr. Altieri says:

    >>>”Sessions could immediately get to work attempting to block the implementation of the recent ballot initiatives,”

    It would be helpful to understand the exact nature of the threat. – I see how the feds could put dispensaries and large growers out of business, but since eight states and D.C. have now re-legalized marijuana, consumers in those states will continue to be free from arrest, right? Is it true the feds cannot compel state and other local law enforcement to enforce federal laws?

    So it seems the worst we are looking at is everyone on the D.C. model, where sales aren’t allowed, but possessing, consuming, growing, giving away small amounts, etc. are legal.

    Is this a correct summation?

  28. However much Sessions might like to take us back to early 20th century, the genie’s out of the bottle. With half the states allowing for medical and nearly 20% now legal for recreational there will be no going back. Too many people invested, individual business owners, employees, state agencies, peripheral industries. Ironic how this party professes to be all about liberty and personal freedom, but when it comes to this one thing they turn into Puritans. Barf on all of them.

  29. Mr. Altieri says:

    >>>”Sessions could immediately get to work attempting to block the implementation of the recent ballot initiatives,”

    It would be helpful to understand the exact nature of the threat. – I see how the feds could put dispensaries and large growers out of business.

    But since eight states and D.C. have now re-legalized marijuana, consumers in those states will continue to be free from arrest, right? Is it true the feds cannot compel state and other local law enforcement to enforce federal laws?

    So it seems the worst we are looking at is everyone on the D.C. model, where sales aren’t allowed, but possessing, consuming, growing, giving away small amounts, etc. are legal.

    Is this a correct summation?


      The breakdown is that Federal law “Trumps” state law. All Sessions has to do is take state legalization to federal court, and every state effort begins to get prosecuted in an historically costic and wasteful tantrum of oligarchy that our nation has now become. The Controlled Substances Act, unless Congress interferes with new legislation or the Senate blocks Sessions’ nomination, and about 120 other fascist prohibitionist Federal judges Trump nominates than there is nothing left to stop this injustice until 2018 elections. This $#!+ is real, unlike the fake news that brought these domestic terrorists to power.
      Please Take Action and contact your Senator to block the nomination of Sessions.

      1. That didn’t really answer my question about the D.C. model being the worst case scenario, but thanks.

      2. Meaning Republicans in control of all three branches if our government is worse than just the Sessions scenario; even state policies could be challenged individually in a federal court system with more judges appointed by Trump.
        Unless 37 electorates switch their votes, which is warranted yet unlikely, then yes, 4 years of Trump-Sessions could slowly dismantle legalization initiatives state by state.

  30. Well, you can thank the 43% who didn’t vote. Some people are as dumb as a garbage tank to let it up to everyone else. Mostly backwoods slack-jawed regards voted who are poor and actually think Trump will help them. They’re evil. But even worse was the 43% who did nothing. Evil people play their “role” WAY better than “good” people who do nothing about horrendous acts. Not like it makes any difference to me! I have no weed connections or money to buy it. I almost feel that because I can’t smoke, no one else should either! I know that’s wrong and not what I want but at least it will be equal. If I we’re in charge weed would be legal for any use. As with mushrooms, acid and mescaline if you have an anti-psychotic drug in case of a bad trip. All other drugs would be legal for scientific use. But, I’m not in charge. Its partly Hillary’s fault because she was not a good candidate. First woman president? A grandma! We need to stick to men for now. Maybe after all the horrible things Trump will do, 100% will come to vote. Voting should be mandatory. Thanks a lot 43% fuckheads. Goddamn you to Hell.

  31. As I see it, the medical and recreational cannabis programs were approved by the voting public, thereby, any political figure that would try to derail these is willingly trying to subvert the will of the people. These individuals shouldn’t be allowed to LIVE IN the United States let alone represent the government in any capacity.

  32. I would hope that President-Elect Trump would prevent such a drastic change. It is like telling Americans your vote does not mean a thing. Sessions represents the worst perception of the war on drugs and I think he would be challenged to to go against so much research that proves pot is not harmful in a way that warrants making it illegal.

    1. More than 10,000 people write in that Gorilla that got shot in the Cincinnate Zoo for our US President and a few million votes for Hillary in California alone were overriden by the electoral college. And yet our votes do matter.

  33. Good job Trump supporters. You want your blue collard and manufacturing jobs so you can make pennies per hour like the Chinese. Now, we are going to be stripped of our freedoms. Great job… To all the people blasting Obama, you have to be an idiot not to see how much Obama let legalization grow and become possible. Now, Canada is more likely to legalize while we have to fight here in the states to protect the freedoms we have now.

  34. I would be surprised if this comment passes but I am who I am and always been.

    Trump marks a change just like Reagan did. Performance and acting is used to circumvent realism with fiction. To implant the status quo or worse with preaching and action(see nancy reagan). If it were not for marijuana the DEA could not survive. So like a Fish out of water with magic powers it has created a Fish tank encompassing all that he can. I am drunk right now and not ashamed because that is legal in NC. So I may be rambling but my worries are real. I have been waiting 40 years for the bs surrounding Cannabis to end but now with this election I may be dead before this happens. I hope you all rot in hell who voted for this Pos named Trump.

    1. When the hangover wears off, this is even worse than Reagan. So please call your Federal Senator, whether Democrat. Republican or Independent and help block the nomination of Sessions. Yes, you may drink moderately while calling your Senator just keep a script and please be polite! 🙂

  35. Wow!

    I never thought I’d see a real life rendition of the Beatles animated “Yellow Submarine” movie; but hear we have a full invasion of the blue meanies to impose their belief system and crush individuality and Sessions is the all powerful GLOVE.

    1. “Belief system”? Of what? Keeping fascist prohibitionists from being nominated as US AG so he can terrorize the self-medicating community of cannabis consumers with Federal courts to overrule state legalization we have achieved?
      And if we’re the “glove” what exactly does that make you?
      Here’s an idea; go smoke a bowl, call your Senator, quit whining and stop Sessions nomination if you love legal weed.

  36. I am a medical smoker. I am a recreational smoker. I am a recovering addict and I have to stop smoking so I can get a job. I have to take pain killers now that I have to have handed out to me by my wife because I can’t trust myself, I don’t want to do the shameful things of my past again all because of my lack of control over a drug that the doctor I go see would rather I be able to smoke marijuana before taking the pain pills in a state (WI) that accepts my out of state (OR) medical cannabis endorsement yet does not allow or have any program of their own. My suggestion is that the Green Supporters of America unite. It is clearly visible that we are many in number. We vary in position from the mail room to the board room. If we all put in our notice to the HR department for April 20th to have off the country would not stop but shit would be hectic and the non smokers will sure appreciate us more. My point is that I am sick of the bullshit we need to stand up and say enough is enough, mind your business DEA go focus on the heroin and pill heads shit that actually kills people. Legalization of marijuana and taxation will be the first step in reducing the national debt, come on Pres. Obama Pres. Lincoln didn’t get the best review at first when he passed the Emancipation proclamation. Don’t let Donald duck step in and legalize it because he has no other option and take the credit for the billions in revenue! In either case I will be asking everyone I know to ask for 4/20 off and do it right now, before your co-workers get the free spots off and have to fight for it. I want 4/20 declared a national holiday just because all of the soldiers who have fought in the war on drugs need to be recognized for their efforts in getting marijuana removed from the listing as a harmful drug!

  37. What kind of Rohrabacher–Farr legislation can advance legalization before the installment and confirmation of any U.S. Attorney General? The law(s) will have to de-claw any AG. De-fund the feds further, yeah that could get expanded and renewed. Get the IRS out of the fray. You have to up and tell the United Nations exactly to up and remove and retract any past language and get their global ass obstacles out of the way and let countries decide for themselves. They can remain prohibitionist if they really need to declare war on their own people that dastardly much. Horrible country to live in as it would be. Oh Canada! Denver legalized the way for bring your own bud coffeeshops, a variation on the Amsterdam-style shop where you can both buy and consume it on the premises: weed, hash, space cake and other infused edibles. Plus, they sell coffee, cold soft drinks and various non-infused munchies.

    Check it out.

  38. Relax folks, science has always taken a little longer to get into the deep South. I wonder what he thinks about evolution. Like it or not, the populations of the majority of states is a majority of the population of the country and if the Fed maintains a militant anti-medical stance, the backlash will make for very interesting 2017 and 2018 elections.
    I’ll bet a big plate of shrimp and grits that he flip-flops and embraces the majority of his country.

    1. Well if he doesn’t send Sessions to prosecute NORML Board Advisor Bill Maher for claiming Drumph’s mother fu€ked an orangutang we can assume Drumph doesn’t believe we evolved from apes. But we are apes, vulnerable to all the fear, anger and political branding circles that impede the clinical judgement cannabis provided our ancestors during our coevolution. The elections proved that.
      One thought Ive been entertaining is allowing Trump to “brand” and put his name on legalization… blocking a Sessions nomination with a massive grassroots campaign through the Senate, of course.
      Let Trump get the credit… And a key into the dispensary business for the profit. All his evil ties to organized crime are in a disposition with his protection from the Secret Service. And with all the scandal this nut will bring to the oval office throwing prostitutes at the Secret Service like the DEA did in Cartagena won’t even make the headlines anymore. Trump is going to find it more challenging than he thinks to run his little empire of bullies from within the confines of the White House. The real danger is will he crumble under the weight of leadership and let his bullies run him?
      Even if he took the bait and legalized would a Republican controlled Congress dare defy an executive order from Trump and send it to a Republican dominated Supreme Court?
      I think the answer is yes, they would. So lets focus on Congress our state legislatures and peer reviewed science. Its going to be a long 4 years.

    2. Well, now, that wasn’t very nice, Skippy.
      Because, after all, it was because of you Northern Democrats moving down south and inventing slavery that caused such a wonderful war?!

  39. And here’s another clue for you all.

    2016 Democratic Platform
    Because of conflicting laws concerning marijuana, both on the federal and state levels, we encourage the federal government to remove marijuana from its list as a Class 1 Federal Controlled Substance, providing a reasoned pathway for future legalization


    2016 Republican Platform
    The progress made over the last three decades against drug abuse is eroding, whether for cultural reasons or for lack of national leadership. In many jurisdictions, marijuana is virtually legalized despite its illegality under federal law. All this highlights the continuing conflicts and contradictions in public attitudes and public policy toward illegal substances. Congress and a new administration should consider the long-range implications of these trends for public health and safety and prepare to deal with the problematic consequences.

    What part of that did you not understand.

  40. It is very telling about Sessions that he gives more credence to Lady Gaga than he does to the Surgeon General and countless medical professionals. I think it is totally pathetic that Trump would even consider this ignorant racist for any position within his administration.

    My only hope for the Trump administration is that he truly believes he is putting the best people in positions to accomplish his agenda and that his agenda is truly best for the American people. If it is his intention to thwart the clear will of the people then I hope him and the rest of his cabinet fail miserably and get promptly replaced ASAP.

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